Yes GAWD – The Cast of Glee TURNED IT – Whitney’s Houston’s ~ How Will I Know

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You know what? I’m so glad that Miss Amber Riley got turned down by American Idol I don’t know what to do. Big girl know she can SANG! Her along with her other castmates from the award winning Fox hit show Glee TURNED IT HUNTY. They payed HOMAGE to my sister Miss Whitney Houston as only they could! GET INTO IT!



Can We Get A Donation: Femme Boy needs your help! – Allure Magazine Beauty Blogger Contest

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Femme Boy, someone who will be providing hair and makeup content to FunkyDineva.Com needs you guy’s help. Mama has been noticed by Allure Maggazine and is one of their FINALIST in their Beauty Blogger Contest. Check out her blog as well. Mama knows what the hell she is talking about when it comes to this make up! With hair layed like Grace Jones, she better!

A MESSAGE FROM FEMME BOY: Taken from his blog

Femme Boy is in the Allure Magazine Beauty Blogger Contest

I have known for some time about my position in this contest being held by Allure Magazine, but I was sworn to secrecy, which sucked, but now I can shout from the rooftops. I am one of 15 finalists competing for a series of prizes and the title of the ultimate beauty blogger of the year.


  • Feature in the October Issue of Allure Magazine
  • $2,500 worth of cosmetics ( I pledge to give away a portion of them to some lucky tumblr followers should I win)
  • Trip to NYC
  • Backstage pass to NYC fashion show
  • Trip to Revlon headquarters with an exclusive peek at the new collection
  • Get to attend the Annual Allure Best of Beauty Party
  • Chance to submit future work to Allure an

The great thing is you can vote which is a portion of determining the winner.

Here is the site:

Voting starts Monday with a new challenge being uploaded each Monday.

Be sure to tweet @femmeboy and include #allurebba!!! Facebook Share the challenges also.

Voting gives all you femme divas a chance to win prizes of your own. Gifts will be given away after voting session closes on each challenge.

Let me say that I appreciate all the love you beautiful people have given me and this opportunity wouldn’t be available to me without each an every one of you. This contest win would not simply be a great experience but a opportunity to change my life. I have alot riding on this and I need all you guys to help me. I really believe in the power of change and the ability to move up in the world no matter where you come from. This contest is for all of us. We have all contributed to this blog and helped create a place where we are free of judgement and hate. We are the femme warriors of the world and we can achieve anything.

Be Bold, Be Femme!!!



Complete Devastation to the Nation – The Carnival Blouse

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Bitch i'm ready to go!

OK, Just so we are clear, today’s Complete Devastation to the Nation is the blouse and not the woman wearing the blouse. I understand people cannot help the way they look, how bad their body is made, or the way they sweat under their arms. However, they can help the types of clothing they wear! If you have anything other than titties sticking out of the front of you, this is not the blouse for you. If  you sweat profusely underneath your arms, then gray is not the color for you. However, if you insist on wearing gray, then perhaps a nice jacket is a simple low cost solution to preventing the public from having to look at unsightly sweat stains under your arms and from wondering if under your arms smell like subway!