Mona Scott-Young Producing New Reality Show on Bravo, TAKING ATLANTA

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Yes Gawd Hunty! Y’all probably have not heard me say this before, but I love me some Mona Scott-Young. She has been good to The Doll. For those of you who don’t know much about Mona, she Missy’s Manager and most recently has climbed the ranks in reality television production with the super successful Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Franchise. Looking at all the advertising dollars success the The Love & Hip Hop franchise has brought VH1, Bravo now wants a piece. They’ve green lighted production and The Doll has some EXCLUSIVE Tea… Continue reading

Is Mary J. Blige Mary J. Broke? Singer Sued For Defaulting On $2.2 Million Bank Loan

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Chile, tis the season to go broke. It seems like as the American working class are rebounding from the the recession, the celebs are just starting to experience economic hard times. Every time you turn around, a new celebrity is in the news suffering financial woes. First Tony Braxton’s home getting foreclosed on, now Mary J. Blige has defaulted on a 2.2 million bank loan. The real gag is, this is not the first of legal/financial woes for Mary this year. Catch these T’s Continue reading

Vh1 To air Love & HipHop Dirty Little Secrets Year End Special + Funky Dineva Joins The Cast

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Yes Gawd Hunty! For those of you who just can’t get enough of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, you  will be able to get you a lil piece of your favorite characters on December 16. Love and Hip Hop Dirty Little Secrets will be a special show devoted to showing you guys a lot of out takes, behind the scenes and never before scene footage, as well as give you a bit of an update woith wahts going on with the cast. For an added bonus, The Doll, Miss Funky Dineva Ross joined the cast for this special on behalf of The People to say the ish everyone was really thinking. Get into it! Continue reading

“Some people work for a living, some people twerk for a living” – Kenya Moore throws more shade at Porsha Stewart on Wendy Williams Show (watch)

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Ok, its official. The Doll is not featuring Miss Kenya Moore at all. I just can’t get down with people who on one hand try to present themselves in a sophisticated, “i stand for something”, “I’m ohhh so classy” manner, then on the other hand say and do things that are completely contradictory. Kenya Moore made her way to Wendy Williams for one of Wendy’s celebrity chats. While there, Wendy asked her why she got  so upset about the the Miss America Miss USA mix up with Porsha.

See what she had to say.

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Lord Jesus, Sweet Brown Got A Role On Comedy Central – “Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That

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Surely y’all remember Sweet Brown from the hilarious news interview video about a fire that went viral earlier this year. Well just like her predecessor, Antuan Dodson, Sweet Brown is capitalizing off her fifteen minutes of fame. Now I don’t know how I missed this, but on October 9, 2012, Sweet Brown appeared on Comedy Central’s Tosh.O . There she sat down and did an in-depth interview with the shows host as well as participated in a bit of sketch comedy.

Funny isn’t event the word to describe this. Oddly enough, watching this made me feel proud, it brought joy to my heart. It felt good to watch someone named “Sweet Brown”, whom probably never thought in a million years that she would end up on tv, smiling & acting and further more, getting paid. Check it out! Continue reading

Kim Zolciak Going Broke. First Eviction, NOW 200k UNPAID Wedding Bill To Celebrity Wedding Planner Collin Cowie

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“I guess being a Mrs, doesn’t pay as much as being a mistress.” ~Funky Dineva

Has Kim Zolziak gone broke? We’ve watched Kim’s eviction/move play out on The Real Housewives Of Atlanta, Twitter, and various other media outlets. All along I felt like that whole situation was a media stunt to mask the fact that the recession hit her and Kroy’s a** just like everyone else in America and they had to make some budgetary modifications aka DOWNSIZE. Ain’t no shame in, hell, we’ve all had to downsize at sometime another. Now reports stemming from unpaid vendors and sources close to the couple are stating that Kim has left Celebrity Wedding Planner Collin Cowie unpaid and owes 200k plus…

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Kenya Moore Throws MAJOR Shade At Porsha Stewart On VH1 Morning Buzz (Watch)

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Yesterday (Monday Nov 27, 2012) Kenya Moore  was in New York doing  a round of promo when she stopped by Vh1′s Morning Buzz to chat with Carrie Keagan. Well, the bish must have had a palm tree in her pocketbook, because she came loaded with shade, and trust & believe mama threw all of it!

While playing a game of Match, Kenya refused to even say Porsha’s name. Additionally, she went on to hurl a few insults when you found an opening. Check out the shade and all the other pageantry and theatrics Kenya served up. Continue reading

Big Poppa’s (Kim Zolciak’s RHOA ex Sugar Daddy) House on Sale For $19.9 Million Take a Look Inside! (PHOTOS)

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Chile, with all this drama surrounding Kim moving out / getting evicted from Kendra Davis’s home aka her “dream home”, i’m not understanding why she doesn’t just moved into the home where she had lots of dreams. Surely she must know here way around this palatial estate, and for 19.9 million dollars, this would  be anyones dream home.

Big Poppa, the Atlanta businessman whose real name is Lee Najjar is once again trying to sell this mini kingdom. Chile, is Big Poppa not aware that we just came out of a recession, ain’t nobody trying to buy no 19.9 million dollar home, OKAY! This 25,000 square0-foot home has been on and off the market for years. Wonder why he can’t get it sold? Could it be that ain’t nobody got that kind of damn money! lol

I was there the night of the BET Hip-Hop awards for T.I’s private party. I assure the parts that i saw with my eyes were more luxurious than I ever imagined i would witness in my own middle class life. The home boasts 9 bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, a home theater, and a pool, not to mention a whole lot of expensive furniture that ain’t no body got money for either!

Take a look inside Big Poppa’s mansion now!

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