Orange Is the New Black: Laverne Cox and the Future of the Black Trans Woman

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The thoughts and opinions expressed in this post solely belong to Anti intellect – FUNKY DINEVA DID NOT WRITE THIS

“When and where I enter, in the quiet undisputed dignity of my womanhood, without violence, and without suing or special patronage, then and there… the whole race enters.” – Anna Julia Cooper

Laverne Cox may not see herself as a fearless trailblazer for the Black and trans communities, but that is exactly what she is. From our first introduction to her on VH1′s I Want To Work For Diddy to her most recent role as one of the stars of Netflix’s Orange Is the New Black, Cox has epitomized those poignant words uttered by our ancestor Anna Julia Cooper. The trajectory of Cox’s life is one of violence and special patronage, but also one of dignity and barrier breaking.

As a Black trans woman, Cox has had a tough row to hoe in a society that has yet to come to terms with the existence of transgender people. While much progress has been made in the fight for transgender equality, the journey is far from over. Black trans women like Cox, Isis King, and Monica Beverly Hills have made historic strides in the world of entertainment, but those steps have coincided with the continued discrimination and violence that many Black trans women face in their everyday lives. Like Cox’s own history of harassment, Black trans women experience high rates of street harassment, domestic violence, and serial killing. I mention this not to portray the Black trans community as one solely on the receiving end of violence, but to illuminate on the complex and diversified existence of Black trans women like Cox. It is a testament to her own inner resolve and determination that she has pressed on in spite of the realities of a world that would rather she not.

Before turning heads as Sophia Burset in Orange Is the New Black, Cox became the first Black trans woman to produce and star in her own TV show, TRANSform Me. Cox, like fellow Black actress Kerry Washington, mixes art and activism. Her role in Hollywood is not as one who solely takes on roles and performs in projects, but also one who advocates and raises awareness for her community. I had the pleasure of meeting Cox, last year, at the National Black Justice Coalition’s annual Out on the Hill leadership summit for Black LGBT leaders. Cox moderated a historic Black Trans Women town hall that foregrounded the experiences of Black trans women. It was inspiring to see a woman who I know is dedicated to both her craft and her community. Continue reading

Ciara’s Career Is Layed Like OVER. Selling Latest Album 2 for 1 On Groupon.

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Nessa girl what kind of new-fangled swap meet foolishness is this? Here it is Jay-Z is practically giving away albums in conjunction with Samsung and taking the charts by storm and Ciara after dismal record sales is now selling her’s on Groupon. The real gag is Ciara and her team lack confidence that anyone will buy it, so they are not only giving you her latest album, but an additional best of Ciara cd as well. That’s right, you will get two Cd’s on Groupon for $14. Perhaps Ciara & Kerri Hilson should form a small girl group. Hey, Ciara has not reached rock bottom just yet. Don’t act like y’all don’t remember when Lil Kim was selling music on PayPal. Girl Bye! Catch these T’s Continue reading

Rumor: Hollywood Exes Gets An Atlanta Spinoff – Tameka Raymond Reportedly On Cast

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Chile is is an ole nasty cup of tea that came across my desk this morning. However, I can’t promise you that I am buying it. Rumors are swirling that Hollywood Exes is getting an Atlanta Spinoff and Tameka Raymond and Cee-Lo’s ex wife Christina Johnson are on the cast. VH1 has yet to issue any sort of official correspondence regarding this, but Star Magazine is reporting it. Star Magazine is also reporting that they are still trying to assemble the remaining cast. Catch these T’s Continue reading

Top Twelve Reasons Why Good Black Men Are Single. Non Of Them Are Because They’re Gay…

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I always get on my good girlfriends who holler that there are no good black men out there. The most common excuses are “all the good ones are taken and the ones that are not taken are gay”. This couldn’t be the furthest thing away from the truth. I always tell people when you are everything a man could ever want on paper, and you don’t have one, the problem is YOU. Well, The Victory Unlimited Show took a survey and compiled the top 12 reasons why good black men are single. Catch these T’s. This list may help you single ladies look for a good black man land one. Continue reading

DEAR DINEVA: I’m Gay, My Married Boyfriend Left His Wife & 4 Kids In Dark For A Week to Pay My Bills

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Dear Dineva,
First of all I am a huge fan and glad you have started this ask Dineva portion of your blogsite.
Anyway I am a 21 year old working black gay college student. With the help of my parents I moved into a one bedroom apartment across town about a year ago. I met this 32 year old guy on a hook up app jack’d what I thought was going to be a one night stand has turned into a year long nightmare. After our first encounter the sex was so good i kept inviting him over for more. It soon developed into a relationship, he originally told me he was single, with no children, but after doing investigating I found out he was not only married but he had four kids. I asked him about it and he confessed. I decided to stop talking to him because I felt bad for his wife but that only lasted for one week because the d is the best!

Dineva me and this man have become so close we text all the time, when he gets off work he doesn’t go home but he comes to my place, he spends the night sometimes and tells his wife he working overnight. He’s been helping me with some of my bills which has taken alot of stress off of my parents. How I know that I love him & he really loves me is cause he will do anything for me but lately our relationship has become very toxic we argue all the time . He feels that he has control over me now, and he is very controlling. Without me knowing he took my keys and had them copied now he feels its his place since he helps with bills , I come home from work and/or school and find him sleeping butt ass naked in my bed.
I love him to death but lately everything he does makes me angry, one day he left early to go spend time with his kids, I got upset about that and we had a knock out drag out fight… Yes it got physical. I wasn’t upset about him spending time with his kids, but if he said we were going to spend time together it shouldn’t be cut short. He tells me if anybody ever found out about us he would kill both of us I know he wouldn’t do that but on the other hand i don’t know if i should take him serious.
About three weeks ago he told me his wife had gotten my number out his phone. I didn’t pay it any mind until a strange number called my phone i never answer blocked calls or numbers i don’t know so I ignored it she did not leave a voicemail but a couple minutes later I got a txt it was from his wife. She texted me saying “i know you fucking my man i’m trying so hard to work on my marriage for my kids sake but i can’t with you in the way”. Dineva after that text I felt sooooo bad she continued to text me almost every day after that but i never respond back.One day she would text me with these sad, sympathetic texts and the next she’d be calling me all kind of bitches and hoes, but little does she know I’m not female but a nigga. I told him about it but he just laughs and says ” that hoe aint goin nowhere”.

After a year being with him I’m really starting to see his true colors he’s very rude, spiteful, and controlling. He pays my bills but always throws it in my face. One week he spent the entire week at my place. I asked why he didn’t go home and he said cause his electricity was turned off until he got his next paycheck. I asked him why and he went into a rage saying cause he gave me his electricity bill money to help me with my rent, and not to ask him anymore “damn questions”. I felt bad i wanted to know where his wife and kids were, but i didn’t want to risk him getting angry. Lately my cautious has been killing me on one hand i LOVE this man and he’s helping me out alot right now. On the other this woman is clearly heartbroken she knows he has been cheating and wants her marriage to work but is TOTALLY in the dark about her man being on the dl. Dineva what should I do????


See My Advice Continue reading

Is Don Lemon a Sell Out? Does He Think He Is Better Than Because He’s A Suit & Tie Wearing Negro?

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The thoughts and opinions expressed in this post solely belong to Anti intellect – FUNKY DINEVA DID NOT WRITE THIS

I knew Don Lemon was trouble when he exposed Black Twitter on CNN, so I am not at all surprised that he is peddling failed respectability politics. For those new to the concept, respectability politics is the belief that acting or behaving in a “respectable” manner is one of the keys to succeeding in life. One of the favorite targets of respectability politics is Black boys and men who sag their pants. Despite what adherents to respectability politics claim, demonizing Black men and boys is not going to redress institutional racism, suits and ties will not save us!

Did Don Lemon forget that White racists hosed down, sicked dogs on, and lynched Black people in suits, ties, and dresses during the Civil Rights Movement? Many of the Blacks in the Civil Rights Movement had on their Sunday best when they were protesting, and they were still treated worse than animals. Oppressors have rarely taken it easy on the oppressed because the oppressed presented themselves in a “respectable” manner. Greenwood, Oklahoma also known as “Black Wall Street” was one of the most prosperous, successful, and respectful Black towns in the United States, and it was still burned to the ground, in 1921, by a mob of jealous White racists. Continue reading