[VIDEO] Funky Dineva Interviews Joseline Hernandez Backstage At Vh1′s Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta Reunion

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Y’all get into this backstage sit-down with the Queen of Phonetics herself, Ms. Ho-sa-line Hernadez. Catch the shade. I love when you can crack on someone and the joke goes completely over their head. Joseline, being crowned the Queen of Phonetics really isn’t an honor considering that your speech shows the world that you were hooked on everything but phonics. I must say, as much as I tried not to like Joseline, I LIVE FOR HER. It was so hard for me to throw tremendous amounts of shade her way because i really was enamored with her, and low-key, wanted to hang out with her afterwards. What I like about Joseline the most is that she is brazen, forthright, and unapologetic for being her. Catch theses T’s. GET INTO IT Continue reading

[VIDEO]Funky Dineva Gets The Tea From Stevie J Backstage At The Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta Reunion

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Yes GAWD Hunty!! Everyone knows that The Doll is here for the people and tends to ask all the questions that the people want to know. While backstage at the Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta reunion, I had the chance to sit down with Stevie J and probe him on some of the questions we’ve all been wanting answered.  Did he ever buy Joseline a new FURER? Who is his main chick? What’s up with that NASTY pic that made it it’s way to twitter? Catch these T’s. GET INTO IT
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[VIDEO] Rasheeda & Kandi Burruss Want Men To Spread Their “LEGS TO THE MOON”

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Yes Gawd Hunty! Let me be the first to say that Rasheeda has FINALLY put out a piece of music that I actually kind of like and a music video that does not look like it was filmed with an Iphone or involve her patting her coochie. Let it be known, I”m from Miami, I went to College in Tallahassee, and until I moved to Atlanta, I had NEVER heard of Rasheeda. I’ll also take it a step Further and say when I finally did here a few pieces of Rasheeda’s Music, i was not thoroughly impressed. However, this song right here, I am loving it. Her and Kandi are giving ole 1990′s T’s and I am loving it. GET INTO IT. Continue reading

[VIDEO] Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta Season 1 Reunion pt.1 – Funky Dineva Makes Special Appearance

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So by now, I’m sure you guys know that The Doll was physically at the taping of the reunion show. Trust me, when i say I gets the T, The Doll gets the T.  There was so much drama in part 1, and take it from someone who was there, even more drama is to be seen in part 2. Bay-Bay, this reunion was everything that you wanted and more. Not to mention The Doll got a little airtime. GET INTO IT. Continue reading

Funky Dineva Chats With Stevie J, Joseline, Mimi & Mona Scott-Young. Gets The Real T’s

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So if you don’t know by now, The Doll was all up in the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion getting all the T. Make sure you look out for me during the reunion special. Immediately following the reunion, log on to VH1.com and take part in the face-to-face live chat. The Doll plans to ask the freaky 3-some love affair all the questions the people really want to know. GET INTO IT! Continue reading

[VIDEO] Grown MAN Beats Up MOTHER In Street, People Just Watch

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Complete Devastation To The Nation 

This right here is a dang on shame! This man was fighting his mother down to the ground  and  nothing was done by onlookers. They say a mother’s love is unconditional. After the fight, this poor woman did not want the police to be called nor did she want any help. She said that her son was angry with her because she had been sent to prison when he was a little boy, but still… I ain’t one to judge. We all have our family issues, but DAMN. Take a look. Let me know what you think. GET INTO IT.

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