Bezino & Althea Officially FIRED From Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. Benzino All In His Feelings

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For those of you who were tired of Stevie & Benzino’s on again off again bromance, fret no more. Sources are claiming that Benzino and Thi Thi were fired this morning and given no explanation. I had already reported to you guys that negotiations between Benzino & Thi Thi and Love and Hip Hop Atlanta were not going too well. READ [Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Contract Negotiations FAIL – They Are NOT Trying To Pay Althea. Should They?]

Keeping it all the way 100, its kinda jacked up that Althea and others caught an ass whoopin by Joseline, yet Joseline gets to stay. But let’s face it, Joseline Hernandez is good tv, and ultimately the anchor of the show. Say what you want, feel what you want, there is no way around it. I’ve placed a couple phone calls and shot out a couple texts to get the official reason as to why these two wont be returning. Like i’ve said in the past, if I had to put money it, I’d say the power that be did not take to kindly to Benzina & Althea filing suit against the show following the reunion. There is also some sort of clause in all of their contracts that speaks to taking any legal action that will hinder production. If y’all remember correctly, this is how Jennifer Williams got fired from Basketball Wives. Remember she took a restraining order out against Evelyn, thus posing obstacles to production.

The real gag is, Benzino & Thi Thi don’t even know why they were fired, and some are saying that Benzino found out he was fired after it hit TMZ. SHADE!!!

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But wait there’s more. In a true Benzino fashion, he went on a Twiter tirade to let the world know exactly how he feels. Catch these T’s Continue reading

big poppa in jail

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BasketBall Wives Season 5 In Production, Money Demands Have Cast On Verge Of Walking + New Cast Mate

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etro Atlanta women can bring on the drama: “Big Rich Atlanta” starting January 20. This is a spin-off of the network’s “Big Rich Texas.”

The women all congregate at Brookfield Country Club in Roswell.

From the press release, here’s the cast and descriptives, courtesy of the publicists. I haven’t had time to vet them yet but if anything interesting comes up, I will update y’all. I will also update this with any comments I can get later today from a producer.

If anything, it’s a very LARGE cast. I’m not sure that’s to anybody’s benefit per se but I’m sure a few will stand out rather quickly. Based on the press release, Ashlee is being set up as the protagonist.

Sabrina McKenzie
Pastor Sabrina is rich, religious and single. A successful dancer who toured with such singers as Bobby Brown and TLC, Sabrina merged her passions for dance and spirituality to become the Dancing Preacher. Today, she’s a self-made woman juggling an international dance ministry while raising her college-aged daughter, Anandi.

Anandi McKenzie
Sabrina’s daughter Anandi is a college sophomore balancing books, boys and her latest passion, pageants. She’s a self-professed nerd who happens to treat every day like a red carpet appearance, and she isn’t afraid to rely on her mother’s omnipresent Glam Squad to make sure she always looks her best.

Marcia Marchman
Marcia is a well-known interior designer in Atlanta with a reputation for lush design with a traditional Southern feel. Always a trendsetter, Marcia is now working with her daughter, Meagan, to launch Buckhead’s first mobile fashion truck business.

Meagan McBryer
Marcia’s daughter Meagan is a licensed real estate agent whose true passion lies with fashion. Inspired by the success of pop-up boutiques in New York and Paris, Meagan is determined to open Atlanta’s first mobile boutique. She runs in a high-powered, high-glamour social circle and will have no shortage of customers if she and her business partner/mother succeed in launching their joint venture.

Katie Davidson
Katie is a fourth generation Atlantan and proud of it! She is a stay-at-home mom who loves luxury, football and southern traditions. Conservative by nature, Katie may be pushed to venture outside of her comfort zone and beyond the tranquility of the riverfront estate she shares with her husband and two children.

Diana Davidson
Katie’s 17 year-old daughter Diana is a competitive high school cheerleader. She’s athletic and outgoing, and definitely inherited her mother’s taste for the finest things in life. She cruises the Buckhead suburbs in a brand new luxury SUV and is excited about entering her first pageant.

Sharlinda Rowe-Parker
Sharlinda is a self-made woman and co-owner of Tu La 2 Nail salon, which she runs with her twin sister, Brie. Sharlinda is a take-charge woman who likes to show people who’s boss. Outspoken and occasionally over-the-top, she prides herself on being an astute business woman, a supportive sister, a fabulous mother and a glamorous wife. Sharlinda is married to recording artist Q. Parker of the R&B quartet 112.

Sabrina C. Rowe (Brie’)
Brie is Sharlinda’s twin sister and co-owner of Tu La 2 Nail salon. She often serves as a close confidant and “second mom” to Sharlinda’s daughter Kahdijiha.

Kahdijiha Rowe
Sharlinda’s daughter, Kahdijiha, is a no-nonsense go-getter and marketing executive. With her glamorous mother and celebrity father, Kahdijiha is a jet-setter in Atlanta’s social scene and ready to take on the world.

Virginia Kolb
Virginia is starting a new life in Atlanta by moving in with her gorgeous daughters, Harvin and Meyer. Independently wealthy and armed with an MBA, Virginia wants to keep an eye on her investment in her daughters’ nascent fashion and jewelry business. Recently single, Virginia is ready to meet someone new.

Harvin Eadon

Harvin, Virginia’s eldest daughter, may look like a blonde princess, but dark secrets of her past give her a surprising emotional depth. She’s channeled her emotions into a clothing and jewelry line called She Blames Me, creating fashion and accessories inspired by women the sisters hate.

Meyer Eadon
Virginia’s youngest daughter, Meyer, is in a world all her own and it’s usually a party. She does as she pleases and never holds her tongue, a trait that has created plenty of frenemies and enemies over the years who can now be sources of inspiration for the clothing and jewelry line she is launching with her sister.

Ashlee Wilson-Hawn 

A former Miss Georgia Teen, Ashlee is one of Atlanta’s most sought-after pageant coaches. A fixture on the Atlanta social scene, Ashlee is a highly-opinionated, old-money heiress who fancies herself a Boss Bitch.

nene leaks ” I don’t want to stand around with balls in my vagina”

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Firefighter, Fired For Bringing President Obama Toilet Paper To Work (VIDEO)

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5 Things Really Smart People Do +

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By Kevin Daum, visit Inc.

Most people don’t really think much about how they learn. Generally you assume learning comes naturally. You listen to someone speak either in conversation or in a lecture and you simply absorb what they are saying, right? Not really. In fact, I find as I get older that real learning takes more work. The more I fill my brain with facts, figures, and experience, the less room I have for new ideas and new thoughts. Plus, now I have all sorts of opinions that may refute the ideas being pushed at me. Like many people I consider myself a lifelong learner, but more and more I have to work hard to stay open minded.

But the need for learning never ends, so your desire to do so should always outweigh your desire to be right. The world is changing and new ideas pop up everyday; incorporating them into your life will keep you engaged and relevant. The following are the methods I use to stay open and impressionable. They’ll work for you too. No matter how old you get.

1. Quiet Your Inner Voice

You know the one I am talking about. It’s the little voice that offers a running commentary when you are listening to someone. It’s the voice that brings up your own opinion about the information being provided. It is too easy to pay more attention to the inner voice than the actual speaker. That voice often keeps you from listening openly for good information and can often make you shut down before you have heard the entire premise. Focus less on what your brain has to say and more on the speaker. You may be surprised at what you hear.

2. Argue With Yourself

If you can’t quiet the inner voice, then at least use it to your advantage. Every time you hear yourself contradicting the speaker, stop and take the other point of view. Suggest to your brain all the reasons why the speaker may be correct and you may be wrong. In the best case you may open yourself to the information being provided. Failing that, you will at least strengthen your own argument.

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3. Act Like You Are Curious

Some people are naturally curious and others are not. No matter which category you are in you can benefit from behaving like a curious person. Next time you are listening to information, make up and write down three to five relevant questions. If you are in a lecture, Google them after for answers. If you are in a conversation you can ask the other person. Either way you’ll likely learn more, and the action of thinking up questions will help encode the concepts in your brain. As long as you’re not a cat you should benefit from these actions of curiosity.

4. Find the Kernel of Truth

No concept or theory comes out of thin air. Somewhere in the elaborate concept that sounds like complete malarkey there is some aspect that is based upon fact. Even if you don’t buy into the idea, you should at least identify the little bit of truth from whence it came. Play like a detective and build your own extrapolation. You’ll enhance your skills of deduction and may even improve the concept beyond the speaker’s original idea.

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5. Focus on the Message Not the Messenger

Often people shut out learning due to the person delivering the material. Whether it’s a boring lecturer, someone physically unappealing, or a member of the opposite political party, the communicator can impact your learning. Even friends can disrupt the learning process since there may be too much history and familiarity to see them as an authority on a topic. Separate the material from the provider. Pretend you don’t know the person or their beliefs so you can hear the information objectively. As for the boring person, focus on tip two, three, or four as if it were a game, thereby creating your own entertainment.