[VIDEO] Gabby Douglas’ (the black girl) routines from the 2012 Olympic Gymnastics trials

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Yes GAWD lil Mama. Gabby Douglas went in and let have. The Doll definitely supports this young lady right here and will be following her to the end! Go in Gabby!! We are watching you and we sincerely hope your hair is layed like gold medal bish. You better invoke you inner Domonique Dawes and TURN IT!! Continue reading

[VIDEO] New Music – Lil Scrappy “NO LOVE” Ft. Tocarra

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Yes GAWD Lil Scrapy

Now i like this song right here. Way to go Scappy. You better use this platform as a way to reclaim your position as The Prince of the South.

When all else fails, plug in an auto-tune machine and invoke your inner Lil Wayne. Thats exactly what this song sounds like. Hey, the formula works for the whole Young Money camp, why not try it out amongst others in the industry?

As much as I would like to find a reason to go in on Scrappy for this song, I can’t. The song is actually pretty good. I will say this, they insisted the help of some new chick named Tocarra when quiet as its kept, Ciara could have sung all her parts. Ciara is shopping and carry on in L.A. and missing her blessing in ATL.  Continue reading

[VIDEO/PICS] Real Housewives of Miami BACK For Season 2!!! Premiere Date Revealed

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Now quiet as its kept, I never really watched the first season of Real Housewives of Miami. Quite frankly, the one or two episodes I caught just did not move me. All the damn women look a like and I couldn’t begin to tell you who is who. I know one of them was Scotty Pippens wife.Well some producer over at Bravo was given a second chance to get this ish here right. From the little that I have read so far, several members of the cast have been replaced with beautiful, vibrant, new money that will hopefully breath new life into the Miami arm of the successful Real Housewives Franchise. Continue reading