10 Reasons To Love The Mimi Faust & Nikko Smith Sex Tape (#LHHATL)

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The thoughts and opinions expressed in this post solely belong to Anti intellect – FUNKY DINEVA DID NOT WRITE THIS

I will be the first person to admit that sex is an easy way to gain and maintain fame in this society. This, however, does not make sex the problem, it makes the way we, as a society, relate to sex the problem.

1. Most people have been taught so many negative views on sex that their initial response is always one of shame and guilt.

2. The fact that people even expected puritan behavior from those who appear on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, of all shows, says more about them than Mimi and Nikko.

3. The people who think Mimi makes all Black women look bad never gave a damn about the Michelle Obama’s of the world to begin with.

4. People are legitimately voting away other people rights, but have the nerve to think they are better parents than someone who filmed a sex tape.


LHHATL Mimi Faust Doesn’t Have A Sex Tape, It’s A Fully Produced Porno Video

5. We stay acting like 41 is 71 and stay acting like being a mother means you must be relegated to life as a nun.

6. Children have to be taught what a “hoe” is, what it means not to be “classy,” and all the other societal ignorance y’all promote.

7. Mimi’s age, nor her status as a mother, has anything to do with her ability to film a sex tape with another consenting adult.

8. It’s one thing not to be into things sexually that other people are, it’s another thing entirely to imply that makes them a bad person.

9. Kids are only ever ashamed of parents who do porn or strip or prostitute when SOCIETY tells them to be. Kids love their parents.

10. People with kids can still have sex lives.

Anti-Intellect is a DC-based social media activist and essayist.

What are your thoughts on this?

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147 thoughts on “10 Reasons To Love The Mimi Faust & Nikko Smith Sex Tape (#LHHATL)

  1. Yes Mimi is a consenting adult who judged Joseline for being a stripper. Nikko was an attention seeking whore who used Mimi to get some fame. Mimi had what seemed a good like a good cleaning company so money wasn’t her issue. Low self esteem is what motivated

  2. Can I be the first to motion that anti intellect be replaced. This post is pure foolishness. No being a mother does not mean you can’t have a sex life, that is not the issue at hand. As a mother you are supposed to be a role model for your children and I don’t think their is a mother out there who wants their child doing penis gymnastics for the whole world to see. Secondly some things simply are not for the world i.e. Your sex life and it is foolish to imply that we are wrong for making her accountable for her actions. She’s a willing prostitute and as a mother made a bad choice IMO. You’re right its her life she can do as she pleases but as a public figure she’s gonna be judged point blank period

  3. I guess anti-Intellect is a guy who knows nothing about mothering children. Yes adults can have sex, be freaks, and do whatever they want but when your a mother, especially girls, the well-being of your child is of upmost importance or should be. This child has suffered through the antics of her father and the rumors of drug use and now has to suffer through the shame of her mother doing a sextape. At what point is her feelings of any concern?

  4. she has a low self esteem, is seeking attention from a man, any man, after being shat on by steebie, and her attention seeking has now reached new heights and spread to the public (she could have kept their rendezvous private, that would be for their own freaky memories) but this is for attention. but i feel bad for her daughter. this is not the bizness.

    • So true. So when the daughter ask how we got rich of these shower curtain rods she can then explain the sex tape. Or however that convo will go, making millions of the shower rods sure can sugar coat the reason y.

  5. Having a sex tape is fine. I think many people have had at least one (if you haven´t then your sex life is probably wack lol). The issue is it being released. No matter what anyone says, that poor child has parents that don´t care about their own public image. And with them not caring it will leak onto her own image. I hope she develops the strength and courage to bear the burden of her parents behavior.

  6. Word on the street is that Mimi will be collecting a very hefty 5 Million dollar check for the tape? Plus, if they sale a certain amount she´ll get 50% off those sales. Is this true Funky Dineva? :-o

  7. First this post is ignorant and so are all the woman out here supporting this. I am only 19 years old, with my only responsibility in this world being myself and getting my education. No I am not older and I don’t have a child but I would NEVER do this, no matter how much I am struggling. I have sex and I am not married so I have no right in this world to condemn anyone for doing it, and I never would! But one thing I can tell you is that I LOVE my mother, my mother is my everything and I wish I could only become half the woman/ mother she is. If I had to grow up being constantly taunted and reminded that everyone in this world can go on the internet and see my mothers most worthiest object after her brain, HER BODY, online at any time! I’d be disgusted and no one thinks of that EVER! I don’t applaud anyone for doing porn whether they’re my age or Mimis, because to me it just shouldn’t be done. As we can see from the show Mimi never really had a mother to teach her to be a respectable woman, and from the looks of these comments neither did many of y’all and its really sad. Have Sex all day long, its fucking GREAT! But allowing the entire world to view it, especially if you’re a mother or father or want to become one, to me, is just deplorable.

  8. Like Tina said, we dont owe who Mimi owes and we dont know who Mimi owes, we aint in her pocket. Maybe she picked the wrong dude to fuck with but hell she grown. All I know is that bish put some of y’all up on game LOL

  9. Mimi is a hypocrite…period! I remember her calling Joseline. Slutbucket? Really?? Isn´t Nicko the same guy that tried to talk to Benzino´s ex WHILE he was dating Mimi?? Mimi has just played herself ridiculously and lost a lot of respect. Whose the slutbucket now?

  10. Mimi is a hypocrite…period! I remember her calling Joseline. Slutbucket? Really?? Isn´t Nicko the same guy that tried to talk to Benzino´s ex WHILE he was dating Mimi?? Mimi has just played herself ridiculously and lost a lot of respect. Whose the slutbucket now?

  11. Mimi is a hypocrite…period! I remember her calling Joseline. Slutbucket? Really?? Isn´t Nicko the same guy that tried to talk to Benzino´s ex WHILE he was dating Mimi?? Mimi has just played herself ridiculously and lost a lot of respect. Whose the slutbucket now?

  12. Mimi is a hypocrite…period! I remember her calling Joseline. Slutbucket? Really?? Isn´t Nicko the same guy that tried to talk to Benzino´s ex WHILE he was dating Mimi?? Mimi has just played herself ridiculously and lost a lot of respect. Whose the slutbucket now?

  13. Mimi is a hypocrite…period! I remember her calling Joseline. Slutbucket? Really?? Isn´t Nicko the same guy that tried to talk to Benzino´s ex WHILE he was dating Mimi?? Mimi has just played herself ridiculously and lost a lot of respect. Whose the slutbucket now?

  14. Mimi is a hypocrite…period! I remember her calling Joseline. Slutbucket? Really?? Isn´t Nicko the same guy that tried to talk to Benzino´s ex WHILE he was dating Mimi?? Mimi has just played herself ridiculously and lost a lot of respect. Whose the slutbucket now?

  15. Mimi is a hypocrite…period! I remember her calling Joseline. Slutbucket? Really?? Isn´t Nicko the same guy that tried to talk to Benzino´s ex WHILE he was dating Mimi?? Mimi has just played herself ridiculously and lost a lot of respect. Whose the slutbucket now?

  16. Mimi is a hypocrite…period! I remember her calling Joseline. Slutbucket? Really?? Isn´t Nicko the same guy that tried to talk to Benzino´s ex WHILE he was dating Mimi?? Mimi has just played herself ridiculously and lost a lot of respect. Whose the slutbucket now?

  17. Mimi is a hypocrite…period! I remember her calling Joseline. Slutbucket? Really?? Isn´t Nicko the same guy that tried to talk to Benzino´s ex WHILE he was dating Mimi?? Mimi has just played herself ridiculously and lost a lot of respect. Whose the slutbucket now?

  18. Mimi is a hypocrite…period! I remember her calling Joseline. Slutbucket? Really?? Isn´t Nicko the same guy that tried to talk to Benzino´s ex WHILE he was dating Mimi?? Mimi has just played herself ridiculously and lost a lot of respect. Whose the slutbucket now?

  19. Mimi is a hypocrite…period! I remember her calling Joseline. Slutbucket? Really?? Isn´t Nicko the same guy that tried to talk to Benzino´s ex WHILE he was dating Mimi?? Mimi has just played herself ridiculously and lost a lot of respect. Whose the slutbucket now?

  20. No one is condemning nikko but everyone is condemning mimi. That’s unfair. Its alright for a man to make a sex tape but a woman can’t?

    • Everybody wrote nikki off when he was on the show being disrespectful. And everybody is going off on Mimi because she tries to portray herself as one thing but if everybody listened to Stevie j he said Mimi is and was a hoe she just never stripped. She tries to talk about joseline but at least joseline owns up to what she is ( except she isn’t musically talented)

    • Everybody wrote off nikk(I)o along time ago when he was so disrespectful on the show like he accomplished anything. Now for Mimi she tried so hard to portray herself like she’s so opposite of joseline. But joseline lived her truth and Mimi wasn’t because Stevie j said Mimi is a old THOT from way back. So that’s why everybody is condemning her, if she just stop faking the funk people will leave her alone

    • I am not condemning Nikko because he look like a thirsty opportunist and I had hoped Mimi had enough sense to see him for that. I expected that much from him. Now he has ruined what little character she has left.

  21. Some people will promote ANYTHING just to say they are going against the grain…that being said here are 3 Reasons I do NOT support the “sex tape”
    1. Never hold someone to a standard you will not be willing to live up to…I am certain no one expects Mimi to be a nun or perfect or make the occasional flawed decisions…but I do expect for her to live by the virtues and values (as a MOTHER) she has set forth as “appropriate” in relation to the influences she will allow to take root in her daughter’s life…she is a hypocrite

    2. If you do it…own it…that tape was not “leaked” and the mere fact that she won’t own up to THAT further lets me know she is not comfortable with the decision she willingly made unless she can spin it to look accidental…which is cowardice and insulting…yet somehow she thinks willingly authorizing mass production makes her look like the “victorious victim”…and she gets to stay relevant…that is just pure FOOLERY

    3. Last but not least…BY YOUR STANDARD. ..we should do whatever we want and throw caution to the wind…to hell with societal standards of morality in regard to sexuality…who needs them! Rapists and molesters need those boundaries…people who abduct living beings for their sick and demented fantasies…oh but you’re talking about consenting sexual relationships right? There are a vast majority of individuals who are living in a sexual “hell ” because of childhood instances of sexual abuse not just societal standards…they are ill equipped to make rational decisions because they have been traumatized in ways many will NEVER understand…it’s not always that simple that they consented when an individual’s frame of mind may be altered due to pre existing factors
    Mimi doesn’t owe me shit…far as I’m concerned but she as well as the author of this post should drink a big cup of “keep it G”…she was thirsty for attention and she finally has it…leave it at that and quit trying to create an argument out of plain stupidity, pettiness, arrogance, and THIRST!

    • Rape and molestation is not the same thing as making a porn tape. He said between two consenting adults. That’s not what rape or molestation is. Don’t try to use trigger words, try using logic.

      • Read the WHOLE post and you’ll understand that I did not say rape and molestation were equivalent to what he is speaking of…what I did say is is an individuais ability to “consent” can be altered by many factors same way the reason why people have ideologies about sexual constraints or the lack thereof can…who are they trigger words for??? How is what I said or did in constructing an argument any different from the original post and the “societal” pressure…ctfu gtfoh

        people want to use ANY excuse to evade responsibility so I just helped present another methodology of excusing it from another pov…I accept accountability for MY actions regardless of societal influence or past experiences…I inherently know right from wrong because unlike many I understand conviction from an internal prospective…fuck the excuses!

        • I did read your whole post. You said by using his logic rape and molestation should be excuseable. I told you that statement is illogical. That whole section statement is illogical and irrelvant.

          • “Oh but you’re talking about consenting sexual relationships”…I acknowledged that he was not talking about nonconsentual sex…switch gears…mentioning the acts was just a little backdrop of how people who don’t recognize nonconsentual sexual constraints (even though they aren’t directly relative to his point) may affect those that they have victimized ability to consent even as an adult… inadvertently

          • No what was irrelevant was trying to establish 10 reasons to support a sex tape to begin with…Idgaf who in it …THAT was irrelevant!

  22. you can put 10 reasons or 10,000 reasons to try and justify, mimi was dead wrong SHE´S A MOTHER FIRST, THEN A CELEBRITY…. atleast that´s what she painted the picture to look like at first…. over it


  24. This struggle article is a FAIL. A few Reasons to be Disgusted by Mimi and Nikko’s Porno:
    1. A man that TRULY loves a woman would not allow his woman to be put on display like a piece of trash. Nikko is grimier than Stevie J and I didn’t think it could get any worse.
    2. Any woman worth her salt would never agree to degrade herself like this
    3. A real woman would not put her daughter (or children) in a position to be ridiculed and having to explain why her mama is turning tricks for entertainment and a paycheck
    4. This “fuck culture” is destroying romance and love and we’re getting the fuck culture confused with love/romance. Nikko does not love Mimi.
    5. Not everything should be shared online. Some things should remain sacred and a secret. No one is ashamed or feel guilt for having sex. The shame is busting it wide open for the world to see and see #3. Once everyone has seen it, nobody wants it anymore other than to jump on it as a sexual playground and cum bucket. Mimi played herself.
    6. Mimi is damn near 50 and should have more class and common sense than this. It’s clear that she needs help. Apparently she’s suffering from below low self-esteem to get caught up like this and to keep attracting sleezy niqqas who are doing nothing but using, abusing, and exploiting her. Which brings me to the next point
    8. Mona Scott is the devil and these TV networks will sink to new lows for ratings. What’s next? We’ll be witnessing a real life murder go down?

    • That comment was everything —> claps & snaps to the truth.
      This would not be as bad if she was 22 with no kids but her little girl will be aware faster than she thinks courtesy of Google as early as 7. It wasn’t worth it IF she was a true business woman.

      • Anti-Intellect pushes the envelope, always. I truly believe Dineva only posts them POS articles for the hits because they are SO far off the radar, hardly anybody agrees and EVERYBODY comments. Not fooling me, Funky Dineva. Love ya! But I see ya for your works! :P

        As for the tape, no thanks. I think Mimi looks like an insect, and Nikko looks…unclean. Not EVEN interested in seeing them on LHHATL, much less in a porno.

    • 1. Who ever heard of this Nikko before MiMi brought him on the show? He never seen this much money or had this much attention in his life! He probably saw MiMi as an opportunity for self exposure and is using her in the process.
      2. It was established early on that MiMi has absolutely no morals or common sense; she went throught uneccessary drama and disrespect with Stevie for YEARS and was seemingly driven by Stevies celebrity and money. Stevie even said she was no good.
      3. while I do believe MiMi loves her daughter, her priorities are warped because she didn’t really have a role model for how to be a responsible WOMAN with good morals.
      4. What’s disturbing is that MiMi didn’t make this kind of mistake in her teens or young 20′s but CHOSE to do this in her mid 40′s and while having a

  25. A sex worker is a legal job and she will have to pay taxes on her earnings. She is grown. She get to make her own choices without our judgement. Sex workers have children. Screaming on this woman means you have to scream on all sex workers male or female.

  26. I don’t think that mostly everyone who’s scorning Mimi for this is against sex or her having sex. I believe that the issue is that she gave the impression that she is a prestige woman who holds herself to a much higher regard. That’s not to say that strippers or prostitutes are reduced because at the end of the day you do what you have to do To survive and that can be male or female. The issue is that Mimi is not in a situation where she NEEDs to put this out there. She isn’t two cents away from broke. So at 45, you should not be worried about sextapes. You should be worried about stability, health, and retirement. Yes, Eva will love her through this but Eva will now have a twisted concept. She already has a father who degrades women, a mother who degrades herself, and a society that degrades women as well. So it’s going to come much easier to her to feel that her place is nowhere but on the bottom of the totem pole. Mostly everyone feels bad for Eva. Mimi grown. Nobody cares. More power to you, but realize that your daughter is going to have to deal with that humiliation. Just knowing that her future BF probably and most likely will see her mom getting it in is just ugh.. Idk I can go on and on. Oh and no one is saying tht they are better parents if yu don’t have a sextapes the point is Mimi didn’t have to put this out to the public nd I feel the same about the Farrah porno.. If yu don’t NEED to do it. Don’t do it.

    • Well said. I could give to shit what she do. Like you said she did hold herself to a higher standard. Therefore, I expected more. I was shocked that’s all.. Her life don’t impact mine one bit, it’s funny to me. Just like you said if it a broke don’t fix it.

    • ok wtf does her age have anything to do with if u were 21 u know better…. and MIMI looked damn good to be 45 shid she look better than yall 25 year olds with no kids…..

  27. Society is fcked up. Kim.K did the same thing yall called her a hoe while making her and her family rich and famous. Mimi girl if u just own it.your life your decisions. But once u own it ppl opinions thoughts just die bcuz the world sees u could -.-care less what they think

  28. I ain’t really feeling this opinion by Anti-Intellect today. There is plenty wrong with how Mimi went about this. And while you”re trying to justify her actions, I’d be interested to know your position if it was yo mama caught on tape sucking dick down to the Shower Rod Inn? Would you be so diplomatic then or nah?

    • I agree with you. This opinion basically says any goes and society is to blame for any scorn Mimi gets for this action. If this is not hoe behavior, please explain to me what it is.

    • Stop giving this idiot exposure on your blog. Obviously no one is visiting his “blog,” so he comes to get your traffic. I hope he is kicking you some money. Where in your enumerated list is the item that as women, we are more than what is between our legs and how much meat can be stuffed in our mouths and other orifices? Where is the other enumerated item about parasites and predators that prey on weak — as in weak-minded individuals? Where is the enumerated item about how black women think they gonna get the same type of shine from a sex tape as Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian? Where is the enumerated item that the only think MiMi may be able to sell is shower rods? Where is the enumerated item about saying no to drugs … obviously MiMi is on something as she lacks sond judgment. Where is the enumerated item that sex between two people that truly love each other is a beautiful thing and not something to be exploited for 15 minutes of fame and some money? GTFOH.

  29. My outrage has nothing to do with the sex acts and more so with the LIES about it. What a grown woman does in her consensual relationship is her business. But to produce a porn film and try to play it off as a sex tape and want sympathy is outrageous and foolish. It speaks volumes to her poor decision making skills and her thirst for attention. If she wanted attention she could have come up with a myriad of creative ways to do it, without playing that old tired “leaked sex tape” bit.

    • You’re outraged over a poor decision that has no direct impact on your life? Some of you are way too emotionally invested in reality television and all of its components.

      • I really don’t care, many people make sex tapes. I really ain’t mad at Mimi for using what she got to get what she want.

        I think that some opinions would be different if there was nothing else for you to fall back on. Who knows what this girl’s finances is looking like. This just ain’t non of my business

    • Exactly. If she is such a grown woman than own up to who she is. This weak attempt to act like a private moment got “leaked” is just pitiful. And who would have “leaked” it if it was just her and her man? Clearly someone else was filming this. The lies are the killing part not the sex.

    • I just feel like people tend to be resentful of people who have more guts to live their lives more honestly and publicly than them. Its just sex afterall, we all need to calm the fuck down, aint nobody responsible for raising Eva but MIMI and Stebbie.

  30. I´m glad Dineva made it clear this article wasn´t written by him, absolute foolery lol I really want to know if all the people condoning the tape would be ok making a sex tape for themselves since sex and nudity is so “natural”….please have a seat lol

  31. I thought the snippet wasent bad for ametures , its their life if thats what makes them happy so be it,sometimes you gotta say damn what they think and just do you,or your man,lol

  32. I the age of reality TV and folks thinking they can go the route of Kim Kardashian to become a star. I keep hearing folks say she grown but the images that are out there of black women nowadays is sad. Images are a powerful thing. I´m not judging her for doing it but ppl need to be mindful of the consequences that come with these decisions.

  33. I really hate when Funky Dineva let’s Anti intellect blog on here, he is the most negative person ever. Pure ignorance.

      • You’re right, he’s BEYOND ignorant. A know it all that knows nothing. I’ve read plenty of blogs written by him on here. He’s ignorant. My opinion.

      • His name is Anti-Intellect. What does that mean to you? “Anti” means opposed. So he is opposed to the faculty of reasoning and understanding objectively, which is the definition of “intellect.” Be careful about who you are agreeing with. His name says that he is opposed to people thinking and/or using reason and understanding, why? To feed you bullshit.

    • I totally agreeeeeeeeeeeee… I have never liked one thing that this person has said. EVER.

      P.S. #9 Is BS what kid who loves their parent wants everyone to have access to they mamma/daddy sexcapades online. Yes they love their parents but it is extremely hard as a child when yo friends know what your mamma pussy look like stfu please… AntiIntellect is exactly right. The title implies that I should love the video based on the bs u wrote try again please sir or ma’am.

      • Mimi is no different from your everyday chickenhead. This woman had her own business why would she throw all of that away for 5 minutes of fame & a staged porno with a down low looking ice age character?

  34. Society is so ashamed of sex and nudity. Get over yourselves! it´s natural idiots. Of course blk people would make a big deal out of it, like blks are some type saints…. Yeah ok. Blk people need to be ashamed of having all these baby´s out of wedlock and start raising quality families again. Let´s improve our attitudes and lower The crime rates communities but noooo yall would rather be outraged over a sex tape and someone else´s life instead of fixing your own.Why can´t black people make sure their children learn proper English? noooo yall rather watch reality TV.smh I´m sorry but most blacks are a fking hypocritical joke!

    • There is nothing remotely natural about that contrivance of a pornographic video. There was no portrayal of loving and tenderness between two people in love with each other. So, if your daughter were to make a video such as this, would you be so cool with it, thinking it is just sex and it is natural? She has a daughter, what is the message she is sending to her daughter, who someday will be coming to her about this when school starts this fall. At least decent pornographic films have some semblance of a plot. You could have filmed farm animals for as much human emotion these two displayed.

  35. my son saw it and was like he getting him an older woman they holding it down and doing the damn thing with heart and soul LOL. I have never made a sex tape I am not that comfortable with my body yet. To each his own I just don´t want this to affect her daughter.

  36. im against it because so many young teens watch these crappy shows and to find out their “reality favorite” has a sex tape out will only brain wash our young community more into the deep end

    • The same teens you is talking about should be looking up to their own parents and relatives not someone on the tv. Parents need to stop delegating their responsibilities to other people. Be a role model for your own damn kids, aint nobody tryna raise your kids for you. Nobody got time for that.

    • Stop hating!!!! I hate that she did this but her body looks good. What does your look like if your saying something is wrong with hers! BYE

  37. So many judgmental people walking around this planet. In the end our opinion of her won´t get her into heaven or hell. Her reasons for doing this are her own. Most of the porn we watch is starring somebody mama we just know her cause she in Mona Scott Young payroll

  38. How day hell a video with perfect lighting, numerous staged scenes and steady camera angles get “leaked” ? Yeah she grown but also be grown and accept the fallout. This woman has a daughter. And if you don´t think Stevie J gonna come for you about his baby girl you crazy. And I don´t wanna hear her say nothing about Joseline

  39. Ftr, I´m not condoning her sex tape. But, it´s a lot more things out there that a mother can do to make her a “bad” mother than having a sex tape. Having multiple kids by multiple men, especially if you cant afford them, isn´t exactly setting a positive example.

  40. Charlamagne the God said it best “if he loves you he would protect you. If he respects you he wouldn´t let the world look at his wife´s p#&&y pn camera.” Nikko was putting in work. Mimi was a tad bit stiff. Better than Kim K anyday.

  41. most of the numbers on the list are the same thing just stated a different way over and over lol…I´m against the idea of leaking this porn video and I could have made a better list supporting it than this. the only people here for this list are people who already were supportive of the video. right or wrong

  42. I have more respect for strippers and porno star mothers than I do for lazy, trifling, welfare/food stamp/section 8 broads, popping out kids by sorry azz men, thinking the rest of the world owes them something for their REPEATED poor decision making. What are THEY teaching their kids? We already know. Take a survey of kids in gangs and in jail/prison. What type of women are breeding the types of youth that are the biggest detriment to society?

  43. I don´t think the fact that she´s grown and has a great body is the issue. I think people are looking at her like she´s a hypocrite not to mention she has a young daughter and this is the age of the internet. Stuff spreads fast. I see nothing wrong with making a video with your man, but she used very poor judgement again, by doing it with a joke of a man like Nikko and having it so called “leaked”.

    • Thank You! I don’t think there are any Puritans on this website so the sexual act in itself is not the issue. I think people are in their feelings because of the following:
      A. Mimi called Joseline all kinds of hos and prostitutes all while trying to portray this “woman of morals and class” cheated on by her long term partner and father of her child and then does something like this.
      B. This so called “leaked” tape has more camera angles than a Tyler Perry movie . Which makes it hard to believe this was shot with a tripod as she states.
      C. When Kim and Paris made their sex tapes they were NOT mothers to a female child who, when she is old enough to Google, can enter her mother’s name and this unfortunate tape is going to be the first thing to pop up.

      I’m not condemning anyone who chooses to have sex or if they decide to videotape it. But the problem lies in the fact that once something like this is put out there are going to be a lot of opinions and Mimi is going to one day have to figure out how to explain this to her child. That’s the saddest part of this salacious story people are forgetting. Love it or hate it, this is sadly now a part of Mimi’s legacy. Sex is fleeting but a sex tape lives on.

    • Exactly. He could have kept that list. Sex is an intimate act between two consenting adults and should be kept as such. Watching seasons of LHHATL, we all are very aware of Mimi’s personality and know that this was done merely for attention. It says a great deal about her as a person and especially as a mother. She is raising a daughter in a society that is controlled by social media platforms. I’m quite sure her daughter will see this one day. We have to do better.

  44. She is grown and I say KUDDOS to her. Hell at 41 she has a BETTER BODY than these 21yr olds. I´m not judging her at all. Hell me and my husband have made video in the past.

    • She is more than just her body though … then again, maybe she isn’t for she would then guard her mind. Never mind … carry on.

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