BBWLA British Williams EXPOSED. Running A BOOTLEG Boutique And Has An UNPAID Tax Lien

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It looks as if The Doll isn’t the only one NOT featuring Brittish. The Better Business Bureau and The State Of Missouri don’t see it for her ever. In addition to her bad body and her bad attitude, she apparently is a bad business woman and a bad steward of her her money. These days everyone joins reality tv with all sort of ulterior agendas and pseudo business. Well Miss British is no exception. She’s trying to goup the children with this bootleg online clothing store ‘Love of Labels Boutique‘ , and the Better Business Bureau is saying “HELL NO MA’AM, NOT TODAY’.  The Better Business Bureau has given ‘Love Of Labels Boutique’ a rating of “F” citing that it has received 30 complaints over the last 8 months including shipping issues, problems with the product and failure to respond.

According to the BBB, factors that lowered Love of Labels Boutique’s rating include:

  • 23 complaints filed against business
  • Failure to respond to 7 complaints filed against business.
  • Business has failed to resolve underlying cause(s) of a pattern of complaints.
  • BBB does not have sufficient information to determine how long this business has been operating.
  • BBB does not have sufficient background information on this business. BBB made two or more requests for background information from the business. BBB has not received a response from this business and/or has not been able to verify information received from this business.
  • BBB does not have sufficient information to determine size of business. BBB evaluation of business is based on rating formula’s smallest size classification.

Catch the rest of these T’s

While British is tootsie rolling all over L.A. having Moroccan themed tea parties, her ass should have been in line at the Missouri Tax Collectors office waiting for her number to be called. Tax collector fish done put a lien on British’s property for unpaid taxes. The gag is, the lien is only for $1,800+ . Miss girl, this is such a small amount of money. Pay these damn people and spare yourself the embarrassment PA-LEASE. Unless you ain’t got it…

British-lein Brttishlein-2

Roasting this pig is too easy. I’m done. Thank me for the press later…

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136 thoughts on “BBWLA British Williams EXPOSED. Running A BOOTLEG Boutique And Has An UNPAID Tax Lien

  1. I really wish someone could explain to me why after the heat and rating on her lame ass Love of lables online shop of Korean goods does this chic go an use pictures of hair products as her own hair line on b.savvy dot com? Does she not think women check these things out, a simple left click in Chrome and you can see the same damn pictures on other sites. If she is legit why not pictures of the real hair?

  2. Thinking back 2 the last episode, that damn Tea party was a good tell tell of her traveled exposure. Obviously it was limited to the restaurants she visited minus her creativity and lack of observance in her actual surroundings. I guess all she saw was deserts and petite tea serving set plus a few liquor decanters. Draya checked them all on the spot without blinking… this chick is so dumb she tried to loud talk brandi or whatever her name is and pulled a tired HO in the wall comment about how she can the broad’s man. That statement alone revealed her mentality. If she is so happy with her cant get on a USA NBA team fiance why say some shit like that……? Well its obvious, she in it for the wrong reasons. Hope he gets a Prenup because she has made it clear she will fucc another man just to say she took or had him. Not wifey material, straight up side piece….

  3. What did it for me was this wannabe had the nerve to say I can take your man. I was like really???? I hope her meal ticket heard that shitz loud n clear. No wonder she don’t mind him fuccing around on the cool. SUSPECT

  4. Soooo, did anybody else realize that Sundy is the reported from the movie “Next Day Air” and ” State Property”? ((You know you can’t tell her nothin bout her Diid”.

  5. Hollering laughing at this read and these comments. British is just wack. She clearly wants to be a legitimate “baller’s wife” with all the glamour that comes with it, but she can’t get past the fact that her man plays overseas (nothing wrong with that, but it ain’t the NBA) and she is just an average hood chick. Worse still is that she is average in the mind. I assume her man helped front the money to start her so-called online boutique and she is just proving she doesn’t have the mental fortitude to do anything with it…. kinda like Evelyn Lozada and Sheree’ Whitfield. Difference is that Evelyn is at least good looking enough to keep riding off new ballers and Sheree’ is good looking and fashionable enough to try to turn that into something semi interesting. British is actually wacker than them and that is saying a lot.

  6. -in british first shot of her rented apartment with no personal effects… her weave was spotted, “cheetah bleach” – cheap.
    -her man seems sweet, and is being used. she doesn’t seem into him at all.
    -these rank bitches have all come from jackie, trying to get the crazy off of herself
    - am totally disappointed that jackie is still on the show. i fast forward anything with her mug in it, which apparently is almost every scene now…
    -the only reason i’m watching is to see malaysia’s inner compton come out
    -jackie’s purpose in life is to bring dray down this season.

  7. Miss girl, Dineva told them teas on you! Gone pay that petty ass money!

    Honestly, I kinda like Brittish. It’s SUNDY/SUNDAE/SUNTY I don’t like!! Immature old HOE ass! You’re having babies by married men but all the sudden you wanna judge. GTFOH!

    • Well thats the point of doin reality tv nene did it marlo is tryin every body is opportunist according to nene. I guess she is the only one allowed to come up. Sheree was to dumb to come up

  8. But have you all heard about Sundy Carter’s past, and her “criminal background’,” the men and women she busted wide open for??? Yes!!!! She sure in the heck better get off of tv before all her stuff gets aired…

  9. She got some nerve to be popping off at the mouth, with a fraudulent business! This hood booger is STRAIGHT FLAW!!! #girlbye #haveseveralseats #youmadbro #getontheirlevel #byefelicia

  10. Cant say I´m shocked..she came off trying way to hard when the show started..if she spent more time taking care of her own business instead of worrying about the other chicks on the show maybe her luck would have been better

    • HUSBAND???? Are you watching the same show as da rest of us? This beech aint NOBODY’S wife. Looks like u got out just in time. This coulda been YOU on VH1 lookin like a gotdamn fool wit ty-dyed hair.

  11. Oh my! You spilled alllllll the T, but on a serious note Brittish reminds me of a lot of black people, not just black females. You know the type…so unhappy about their situation they project that onto other people. She hates Brandi so much cause she thinks she has everything that she doesn’t. Real beauty, money, a HUSBAND and children. Brandi represents the person that she wants to be and a lot of black people do that. Well maybe people in general do that. Don’t hate people cause you think they have something you want and feel that you can’t get. You don’t know them peoples story so just have seat Miss Brittish!

    • Thank you!!!! Aliexpress all day!!!! Hell I just buy straight from them!!! Who needs the middle man, every club fit is less than $4.00….LMAO

    • SSSHHHH! Don’t be on here exposing our secret store! Can’t have them prices sky-rocketing now… SUPPLY & DEMAND! I fuqs wit Ali. Da only “middle-man” should be da MAIL MAN!

  12. I´m not surprised, I would have some sort of sympathy for her but NAAAAA, the way she constantly shows her ass on the show makes it hard … She should have been workin on tryin to get her shit straight instead of worrying about Draya and Brandi … Insecure ghetto HEFFA !!!!!

    • Bwaahahahahahahahahahhahaha Chile go all the way to HELL for saying that!!!! WoooooooLawd you done tickled my funny bone w/that one!

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