THE YES GAWDS – Charles Martin

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Robyn Wilson writes:

Hello Hunty,

I would like to submit my best friend Charles Martin.  He is 31 years old and originally from Wichita, KS.  He graduated from the University of Nebraska at Omaha with a degree in Criminal Justice and Business Administration.  He currently works at Allstate as a property adjuster……can you say good hands with Allstate?   In his spare time he loves to relax with his friends, work out, and collect shoes.  I wanted to submit Charles because he is single and has no children, maybe this will attract someone on his level!  Yes Gawd!

Want to be one of The Yes Gawds? Know someone who’s worthy?Submit 3 or more tastefully sexy photographs to please put “The Yes Gawds” in the subject line. Include a brief description or blurp about what you would like the viewers to know. Include all social media contacts.

Instagram: bigceage      Twitter:@BigCeage

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YouTube Talent: Rosina Ray Sings ‘Silly Of Me”

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Last night i was having cocktails down to the bar with with my home girl. For some strange reason, I got an inclination to search for the Taral Hicks version of the song Silly of Me, originally sang by Deniece Williams. Well, the the search results came back, there was an entry for the young lady above, Miss Rosina Ray. Immediately i thought to myself, this is gong to be some garbage, but let me click it anyway. Much to my surprise, i was blown away with this young soprano’s ability to cover this song pretty well.

After listening to this little songbird sing, a light bulb went off in my head. I thought to myself, what better way to pay homage to YouTube and all the talent that is hidden within its walls, then to feature unknown YouTube talent on my site. Considering that I got my starts on YouTube, it only makes sense. That being said, Meet Rosina Ray, the very first piece of YouTube talent I would like to feature. Check out her version of Silly of Me and let me know what you think. Continue reading

Was Cissy Houston’s Christianity and Homophobia To Blame For Whitney’s Troubled Life?

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Let it be known Cissy Houston’s raw honesty, though admirable, left me feeling some kind of way during certain segments of her interview with Oprah. In particular, the segment on her daughters relationship with Robin Crawford and the rumors of her being in a bi-sexual/gay relationship with Robin left me looking at Cissy sideways. I excused her responses on the basis that she is elderly, from a different time, and holds steadfast to her Christian beliefs. I along with so many others dismissed Cissy for the same reasons. This is how so many of us have been conditioned to deal with our elders. Well, its a new dawn and a new day, and some argue that our dismissal perpetuates ignorance? Would You agree?

I consulted with a very good friend of the site @Anti_Intellect from the Anti Intellect Blog. He is someone i respect HIGHLY, no necessarily because of his views, but because of his ability to put thought behind the views he articulates to the masses and his thorough research and fact finding. Anti-Intellect says:

It can’t simply be said that Cissy is a product of her time because it isn’t as if no gay people existed at this time; they did. Maya Angelou and Toni Morrison are both around Cissy Houston’s age and are also religious women. However, they are not homophobic like Cissy Houston. Both Toni Morrison and Maya Angelou maintained close relationships with James Baldwin, a Black gay man. Cissy Houston, herself, often sang backup for Luther Vandross, another Black gay man. I think excusing homophobia as a generational thing is a cop out. Cissy Houston is homophobic because she chooses to be homophobic. I think we do a disservice to our elderly by suggesting that old age is somehow synonymous with homophobia. It is not. Homophobia is, and has always been, a choice.

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Latocha Scott of Xscape is OFFICIALLY An R&B Diva – ohh and Angie Stone

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latocha scott (copy)

So I had already told you guys some time ago that Angie Stone was being added to the cast of R&B Divas. Well, I wasn’t expecting this one, but Latocha Scott from the girl group Xscape has OFFICIALLY been added to the cast as well. I spoke to some people from her camp and an official press release will be issued later today. This adds a really interesting dynamic to the show and here is why. Catch these T’s. Continue reading

Two Atlanta Men Steal $65k in Chicken Wings

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Complete Devastation To The Nation

Chile, i’m sure you guys did not have to guess what color these culprits were the moment you heard chicken wings. Stone me to death for subscribing to stereotypes, but you know as well as I do that only some black folks would try to run of with 65k in frozen chicken wings. Catch these T’s. Continue reading

Was Whitney Houston’s Alleged Homosexuality A Major Part Of Her Unhappiness? Cissy Houston Speaks

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Last night, I learned so much watching the Oprah interview with Cissy Houston. Let me start out by saying, this is the first time in life I have ever walked away from an interview feeling like the interviewee was not prepped by a PR person and that their only agenda was to render to TRUTH. Cissy Houston dished some major truth, much of which many people were not ready for. At several points in the interview, you see that Oprah was kind of caught of guard and looked a tad bit uneasy. There were some things that Cissy Houston said that did not sit well with me, however, no two people are ever going to agree on everything. Even though some of her views did not settle well with my spirit, I could not do anything but smile in admiration for her courage and ability to be honest, despite the fact that much of her honesty countered what is popular these days.

For years, rumors spiraled around Whitney Houston in regards to her being a lesbian and partaking in lesbian love affair with her “best freind” Robin Crawford. When Oprah asked Cissy about Whitney being gay and her relationship with Robin, what Cissy had to say shocked a lot of people. Continue reading