[LISTEN] New Music – Rasheeda ~ MARRY ME

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Do y’all remember when Rasheeda was on the Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta, dancing, patting her crotch talking bout “marry me”? I’m sure you remember. It was the episode when her and her manager/husband got into the argument about her being 2 hours late. Well, the video that she was filming  on that episode is finally here.

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[VIDEO & PICS] Fashion Designer Reco Chapple Unveils Men’s Swimwear, Fashion Show & Pool Party!!

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It is no secret that reality tv celeb and fashion designer Reco Chapple is a good friend of The Doll. She keeps me in a NASTY catsuit and other form fitting duds. Well, Reco most noted for his female designs, worn by a slew of celebrities, has once again decided to shake things up and put together a line of NASTY men’s swimwear and tanks.  Continue reading

Woman caught masturbating on side of highway is arrested wearing only a shirt and exposing herself to passing motorists

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One thrill-seeking exhibitionist has been arrested after allegedly masturbating in open view of other motorists on Highway 484 in Ocala, Florida and trying to bite a police officer with ‘a love tap’.

Thirty-five-year old Ashley Holton caused traffic along the busy highway to back-up for 30 minutes with some drivers reportedly performing illegal u-turns to get a second look.

According to witnesses, Holton was wearing nothing more than a pink shirt when she decided to pull her car over and pleasure herself in front of the passing motorists.

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Funky Dineva Asks Mimi & Karlie Redd TOUGH QUESTIONS on Kandi Koated Night [VIDEO/PICS]

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Bay-Bay last night The Doll got down to the bottom of a lot of questions that everyone wanted to know. I had caught wind that Mimi Faust and Karlie Redd of Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta would be the special guest on Kandi Koated Nights and since I could not get either of their “people” to respond to any of my request, I figured that Yes GAWD Action News would just show up on the set and get answers to many of the questions we’ve all been asking.

Karlie Redd gavel us a tour of her ass in an effort to prove it was not filled with Elemers Glue, Fix-A-Flat, or tile grout. As I suspected, Stevie J was going staying with Benzino. MiMi also goes on to explain many other intimate details to questions that many of us had.

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[LISTEN] New Music – Elle Varner -I DON’T CARE ~90′s R&B T’s

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Yes GAWD! There may be hope for the resurgence of true R&B music after all. Maybe everyone has not jumped ship. I’m sure most of you guys have heard Elle Varner”s pitchy catchy song REFIL. Well, the thirsty singer is back.

Bay-bay she has hit us with an ole NASTY 90′s R&B inspired track called I DON’T CARE, and it has left me yelling “MORE MORE”. I’m really feeling this song. I can’t quite figure out what kinda T’s it is giving me. I think what I am feeling the most is that this song seamlessly blends R&B with a Brittish/ New York uptown kind of flow. I could easily see this track being played in the GAP or Banana Republic while you shop. You know if they are playing your song in the GAP, you have arrived! Go in Elle Varner and let have! We’ll be on the lookout for more great music from you. Her forthcoming album, PERFECTLY IMPERFECT, drops August 7th.



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