Angie Stone Has No Job And No Man! Resigns From R&B Divas ATL And Splits From Cheating Boyfriend

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I really haven’t been that motivated to blog that much this past week. However, after watching the R&B Divas Atlanta season 2 reunion I can’t get this whole Angie Stone situation out of my mind. Throughout my viewing experience with Angie, she always seemed pretty cool, calm, and collected. However, at the mid point of the reunion, she seemed very shaken & stirred. Undoubtedly I could sense that there was something greater going on than Syleena Johnson implying Angie was shady.

All hell broke lose when Wendy Williams asked Angie Stone about whether or not she and Ashanti were sleeping in separate hotel rooms. Instantly you could tell the question rattled Angie to her core.  Wendy didn’t make things better by divulging to Angie that she overheard Ashanti calling her an “F’n idiot”. At that very moment I sensed that there was something a bit personal going on with Angie and Ashanti. It wasn’t until Angie abruptly departed from the reunion set that I was truly convinced there was trouble in paradise. To Wendy William’s defense, she was only there to ask the tough questions and the ONLY reason Angie got so upset was because it struck a nerve.

Fast forward to today, reports have surfaced that Ashanti & Angie are no longer an item, and that Ashanti was allegedly messing around with one of the staffers on R&B Divas. Angie supposedly has text messages to substantiate her claim. R&B Divas legal department has asked Angie for copies of the text, but they have yet to receive anything from her. Where there is no proof there’s speculation. Being that Angie has not turned over any sort of supporting documentation, one can only image that she’s got a “feeling” he’s messing around with a staffer; kinda like my neighbor’s wife has a feeling I’m screwing her husband, but she doesn’t KNOW for sure.

Now let me interject my totally unsolicited 2 cents. I took exception with Ashanti’s ass when I realized that they had been layed up with one another all these years without getting married. Baby we are too old to running round here with “boyfriends”.  “Being a grown woman,

. I also did not like how Ashanti always skated around the marriage question with Angie. My God brother! You’ve been layed up with the woman for 8 years and you have not married her? Considering the length of time, it seems to me like Ashanti was potentially holding out incase something “better” came along. Subsequently, all of this means that he wasn’t fully vested in Angie.  THAT HURTS

For those of you that don’t know how the story ends, Angie resigned from the show, and her and Ashanti are no longer together. No tea no shade, I was told the decision to terminate Angie was made before her “resignation.” Oh well, at least Angie went out with a BANG!


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220 thoughts on “Angie Stone Has No Job And No Man! Resigns From R&B Divas ATL And Splits From Cheating Boyfriend

  1. someone said HE was married when she met him… ANGIE sat your old azz down and take care of your GRAND kids been touring 37 years and STILL doing showcases… the pain her daughter had was REAL and she chasing after young meat still smh…..and chianti or assSHONtay or whatever his name is need to have several seats it´s 2014 and this FOOL still got a S-CURL!!!!??

    • Yes he was married to a great young lady out Savannah Ga at the time he got with Angie. He left his wife and kids to be with her. He was never a manager at the airport. He was just a regular employee. Trust I know !!!!! The main question she should ask him is who was driving her Hummer when it was totaled out. #shewillbesurprised.

  2. Angie Stone is a successful songwriter in addition to being a singer. With overseas tours and her consistent live performances in the LA area, she will be just fine.

  3. No man tuh he can be replace, but no job no worries she get paid just showing up at a event….. did they forget who that is…. hello Angie Stone … I hope she take latavia with her.

  4. @La Chelle u nailed it she was throwing shade at Syleena but Lalia Ali got that ass….Angie thinks too damn much of herself. pull up the tribute to Chaka Khan when Angie had to perform right after fantasia and she acted like she forgot how to sang ………yea im throwing tea shade and my coffee at her because a few yrs ago the heifa disses Teena Marie ~

  5. Meka, Angie is not ugly and Ashanti is very far from fine, trifling and deceitful but not handsome. Angie skillset will stay with her a lifetime other than using people, he needs to find one.

  6. Ms. Stone seems to have a lot of demons that need to be vanquished, to say the least. Ladies if you want to be married and a man is taking his time and you have been together for many years, its more than likey not going to happen. What is the hold up? You know after a short time if you want to get married or not to someone. Men tend to not settle and will hold out for something better, and how is that going to work when two people are at two different places. Ms. Stone needs to be alone for a while and self reflect and acknowledge why these events keep on happening to her and Lso acknowledge the role that she played in things getting g to this point. You have to be open and honest with yourself of you want to make a real change so you won’t repeat the same thing over and over again.

  7. Take head, love Angie, but you should never let you significant other or family be your managers and handing your career or finances, bad idea, once you fallout, then you have to put your career back to pieces.

  8. He publicly humiliated her on several occasions. Sometimes we can love others more than we love ourselves and it seems that was the case with her and this man.

    It was either his way or no way. He caused massive conflict between her and Selena Johnson over the tour, the issues with her daughter, and I´m sure other events as well. This all could be a blessing in disguise for her. Get your life back Angie!!!

  9. She didn´t have to quit her tv gig. But I´m glad she left Ashanti. He just laid up on her anyways. It sucks a lot of men are willing to act like this and a lot if women put up with this for so long. But leave the cheater on his way

  10. Correction Angie has a job she was working before this show and she will be working after this show! Now I´m glad they not together you can´t manage her money and her career collect and check but don´t want to get married! Conflict of interest!

  11. Angie too grown to be that messy. Yeah she been in the game for 35 years you should have known not to mix business with pleasure. Come on Angie. 9 years with him being your manager & what did you get out of it? No ring, no tour, no nothing. Yeah she can sing but he managed her career. I mean she can´t be doing that well if she on R&B divas. Plus, I didn´t like the shade she kept throwing at Syleena…

    • Did you see how Angie served that ninja breakfast in bed? I was done when I saw that. If it were up to me, that wannabe King of the castle would starve before I fed him in bed.

  12. He didnt seem that into her anyway. No grown ass woman should have to damn near beg a man for marriage. These women need to meeting these no good niggas, giving them jobs and then sleeping with the help. Hire a professional manager, close your legs to him and marry a banker or a doctor.

  13. i caught that vibe from him soon as he popped up on the screen. money grubbin azz LOSER. tryna use her as the big mama. I saw you on the reunion Pt. 2 Dinevaa!!!!! I was so happy! everytime i see you it’s like i’m seeing family!!!!

  14. Like the other women, Angie also brought personal baggage to the show. Baggage which she did not know how to handle and which was weighting her down. I find it hard to believe she did not understand on some level how her daughter felt about her absence while she was growing up. Yet Angie’s way to deal with her daughter during their conversation was to berate her on one hand then invite her to sing “the hook” on her new song on the other.

    Most women do not want to be alone and Angie is no different. As we watched Angie and Ashanti together it was obvious Angie cared more for him than he did for her. When Wendy asked if they had separated prior to the reunion and was sleeping in separate beds Angie’s response should have sufficed. Unfortunately, we noticed Angie does not deal with confrontations well and the question came on the back of Syleena basically calling Angie a liar and a fraud.

    But the pendulum dropped when Ashanti was overheard calling Angie a “f-ing idiot”. Of course shady Windy had to ask Angie about it. Hard questions are asked during reunions but by this point Wendy and Ashanti seemed hell-bent on embarrassing Angie. Angie was devastated and she bailed. I also felt her pain and wanted to kick the “I know everything” out of Monifah’s ass. Of course she had to kick Angie while she was down by saying Angie should have taken off her mike if she did not want others to hear her conversation during the break.” Dumb bitch! Angie could not have foreseen Ashanti calling her a “f-ing idiot” so why should she have taken off her mike!

    I pray for Angie’s wellness and I hope she develops a closer relationship with her daughter. With her personal business all over the social media she will need real people in her corner.

  15. Meelah knew how to handle Wendy. Angie should have shut that hoe down from jump. Ashanti doesn’t love Angie and it shows. I’m glad she left that show. It’s getting worse every season.

  16. Why these types of women keep picking these types of men? Terry McMillan, Star Jones, Oprah, Andrea Kelly, Fantasia…. Uuuuh duhhh they don´t want you but they want what you give them… Done.

  17. Somebody needs to really drag the shit out of Wendy Williams. That man looking bitch never responded to Evelyn’s statement about her husband buying shoes not once but twice for another women. That’s what gets me about Wendy the monkey bitch will come for everyone but won’t say anything about fake marriage, and the fact that she is a he. And she gives out wrong information about celebs and then won’t retrack it when she finds out that it wasn’t true. I don’t blame Angie Wendy should have never said anything if she didn’t her it herself. A lot of people need to ask Wendy why won’t she comment on her husband being with a real woman.

    • You sound ignorant. Wendy has a son so she is not a damn man. Just because she is tall doesn’t mean she is a man, nor does she look like one..

      • This is a comment section and I can say what ever the fuck I want too. Just because she has a son what does that prove. So I guess your dumb ass don’t know that people can have a child without having sex and with some one else having it for them. it’s done every day stupid. I am not the only person on this planet that thinks she is a man so why don’t you contact BIG FOOT and the it to prove it to the world. And while she/he is at it respond to Evelyn’s commmet about her husband spending money on another women since she is always telling other people to come clean with their secrets. And you might need glasses cause all day every day she looks like a man. IJS

        • You mad as hell LLawrence with two LL!!! You better get a life because something wasn’t right with Ashanti from the start!! Wendy is a interviewer and that is what makes her money. She isn’t suppose to pacifier no one.

          • Better cause you say so? First of all Wendy was spreading hear say she even said she didn’t hear it I think Angie should have left that loser after eight months with him, no women should give any man that much time of their life. Wendy should have ask Angie off camera and then said it on camera why did she want to hurt Angie in front of all the viewers. Also I am not mad I just don’t like fake bitch bullies who want to hurt others but when someone ask them a question they have nothing to say. I am living my life likes it’s platinum so I don’t need to get shit.

  18. has all the FULL reality show episodes for free, I just left there and I saw the full episode, plus others..

  19. Angie Stone’s a musical legend, but a flawed woman. She thought she could come on this show and edit what we saw. AAll that spiritual BS and trying to drag skittish Latavia into the light and the first minute she is challenged about business or personal, she gets irate? The moment her daughter was on screen, I lost a lot of respect for her as a woman. Her daughters’s claims are valid, but more importantly, Angie had to leave her child with her parents (I get that) but all that money she made, self enlightenment she’s gotten, that time for D’Angelo and another man, but did not use it to polish or educate her purple-weave-wearing child??? No

    • Hello Miss FLondon I HAVE to respond to your accurate comments about Angie Stone. I truly respect and appreciate Angie as an artist…hands down. She has talent and has written/produced some awesome music. Seeing her live in concert is a treat. Angie is a woman/sistah trying to figure out lie as we all are while making mistakes. BUT when I see and hear Angie thru out the $&B Dive show places herself above the other girls I found disturbing for a few reasons. Is anyone aware that Angie met Ashanti when he was officially married…lived w/his wife sharing a home space…his ex-wife Erica Graves (who changed her last name to Strong) had just had their baby daughter? I remember a few years ago that there was a FYI on MediaTakeOut stating “woman should keep their men from being around Angie Stone”. When I read the head lines (being honest I didn’t read the story) I was a bit shocked because in reality Angie is not a raving beauty and she is major over weight. Not that every woman has to be a size 5 and pretty but let’s be real which is why I didn’t take the headline too serious. I’m not saying Angie is ugly but she is not a raving beauty and the obesesity that she tends to nurture is thru literal greed which is a major factor to her image. Apparently it was appropriate to put that story out there. Unfortunately because Angie is the awesome R&B artist that she is no one in our community took the article seriously. Which worked out in her advantage and it allowed Angie & Ashanti to pull the wool over the public’s eyes:( I’m not trying to hang Angie out to dry just that she is getting back her comma. When you have an affair w/a MARRIED PERSON and you think you pulled them away from their relationship…or you won him over in this case……well you usually don’t get a prize.. we usually wind up w/someone else’s trash…..or w/a person who was willing to break up their home for $$$$. It might not show up right away but believe me w/TIME shit always rises to the top!!! Angie w/all that wise talk/teaching that she portrays on the show she needs to be HONEST about her actions. I believe Angie has a lot of good in herself…she means well for mankind….but when we lay down w/dogs we come up w/flees. My main point is that Angie is responsible for HONORING ANOTHER SISTAH’S MARRIAGE….O.KAY regardless of how you might want that man. Angie put that woman thru hell think about what I’m trying to expose WE AS WOMAN NEED TO START RESPECTING OTHER RELATIONSHIPS. In my opinion Ashanti was brought by Angie that is obviously. Ain’t nothing wrong w/it either. Men have been doing it since the beginning of time. BUT that tacky/disrespectful/ghetto negro dropped his family because he met Angie and he arrived!!!! Check out his ex’s website or interviews on youtube she held her head up high while Angie & Ashanti had no regrets for hurting this sistah who got blindsided by a sistah who wanted a man by her side regardless of how she was getting him. Ashanti yes was the one that made a commitment to his ex-wife and he is typically male w/no heart or regardless to what his action would cost this woman & child. Well Ashanti is just getting started to feel his pain of life lessons. You sew what you reap!!! I hope he walks out of that relationship w/pockets empty meaning that he won’t be able to get ANYMORE of silly ass Angie’s $$$. Even thou it was clear that he was a decent manager because Angie would have nipped that in the bud. It’s clear that Angie is about making her living $$$. I have a feeling that Angie is gonna find out some additional info on Ashanti because usually when there is a light there’s a small fire that started it. Men have forever brought there piece of arm candy but if that arm candy is single then it’s fair play. Angie is getting her payback and life lessons through all this mess that she is living thru. Sooooooooooo folks don’t feel sorry for Angie because all this God this and God that comes out of her mouth on the show means nothing when you deliberately broke up a family. Angie hid behind her fame and sprewing a spiritual message that she is cool which she is but not w/God she was not. My grandmother told me a wise quote back in the day when I wanted to date my 1st boyfriend again 30 years later. He was separated physically from his wife but even thou he pursued me I found out he wasn’t emotionally out of that relationship. They both confirmed that they weren’t sexually active together nor living but their hearts were still connected. I learned a valuable lesson there even thou I thought Oh this is OK because they were not living together. See we convince ourselves of BS when we know we shouldn’t be doing something to justify our want/need. Anyway my grandmother quoted to me @ that time “God will NEVER give you someone else’s man” OK that blew my mind because for the most part it is TRUE. Or if you do get him many times he’s a piece of crap or not the prize one thinks that he is. Or your getting someone else’s trash. In Angie case the man left his wife who just had a baby of a few WEEKS old to be w/his new prize. Who exposed him to a life that he wasn’t living in Savannah, Georgia while being employed by the airlines. I guess boo is now going to have to get another 9 to 5 to pay his ex wife child support. Pay back is a serious lesson. Angie you can act like it’s all assholes’s Ashanti’s fault but sistah girl you were in on the plan “you got PAID for yo man” but guess what?

      • Let’s set the record straight you ppl are watching 15 mins into the lives of ppl that has been manipulated into what the producers want you to see. Angie is very close to me and she has never knowingly involved herself with a man that was involved with someone else. Ashanti made her believe he was separated just as he made the women that came after her believe he was not with her. People are people and there is not one person who has not been or felt played at some point in their lives. So what gives you the right to be her judge? She is out of a bad situation and is surrounded by ppl who care deeply about her. As for the relationship with her daughter, it has grown by leaps and bounds. They are both working on new projects. So if you are a hater then they have done their jobs!

  20. Wendy Williams asks te tough question!! Nah that tranny aims to humiliate people, i dont get her n i could never be a fan. if it was that he was fooling around with a staffer, chances are that bish woman knew. she is just reprehensible…


  21. She didn’t need to be on that show anyway. And f/;& Syleena & Ashanti. Syleena didn’t have any music to go on tour anyway. And Ashanti was full of it! Garbage!

  22. I hope she has learned from this journey with him and I know all of us Angie Stone Fans cant wait for her cd its already a hit I can only imagine the songs she’ll write
    from this whole experience from sisterhood to really becoming a soul sistah. LOVE YOU ANGIE STONE

  23. These older chics must learn that the young good looking(at least halfway) guys want MONEY or BANGING BODY. They are always gonna mess around until (a) something better pops off or (b) a pyt scoops him up. It happens every time. A family friend went thru the exact same thing after 4 yrs with a guy that I attended school with. He was cool in the beginning because she is a nurse with a beautiful home and travels extensively. She cleaned him up and styled him down. Next thing we know, he upgraded his car(Porsche) and MARRIED the young chic up the block and they now have a kid. Smh. You couldn’t tell her nothing though. I feel that Angie’s man was looking for a come up and the spotlight via Angie Stone! Being on tv probably made all his skeletons plummet outta the closet. I wish her the best.

  24. Ashanti was wrong but Angie has put up with his antics for 8 years so why would he change? On Celebrity Wide Swap, Ashanti was Tay whom she fed breakfast in bed & he allowed the minor boys to have girls in the basement. Furthermore, Angie was NOT ALLOWED in the basement of her own home. Introducing him to the public opened her eyes to a lot of BULL she was tolerating and now embarrassed about. We LIVE & LEARN. He couldn’t even fake any feelings for Angie besides business related. One thing you can ALWAYS SEE- When a MAN LOVES A WOMAN !!

  25. Angie Stone is a bitch. She gets on my nerves talking women power but never as a woman admit her wrongs. Ugh. And Ashanti? Wtf who dates and takes a man named Ashanti seriously. Everytime I hear his name I think of Murder ink!!!

  26. Good for her! That man wasn´t gonna marry her after being with her EIGHT YEARS! That´s way too long. And the show is too much for her. Let the youngns bicker and fight with each other.

  27. What does it matter about D´Angelo, they´ve been done with for YEARS! I find her to be an attractive woman and there´s someone out there for her. But no one knows what´s really going on in their relationship but Angie and Ashantie. Wendy was out of line and shouldn´t have repeated that! I hope she finds that happiness, she deserves it.

  28. Angie Stone is Angie Stone….a true diva on that show no matter what anyone says. Glad she knew the value of herself, her fan base, and her actual brand (them other ladies tryin to have a brand) and decided reality tv was not beneficial for her image. Koo Koo Keke will never get it though. She´s ruining her wannabe brand.

  29. Oh wow LaToya Harris, he looked like an opportunist but to Angie´s defense she looked good at the convention center Sunday she lost a lot if wait maybe that was Ashanti on her back

  30. I knew something was up with him on Wife Swap, he didn´t seem that interested in her then and definitely not now. Which is why her daughter wasn´t feeling him. Diamond knew his ass was no good. I believe Angie has low self esteem cause of how she allowed him to talk to her. Wendy´s tactics are raw but they are dead on she just say´s what others are scared to and some don´t want to hear. I´m still trying to figure out how she nabbed Michael Archer (D´Angelo) they just didn´t seem compatible. I love her music but Angie is a control freak and has a lot of bs with her. I knew when she pulled out that anointing oil it was some bs. She also has a nasty disposition, Celebrity Fit Club proved that.

  31. I still like Angie Stone. I agree F.D., she could do better. If they have been dating for 8 years, he (they) should know by now if he wants to marry her….stop wasting that lady’s time & playing with her emotions. I wonder if F.D. is really messin’ w/ somebody else’s husband?!? Be careful chile… “close your legs to married men” – NeNe Leakes Lol

  32. It was obvious by looking at them something was off! Everytime marriage was brought up he always seemed like his mind was elsewhere! It doesn´t surprise me that he cheated on her it actually explains his demeanor towards her! No man who is devoted to his woman will call her a fucking idiot for starters or make her look like an ass on tv the way he did her! It´s justs sad that she wasted so much of her valuable time with this clown. But the writing was on the wall I´m sure a long time ago, it´s just Angie was too naive to see it read it! I´m sure her woman´s intuition let her know something was amiss in her relationship to this clown! She´s still making excuses for him until the end! She better give up those dam texts! Why is she still covering for this man who dogged her out the entire season only to end it all with his grand finale at the reunion! I wish a mf would talk to me like that or call me a fucking idiot!! Poor Angie my heart goes out to her! Maybe she will concentrate on herself now and repairing her relationship with her daughter and look for management and stage a whole new come back for herself! Fuck that piece of shit looking critter Ashanti!! She can do better!!

  33. those who knew he didn´t really want her and all that mess are the same ones who´s man does them the wrongest and they act like they don´t know it…get real!! Shyt happens to everybody…don´t make it like she is an idiot

  34. I know it was just TV. But he didn´t come off as he was in it to win it. 8 years is a long time to waste on someone. They weren´t high school sweethearts. Just playing house at a old age.

    • Exactly! At the dinner table, he seemed to be trying to face away from the camera each time they pointed it to him, like, maybe he had a girlfriend on the side, and he didn’t want to be discovered…look at that scene again…and every other one…he is ducking his head down or wearing dark glasses or has his hand up to his face and acting distant, not lovey-dovey or holding her hand or ever kissing her like Kookoo and Monifa did with their mates.

  35. You are so right funky dineva when Wendy ask was they together she point at him like she didn´t know. And Angie looks older then that man. He just want her for her money anyway she looks to old timey for him. A mess

  36. Eight years??!! What? Girl bye ! What´s wrong with these women? My 1st husband was with a girl and had 2 kids didn´t marry her the. 2nd one 13 years didn´t marry her. It don´t take that long for a man to know what he wants!

  37. Funny, I called this a long time ago. I said this is why Ashanti won´t propose to her. They have been together for 8 years and every time she brings up marriage he seem aggravated. They didn´t fit well together and Angie needs to slow her role she so hyped on wanting to get married she looked passed his cheating ways. Smh and we all knew she knew he was cheating way beforehand and I´m sure the family knew too that´s why he wanted them to stay out of Angie relationship with him.

  38. I´m not surprised by either one, first of all I´m not surprised about her leaving because she said it at the reunion and to be honest I think she should leave because Angie is not cut out for reality TV and plus she don´t want people to be thinking she a liar but in some cases she is, now as for Ashanti naw I ain´t surprised he was cheating on her you could tell on the show that he really wasn´t that interested in her and the way he kept lying about not wanting to get married she needs to get a good man her age.

  39. I knew he was shady when they were eating dinner and she asked him about marriage!! Come on man!! Eight damn years and no ring? No plans? No nothing?? You gots to go after one year!! I can´t hold on for eight!! Boy Bye!!

  40. I wish her well. I knew something wasn´t quite right with him nessa girl! He got them wondering eyes….

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