Benzino (#LHHATL) Kicked Off Plane For Cussing The Dog F&ck Out Of Flight Attendant (video)

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Lawd, nobody told Benzino that after 911 that you can’t get on these peoples planes cutting up and cussing folks out?

For whatever reason, Benzino felt it prudent to cuss the dog f&ck out out of one of the flight attendant on his flight back from Vegas to Atlanta. Details as to why the altercation broke out are unavailable at the moment. But what we do know is that Benzino used a sh!t load of F-bombs and repeatedly called the flight attendant a racist.

Check out the video.

I’m beginning to think that the entire cast of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta have attitude problems. Nessa girl, what do you think? I will say this, I’ve been in the company of Benzino many times. He is a pretty level headed and even keeled kind of guy. If he cussed this flight attendant out, she most likely deserved it. Benzino’s just lucky the police were not called and he was not put on the “no fly” list.


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