Amber Riley (Glee) and Faith Evans Go In ~ Soon As I Get Home

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Yes GAWD hunty.  I was scouring youtube and found this sicknin’ video of Amber Riley from Glee singing Faith Evan’s debut single Soon As I Get Home. The real gag is, mid way through the song, The legendary Faith Evans joins Amber on stage and magic is created. The two R&B divas serve everything you could ever want. Go in Amber! Go in FAITH. Yes GAWD Bish!!!!  I was overjoyed when I saw this video. Take a look. Get you a piece!

Nasty Slow Jam – Lisa Stansfield – All woman

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Yes gawd hunty! White British Fish Lisa Standfield DID THIS HUNTY! Every time I hear this song, it just makes me feel like battered woman from the 90′s. lol. This song is so smooth and soulful that my heart bubbles over with emotion at the start of every chorus. Sang lisa Sang!!!

Mess, Shade, & Celeb DRAMA – Got 2B Real – Episode 5 – Season 2

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@PattiLaHelle is back at it with her hit internet drama Got To Be Real. The doll has never seen so much shade thrown in one sitting. YES GAWD. These divas are going in and letting have. The talent involved in these voice over’s and the sheer wit will have you laughing hysterically. Patti, Dione, Dianna, Aretha, Beyonce, Mary J., Mariah are just some of the big names featured in this widely popular, ever so hysterical we series. GET IN TO IT

Nasty Slow Jam – Blackstreet ~ (Money Can’t) Buy Me Love

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Bay-Bay, when I tell you that this Blakstreet song right here use to move me back in the day. YES GAWD, These boys right here knew they could sang. I would have let each and every one em have their way with me. YES GAWD.  Get You A Piece!


Added Bonus, I found a clip of a Korean Menudo singing the same song a capella. I must admit, these boys TURNT IT.