Where Indian Remy Hair Really Comes From – The Human Hair Trade

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I know I said ‘straight get a date”, but honestly, I don’t know what the big hype is about Indian Remy hair. Black women kill me trying to take the kinky texture of their hair and blend it seamlessly with the bone straight hair of princess jasmine. It’s gone take Aladdin, his lamp, the genie and that magic carpet to ever make a marriage of Florida Evens and fine silk ever work. Majority of the women walking around singing the praises of Indian Remy are looking a hot mess with exposed curly roots and bone straight ends. Then to top it off, most of them have the never to put a fat part dead smack in the middle of their head, making it a perfect giveaway, as if we didn’t already know it was a weave. While I am my soap box, why is it that black women insist on getting weaves in lengths, colors, and styles in which our hair doesn’t grow? If you are going to get a weave, please get a believable one. Anything less than is just tacky! lol

Any who, I stumbled across a video called The Human Hair Trade that tells the story of how one cultures religious sacrifice is another cultures cash cow. GET IN TO IT




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See this is the ish i’m talking about right here. This is throwback devistation. This is so wrong, imma reach back to 1992 when this photo was probably taken and slap they mama. Can you tell someone’s socio-economic status or level of education by the way they look? They say we should never judge a book by its cover nor should we ever assume. I’m just sayin, I am almost willing to bet that one of these children’s name is ___meka or ___kiesha or ___ika. I know it. The sad part is, they are cute lil girls, and the mama is just as pretty as she wants to be, minus her government cheese stained teeth. That hair is layed hunty. Don’t act like your auntie ain’t never gel that hair down to the side. LOL  GET IN TO IT!

Look What I Did For Cinco De Mayo

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Chile The Doll was drunk boots this weekend as she paraded around town getting into all kinds of trouble in celebration of Cinco De Mayo. Quiet as its kept, I don’t even know what Cinco De Mayo is all about, but any excuse to drink, The Doll is all for it. What was supposed to be a a chill time out with friends quickly turned into a drunken escapde around atlanta once shots of tequilla became involved.

My Hair Is LAYED Like Cinco De Mayo

My Hair Is LAYED Like Cinco De Mayo pt 2

After sitting in the the hot a** Mexican resturant for 5 hours, we then headed over to RHOA ‘s Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas’s lounge, Bar One. We needed to take a break from the heat and tequilla and mentally get ready for what was destined to a crazy night. Earlier that day, we had recieved word that Rockstars Productions would be having a NASTY Cinco De Mayo Party later that night and that was one bar we wanted to get a piece of. Yes Gawd. Bay-Bay, when i tell you that party was nasty,  it was NAAASSSSTTYYY. Lonnell Williams of 3LWTV happen to be there with his camera crew and caught footage of The Doll in all her fullness! @ATLIEN aka Michelle Brown from www.StraightFromTheA.com and @MrTyWell aka Ty Wells of www.SimplyTy.com partied it up with The Doll as well. Check out their cameos in the.

ATL’s RockStars Celebrates Cinco De Mayo! 3LWTV

 Big thanks to Julius James (@JuJuRockk) of Rockstars Productions for all the VIP treatment. Check out Rockstars’s Labor Day Events www.labordayrock.com. Big thanks to Lonnell Williams (@3LWTV) for allowing the doll to work her reporter skills. Check out Lonnell and all his investigative journalism work into the stuff people really want to know about at www.3lwtv.com


Dineva & Celebrity Stylist @JasperRose20


Get In To My Shape


Dineva & @ATLIEN


Dineva and The Boyz!




Does My GAYNESS Scare YOU ???

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Ending Homophobia

An Essay By: Anti_Intellect

The Anti-Intellect Blog    Twitter: @Anti_Intellect



There is a certain freedom inherent in expressing our gender the way that we see fit. When we are able to fully express ourselves via our gender we open our lives up to a host of possibilities. Conversely, one of the primary ways by which we are denied freedom of expression is by having our gender boxed in, told it can only be one thing.

As I have educated myself more and more on the various ways in which gender and sexual identity intersect, it has become clear to me that homophobia and gender stereotyping are two sides of the same limiting coin. Where there is gender stereotyping there is homophobia, and vice versa.

There are countless times in my own life when I have encountered homophobia simply because of people stereotyping me based on my gender. As a boy who played with dolls and oftentimes preferred the company of girls I was thought to be gay. This claim was made despite the fact that my sexual identity was not fully known to myself or others. The claim was made simply because my gender expression did not align with what our patriarchal society considers to be normal gender behavior or interest for a boy.

It is all too common in our society for people to affix sexual orientations to someone based purely on gender stereotypes. The “masculine” woman and the “feminine” man, regardless of sexual orientation, are often considered to be gay just because they don’t align with what is thought to be acceptable gender expression. Women and men in fields that are traditionally thought of as gender specific are also the victims of gender stereotyping and homophobia: male cheerleaders, female cops, male nurses, female football players.

As an educator I have endeavored to get my students to think above and beyond gender stereotypes. I have provided a safe space where my students can feel comfortable recognizing, naming, and challenging gender stereotypes. Why can’t a boy have a diary? Why can’t a girl prefer the color blue? Why can’t a boy like playing with a female character? Why can’t a girl have hairy arms and legs? These are some of the stereotypes that I have engaged with my students, and guided them in their thinking above and beyond.

As I mentioned earlier, gender stereotypes are one of the ways homophobia is sustained. When we don’t fit certain gender ideals our sexuality is often questioned. This can be very hurtful for people of all sexual orientations. The pernicious stereotypes and assumptions around gender have shown themselves to be too convenient for sustaining and promoting homophobia.

A lot of homophobia can be negated by challenging gender stereotypes. It is my belief that people who are comfortable with diverse gender expression are less homophobic. If you don’t believe that there is only one way for a person to express their manhood and womanhood then you are less likely to object to that person being intimate with someone of the same gender. You will have embraced that gender expression and identity is diverse, and sometimes our expressions and identity don’t align with gender stereotypes.

It is my hope that we as people, educators and activists key in on the way that gender stereotypes sustain a homophobia culture. When we free ourselves from gender stereotypes we embrace an ideology that is affirming to people of all sexual orientations. We are doing the work of ending homophobia.

Gwalah Magic Gwalah Magic – TOTAL Hair Color Transformation

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Lisa Jackson

Our resident weave expert Lisa Jackson, AKA The Weave Master is back and working her magic. Watch Lisa take this girls hair from a level 2 ALL THE WAY to a level 8 and then give her a nasty sew in. This hair transformation is really amazing. There is even a little built in humor. Watch how the client is chewing the hell out of that gum! Lol. That’s right mama, you better chew your money’s worth! Lol


Check Lisa out at http://www.houstonhairweavingcenter.com