Aretha Franklin Is REAL PETTY. Yanks Her Arm Away From Patti Labelle When Patti Tries To Welcome Her

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Chile looking at Aretha Franklin act like a sloppy 6th grader makes me feel like there is no hope for women getting along on reality tv. If in reality, the Queen of Soul can be this petty while camera’s are rolling, we might as well hang it up for RHOA.

The White House held a “Women of Soul” event over the weekend, where  Jill Scott, Janelle Monae, Aretha Franklin, Patti LaBelle,  and Ariana Grande attended. Patti reached out to grab Aretha’s arm, and Aretha jerked her arm away. Watch the shade below.

Now Pattie Labelle would have been wrong had she jumped across a table like Evelyn did right? Let me see y’all go in on Aretha the way y’all do the petty broads on television…

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246 thoughts on “Aretha Franklin Is REAL PETTY. Yanks Her Arm Away From Patti Labelle When Patti Tries To Welcome Her

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  3. Are you guys blind? She didn’t pull away from her. She was holding on to Patti’s hand as she walked by. You can tell when she lets her hand go. I will never understand why people will believe anything that is told to them without checking the video thoroughly. The obvious is right there in front of you but you would rather accept the propaganda.

  4. I just wish Patti didn’t take off that wig…. or go to jail!!!! Aretha already made herself look bad. Patty was fly and as beautiful as always. In a given situation we may loose control, but all Patti had to do was give us a look directly at the camera as Patti does the look so well. I love Patti!!!

  5. Aretha is from an old school , being named the Queen of Soul is all politic in the music industry. If we, all Americans had voted who to be the Queen of Soul, tell me. Would it be Pattie La-Bell , (( ((Tina Marie, )))) I mean of what year was she named this and who were the most famous of that time, maybe even Alica Keys. This Queen of Soul thing is only of the music decision because I myself never really liked any of Aretha”s music and I’m not that young. I’m 54 years old and my husband is 62 we are both very old school.. I know of Alica Keys but have no idea what she looks like. My point is I am old school 54 years old the youngest of 7 girls who did listen to music a lot, so I’ve heard it all. Aretha is not my favorite. So why shrugg some one just because she sings better than you.

  6. Both are too old for this behavior. Aretha has had her time and fact her time in the limelight is over, and others more youthful, and belt out tunes like she never could is eating at her. Patti is still awesome, still real, and her only mistake here was giving a crap enough to reach out to Aretha. I’ve always loved Aretha, but hey…it is what it is! Her “I’m all that” attitude has been run in the ground and one of her betters got enough of it!!

  7. She was trying to get to the stage. She is supposed to stop and shake people’s hands? Come on now. She is a LIVING LEGEND! Don’t be talking bad about Aretha Franklin!

    • And Patti Labelle is not a legend? C’mon now…..That was totally distasteful and disrespectful on Aretha’s part.

  8. I’m really disturbed at the behavior of folks enjoying this drama!!! That’s all it is!!! This is why African Americans are always looked down on! Disagreements happen all the time, so why are we gettig involved in it! This is why we DON’T prosper, or stay propserous!!! We always fighting over stupid stuff and minding other people’s business!!!!! I pray to God that one day, we can turn on the televisoin and see something positive about celebrities, black, white and any other color or culture! #nuffsaid.

  9. Patti is no where near rethas level. She was just trying to get attention. The queen was ready to sing, she had no idea who . that fool was, who goes around grabbing people? Pattie is always self proclaiming herself queen,.self pray is no pray

  10. Dare I say it!!
    Aretha reminds me of The First Lady of the Church after Sunday services. Aretha is trying to get to her “personal destination”
    while the masses are reaching out to “admire her”. I can easily believe that while walking to her destination and accepting
    comments and compliments (while walking) was Not an easy task. Aretha has been performing for a long time, and after
    all these years , Miss Aretha has accepted that the talk and the walk always lead up to the mystique that she carries as her own. Aretha does Not court media attention, but she handles it in her own unique way. Patti LaBelle was just one of the well wishers in that audience, and I “choose to believe” that Ms. Franklin appreciated every one of them. PEACE!!

  11. Right On Queen Aretha! Aretha is the “Critically Acclaimed 1st Lady and “UNDISPUTED” Queen Of Soul Baby! And the list of Aretha’s titles, Accomplishments and Accolades goes ON and ON! Patti NOT IN 10 lifetimes! Patti has always been jealous of Aretha’s Crown Tiara, her Throne and Aretha’s QUEENDOMSHIP U fuckin fools!

    Patti has also been seen on National TV RUNNIN’ OFF AT THE MOUTH as usual about Aretha and Diana and making the most outlandish and condensending remarks about Aretha! Patti and Aretha are NOT FRIENDS!

    When Aretha who was the HEADLINER and Star of the event made her grand entrance and walked the Red Carpet Isle like the Ace#1 BOSS Diva that she is. why the fuck is NOT CLAPPING like all the rest? Why is Patti in the Isle all up in Aretha’s face like some Crazy Bitch that just escaped the NUTHOUSE! Who paid Patti to GREET people from her damn seat? Stupid NO singing, MEDIOCRE singing SCREAMIN’ and SCREECHY ASS voiced Patti! That’s why Patti was the 1st on stage and the 1st TO GET THE FUCK OFF!

    Patti wanted to hold hands and HUG Aretha while Aretha is trying to get to the stage with a MIC in her hand while the camera is rolling! Patti was supposed to keep her damn hands to herself AND GROW THE FUCK UP! The day before at the “Workshop” for young girls Patti’s IMMATURE ASS saw fit to call these 12 year olds “Heffas” who can sang! Aretha aint fuckin’ no Fake Ass Patti! Is U mothafuckas crazy?

    Aretha can ignore who ever she damn well please just like U assholes can ignore who the fuck ever u want to u stupid ass mothafuckas! Patti tried to but Queen Aretha took us all to church and ended the show with the President while NO SINGING ASS Patti was in the BACKROW SEATS!

    This is what Patti gets for fuckin with the Queen! Patti’s Fake Kindness and Patti’s Nice Nastyness just aint go’ cut it with the Queen! Aretha FADED Patti’s Deep Dish Ass OUT COMPLETELY BABY! I laughed! U go ReeRee with the Royal Fade Away Baby!

    Why was Patti grabbing on Aretha like a damn OCTOPUS!

  12. This is nothing new, Aretha Franklin’s ego is try fragile. A label like Queen of Soul has really gone to her head. Many artist reference her as inspiration, she should remind herself that she is and was a role model and once blessed with a voice, but she is not a above anyone else, especially a singer that is equally vocally blessed. Graciousness and humbleness is the right way to be., the right attitude demands nothing, but gets all the R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

  13. Every story sounds true until somebody tells the other side to set the records straight. I sure there are a lot of people Pattie would not be bothered with also would there be this much hate for Patti. Take the log out of your own eye before you judge Aretha and Patti’s situation. I’ve been backstabbed by my own people so many times till it’s hard to face them but I still forgive because the creator tells me to.

  14. I’m pretty sure Aretha didn’t know who that was grabbing at her as she walked in. She is THE diva of all time, after all. You don’t just grab onto a diva.

  15. Aretha STANK’lin. I sure hope she aint paying a stylist. On another note, there is a time and that wasn’t it. Just like ShaNayNay on houewives. It only makes her look bad. She showed her stank attitude and bruised ego she had when Beyonce announced Tina Turner as the “Queen”.

  16. It did look like Labelle was standing all in Ree Ree’s space on approach and Aretha looked like “whhat”. LaBelle trying to grab all on her while she’s trying to walk on through. Ree wasn’t having that and I am here to see it! Let’s pay homage to the original Diva’s. The bitch shade hunty.

    That is a moment when I would LOVE to hear the inner monolog.

  17. I still can’t get over how Retha shrugged out of her fur while walking onstage to perform at the BET Honors! My mom was quiet, but my dad and I were ROLLING!!!!! She stepped outta that thang like she had the body of Foxy Cleopatra in the 70′s. I couldn’t believe it. My dad says miss thing had a very unwelcoming rep back in the day. Always thought she was fine and could ousting the other girls. Was a bit ‘loose’ as well…

      • how the fuck do any of you know anything about anything? who in here is over the age of 70 to actually know anything about these two? and if she dont like the hoe them who the fuck are you? why be fake? I don’t have to speak to anybody I do t any to and she probably grabbed her trying get known anyway…fall back

  18. I think it incredibly rich of those of you judging Ms. Franklin. You have NO idea what has past between them and frankly I think more of Aretha for being true to herself and not 2 facing it just for the camera. Clearly, this is what you 2 faced people think would be commendable.

    • What you don’t understand is it could’ve been Chaka Khan, Dionne Warwick, or Gladys Knight and Ignorant Franklin would’ve did the same thing. She truly believes she is above every other Female vocalist and personally despises those still around and still SINGING from her era. Aretha had a sweet, soulful, and for a brief period of time powerful voice. BUT never in her entire life or career could she out sing or over sing Patti Labelle EVER, and not even NOW. So that’s why she thru so much shade because she’s very insecure and hasn’t been able to sing a song in tune for about as long as I’ve been alive. 1984′

    • Yeah otis williams from the temptation. I know aretha still can’t be mad over patti getting the engagement ring

  19. Aretha chain smoking ass mad because she can´t hit those notes like she use to and Patti is getting better with Age, and catch these T´s they are about the same age but Aretha look like she´s in her damn late 80´s and they are just 70. While Patti looking 60 if not younger.

  20. Aretha really need to cut it! She has been a diva for way too long and that behavior is old and tired just like her.. She mad cause Patti still fly and she look dragged! But that was funny tho… #ShadyPalms

  21. Lmaoooooo, the video on my phone played in super slow motion & Aretha’s face as she was looking down & moving her hand out the way….. I damn near died!! Petty doesn’t begin to describe her. This isn’t the first I’ve seen or heard of this type of behavior.

  22. smh they were talking about this on the radio the other day. aretha needs to let go of whatever feelings she is harboring from years ago and let be honey. that was just pure disrespect whatever happened to killing them with kindness?

  23. That’s just regular old HATEretha doing what she does best! Throwing that ultimate shade, window blinds, curtains, oak trees!! Snatching wigs and edges like the rent is DUE, hunty!

  24. This as most things on the internet was blown way out of proportion and was not what it seemed. If Patti felt some kind of way she didnt show it during the performance she was smiling and clapping. If they did not like each other, why would Patti perform for her when Aretha received her Essence Award in 93, and for her at the Kennedy Center Honors in 94. Aretha mentioned who she thought was a fellow Diva in her autobiography and she mentioned Patti Labelle. When they ask Aretha who she would like to work with if she was chosen for American Idol, she said Patti Labelle. When she was ask who songs she like on the Waiting to Exhale Soundtrack she said Patti Labelle song one was on of her favorites. She has thanked Patti Labelle in Jet magazine and even said on the radio that she likes Patti music. Patti has always showed Aretha much love and respect as well through the years. It sure sounds like if you really dont like someone you wouldnt do all of this. People are so quick to believe the negative in this internet age without knowing the facts. Yes Ree can be shadyboots and has her ways, but this is not one of them. All Hail the Queen.

  25. Do you remember back in the day, The Queen of Soul sang the opening theme of TV show ‘A Different World?’ Her ex-husband Glynn Turman had co-starred. Later, Patti LaBelle played Dewayne Wayne’s Mother. Hence over twenty years later, we just can’t get along. In the music world, both divas have blessed us with their musical talents. I personally love their gospel roots. Hence…Ole Patti don’t you weep. Tell Aretha don’t she mourn.

  26. Okay, I love them both, but here’s the truth as I see it. I love Patti, BUT, Patti’s niche is to act like she is SOOOO humble and supportive of EVERYONE. The truth is that Patti Labelle is VERY insecure, vain and self-serving. She plays the innocent Momma Patti thing so that she get’s attention and seem so likable. But, in reality Patti always felt left out in the shadows of her contemporaries as far as getting the attention and accolades as the other Divas, like Aretha have gotten.

    Patti use to always complain about being forgotten and not given the same reverence as the other Divas, until recently. At this same event, the day before the taping, there was a special session where some of the performers gave talks and sang. Patti got on stage and said that she was disappointed that the others were asked to sing and she wasn’t (Aretha wasn’t there), so, Patti decided to sing a song anyway, although she was scheduled to be a prominent performer the next day for the taping of the special. Don’t let the “I’m so nice and humble, Ms. Patti,” thing fool you all. Patti is all about Patti. When the show airs, if they don’t edit too much, notice how every time someone performs, Patti has to try to walk into their applause and light and act like she is being humble and hug and kiss everyone, when in reality she just wants to be seen and the attention to be on her and how humble and nice she is. She is such a gemini— they want all the attention and talk to be about them.

    Aretha was focused and in her zone. She probably knew that Patti was trying to walk into her moment & momentum and wasn’t having it. Aretha has been around long enough to know BS when she sees it. Aretha is a ture Aries, straight to the point and in your face. Don’t hate on Aretha for calling Patti on her showbiz phoniness. and attention seeking. It was what it was and it was certifiable shade.

  27. I respect Aretha in all her accomplishments. But in reality this is not the first time she’s acted this way. I watched her posture on The Kelley and Michael show last thanksgiving, and she was so rude to the both of them to the point I couldn’t stand to watch it anymore. Its like she’s mad at somebody.. And she is a legend but she should let her works speak for her and quit acting so silly… God Bless Aretha, and yes it was Grace that brought you thus far, don’t forget..

  28. Oh come on, this has to be on an episode of “Got 2 Be Real”! The shade throwing is real, lol #laHelleof the ball2

  29. I really didn’t see the shade! What I saw was a very focused performer in her zone. If their was anything to it, I can’t be sure what lead up to the so called “shade”. This is an Aries and a Gemini, taking that into consideration anything number of things are possible. Keeping a level head on this one.

    • C’MON son! You SAWWW her wave to EVERYDAMN body (smugly at that) and as she was comin up on Patti, she gave a look and MOVED HER ARM! With her manly lookin self. LMAO!


  30. That did look a little like shade huh?….lol…but I have a friend who knows Aretha personally, and he assures it wasn’t any shade being thrown, she was just moving in a fast pace like so idk!….lol

  31. Actually Aretha snubbed Patti twice, the jerk back and the complete avoidence of her! Each time she walked passed her. Check out both videos closely and each time they were never both on the stage together. Life is too short for this foolishness & they are way too old. Aretha come down some from that high horse some. Patti, always classy.

    • LaBelle got EXACTLY what she deserved! KARMA IS A BITCH, eh Patty?! Years ago I was treated VERY RUDELY by Patty Labelle and have never bought another record of hers since. How does it feel to be disrespected you nasty fake bitch?!! LOVE IT!

      • Uhm maybe you approached Patti wrong. I have met her at two different events and she was loving held my hand and talked to me for about 5 minutes. Perhaps it was you. I mean sounds like you’re really salty about it. let it go love js

  32. listen ya’ll better back up off of Aretha, she’s still a legend so back ya asses up lol I be tellling folks who wanna act like this new generation of black people ain’t got no sense, ain’t nuthin new under the sun.Don’t be fooled by their age and furs and feathers and big wigs. Motown Era was shiesty and full of fuckery! But i’ll give them this, they kept the bullshit out the frontyard and behind closed doors. So as long as they keep it “yank my arm back so this heaux don’t touch me” cute, i’m here for it! Love these divas!

  33. Aretha fat ass is mad with #pattilabelle from something bAck in the 60′s… She mad with patti because Aretha Franklin fat ass was in LOVE with Otis Williams from the temptations…And Otis looked right on pass Aretha, and got ENGAGED to Patti labelle… That’s why Aretha is mad..Aretha hates Gladys Knight to..


    • I too heard she had that same attitude towards Gladys Knight backstage at one of those award shows when Gladys Knight walked up to her in passing to say hello and Aretha just kept on walking passed her without saying a word.

  34. Patti has much class. Always felt that Aretha was overrated. And now this tasteless behavior on Ms Franklin’s part. The trajectory of Pati’s career supersedes Aretha’s anyway. Both are playing catch up to Chaka Khan who completely outdistances…. but, boy oh boy, can Ms Khan throw shade. Patti was nice. If it was Chaka, Ms Franklin would have left the event picking up her hat and totally embarrassed…

  35. I looked at the video again…..Aretha didn’t want anybody touching what appears to be a sable jacket…she had to get that gal back to Saks in pristine condition or they were going to charge her ass for it. LOL LOL LOL LOL I’ll bet she bunches up some Charmin toilet paper for under her arms so there wouldn’t be any perspiration stains on it. LMAO

  36. Now we know that Aretha watches RHOA as that was a CLASSIC NeNe Leakes ghetto move. LOL LOL I worked with Aretha years ago and found her to be a total professional always willing and able to go the extra mile to make sure things were perfect. I also worked with Patti Labelle. She is a classic working girl. She gives it her all. So ReRe threw a little shade, both of these women are great at what they do and both have great NATURAL talent.


    • Patti is so down to earth that she was sued in NYC for attacking a child and mother. Aretha was walking pass and you don’t grab for anyone when they are heading toward a destination. Actually it was rude for Patti to reach out. Hell, if I wore a sable or mink coat I wouldn’t want someone to place their hand on it. What if Patti unknowingly, had something on her hand. Every action is not shade.

  38. I actually attended this event and know for certain that The Queen of Soul was serving pure shade to Ms. Labelle. In fact, she was very clear about not sharing the stage with her at any time throughout the evening. When you see the televised broadcast next month, you’ll see that I’m telling the truth.

    In spite of the cold shoulder that she was given, Patti continued to conduct herself like the gracious lady that she is. She is truly deserving of the admiration that she enjoys from her fans. Aretha…? Well, that’s another story.

  39. Now we all know how Ree Ree does. She has concert tours scheduled and canceled. Some were legit reasons, some were not. I have never known Ms Labelle to cancel a tour date ever. If she has it has been very few and far between. So now to watch this video, you can see just a little shade being thrown. I don’t see her yanking her arm away, I see her moving through the crowd making no time to stop for anyone. Yes she should have stopped and shown some love, just a little. But she she didn’t. But once again the Queen of Soul was perched on her might throne and we all know how Ree Ree does things. I give respect whete it is due Patti is the winner here. Even though they may not see eye to eye, she made a move to make things a little better. Aretha receiving it, was not made.

  40. Aretha was so pressed to yank her ham hock hand away from Patti that she stepped all over Tessanne Chin (from the Voice) feet!

  41. Chillens PLEASE…that was shade!!! This is a sped up sample of the video…she knew EXACTLY who it was…and since she is a fellow woman and Diva of soul with plenty of talent…she should have been acknowledged with more than a behind the back” handshake” aka “bitch don’t fucking touch me” ! A brief embrace or a genuine gesture at the least, just out of respect for Patti as a woman of soul!!! End of the day…they may not care for each other…but being a great artist/legend is more than talent it’s graciousness and respect for your peers as well!!!

  42. what ever issues Aretha and Pattie had on got to be real on u tube Aretha has not gotten over it but evidently Patti has so I commend Patty for not feeding into it she kept a big smile on her face and kept clapping and thats whats up and pattie attend the event to show support no matter what their issues are.

    • sorry this is Denise Black not anonymous and I did not see no shade if you watch Aretha did not shake anyone’s hand upon her entrance she just said thank you and patties hand was the only hand she shook and she she said thank you

      • Actually, if you noticed… ARETHA side eyed Patti a little and contemplated her move if she were to embrace her….

      • I don’t know what you was looking at because I sure didn’t see Aretha shake Ms Pattie LaBelle hand. This only shows how PETTY Aretha was/is, too old to e acting like that. Grow up Aretha! After all the health issues Aretha was having, she should be graceful and appreciative that anyone will should support. Ms Pattie, keep doing you and don’t let the small things sweat you.

      • Celebrities are always trying to use ReRe…I once saw Diana Ross try Aretha in Detroit. Diana pressed her too hard and Aretha got up, though she didn’t want to, and stole the show from Ms Ross in their mutual home town. I laughed my ass off and I like Diana generally.. Aretha takes no shyt from anyone though I am not saying Patti was trying to play her.

  43. There was no shade. This was a complete reach & I’m disappointed. DO NOT disrespect the QUEEN. And to the one who called Ms. Franklin a bitch, you clearly fucked in the head. This post is ridiculous. Take this DOWN.

  44. she always has had the fat bitch attitude no shade but shes a fat bitch … most big divas are… smh hto like lets grow up and be better

    • Agreed. She definitely snubbed Patti. It is very clear, Even the look on her face was of disgust and avoidance when she passed Patti. Don’t know why some people won’t see that. It is so clear.

  45. I don´t see any shade. Look closely. I think that once Aretha noticed Patti´s hand, she grabbed it as she was walking. That´s why her arm was extended behind her. You can see Patti letting go of her hand.

  46. I wish everybody would stop hating on Aretha! If I don´t like a chick, Im not gonna let her smile and be fake up in my face trying to talk to me when we both know we don´t like each other! Y´all fake chickens have fun with smiling in someones face, thats not me.! and Not Queen Aretha! :) lol

    • That bitch ain’t no Queen acting like that!A true Queen knows her place and acts accordingly,this sorry ass bitch needs to grow the fuck up!Just cause she stressed so much to loose weight!!!Ugly ass!!

  47. Now yall know that Aretha can’t get along with anybody. Aretha done fought with them ALL: Mavis Staples, Luther Vandross, Gladys Knight, Morley Safer from 60 minutes lol, and God knows who else. I saw here almost reduce some little reporter to tears on one of the morning shows years ago. F_ck shade. Aretha is the DEFINITON of salt. Miss Franklin is a bitch. Always has been and always will be. Her and Patti must have done fell out some kind of way. Don’t feel too sorry for Ms. LaBelle. She gives as good as she gets.

  48. If I act like this at Aretha’s Age, I want my mama to get out of her grave and then go get my grandmother out of her grave so they both can smack me back to Jesus!! This is pure-dee foolishness Ms. Franklin!

  49. Aretha did the SAME THING to my momma in Houston. Momma said that Aretha looked her like she had shit on her hands. I have not really been a fan before. To disrespect my momma, now I really don´t like Aretha. Patti has NEVER done anything wrong in my eyes. I love her.

  50. I’m not surprise by Aretha Franklin action at all. she got in her feeling when Beyoncé call Tina Turner the Queen.
    this show you that some people buy into their on hype. which isn’t good at all.

    is it just me. How in the hell did Aretha lose all that weight.. somebody not telling the truthful about something

    • surgery but “she ain’t gonna let it touch her” as the old folks say! You can look at her knees and tell!! old HEIFER

  51. That was rude and blatant… Don´t the elder suppose to show how to treat each other especially on camera….. Is this the kind of examples we suppose to follow…. Oh ok, no wonder there´s so much SHADE on alllll our reality shows…. Lol. Tacky

  52. Some people never grow up, they just grow old. When they get too old they really start showing their ass because they feel you can’t tell they old ass nothing, and if you do you are seen as the disrespectful one not they old ass.

  53. I watched the video in its entirety, didn’t see any shade looks like Ms. Franklin was hurrying to the stage to finish her set, this tv after all and everything is on a tight schedule. After her performance she and Patti exchanged pleasantries and embraced. That’s what I saw, guess we see what we want.

    • Dinevea loves to peep shit that isnt necessarily even there. READING into things too much is annoying. BACK to B SCOTT since he really is the true boss lol

  54. No one should have impeded her entrance … why do that unless you are trying to lessen it or share the shine time .. I like Patti but she shouldn’t have done that and I don’t’ like pulling on me either so luckily Aretha didn’t stop and say something .. she kept is classy and kept it moving , unfortunately it got on tape . .but oh well .. Shit Happens

  55. Aint nothing like some throwback shade!!! Yessss Aunties!!! They remind me of the two Aunties we all have that don’t get along for more than 20 minutes and be in the kitchen cussing each other out while they throw down making Sunday dinner…

  56. ooooooh hunty! ms. aretha pulled ALL the shades on that one!! ultimate diva to diva shade to make ALL the queens gag! she said, ‘excuse me patty, you are blocking my fur!’ ummmff! and she made MAD eye contact with her too! laughing my ass off at this one!

    • Damn I wish they still made GOT2BREAL This would of been too damn funny…. I hope they do just for this one please if anyone was a part of GOT2BREAL please do this pardoy please

  57. Maybe that was not shade…LOL…Ms Franklin really thinks she is a Queen…so that reaction could have been for anybody not personally for the DIVA Patti… That is what I wanna believe…

  58. girl..that gesture screams some past-history-type animosity-type shit from way back when that Aretha got against my 2nd momma, Patti. now what other reason could it be? and it also screams Aretha’s jealousy towards Patti too due to Patti having so much more success than her, such as a lucrative brand of products like her hot sauce, her cookbook, her playing roles in movies, and Aretha not…no one is checking for Aretha’s flabby-flab arms ass because she too fuckin difficult to work with as per sources have said. and Aretha will forever be a bitter old soul who will never ever rank up to Patti’s success status due to her attitude. and Aretha’s ass needs to be and ought to be thankful that she’s still alive because she almost died a few years back due to being to damn fat, and then had that damn gastric bypass surgery to release all that fat from her used-to-sweat-like-a-road-hog ass. I lukewarm like her due to her fucked-up attitude. but she’s an what should we expect tho? smdh at her. Patti is the girl…FOREVER AND ALWAYS, so Aretha…deal with it and get over your jealousy of her, old lady with your one foot in the damn grave and one out.

    • I think her nice/nastiness was overlooked, but I caught all of her pettiness: she tried to get up there and do runs like Karen Clarke and Jennifer. If you ever have the chance to listen to her narrate her own book, you would hate her, or strongly dislike her. She’s the queen, but she acts like she thinks she is really ruling the music industry. I never went to an Aretha concert, but I have checked for Patti, and as far as I am concerned, she needs to take a few lessons in royalty by the real queen -Patti!!!!!!!! And, how in the hell is her son and granddaughter and why was they on BET honors. I’m getting mad, cause she should have acknowledged that Jennifer did her justice, shyt, they should’ve had Tamara do her tribute, then maybe retha wouldn’t have felt so outdone. Bye urethane, I’m down rocking on yo old ass boat.

  59. This reminds me of an episode of Got 2 be real! It’s a YouTube comedy series on the bed between Patti and Aretha with other singers!

  60. Uggh….Aretha! She stay shading somebody! I was officially done with her when she didn´t show up to sing for Whitney at her funeral! And didn´t bother to tell the family!! Had Dionne up there introducing her azz….! Smh!

    • Enjoyed this video! However, she didn’t seem to chat. It looks like Patti made another attempt to chat and speak with her, maybe whispering ‘good job’ or ‘did you try to play me Retha’ and she looks like she shook her had and gave a short reply and moved onto the next person who stopped her. It was very brief. I didn’t see an embrace either…maybe it’s just me but with women sideways hugs are very in-genuine… we know body language really well and the quickest way to shun someone is to give them a shady sideways hug. Trust my organization has women who doesn’ t like each other but we will never let the world see. It. If she did give Patti a hug it was just for show. That arm jerk was intentional. She paused and gave her a sideways look as she made her way to the stage.

  61. How do you welcome somebody that is about to perform? Literally making an entrance to perform…..Who does that? Greetings and such things are done behind the scenes. She has a mic in her hand. People are clapping. Patti should have been clapping too. But she wasn’t. You welcome people when they come to your house or event. This was not Patti’s event. If it was she would never have invited Aretha. Patti was being messy and if anyone would touch her when she was making an entrance she would through a hissy fit. Aretha did the right thing and side stepped her.

  62. She was ignorant as hell for that. I don’t want to get into all that but Kelly Price and her make me dislike them as people. Everyone see this mess and you shaded her. Ignorant!!!!!

  63. Was here in DC for this event last week. Aretha was the only artist NOT sitting in the audience in support of all the other artists. In her rider she had to have exclusive holding areas, use her own band and her own singers. The ither artists used the house band which did very good accompanying the other artists such as janelle mone, jill scott, areana grande & melissa ethridge.

    • Even Mariah said that Aretha is a bigger Diva than she is. Most people are not saying nice things about her personality but put up with her because of her talent.

  64. While it was rather petty, if a bish i dont like touches me I’d remove their hand as well and have done it. And all tea all shade ms pattie labell is grimey as hell behind the scenes. My cousin who CURRENTLY sings background for a MAJOR R&B singer went to sell a song to ms labell and she outwardly told him she didnt like it! Dont you know a few months down the line the bish is singing his shit making $ off it and aint give him a red cent for it!!!! I can just imagine why aretha aint featuring her and they old asses go way back to rotary dials!

  65. Aretha has got NERVE! But then again, Patti’s still got her voice…so I’m not even phased. She probably went out that night and KILL’T a crowd with the mic. We all know Aretha’s last great performance was circa 1998.

  66. If she didn’t want her to touch her, then ok. If she was petty she would have filed assault charges. They don’t get along. Haven’t for years. We all know that. Somebody slept with somebody else’s man back in the day, whether they choose to reveal it or not. Real talk because women don’t funk like this unless the both got the D. The way Aretha hates Patti, I will assume how it went down. But nevertheless, if I hate a woman and she touches me in any shape, fashion, or form, I would have done the same thing. We can only funk so long and then she will be invisible to me. Everytime I see her I will pay her dust. Aretha didn’t make a scene. Patti did. Nobody else touched Aretha because they were clapping for her. Patti wasn’t clapping. She touched her and Aretha payed her dust. Good job Aretha, way to do what grown women do when evil broads try to throw you off your game.

  67. Is she serious??? This can not be a woman of God acting like this to another legend that can hold a note wayyyyyyy better than she can!

  68. Baby, Ms. Gladys talks about how ReRe has always been shadier than a magnolia tree. That heffa let that “Queen of Soul” shyt really go to her head. Sad part is back in the day she at least had the pipes and the body to go with the attitude. Now this heffa is like a old Buick whose timing belt is off; square and missing the spark.

    • I agree 100% with you Barbara. This is age old Diva shade mess that goes wayyyy back to when they first started. ReRe was competing then and still feels the need to let her title (given by her admirers) go straight to her fat head. Humble yourself lady. You’re no longer the Queen of anything if you keep that mess up! You see, Gladys knows how to keep it classy & keep it moving. Give the young ones something to admire, not talk about……….

  69. Patti shouldn’t have been pulling on her anyway. You see everyone else is clapping. Patti should have been clapping too instead of trying to share the spotlight. Girl bye!

  70. Well all I have to say is the old BITCH is a hot shitty as mess. The ain’t all that and yes I said it FUCK Arnold Franklin, and yes she has always looked like a hard face big man in drags. I wish Patty would of smacked the taste out of her mouth.

  71. She look Patti square in the eyes when she did it too!!! SMH Old petty hoes were once Young petty hoes….guess shit don’t change in these skreets!!! lmaoooo


  73. Patti LaBelle should’ve pushed that big tittie no nipple havin bihh down to da flo’!!! Aretha seems like she has a terrible attitude, this isn’t the first time I’ve seen or heard of her being petty af!!

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