2012 Cyphers ~ BET Hip Hop Awards. Which Crew Killed It? (VIDEO)

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I’m feeling this cypher thing that BET has incorporated into the BET Hip Hop awards. Need us not forget that last year, 2 chainz was a part of the Cypher on the 2011 BET awards and look at him now. Check out the Cyphers and let The Doll know who had your favorite flow. By the way, Eve Killed it. Her Cypher was one of my favorites. Get in to it!


Grand Hustle Cypher

Mystikal and Others Cypher

Talib Kweli and Others Cypher

The Iron Mic Cypher

West Coast Cypher

Ruff Ryders

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6 thoughts on “2012 Cyphers ~ BET Hip Hop Awards. Which Crew Killed It? (VIDEO)

  1. @MissKitty…I already know I can only stomach the Ruff Ryders and Talib Kweli cyphers. I’ll pass on the rest. But, yes the cypher is usually the best part of the show….otherwise, it’s the same people and nonsense now for the past few years. Next

  2. Ruff Ryders was da best..I expected them 2 be tho.. some people from the crews were good… but if u jus talking collectively Ruff Ryders hands down!!

  3. Ok so this is the only part I really care about THE CYPHERS its the best part of the show and I just cant choose one! because one out of every clique brought it hard DJ quick with his fine ass (he can get it! lol) Mystikal from what I could understand stood up! oh and Childish Gambino I have been a fan… dude incoporates comedy gotta love that Cassidy fine lil self he can get it too and whos the australin white chick she went in Talib had me over here hootin’ and hollerin’ love the cyphers Thanks Dineva got my fix in one sitting!

  4. Ruff Ryders Cypher is the only one I cared about. Eve most certainly killed it. She did Philly proud. Is it me or does Rick Ross need a bro(Seinfeld). I love you Rick, but I don’t love you enough to want to see your phucking mitty’s at every award show or video you do.

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