NFL Player Mike Wallace Post Homophobic Tweet After 1st NBA Player Comes Out Of Closet

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These is always that one idiot who has to try and steal someone else’s shine. I’ve been saying for years that celebrities should not be allowed have twitter accounts. Many of them just don’t know what to do with them. There is a publicists pulling their eyebrows out RIGHT NOW over the mess that is about to ensue after Miami Dolphins, former Pittsburg Steelers team member Mike Wallace sends a homophobic sub-tweet hours after NBA player Jason Collins comes out of the closet. Mind you Mike Wallace has a mo-hawk. His hair is layed like trapped in the closet. Catch these T’s Continue reading

The Kandi Factory’s Lizzy VanPatten ‘It Hurts’ (video) + Phaedra Parks Visits The Kandi Factory

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If you missed last night’s episode of the Kandi Factory, boy did you miss out. Aside from watching¬† one of the funniest reality television fights in history, the story of contestant Lizzy VanPatten pulled the heart strings of millions.

Lizzy came to Kandi after being disconnected from her mother for over three years. Lizzy’s mother suffers with extreme mental illness which leads her to believe that Lizzy (her very own daughter)¬† is working for the devil and is out to hurt her. Lizzy’s mother was very cold to her and emotionless through much of her life as a result of her illness. Lizzy who loves her mother very dearly and recognizes that she is sick had to make a very painful decision to walk away from her mother in an effort to protect her own sanity. Check out the end result of Lizzy’s trial and tribulations put to song with the help of Kandi Burruss.

Oh y’all are going to gag when you see Kandi playing a cop/FBI agent in the video. HILARIOUS! Continue reading

Little Filipino Boy SLAYS Luther Vandross’s ‘Dance With My Father’

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Yes Gawd Hunty. For all of you negros who want to abandoned r&b & soul music for the pop machine, do not fret. The Filipinos are standing by, ready to take your place. Meet Aldrich Lloyd Talonding. This young boy not only sang the hell out of the 2003 Luther Vandross hit ‘Dance With My Father’, but he killed it. Effortlessly hitting every note. Grab your tissue and get ready to cry. Chile quiet as its kept, i didn’t even know they had the quiet storm” over in the filipines. Catch these T’s

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First Pro Male Athlete Has Come Out Of The Closet, NBA’s Jason Collins

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The men all pause… History has been made. Here it is we were under the impression that 4 NFL players were getting ready to come out of the closet together as a group, and NBA player Jason Collins has stole their thunder. Hell, I guess Collins figured they were taking to long. lol

Collins lent his story to Sports Illustrated for an editorial piece called “The Gay Athlete”. The magazine hits the news stands on May 6th. Check out what all Collin’s has to say about being the first to blaze this trail. Continue reading