“A Dollar Make Me Holla Honey Boo Boo” Mama June does “BBW”

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By: Brian Rayfield

“I like my girls BBW, the type that like to s##k you dry and then eat some lunch with you.” Baybeh, Baybeh, up until the weekend, I thought those were just some lyrics, but honey, Drake really got some of you big ol’ ladies about to lay it low, and spread it wide for meals and deals. No ma’am!

Despite my personal opinion, it looks like the latest “reality star” to cash in on the lucrative sex-tape scene is Mama June, from TLC’s “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.”

Yall remember when Honey Boo Boo used to run her ass around talking ‘bout “a dollar make me holla Honey Boo Boo Chile?” Well bish, I guess the apple don’t fall too far from the tree, and I now I see where her grown ass got it from.

According to TMZ:

Vivid Entertainment honcho Steve Hirsch has reached out to MJ and SB, offering them up to $1 MIL and maybe even more if they bang on camera for Vivid’s BBW site. Hirsch says to June, “We believe you would fit into that category.”

And Vivid will let June call the shots … assuming Sugar Bear can perform multiples.

My gawd, that’s a whole lot of footage to shoot. But I ain’t mad at her. Mama reality checks starting to dry up and she readt to cash out in true Kim K fashion. Hello Somebody!

No shade, but I have a feeling Mama June just might “break the internet.”

Will you be watching?


VH1 Releases Extended Trailer For SORORITY SISTERS. Chile They Done Found A White Delta

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Chile… I’m just sitting here snickering because I know that this new show Sorority Sisters has quite a few of you guy’s panties in a bunch. Well, if you had any curiosity as to if this show was going to be intense and filled with drama, wonder no more. The answer is yes hunty!!! Chile, they even went as far as to find a Caucasian member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority to join the cast. It appears as if Tina Marie’s involvement in an African American sorority is going to be a large part of the show’s central conflict.  Additionally, she show is centered around clothing and shoe boutique owners whom are Greek. To add an additional layer of complexity to the drama, not only are some of the ladies rival boutique owners, they are rival business owners too.


This trendy boutique owner is the go to wardrobe stylist for various celebrities and local socialites. Her career naturally comes with its own share of drama, but Adrene has no problem handling conflicts head on. Being 3,000 miles away from her family in L.A., and after a recent breakup with her ex boyfriend, Adrene often feels the world is against her and oftentimes doesn’t allow people to get to know “the real Adrene.”


April splits her time providing speech therapy to private clients, while working on her dissertation and running her Buckhead clothing store, House of Couture Boutique. Now she’s taking it one step further by launching an online store. April’s passion is fashion and she won’t let anyone stand in the way of her dreams!


Priyanka, a former Miss ASU is a multi-faceted individual – dances burlesque at night for fun, and pounds the pavement during the day in hopes of starting a big foot shoe line! Priyanka is very comfortable in her own skin. Priyanka will defend her lifestyle, family, beliefs and sorors against any haters. Priyanka is currently looking for a man.




Shanna grew up in Arkansas as an obese kid. Like the movie, “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead,” Shanna fell in love with juicing in recent years and lost 70 pounds. Shanna is very sensitive about being white in an African-American sorority.

You can read about the other 5 over at VH1 Continue reading

Instagram Socialites Exposed: FunHouseJaiJai, The MOST Nominated of Them ALL. But Why?

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FunHouseJaiJai collage


It ain’t about where you from, but where you at.  With that we’re going to move this party from Miami and bring the 4th installment of Instagram Socialites Exposed to ATL

FunHouseJaiJai 19Now Baby I had never heard of this next Instagram Socialite, but she came highly nominated. No tea no shade, she was the most nominated of them all.  I found this to be a little baffling, because after some preliminary investigating, her life did appear to be hardly as glamorous as our previous mentions. Oh well… Meet FunHouseJaiJai. Now FunHouseJaiJai must have known that The People were going to nominate her, because when I went to her instagram account to snoop around, Mama had done already blocked The Doll. FunHouseJaiJai, why’d you block me girl? I’m just trying to see all your Louboutins and Chanel and ascertain how you buying all this sh!t?


FunHouseJaiJai 16Here’s what we know – According to Instagram

-Has a pretty extensive collection of Christian Louboutin shoes

-Is undeniably pretty

-Has one child

-Drives a BMW

-Enjoys fine dining at high-end luxury establishments

-Her weave and makeup always seems to be on point

-Not publicly linked to any man

Do you have any confidential tea that you would like to spill on an Instagram Socialite? Would you like to nominate an instagram socialite for further investigation? Email me at FunkyDineva@FunkyDineva.com . Be sure to put “Instagram Socialite” in the subject box.

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1,2,3, Educated Black People Get Mad. VH1 Announces Premiere of Sorority Sisters

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Ewww chile. I wonder what Sorority she is in. Must be Alpha Delta Dalmatian or Kappa Lambda Leopard. No Gawd Hunty! This is what happens when y’all make Remy Ma Honorary after being released from prison. Let me stop, I don’t even know this letty.

Educated Black Folks, after all y’all bitching & belly aching, useless online petitions, pointless banter in chapter meetings, and social media rants that fell on deaf ears, VH1 moved forward with the production of Sorority Sisters, a show that highlights the lives of Atlanta women who attended HBCU’s and pledged Historically Black Sororities.

K.Michelle Strolls With Her Sorors of Delta Sigma Theta at FAMU – ooooopp

NEW YORK, NY – December 11, 2014 – VH1 gives viewers a rare glimpse into the unique world of ATL Greek life with the series premiere of “Sorority Sisters”* on Monday,December 15 at 9:00 PM ET/PT. Nine women, who continue to honor the traditions and legacies of their respective sororities and chapters, all agree on one main principle: sisterhood doesn’t end after graduation, it’s for life. For these friends and sisters (or ‘sorors’) from celebrated historically black colleges and universities in Atlanta, strong ties to their organizations lead to fierce rivalries, but through thick and thin, these women stand united and share an unbreakable bond.

“Sorority Sisters” follows the lives of women from four different sororities. Since these ‘sorors’ are pledges for life, they are expected to continue their community work long after graduation.  From long-awaited reunions, to managing the men in their lives, for these line sisters, it’s homecoming all across the ATL. These ladies have a lot at stake – their aspirations, reputations, livelihoods, friendships, and families – and the legacies of their sororities. “Sorority Sisters” premieres December 15 at 9PM on VH1.

Chile, I’m sure there is going to be some slow singing and flower bringing after this. Put me down for 2 cases of sodas. Somebody is about to die. I’ve got a feeling we are about to witness some more freeway marches. All I can say is “chile…”

Check  out sneak peek video below. Continue reading

Columbus Short Reveals Cocaine As Large Part of Reason He Was Fired From Scandal

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Ewwww Nessa Girl, that cocaine will mess up your life. I ain’t telling you what I heard, I’m telling you what I KNOW. Seems as if Columbus Short has learned the hard way. In a recent interview with Access Hollywood, Short revealed that a large factor in his exit from Scandal was his use of cocaine to cope with issues in his life. I wonder if this Negro was high when he Ray Riced his wife?

“I’ll be candid: I was struggling with drugs. I had a lot on my plate, and you know, I was using unhealthy ways to kind of self-medicate and deal with a lot of heavy duty stuff in my life… I was doing cocaine and drinking a lot, and trying to balance a 16-hour work schedule a day, and a family, and I just lost myself back then.”

For the longest while, I thought that Short was simply released from the role of Harrison on the hit show because of the domestic violence incident between he and his wife. A large part of me felt like Shonda Rhimes was being a little too hard on Short by letting him go. Much to my surprise, that wasn’t the case at all. Short reveals that his Scandal family actually covered for him, and hid things from the people in charge.

“And if we’re going to be fully transparent, they {Shonda Rhimes and Scandal cast} protected me and they held me down. And that was one of the real reasons – they just wanted me to get my stuff together. Sometimes the bottom has to be dropped out for you to really get it. So I moved to Atlanta. I’ve been living there for the last five months, five-and-a-half months, and it’s just been great. It’s been life-changing.”

Chile, now that Columbus Short is in Atlanta, I hope he doesn’t link up with Tony mama and her people. They’ll have his ass tooted and booted in a heart beat. That’s why I had to stop going round there…

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Fashion ICON Beverly Johnson Says Bill Cosby Drugged Her And Tried To Steal Her Punany Pudding Too.

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“Camile, yous a better woman than I’ll EVER be…” ~FDR

Hold up what a minute. Now i was riding with Bill Cosby. I publicly called Janice Dickenson and drugged up liar and refuted the claims of countless old white women. No tea no shade, a bitch’s position might have changed on this matter. Nessa Girl, Supermodel Miss Beverly Johnson has given Vanity Fair magazine all the tea. Now look, definitely feel like the Illuminati is behind this sudden attack. However, I’m starting to feel like there is a huge level of truth to all of this. Beverly Johnson has had a pretty pristine reputation for decades. For what it is worth, I’m more opt to believe Beverly Johnson over Bill Cosby’s white ass. Ewww chile. This is just too much for my blood.

Beverly Johnson:

Like most Americans, I spent the 60s, 70s, and part of the 80s in awe of Bill Cosby and his total domination of popular culture. He was the first African American to star in a dramatic television series, I Spy, a show my family in Buffalo, New York, always watched. Cosby cut a striking figure on-screen then. He was funny, smart, and even elegant—all those wonderful things many white Americans didn’t associate with people of color. In fact, as I thought of going public with what follows, a voice in my head kept whispering, “Black men have enough enemies out there already, they certainly don’t need someone like you, an African American with a familiar face and a famous name, fanning the flames.”

Bill Cosby F&cked All The P*ssy. Drugged Hoes From New York To Afghanistan. WTF? Really??

Imagine my joy in the mid-80s when an agent called to say Bill Cosby wanted me to audition for a role on the The Cosby Show. Cosby played an obstetrician, and he sometimes used models to portray pregnant women sitting in his office waiting room. It was a small part with one or two speaking lines at most, but I wanted in.

I was in the midst of an ugly custody battle for my only child. I needed a big break badly and appearing on The Cosby Show seemed like an excellent way of getting Hollywood’s attention. I’d appeared in one or two movies already, but my phone wasn’t exactly ringing off the hook with acting jobs.

Chile, read the rest of Beverly’s detailed account below. Continue reading