The Truth About Lace Wigs

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Lisa Jackson

Contributed By: Lisa Jackson, Houston Hair Weaving Center

Whats underneath that lace wig?

I was so excited to see my long lost client after two years of her not  coming to the salon Houston  Hair Weaving Center. I remember her saying she was thinking about going all  natural. After all the hugs and updates on whats going on in both of our lives  she sat in my chair, pulled off her scarf I gasped for my breath and she began  crying about how she was wearing the full lace wigs and things took a turn for  the worse.I began to examine her scalp and I was shocked to see that she  had a scalp fungus,scalp abrasions,along with permanent scalp damage. Angie not  realizing she was allergic to the adhesive she was applying to her scalp caused  a severe scalp infection called Demodex Folliculorum species of  parasites that causes a major hair infection (actually an infestation) in  people and it is more likely to develop in people already affected by pattern baldness. However in Angie’s case her hair loss came  from lack of knowledge and lack of experience. Angie like most of African  american women are suffering from hair loss called Traction Alopecia  damage to the scalp by using to much force or pulling of the hair.  Also one of the most popular adhesive for lace wigs have been tied  to Traction Alopecia and several scalp disorders when not applied correctly and  a skin test before applying to the scalp.

The question at hand is can one recover from Traction  Alopecia?
Absolutely one can recover with the help of a knowledgeable stylist and  dermatologist that will assist you while recovering.
Tips while recovering from traction alopeica and scalp  damage.
1. Stay away from all chemicals that can irritate the scalp.
2.Shampoo the scalp as recommended by a dermatologist.
3. If you must wear a weave please visit a professional stylist with experience that can provide several  techniques that will not hinder the recovery process.
4. Go in to this with an open mind knowing that no one can guarantee  100% recovery.
5. This is the most important tip, understand that lace wigs are not a  permanent fix. They are designed for temporary use.
For more information about products to treat traction alopecia you  may visit a recommended professional



His Hair Is Layed Like Prince!

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Insatiable’s my name when it comes to you

LISTEN! Y’all can’t take this right here. Get into mama cascading waterfalls flushed to the left of her face! Yes GAWD. She got an ole nasty feathered, bumped, bobed, and curled Aaliyah across the eye. I LIVE!

Girl, Where Can I Buy Some Good Hair?

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I first introduced you guy’s to Femme Boy last week when we were asking for your help to make him a WINNER in an Allure Magazine blogger contest. See previous post: Can A B**** Get A Donation For Femme Boy

Well, Femme Boy agreed to provide us with hair and make-up content every now and then because the beauty business  is what he breathes.  Check out what he had to say and his recommendation on one of the best places to buy good hair.


Femme Boy

I knew when I agreed to collaborate with Funky Dineva I would have to offer the best advice when it comes to hair. I am now rocking a very Grace Jones/Amber Rose inspired buzz cut, but I did have hair once upon a time. I have rocked it all, natural, processed, fake and real. I have been to hell and back with my hair journey but I thoroughly enjoyed my hair when sewn up, extended out and evoking total diva status. So what better place to start off my beauty and hair advice posts for than with Indian Remy Extensions.

I wanted to bring you all my ultimate recommendation for premium hair extensions. I am talking “My hair is layed like Naomi Campbell” type of hair. is honestly some of the best hair I have ever worn. This hair is offered for order online only, but shipping is free and the quality is far higher end than your beauty supply brands. My biggest critique is that they no longer offer the 28’ inch wavy hair extensions I was rocking, 22’ is as long as they come now. I love the Indian Remy Wavy Hair Extensions, they can be worn wet to give nice body or flat ironed sleek and straight.

Twitter: @femmeboy or visit blog:

Check out the Sultry Couture Hair Extensions site and their Hair Blog. Tons of good advice and product selection is pretty diverse, more than just extensions.

Curious about what some other girls had to say about the hair, watch some customer reviews.

DILDOR Song of the Day– MILIRA~ Three is a Crowd

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Chile Miss Milira piece right here is something serious. If you got enough brown liquor in your system and has been in a situation where you have ever been cheated on or lied to, you might mess around and start crying. Every drag queen, pageant queen, butch queen, fat queen, and every queen in between has belted the chorus of this song in a mirror holding a brush at some point in their life. GET YOU SOME!

She’s baacccckkkk: Mama says her hair is layed like “B Don’t Ask Me No More”

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Someone posted on my FaceBook wall a few weeks back this video of “Mama” doing her Funky Dineva impression while she was cooking. ( Bay-Bay, I fell out when I watched it. I had to get in contact with her daughter to tell her that “Mama” MUST grace us with another video. Well here it is. Mama is in the dollar store and letting us have it. Chile apparently some woman asked “Mama” for some fashion advice, and when “Mama” gave it to her, she didn’t like what “Mama” had to say. See “Mama’s” reactions. GET N 2 IT!