Why Shawty Lo having 10 Baby Mammas Isn’t As Bad As It Sounds

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The minute the promo for Shawty Lo’s new reality show hit the web, my email and twitter accounts would not stop bussing. I for one immediately scoffed at the foolishness and decided that i would not be covering this. I figured there would be enough media outlets covering this mess that I could not contribute any commentary of valuable. Much to my dismay, i was wrong.

We as Americans have been conditioned to believe that a family looks like one man and one woman, raising two kids with a dog, and living in a white house with a picket fence. The recent legalization of gay marriage in certain states has forced us to reconsider what a “family” looks like. A Friend of the blog, Anti-Intellect has yet again forced me to reconsider my views of what a family looks like.  Anti-Intellect sheds light on the fact that Shawty Lo is present in all of his kids lives and the women found it prudent to coexist for the sake of their children. Check Out Anti-Intellects sentiments in their entirety and let me know what you think.

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Her Hair Is Layed Like, WTF!! Fox New’s Pam Oliver

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Sonic The Hedgehog REALNESS!

No Gawd Pam Oliver! You make too much money for you to be on TV with your hair looking like this. Pam is serving Sonic The Hedgehog REALNESS! Please weigh in on what you think Pam’s hair is layed like. Want to nominate someone for a place under the My Hair Is Laye Like WTF spotlight? Email their picture and what you think they’re hair is layed like to FunkyDineva@FunkyDineva.com. L

Leave a comment. Please let pam know just what you think of her hair.
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Taken from Kevin D’s Bio:
Model, Business man, and Talent. Kevin D is pursing his dreams and enjoying the fruits of life. Laying the ground work in hopes of becoming the next big Business Mogul. Kevin D is the man to watch.
Instagram: Officialkevind1   Website: KevinDonline.net     Twitter:Officialkevind
As I brainstormed on some of the major things I would like to do in 2013, creating a space to help other get “put on” rank high on my list. Putting some of my 2013 plans in motion, early, I present to you The Yes Gawds.  The Yes Gawds are chosen  men of extreme beauty, brains, and talent. My plans included showcasing these men and using existing industry relationships to help “put them on” or expand their existing brands.

Want to be one of The Yes Gawds? Know someone who’s worthy?Submit 3 or more tastefully sexy photographs to FunkyDineva@FunkyDineva.com please put “The Yes Gawds” in the subject line. Include a brief description or blurp about what you would like the viewers to know. Include all social media contacts.

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Kandi Burrus Feels The Christmas Spirit, Pays Off Several Families Lay-Away

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Tis must really be the season to be jolly. Y’all know I am good for calling Kandi Burruss cheap as hell (cause she is0. The Christmas spirit moved Kandi to come up off some of those coins and pay off a few families lay-away at a local Atlanta Burlington Coat Factory yesterday (Saturday 12/22/12). Check out some of the stuff the families had on lay-away and who suggested Kandi become a Lay-Away Angel. Continue reading

New Music: Lil Scrappy ft Rasheeda, ‘BAGS’ – Erika & Mimi In Video (watch)

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Get Yo Life. Love & Hip Hop Atlanta has definitely created a platform for a lot of forgotten artist. Honestly, I have never really followed Lil Scappy’s music. I definitely remember getting off in the club back in the day when he first came out and was rocking with Lil John. That was about the extent of involvement with his music.

Check out Scappy’s new song “BAGS’ featuring Rasheeda & Chinkie Brown. It’s a cute song. In a true Atlanta fashion the song is laced up with a heavy bam bam thump thump beats. That seems to be Scrappy’s style. Fiancé and cast-mates Erika Dixon,Mimi Faust, and Kirk Frost make appearances throughout the video. Check it out.

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