IS YOU HOWNGRY: 22-Year Old Teacher Caught on Video Sucking Student D!ck Down To Da Classroom

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****Singing to the melody of Beyonce’s ‘Get Me Bodied” **** “I don’t care I’m doing me tonight, a lil head ain’t never hurt nobody.” Chile that’s what 22-year old substitute teacher Symone Greene thought until she got caught sucking dick down to da school. Mama hit her knees and went to work on an 18-year old football player in her classroom immediately following a pep-rally. To top things off, this was Greene’s FIRST DAY OF WORK. Chile miss thing didn’t waist no time putting in overtime. Talk about going above and beyond the call of duty. What baffles me the most is, who the hell wants to suck football player after a pep-rally dick? It’s been some years since I last walked the halls of a high-school, but if my memory serves me correctly, at pep-rally’s, the players have on some variation of their uniforms, are running and jumping around, and working up a funk. Quiet as its kept, If I was gonna suck any dick in the school house, it would have had to have been before the morning announcements, and not no damn pep rally.

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Melyssa Ford Busted In The Head To The White Meat With A Bottle By Co-Star Geneva Thomas

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Well, another one bites the dust. Just when I thought we had a reality television show out there with semi classy Black women who were doing positive things, Geneva Thomas had to haul off and bust Melyssa Ford in the head with a vodka bottle. That’s right! according to reports, Melyssa Ford had to be taken to the hospital where she received 3 staples to close the wound in her head. Additionally she cut her foot on some broken glass. The assault happened Tuesday night (10/21/14) on a boat while the cameras were rolling for season 2 of Blood Sweat & Heels.

Geneva was arrested, as she should have been. I’ve got a feeling she’ll probably be fired and sued. Y’all better learn from Da Brat and the stint she did in prison. You cannot just go around busting people in the head with bottles. Especially if they still have liquor in them! Hell, do y’all know what a bottle of Ciroc goes for these days?

I wonder what set Geneva off? That girl probably got tired of y’all saying she looks like Wesley Snipes and snapped!





Teyana Taylor Lands A Spread in ELLE Magazine? How The Hell? For Why? (pics)

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For the life of me, I can’t figure out who this girl is and what the hell she does. Y’all probably can’t either. She supposedly has an album coming out in November. By no means am I hating. I’m happy for Teyana. She’s been able to turn a whole bunch of nothing into something. Hell, I wish someone would offer me a spread in Elle magazine. For real though, Elle is a pretty big deal. I wonder if Kris Jenner is Teyana’s manager. Y’all have to admit, Teyana has that Kim Kardashian thing going on. She is famous and we really don’t know why. I will say this, Mama’s body is looking good, and she served the camera what it needed.

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Teresa Giudice Begs Judge To Go To Half Way House Instead of Prison. Prosecution Says Hell No Ma’am!

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I’m going to be real with y’all. I don’t half follow The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Primarily because I don’t understand rich Italian people and their problems. However, when I do catch it every now and again, I love to watch Teresa and Caroline. Caroline Manzo is my favorite. If you are anything like me, you are half way aware that Teresa and here thieving ass husband Jo are going to jail. After all that good living due to bank and wire fraud, Teresa now has the nerve to ask the judge can she do her stint in a half way house instead of prison. Chile this woman is trying to avoid prison come hell of high water. She first perjured herself on the stand in an attempt to avoid prison time, now she wants to pretty much serve out her sentence at a summer camp for grown people.

Teresa is trying to evoke The Second Chance Act. In a letter she sent to the judge, she expresses that according to the act, she has the right to serve 12 out of 15 months in half way house. Ohhh baby, but the prosecution is not having it with Teresa and her ploy to lessen the severity of her punishment. The prosecution wrote a letter to the judge vehemently objecting … claiming the judge made it clear she needed prison punishment, and nothing less.

Do you think Teresa should be allowed to serve out her time in a halfway house?

Iconic Fashion Designer Oscar De La Renta Dies at 82. High A$$ Gowns…

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Oscar de la Renta at his fashion show at Neiman Marcus-  Chevy C

Chile, y’all better carry y’all asses down to da mall first thing tomorrow morning and buy up all the Oscar De La Renta you can find. The sh!t is already high, but the prices are about to go through the roof.

It saddens me to report that the legendary fashion designer has passed away at age 82.

ABC News:

Legendary fashion designer Oscar de La Renta has died, a family member told ABC News. He was 82.

De La Renta, who most recently designed Amal Clooney’s wedding dress, was diagnosed with cancer in 2006.

Born in the Dominican Republic in 1932, De La Renta left home at 18 to study painting in Madrid. It was there he developed a love of fashion design and began an apprenticeship with Cristóbal Balenciaga, who became his mentor, and then, landed a job with Lanvin in Paris.

He made his name in the early 1960s when first lady Jaqueline Kennedy frequently wore his designs, and launched his own label in the mid-1960s.

Let’s go on ahead and start planning the fune and the repass. What are you bringing?

Rick Ross Ain’t Fat No More. Sheds 100 Pounds. Currently Shopping For Skinny Jeans

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rick ross

Y’all don’t see Rick Ross!!! Yes Gawd Hunty!!! His Illuminati application must have gone through, and he is going through his Jennifer Hudson process. Rick said it is too got damn hot in Miami to be tootsie rollin’ around with all them extra pounds. Ross took to his instragram account and posted 2 pictures showing off his estimated 100 pound weight loss.

“I still eat the way I want to eat…I just go to the gym. I do this shit called CrossFit. I call it ‘RossFit.’”

I think I smell an endorsement deal coming on. One thing is for certain, the brother is looking good. Zara, H&M, and Express better watch out. Y’all know the first thing big people do when they lose weight is go to to all the skinny people stores and buy up all the sh!t they could never wear before. I’ve got a feeling in a year or so, we’ll be seeing Ross on the cover of Men’s Fitness magazine with a six pack wearing swimming trunks. I’m happy for him. I just hope he doesn’t pull an Oprah and keeps it off.

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 4.18.15 PM

What do y’all think about Rick’s transformation?