Rohan Marly Calls Wyclef A LIAR. Says Wycleff Knew He Was Not The Father

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Y’all poor ole Lauryn Hill just can’t get a break. First the old hag is on the verge of going to jail for not paying taxes, then Wyclef writes in a new book about his life that the friendship between him and Lauryn was ended because Lauryn led Wycleff to believe that her first child was his. If you have not caught those T’s yet, catch up on the previous story: Wyclef Jean On Lauryn Hill: ‘She’s A Liar Who Told Me Her Baby Was Mine’ . Now Catch these T’s. Continue reading

[Pics/Video] Real Housewives Of Atlanta Season 5 Promo + NeNe Leakes Inside Vogue Magazine

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Check out the promo pics and video for season 5 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Also, NeNe Leakes, reality star and now big time Hollywood actress and her New Normal cast mates grace the pages of the October 2012 issue ofVogue magazine.

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[VIDEO] Gay College Football Player, Kicked Off Team For Kissing Boyfriend

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“If I could hear one thing, I would love to hear the school say they were wrong.”

That’s how former North Dakota State College of Science student Jamie Kuntz describes his feelings on the media firestorm he’s endured since gettingbooted off his school’s football team after being spotted kissing his boyfriend in the press box during a game in a poignant new interview with SB Nation.Amy K. Nelson spoke not just with Kuntz, but also with his family, former teammates and school officials who stood by the decision to kick the 18-year-old off the team. Continue reading

Daughter of Bishop T.D. Jakes, Rocks Christian World AGAIN, Files for Divorce

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Chile so many of y’all want to to run to the church and use your pastor and his wife as an example of how a relationship should be. These days it seems as if the church is probably the worst place to seek any sort of relationship advice or examples. Between Eddie long, the pastor in Atlanta giving the women HIV, and now TD Jake’s daughter, you’ll be better off finding examples of a good marriage on The Real Housewives Of _______.

So TD Jakes’s daughter, Sarah Henson announced that she will be divorcing her husband of four years on her website. Quite naturally, as all good church folks due, she had to let it be known that her decision was backed by scripture. How convienient. I mean the bible is like 10 million pages long. I’m sure if I search hard enough, I can find a scripture supporting me not getting an oil change every ten-thousand miles. Chile Cheese. Catch These T’s. Continue reading


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Yes Gawd Mario!! So when I first read the name of the song, I thought to myself, please do not let this be some half ass attempt to remake the Zapp & Roger classic from the 80′s. So glad it wasn’t. Trey Songs, Mario said he was gone for a minute now he is back with the jump off. I’m not really sure if Mario is looking better or worse as he ages, but we just gone take his new song and roll with it. The joint is pretty hot. Take a listen, let me know what you think. Continue reading