Bishop Larry Trotter EXPLAINS the picture of him in the bathtub with his granddaughter. Are you buying it? (audio)

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Complete Devastation To The Nation

By now, I’m sure most of you guys have seen this picture of Bishop Trotter of Chicago’s Sweet Holly Spirit Church in the bathtub with his granddaughter. This picture has both sinners and saints divided. Many argue that the picture is innocent and it is social media and the general public that is perverting an innocent time between a grandfather and his granddaughter. Others argue that this is perverted and regardless of how innocent his intentions may have been, that no grown a++ man should be in the tub with a child of any age, trunks on or not. Well, the Bishop has spoken out. Hear what he has to say.

bisho-trotterThis morning the Bishop called in to the John Hannah Morning Show on iHeart Radio – Inspiration 1390 to give his explanation of the what has cause such a frenzy over the last few days.

Loosely paraphrased, Trotter says he was in the bathtub, his granddaughter walked in and asked him about the bubbles in the tub. He explained to her that they were bubbles just like the ones she played/bathed in when she was a baby. Enamored with the bubbles, she wanted to get it. From there he put on trunks, the child’s mother put trunks on her, and the two frolicked in the tub. Mom snapped a photo of the two in the tub and another family member who manages the Bishop’s social media posted the photo. According to the Bishop, it was nothing more and nothing less. He also went on to mention that he has bathed with all of his children, he was raised that way, and made mention of the fact that coming up he and siblings / other relatives even shared bathed water.

First off, this response really feels like a PR move to clean up a mistake. Folks please remember, “in this life the truth rarely matters, its all about how things are perceived”. Here is my dilemma with his story. Why was your daughter and her mother so freely able to walk into the bathroom while you were bathing? This is not 1940 rural Mississippi. People don’t carry on socially like this anymore. Secondly, are we really supposed to believe that both of you put on shorts and then got back in the tub? If the child’s mother put bottoms on her, why didn’t she put her on a t-shirt or some sort of top?

In fairness, I will say that I think the act was completely innocent. It was inappropriate, but innocent. I honestly don’t think if anyone involved had ill intentions that they would have posted the picture on instagram. Let me reiterate, and for those of you that watch Scandal you can agree, “the truth rarely matters, its all about how things are perceived”. The imagery and very little detail or explanation during the time of the initial distribution of this photo made this situation perfect propaganda.


Repetition – owing to the infantile limitations of collective memory, a message must be continuously propagated in order to take hold within the collective consciousness.

Simplicity – The message must be designed in such a way that it appeals to or is quickly understood by the lowest common intellectual denominator of the collective. This is not only true because of the vast ignorance of the masses, but also because the collective attention span is virtually nonexistent.  We now live in a world of sound-bite discourse.  The simple lie always conquers the complex truth.

Imagery – The most powerful propaganda is embedded within appealing imagery. This imagery could be pictorial or descriptive.  This is why movies and music are such potent forms of pr propaganda.

Sentiment – The message must contain as little detail as possible, and instead be designed in such a way that it appeals to some strong emotion or sentiment—such as sex or sympathy.

Me being a part of the media and getting my Olivia Pope on, my suggestion to the Bishop and his team is to shut up about the whole ordeal. It will blow over in a week or two. The best way to deal with a scandal in my opinion is to shut up about it or create a scandal or wait for another scandal to arise to divert the attention away from the current scandal.

At least the Bishop isn’t so heavenly minded that he could not understand how people could perceive the photograph the way they did. He says, if he could do it all over again he wouldn’t. Y’all go on ahead and laugh and then leave the man alone.

Check out Bishop Trotter’s Explanation.


I’d like to dedicate this praise dance to Bishop Larry Trotter and the Sweet Holly Spirit Church


Are you buying it?



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109 thoughts on “Bishop Larry Trotter EXPLAINS the picture of him in the bathtub with his granddaughter. Are you buying it? (audio)

  1. Nicca pl ES ass.. he throw da fug off. He aint rite y’all. And the daughter is too… she probably tried to black mail his ass and h so throwed setup. She tryin to tell us somethin. Listen LINDA linda listen.

  2. I believe him who would put that picture on a public site and not think it was innocent? I know times are bad but everything does not have to be sexual and his daughter the mother took the picture and she has nothing to say about it the only thing he might have been wrong for was putting the picture on the Internet for people to perceive as a sexual act on his part

  3. This is so sick. Everyone who believes this man’s story is delusional. I don’t care if he’s a pastor. He’s a straight up pedophile. Look at that eager, maniacal look on his face and if I’m not mistaken, it looks like his granddaughter is sitting if not on his lap, very close to him. This is beyond disgusting. He should be investigated immediately. I wouldn’t be surprised if he molested his own daughter and now he’s passing the tradition on to the next generation. Satanism is alive and well in America.

    • Get real…It is our own sickness that would allow us to look at this picture, and think of it as anything other than innocent! I’m not a Christian, Muslim, nor Jew. Organized religion has no place in my life, but right is right, and wrong is wrong. His place in the ministry has nothing to do with this picture! LEAVE THAT MAN ALONE! The people we should be worried about, we never do until its too late! SHAMEFUL!

      And yes, Funky Dineva…people do still socialize this way. My family uses the bathroom with the door open most times. And we do speak openly to each and carry lengthy conversations while in the bathroom (in the tub, on the toilet, or otherwise). It’s not that far-fetched!

  4. Now I usually just read but this really burned me the hell up. ITS HIS FREAKIN GRAND DAUGHTER AND THERE IS CLEARLY ANOTHER ADULT AROUND WHEN THE PIC WAS TAKEN.
    This is just a classic example of the society we live in today, where one picture can be made to look a certain way because 1. people today are so fucked up in the head perversion is all they know. 2. people don’t know what it means to have a family at all.
    Now my dad has bathed my lil sister, my nieces, and his grand children, what the hell is so wrong with that? I’ve been in the tub with my momma at that age and wasnt no molesting or none of that bullshit going on…. it really makes me wonder if the human society is going to make it because the human mind in this world of today is so sick and twisted destruction seems the only option

    • You are very naive aren’t you? No grown man–friend or family should be in a tub with a little child like that. No, no, no!! And don’t you realize that pedophiles will take pictures of themselves w/children for bragging rights? The whole family probably engages in generation incest. Crazy!!

  5. I’m not buying any of his story. They could have thought up something better than a five year old asking what bubbles are! This explanation is insulting to anyone’s intelligence! He put that baby in the tub with his old perverted behind and I am sure her mother was nowhere around. Someone (maybe a friend of his) took a pic and posted it without his permission. It may have been innocent (who knows) but it was definitely poor judgement. NO GROWN MAN SHOULD BATHE WITH A LITTLE GIRL, EVER! C’mon

  6. As a Pastor he should know this scripture VERY well. 1 Thessalonians 5:22-23

    So even if it LOOKS like it may be evil/wrong we are to avoid it. And I don’t think you have to be of a certain faith to accept this thinking, however given he teaches from the very book that subscribes to this methodology he should be aware. What looked innocent yesterday may seem inappropriate today so I really feel that these scriptures are encouraging us all to stop and consider or actions prior to engaging in said act.

    1 Thessalonians 5:22-23

    Abstain from all appearance of evil. 23 And the very God of peace sanctify you wholly; and I pray God your whole spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  7. 1. Somebody anybody tell me why is a child entering the bathroom while grandfather bathing? Inappropriate but not criminal.

    2. As he invites her in and answer her questions about bubbles-Inappropriate but not criminal.

    3. The very thought of him thinking that it’s ok – something wrong with this picture -it may be a little twisted or upside down but surely not straight or screwed on tight but in his world it’s just the love of a dotting grandfather?

    4. Because he alleges that they both have trunks on-then he knows that he can’t be naked in front of her- Finally a good sign!!-but we have not seen the trunks and don’t know if it’s really true- not a good sign! but if he telling the truth and have no reason to lie then it’s back to a good sign.

    5. What appears to be an elderly man taking a bubble bath-Not criminal but very feminine-but some may say men like bubble too-Are you a man do you like bubbles?

    6. For him to say people are judging even christian- We have to define what judging is.
    To say that this picture is inappropriate and offensive-is not judging it’s an opinion which every one is entitle to-but to call him a pedophile is judging because we don’t have facts-but this is fact that this is text book pedophillia starter kit behavior but hopefully he’s not

    This has nothing to do with a religion preference whether you are a christian or a baptist-It’s still looks questionable.

    7. He said “People don’t even know me,” no-one has to personally know him to deem this picture “Out Of Order.” but I’m sure many will not want to know him-while others will love too.

    8. One have to ask-What is the motive? behind posting this picture or was their a motive? Know who labour among you is Christianity 101.

    *Everything happens for a reason- It is a reason why this has been exposed-God help us all*
    We should hold the bishop up in prayer-

    I really don’t want to believe that he harmed his grand daughter but I think it’s some light that has to be shined on his upbringing- it’s a new day and new laws and the old school way will get you hemmed up – ask Cleflo Dollar he probably will think twice when chastising his daughter-

    Boy if any body read this thesis you know I got a motor in this mouth lollllllllllllllll

    • All great points and although we will never really know what happened it would also like to add.

      9. We may never know what really happened but, who really needs/wants to see their pastor bathing? It’s too personal. If this was an innocent act I feel badly for all of them because at the very least he used poor judgement in allowing the picture to be posted… media…you have got to be more mindful.

  8. So he is saying at age 4 his daughter had NEVER put her in a bath tub with bubbles? My child was getting bubble baths at age 1 and knew how to say “bubbles” before age 2! I’m not judging but I will say it does not look right at all! He is a man of God with a high calling. He should know with all this church molestation and family incest getting reported that people would not look at it positive. Where is his hands? This is a grown man with a grown man penis I assume and he is in a small tub with his granddaughter. Just imagine if he was a regular person from the streets in your neighborhood would you still say it looks so innocent and its perfectly fine? If you don’t want to be judged or people in your business stay off social sites.

  9. wow!!! i think it was innocent to the up most… she lookn sooo happy… society is crazy.. you have more respect for a man dressed in drag… what have this world come to.. this man don’t have a regular tub… come on jacuzzi!!!! heck my big butt is jealous that i can’t get in… that look relaxin din a mutha!!!

  10. I am sure it was innocent. I don’t think he should be judged so harshly, but in my opinion, it’s strange. Each to their own I guess..

    • Where is “DFCS”??? This Old Guy looks Shady as a Mutha, looking like “Mister from the Color Purple aka Morgan Freeman”. Will someone please investigate Grandpa ASAP….I digress.

  11. it nothing wrong with what he did it something wrong with the people who accuse him of something other then what they see why would a man if he messing with a child provide a pic of him and a child i think he’s smarter then that its sad people mind are programed to think a certain way to much tv aint good for you.. he has the others pastors to thank for this (people think he messing with the lil girl

  12. I dont care what his excuse was no man …NO MAN SHOULD BE IN A TUB WITH A CHILD REGUARDLESS OF WHATEVER…

  13. Why is your granddaughter coming into the bathroom while you’re in the tub? This is the first question that needs to be asked and “what little girls wear trunks?” is the second. Co*bullshit*ugh!

    • And thirdly, why would he allow his grand baby to get in a tub full of his nasty ass bathwater? I couldn’t stand to listen to his explanation. Did he claim he drained and cleaned the tub and then ran another tub full of fresh bubbles for the baby to play in? If so, why did he decide to get in with her and funk up her bubble bath? Who was in charge of personal hygiene that day?

      The picture disturbs me. His smile puts tens on the disturbia for me. There is no justification for this photo.

  14. My disconnect here is why post the pic publicly? Want to take baths with family? Fine, but weird. Want to take a pic of it? Cool. But to post the pic on a social media website is the wrong move! I don’t know why he would allow someone in his camp to do that. That was just askin’ for trouble!

  15. My whole disconnection is why did the picture have to be posted??? Want to get in the tub w/ fam? Fine! Want to take a pic of it? Cool. But to post it on social media was dumb AF!!!

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  17. I just want to know, why do people want to state their opinion about this man anyway. It’s none of ya’ll business anyway…. let someone put you on blast and see how you feel about the situation…

  18. Funny how a lot of the heavy church folk will call gay people sick, derranged perverts with one glance (w/o even knowing who they are) but when it comes to this picture society is not supposed to judge. Innocent or not, ‘devil works’ or whatever you want to call this, it goes BOTH ways. Judge not and ye shall not be judged. His supporters need to practice what they preach with no bias. I saw the pic, then listened to his side. Only they know the truth but either way this wasn’t a smart idea.

  19. Nah, ain’t buying the fools gold, I ain’t drinking the kool-ade . I can appreciate your diplomacy in stating:”In fairness, I will say that I think the act was completely innocent. It was inappropriate, but innocent. I honestly don’t think if anyone involved had ill intentions that they would have posted the picture on instagram.” But as a victim, I have to ask you if you ever considered that perhaps the party who posted the pic, was victimized as well and wants the abuse to end before it progresses? All eyes are on him…what was done in the dark has come to the light.

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  21. Hide your kids and your grandchildren…..still not right! If she wanted a bubble bath, that should have been his cue to get the hell out the tub and her momma”s que to give her a bubble bath!

  22. That is Hollywood perception not TRUTH at all. So if that is the life you want to go after Dineva be prepared. It was an awkward and uncommon thing to do but I do believe it was innocent. Not a smart thing to post anywhere but in a family album book.

  23. Do better, you know that was not proper, and me and my sisters bathe together as children, and my brothers also but never with our parents or even together, you ain’t that damn old!

  24. …i know im not on subject but one more thing…@jason, i hope you speak fluent japanese because nigga, jungle bunny, jigga boo and porch monkey is what they are calling you…ask your mother or grandmother how she feels about these names…***he must have been watching the movie “school days” by spike lee…LMAO!!!***…NO these names dont apply to me or any of you that commented…i really feel sorry for him…id move to japan if i had such hatred and dislike for my people…isnt MLK holiday monday…geeze!!! …JASON I LOVE YOU AND ID HUG YOU IF YOU WERENT SO FAR AWAY…CAUSE THATS WHAT YOU NEED…***porch monkey…LMAO!!!***

  25. …soooo jason who do you call a nigger or a porch monkey in japan???…just because people do not agree with this picture is not a reason for you to be sooo disrespectful…there are things that people do amongst their family members that everyone does not agree with…so knowing this do not share with other people even if you think its cute or the norm knowing it will spark a red flag…you being a man should understand why the percentage of women have a problem with it…people are sick and tired of everytime they turn around a child is being abused or a grown man/woman admits he/she was abused…you cant come to terms with this if it has not happened to you…i have 3 grand girls and yes my son gives them a bath do i think its wrong no…but the day he takes a bath with them THERE WILL BE SOME FURNITURE MOVIN!!!…
    …jason if you are so cultured why is nigger, jigga boo, jungle bunnies and porch monkey in your vocabulary???…being from another race will not excuse you for these words and if you are not i really feel sorry for you???…
    …LMAO!!! at your choice of names…makes me wonder are you 12, 86 or the KKK??? take that hood off and breath boy…***and nothing you can say will offend me…it will only make you look even sadder***…LMAO at you before you type the first letter…grow up…

  26. Obviously none of us can be certain of ill intentions but it was definitely not a good judgement call to bathe with his granddaughter nor to have the picture posted. His explanation does not come across as truthful, but that’s just my opinion. I don’t understand how the little girl just happened to come across him in the tub, normally doors are locked. i think this was planned. Regardless of truth, we all know that perception is reality.

  27. He knows better this is not back in the days. How u gon get out the tub and yo ding-a-ling slinging all over the place in front of your granddaughter!!!!! GTFOH

  28. There is a time for a line to be drawn. I feel a grown Man has no business taking a bath with a child, no mather if it’s your grandchild or whoever. I pray that God teach him better.

  29. I would NEVER…and I mean NEVER walk into the bathroom while my daddy was washing his azz…let alone plop my baby in the tub with him and snap a picture…what type of fool are they taking folks for? He talking about she was fully clothed…Uuuuh, really sir, she looked like she had no top on to me hunty, and since you were taking a bubble bath that means you was azz-hole neekid… >side eye<
    WHEW…my pressure done went up fooling with ya'll and this story…and that doggone praise dance…Awwww lawd…I need oxygen…

  30. Jason – SMH. You’re just a fucking pervert like this ” man of the cloth,” we gotta watch your child molesting ass. Your mother’s a bitch. She should have flushed your diddler ass. This wasn’t embracing nudity. This was some old ass man in the tube with a female child. I see you condone this type of behavior though. Ole freak ass baster.

  31. No wonder there is so much unreported child abuse… The pervert will always have an explanation and the grownup that is suppose to protect the child will always believe the unbelievable…

  32. I wouldn’t have given any of you porch monkeys an explanation! I would have told you to read some books. Get out your dusty ass ghetto, break out of your mental box and think. Travel to another country, gain some culture then come back and look at the photo again, with maturity. You fuckin jiggaboo’s and jungle bunnies are retarded.

  33. @Melissa Reine d’Abeille….. Your mind is utter garbage! You’re an uncultured ass nigga. What do you mean black people don’t play that? Africa is filled with communities of people who embrace nudity. You’re just a sick individual. You’re not Black your an uneducated nigger bitch! Have a seat……

  34. There is never a reason for a child to have access to an adult when taking care of personal things,as i have found that what was ok yesterday is not exceptable today it all about the perception,no brother not good””

  35. Step down from his church! Wow that’s a little much don’t you think. The people seem making this viral and accessible to real perverts are the problem

  36. I remember being a kid getting in the bath with my granny so idk n no harm.hurt etc was done to me maybe he used to take bath with his daughter back in the days or somethin idk

  37. Okay….I made my comment before the “explanation” and now I’ll make my “after explanation” comment: So you say her Mama put her lil trunks on….but you was still buck-ass naked! What kinda way-too liberal-ass mess is that.

    From age 3 my grandson knew all about a persons privacy when using the bathroom…I guess this family has some different rules.

    Don’t pull that!

  38. Did he really say the little girl was wearing “trunks” too? This would be believable if there was a visible swimsuit showing on her, but him saying she had on trunks deserves the side eye.

  39. Hot springs, hot ass and touching little kids. Nothing but a freak. So effin nasty. You know black ppl don’t play that.

  40. You niggas are so uncultured, Im literally LMAO at stupid comments about how this is inappropriate. I live in Japan and here, they are into hot springs the majority of them nude hot springs. In the locker rooms it’s not odd to see a little naked girl or boy around naked adults and in the hot spring itself , which is essentially a large bath. Western society is uneducated and over sexed. Leave the man alone your only showing your own stupidity!

  41. Hell, no. Old saggy balls should have took his freak ass to the church instead of tampering with babies. He needs to step down. @ Jason – You must go to his church. I hope you ain’t doing this type of mess.

  42. You people who have problems with this are the ones who are sick! Your thoughts are negative and perverted. There are countless cultures who spend 90% of their day naked….you dumb fucks. Nudity is natural as the air you breath! Stop sexualizing a moment that was innocent.

  43. While I do think it was some poor judgement given how the picture looks, I really dont think he meant any harm to that child

  44. First of all a FIVE year old knows what bubbles are! She wouldn’t be so enamored with bubbles that she would need to get in YOUR funky-water with all of your adult sweat and bacteria to experience bubbles… I am sure her mom puts bubbles in the tub with her every time she takes a bath…. I am not buying his explanation…

  45. “Here is my dilemma with his story. Why was your daughter and her mother so freely able to walk into the bathroom while you were bathing? This is not 1940 rural Mississippi.” … Innocent, hopefully, but a very poor decision among all involved except for the baby…people may display certain behaviors as a “family thing” in which some of us others may find questionable, and it may very well be “innocent”, however NO GROWN MAN should even entertain the thought of placing their CHILD in the tub with them…I think this may possibly cause the little girl to think it’s Ok to just get in the tub with any old man…

  46. I do porn videos and will never put my daughter in the likes of my private life! If I was in the tub, she ain’t got no biz there…… Bubbles or not and if I was and she was with me…. Trunks on in a kiddie pool we would be…. NOT A BUBBLE BATH! Damn the muthafuckin’ jokes! The DEVIL lives in the chuch! Ain’t nobody got time for that .Uphold your title with respect and do right by watch you PREACH!

  47. I don’t think that he is molesting the child however it is absolutely inappropriate for them to bathe together and I don’t believe he nor her had on trunks who takes a bath in trunks who has trunks on hand in January he’s just trying to fix it instead of just saying in his household this is normal instead of lying … This is a sad situation all around …

  48. and as you caan see the child would have been looking crazy if he her grandfather posed threat to her…ijs and his daughter is the one who took the photo. But hey we wasnt there..nor in the bubbles as well, so we make Assumption I think!!! and that just my opinion!!

  49. I would think the spirit would have spoke to him and said “no bishop, you dont get your old tail into a bubble filled tub with a child and post it” just too much goin on these days. The devil is busy.

  50. What pedophile post a pic for the media to judge ? If the parents were there and agree that he had the swimming trunks on than fine .

  51. I don’t believe any harm was meant to the child. Many people are able to separate nudity from sexuality. Many in the black church cannot….and for that reason only, he should not have posted the pic.

  52. There is no reason for a grown man’s penile parts to be that close to a baby’s virginal vaginal parts in some water! There ain’t no explanation he could give to explain that away. That baby is old enough to realize that Grandpa has something that she doesn’t. Who the hell wants to explain to a child that young about male parts? Not this gal! Hell my daughter just questioned me about my breasts and her not having any yet and I thought I would die trying to explain it lol

  53. That was so dumb of him to post that. And furthermore he has no business being in the tub w/ no1 other than his significant other.

  54. NO Im not buyinbg into that self righteous foolishness. This nigga just had that baby strapped on a cross talking bout he symbolically crucifying her. I call for his death!

  55. I do porn videos and will never put my daughter in the likes of my private life! If I was in the tub, she ain’t got no biz there…… Bubbles or not and if I was and she was with me…. Trunks on in a kiddie pool we would be! Ain’t nobody got time for that Uphold your title with respect and do right by watch you PREACH!

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