Black Twitter Lights Syleena Johnson’s A** Up For Comparing Blue Ivy To Old Dirty Bastard

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There are three people that if you comment about publicly, you better be ready for their stupid a** stans. 1 – Beyonce, 2-Tamar-, 3- Lil Kim. These three women have some of the dumbest most roofless stans around. You can say “Beyonce ate Pizza Hut last night”, and your Twitter time line will be flooded with lil ignorant children from Detroit cussing you out over a woman that they don’t even have enough money to go see perform. Nonetheless, Syleena Johnson found out the hard way when she compared Blue Ivy’s hair to that of ODB (which it did look like his hair). The Beyhive went in and let have on that a**. No tea no shade, we all know I love Syleena Johnson, but some of the shade was funny as hell. Get into the tweets…

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172 thoughts on “Black Twitter Lights Syleena Johnson’s A** Up For Comparing Blue Ivy To Old Dirty Bastard

  1. I personally could hardly care less about any childs hair that’s not within my inner circle. I do feel some haters of beyonce and her husband started this foolishness and alot more people just decided to put in their opinion just to have something to say. They were talking hard about the pregnancy and dang now the little baby! Celebrities are known to have craziness associated with their life, some have even been killed over it (crazy murderous stalkers). So, I guess that means beyonce up there with micheal jackson, like her husband predicted. It really is a shame that our identity was torn, beat, and branded from out ancestors from the moment they set foot on foreign land. That was involuntary… many have risked their very freedom, and impressed family memories into the next generations to never forget the heritage that was ripped from them, and to know that some (a lot) of black folks willingly help massacre their own legacy…smh. I understand that many tribes in africa wore hair pieces and wigs and face paint to represent status of certain village members, and I see nothing wrong with however you choose to change you hair texture, appearance, what not…but to insult a person with the same god given right is very confusing to me. Not to mention this is the persons natural hair texture. I have seen many celebrity kids with crazy curly hair (boys) at that, like kimora lees son and heidi klums son hair but trust nobody is going hard on them. If I was a one time successful songtress and needed to get back in an industry that has changed I would probably be seen supporting the person I feel changed the game and take notes, cause at the end of day when your bills are due, anything pertaining to some kids hair is not going to help you pay them!

  2. Why the little ignorant children gotta be from Detroit though???? lol I’m feeling some kinda way this Ms. Dineva. #fixitjesus

  3. After reading this article and the many others on the net and reading the comments section I have come to a conclusion. There are a lot, I wont say all, but a large percentage of self hating black people. I am amazed at the comments being hurled at these parents and this child simply due to the state of her hair and the fact that it is kept in its natural state. It’s ashame how black women and some of our men hate the sight of their own image and would do anything to comform to what Western society says is right and proper. Have we not come to understand that through out history our hair, African hair has been deemed as something to be ashamed of and must be hidden away. This belief has been perpetrated more so by African Americans themselves. Instead of embracing our natural hair(nappy to those who hate us or hate themselves) we try to rip down those who sees the beauty in thier childs natural god given hair texture. They try to get you to comb it into a ponytail, braid it up, put extentions in it, or relax it. With all the ills plaguing our community its a shame that this is what we put time into. We start petitions on childrens hair. A petition! How disgusted I’ve become looking at black america. We have actually turned this into a debate. Can we debate how the largest number of foster children in America is African American, can we discuss how the largest number of children in America that go hungry on a daily basis is African American, can we discuss how we are still a minority in this country but have the highest percentage of children on public assistance, and for you smart asses I did not say we have the highest number but highest percentage. Yes I know this is a gossip blog and there are tons of adult situations going on in Atlanta alone to give those their daily fix of somebody elses business. But this topic is neither gossip or news, it just shows the sad state of affairs we find ourselves to be in in the Black community.

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  5. I am so sick of everyone talking about this baby’s hair. Nobody — especially a mother with children of her own, should talk about anybody’s baby. This is so sad and Syleena got what she deserved. Her damn daddy is a ol’ dirty bastard — literally!

  6. I’m not really a fan of Tamar, don’t really know Syleena or KeKe Wyatt, and I’m definitely not a Beyonce stan. Tamar wasn’t really saying anything bad, just when you have that kind of curly hair products are needed to moisturize and keep it in check. But the ODB comment, come-on. They could’ve left all of that alone, said something like she is a beautiful child and kept it at that. I don’t necessarily agree with the way the Internet community went off on them, but sometimes when you open your mouth you have to be ready for the reply, good or bad. Now if someone told Syleena she needs to stop worrying about how this kids hair looks and worry about eating less cheeseburgers then she would have a problem too.

    • Beyonce doesnt care what you think she is living her life Live Yours. I don’t care what anyone does with their hair famous or not. It does not effect me. It shows insecurities about you and how you feel about yourself.


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  8. now i do not think it was cool for syleena or keke to speak on blues hair like they did….HOWEVER stans are taking their comments too far.its sick really.

    but a question…..since a lot of people do feel her hair appears to be unkempt….do the stans/fans/beyhive whatever the hell yall go by allow their childs hair to look like that? do yall not put pony tails,braid or at least comb a natural fro for your child or you let it just be like blue’s? because had she been a regular noncelebrity child a lot of folks wouldnt be wishing death on other strangers for laughing

  9. the fans of beyonce are going crazy and lashing out at everybody involved but tamar didnt say anything wrong lol sheeeeesh keep calm and shit this isnt healthy for yall

  10. Calm down folks…..but Tamar didn’t say anything negative. And some of u are lying…if this was a random lil girl on the street u would have something to say. In my opinion, it nobody’s business. The child is loved and well taken care of. Goodnight

    • OMG thak you… I been saying this for some time now… point exactly if it was Renee down the street they would be bashing the hell out of her but because it is Beyonce she get a damn excuse… Man give me a damn break…

      • I agree these same Beyoncé stans would talk about LaKeisha down the block having her hair laid and not having her child’s hair done. She would be all kinds of sorry ratchet ass bitches and such.

    • What someone decides to do with their hair in their own business.How does it effect your life?Stop being inscure about yourself.

  11. They deserve it. As mothers they should know better than to talk about a child EVEN IF IT IS TRUE. And Tamar’s wig looks like a dead wooly mammoth on top of her head half the time. She should not be talking about ANYBODY’s hair. Now, I do agree they need to come that kid’s damned hair, but that’s on them.

    • #lawdhavemercy….that one got me too! I couldnt get past it…I wanted to write somethin positive and sh$t but lawd…fatherless slaves….LOL

  12. Aaliyah and( I Just Hit Ignore), first of all you don’t even know me and you don’t know who I know and who knows me. Unlike you a non factor I know for sure Beyoncé don’t you. But you two were smart to not leave a space for reply cause you know I would have read your ass well. If you knew who I was then you would know all the people I know. Your are the groupies I work in the industry with that said you bitches make sure you comb your nappy heads.

  13. How do these b´s know if they are combing, putting product in her hair, of just leaving her the hell alone. Black people, oh, excuse me, black women are so messed up about hair. Who cares, she is a baby, and a rich one at that. She does not ever need to worry about her hair and I wish everyone who makes a negative comment about a baby´s hair would please STOP! You look small and simple minded!

  14. Bey fans have a seat Blue hair looks like the struggle people aren´t suppose to comment because it´s queen bey would you let your daughter come out the house looking like a extra from roots the gift hell no. Bey hair be layed but poor little Blue walks around looking like that it´s no excuse your children are a reflection of you! But people are suppose to keep quiet because it´s bey Chile please

    • We are……here….. It don’t make no sense for that baby hair to look that way b has a whole glam squad you hear me a whole glam squad and can’t nobody keep blue twist out fresh neat and moisturized that’s bs by no means am I talking about anyone’s child and I’m not saying perm press or any of that I’m just saying a little pink moisturizer and coconut oil ain’t gone hurt that baby

    • There may be plenty of photo-ops we do not see when her hair is combed, but the media knows that the black blogosphere has this unhealthy and unnatural obsession with hair. She may be a child that undoes her hair, she may be a child that twists her hair and sucks her thumb. At any rate, over manipulation is just not good for children, or anyone for that matter. You are not your hair, it is just a part of you, not what defines you. I think too many worry about the wrong stuff, for real.

  15. I am going to start a petition to boycott these 3 tricks ratchet reality shows until Sylenna lose 50 pounds and make a hit record, KEKE get mental medical help, Tamar to stop bleaching her face, put Vince on a diet, stop stealing songs and vocals, stop copying Beyoncé’s style and get her own, and stop putting all that johnsons baby oil in her sons head. Now yea I said it and I am not taking it back these bitches need to see what it is like when someone comes for you. Fucking with Beyoncé’s baby just cost them what little chance they had in the industry, don’t belive me just keep going to bed at night and getting up in the morning you will see, next year this time you won’t hear shit about these wannabee sluts. But Blue Ivy will still be famous.

      • Bitch did you read my comment!! I said I ain’t taking nothing back too late I already started it. Now hoe what you going to do about it. Who the fuck are you to tell me what to do? You should have told that muppet to keep her mouth shut. KISS MY ASS HOE.

        • Don’t nobody care what YOU started! Tamar didn’t say that’s correct. Nothing in that persons post made it necessary for you to reply like that. I can’t stand a yuk mouth ass heifa !Sthu and sit your ass down somewhere ! Damn. Learn how to talk to people .

          • You do cause your ass replyed, just like them hoe’s said what the wanted to say my ass did the same thing. Nobody gives a hot fuck what you think. If somebody would have went on the radio and said Tamar should put Vince on a diet that’s not healthy her ass would have been all over social media, do you see Beyoncé saying anything NO but she don’t have too cause she has over 7 million fans so we can do it for her. These 3 monkey bitches should have known this was coming soon as they said that shit. Who the fuck are they just because their no career having ass said so Beyoncé should now comb her baby’s hair Beyoncé don’t even know these low budget bitches. Tamar needs to be on the phone with upscale magazine telling them to take that cover off the internet cause people are dragging her ugly ass real FUCK YOU!!

          • @Llawrence Are you crazy!Yuk mouth is right ! What is wrong with you! Beyoncé don’t know you ! Stalker ass creep! You’re pathetic! El- stupido! I won’t reply to you so knock yourself out! Y’all stop replying to this mess .

    • Who cares how much money they have! Older black women have been yelling thru the screen door tellin mamas to comb that child’s head! Stop acting brand new!!!! I don’t care how much money they have,BEYONCÉ NEED TO GRAB THE CROWN ROYAL AND HANDLE HER BUSINESS !

  16. Most of these people are talking about what Beyonce and Jay “need” to do with THEIR child’s hair. First off they don’t NEED to do a motherfucking thing, why should they because you said so…who are you? You’re nobody to them so you’re thoughts are irrelevant! Second how do folks know that they don’t comb that baby’s hair? What are y’all expecting, some bone straight hair after she combs it? It’s most likely going to look the same. Just because they don’t want to pop their child’s hair off with rubber bands, ponytails and braids like some of y’all do to your kids don’t make them bad people. They need to start a petition on folks who puts relaxers and weaves in little kids hair. Kids walking around with their edges nonexistent by the 2nd grade.
    Third if the tables were turned and Beyonce or other folks would try to tell these same people who are talking about her child’s hair what to do with their kids, they would probably curse Beyonce ass out and tell everyone to mind their business. You know people are good to tell folks not to tell them what to do with their child. So what gives you the right to tell someone else what to do with theirs? Folks really need to get a life.

    • WHATEVER! Beyoncé comb that girls head! You got enuff weave for everybody in the world. Take some out and hook your daughter up.

    • FINALLY, some one got it right , Blue Ivy’s hair will be long, healthy and beautiful because they are not piling it up with Grease and putting all those bows and rubber bands around it, Im pretty sure B knows exactly what she is doing. Non of us should care because as long as she eats , is not being abused and is a healthy baby that is all that should matter, As a people we care too much about what others think of us. who cares let her be a child so what life will go on whether her hair is in dreads or not, DAMN its not that serious, who is the baby trying to impress.

    • I could not have said it better, I don’t understand how a radio interview about their non careers made them feel they had the right to talk about a babies hair. They have nothing going on so they had to come for someone who is hot. I think right now they are somewhere wishing they had never went to that interview.

  17. I´m biracial and all my baby pics look like blue ivy and people always comment why didn´t your mama comb your hair. She ain´t special. It should look better both her parents are black. She has a grandma and 4 nannies.

  18. Funny how y’all keep saying it’s not about texture but Halle Berry kept her little girls hair the same way: unkept. And I didn’t hear one word from y’all self hating negroes. Same with Gabby Douglass, yet if it’s a white or biracial athlete that has a messy ponytail, you say nothing. So I’m not buying the “it’s not cause she is natural” comments. There is nothing wrong with this baby’s hair. And yes I would say the same thing if this was Lakeishas baby from the hood. Y’all are really reaching and it’s ridiculous at this point. I’m embarassed by some of you black people. Sad.

    • I think you’re the one reaching by saying this is about the texture of a child’s hair versus whether or not it is ever combed by her parents. I, for one, am against criticizing or teasing a child, yet i often see these type of critiques as more of a comment on the parents than on the child. No one expect Blue to comb her own hair. Just seeing how much Beyonce has put into her own everyday look and hair, it’s just surprising that she doesn’t comb her daughter’s hair. So. Wo cares? I don’t necessarily agree with the sentiment but Tina Knowles was a hairdresser, Beyonce’s first relaxer was at 3 yrs old, she says, and Beyonce stays with her ‘do did. Then why is it silly for people to remark on how Beyonce is always so perfectly coiffed on her days off while her daughter sports unraveling twists on one side of her head but not on the other. Like someone was doing her hair and got interrupted.

      I think Blue is adorable, and my own daughter didn’t wear barrettes until 3 years old, and even I had people making a few suggestions. (My mom suggested the barettes, lol) I can see why some people expect other people to style little girl’s hair with ribbons and bows (or at least moisturizer and a bobby pin). Now, I don’t get the outrage over this but i can kinda understand the confusion.

      • Whoever puts the creamy crack in a child’s hair out to be ashamed of themselves even Tina Knowles, if she put a relaxer in Beyonce’s hair at 3. Anything that alters what is natural to you is inherently bad, particularly since it takes chemicals to alter the texture of hair. I am going to say like Chris Rock did on Wendy Williams’ “leave that baby alone.” And that may be the reason that Beyonce is always rocking braids and weaves is probably because her mother jacked up her natural hair by putting that shit in it. Even the kiddie perms in the pink and purple boxes are still relaxers. You think those companies care about the health of you and/or your kids putting that stuff in their hair? Hell no.

  19. Her stans need to get a fucking life. Bey needs to do that child’s hair period. Jay should be shot too. Just raggedy.

  20. This has gotten to the point of beyond embarrassing. As far as I´m concerned both sides to the argument are relevant. Children really should be off limits particularly small ones that don´t have control over their situation unlike say Will Smiths teens. On the other hand I have to wonder how two billionaires who care so much about their image to the world allow their child to look unkempt. Is it that since she appears to be a daddy´s girl he doesn´t want anybody touching her hair because she cries? How many of us as black women today can say this is how their mother grandma etc let you look unless they were on drugs Alchohol or some other extreme excuse? Let´s be real. Something is wrong.

  21. The double standard for me is how if a child with Blur Ivy’s hairstyle (yes, no one is clowning the hair texture, they’re discussing the hairSTYLE, or lack thereof), if a child with that hairstyle sat across from them on the subway, with a mom in Rainbow clothes, and maybe with a few bundles of Remy on her head, these comment threads would go in about how the mother put so much time and energy in her own look and can’t be bothered to comb her child’s hair. They would call her ghetto, self-absorbed, ratchet, basic, etc. But they wouldn’t turn it into a political statement that they claim Beyonce is making by not doing Blue Ivy’s hair. The said thing is the biggest argument i’ve read is, “Blue Ivy’s rich, she doesn’t need to comb her hair!” Which is basically acknowledging that you think her hair should be combed but wealth buy hers the privilege of not having to. Either way, we agree. :)

    I, for one, do not think Beyonce has a “natural hair agenda” when it comes to the “naturalness” of Blue’s hair. I think the child is tender-headed and Mama just doesn’t want to hear her scream. We’ve all been there. Either as the perpetrator or the victim, yes ma’am.


  22. Well ain´t no reason 2b mad @sylenna or anybody dat have comment blue ivy hair do look terrible it should b combed any child hair should b combed its up 2 parents/caretakers 2do dat no1 is bashing da baby right is right

  23. Well to hell with a mainstream career , these dummies just ruined any chance of making it to the major leagues. Syleena and Keke will be singing on the corner for change. Sometimes up you just need to shut the fuck up, in the words of Blue Ivy via Kandi “If i wanted to take care of every mutha fucking body up here I could” and that just with the money I use for my hair products. Them some dumb heffas. KeKe girl I suggest you take care of that stomach, in the words of Beyonce “you been EATINNN.”

  24. R y´all serious? Lol if the average person walked around with their child´s hair looking like that y´all would go in so hard and probably call child protective services! The comments were funny ok. Bey is not above reproach she can get clowned just like everyone else. Get over it!

    • SO AGREE, tenderheaded or not, listen pick that thing out and put a nice little bow accent that face. Ya’ll got all at money that little gils head should look better then that, shame on both of them, people would have nothing to say if you do her hair bottomline..we are known by our fruit Beyonce and Jayzzz, your fruit head needs to kept. Now as for them chics talking about they done had a few bad hair days so stop acting fresh, and go over and sing a nursey ryhme so she keep still and get that hair done! LMBO

  25. The question is if these 3 tricks were at a radio station to do an interview about them, then how in the hell did Blue Ivy’s name come up.? So that means they have no careers so they had to talk about a 2 year old baby who is more famous then all three of them. Its sad that a baby’s hair is that important to them. I seen there kids and if someone said “Tamar how come you put so much johnsons baby oil on you sons hair?” Well I am going to say Syleena you are giving me Mr. BOOKMEN from good times, and KEKE you are giving me SPONGE BOB with your big ass head, Tamar you are giving me MISS PIGGY, A MUPPET, A DRAG QUEEN. NOW!!!

      • First of all stupid you don’t know who I am and I do know Bey but the question is do you.? For you to know what I am doing on this site says your ass must have read all my comments, so you took the time to read what I had to say. That say’s a lot about you. The fact that you even made a comment on here shows you were interested in what the fuck I had to say that means you are a groupie. So you need to find something else to do besides follow me. NOW SIT YOUR ASS DOWN!!!

        • No, you’re an idiot and on are every Beyonce post acting a damn fool. What you present as is, uneducated and obsessive over Beyonce. I’d bet my paycheck that you DO NOT know Beyonce you weirdo.

          Beyonce needs to run and hide from some of her fans, y’all are seriously delusional and WEIRD.

          • Yep I was right you are a groupie and a hater and your ass is following me. Your dumb ass just said it. If you know that I am on other sites what does that mean your ass is doing. Now who is weird? I never have replied to nothing you have ever said so for you to respond to what I said says your are the one that is obsessive, bitch do you know how many fans Bey has? So I guess we are all weird. but you on the other hand are a wannbee who didn’t get or got a shot at stardom but it didn’t work so now your ass is mad a the world. I am a fan of a lot of artist and if that makes me weird than so be it but one thing is for sure I am not you. Poor, ugly, an outcast, no man in your life, and wishing every night you could be Beyoncé. As I am typing this to you I am on a plane to my other home in Miami, you still living with your parents, or on section 8 in the hood. BYE FOOL

          • Lord have mercy lmao…you WISH that I’d sit here and read that long behind essay you just wrote. #psycho

          • But your dumb ass did read it that’s why you replied how stupid are you. Don’t get mad cause I spoke the truth about you, mind your own business and nobody will come fro you. Don’t blame others cause you are living a mouthful above starvation. Next time just keep reading the comments and don’t fuck with nobody if you can’t take it. #HOODRAT!!!

          • Lmao….Listen I swear this is my last reply to you, because when you argue with CLOWNS, you become part of the circus. YOU are online acting a fool over someone who DOES NOT know or care about you. That was my whole point, you need to calm down. No one in their right mind would be going so hard over something that doesn’t involve them. Yes, have your onion, but at least try to do so without sounding like an someone who rides the short yellow bus. You do not know me, so therefore all of your pointless (whack) insults hold absolutely NO barring on my life. SO have a good day :-)

          • Wow you are crazy what is it going to be hoodrat you said in your last comment you were not going to reply. Your mad cause I read you and now others on the site know what type of chicken head you are. I am not star struck like you I know lot of Alisters and your mad cause you don’t and nobody is a fan of you. That’s why you hate Beyoncé cause people who know her and people who like her music love her and will ride or die for her. I think there is something wrong with you I made a few comment on a site and you came for me and I think it is cause you wish someone would give 2 fucks about you. I know for a fact I called it on your ass and it is killing you that I got it right. Bitch that’s not hard to see from just the comments you make. The fact that you are a section 8 hoe nappy headed, no job, no man and your mama don’t even like you, stop with the self hate it makes you look like a clown. Where you live is a circus and you are the lil monkey in the cage that nobody pays any attention to you. I should bless you to some tickets to Bey’s tour but you don’t have a babysitter for all those kid you have and nothing to wear. I don’t need to prove to someone like you that I do know Bey cause your a nobody so it does not matter. Well ugly I have to go now my plane is landing I will be out on our boat later what will you be doing? Eating cup of noodles. #hoodrat

  26. What ever happened to Kitchen Table Talk? Keep some comments in the privacy of your own home if you don´t want the consequences. But, she might be like Nene, and say, “I said it, and I ain´t taking it back.”

  27. Yes, the petition is dumb because there are much bigger issues. At the samev time Im tired of people kissing Beyonce´s ass and giving her a pass on keeping her child up to par. If this was anyone else´s child, you know you would have a contrary position. Like B and J actually care about their fans and them backing them up!

    • Keep her up to par with whom? Ya’ll act like she eating out of trashcans and have head lice. For those that have children, I hope you are worried more about the emotional and spiritual growth than about their hair and what people on the outside who contribute not one dime to your household has to say, about how you rear your child. what if your child’s hair was done all nice, but stayed ashy no matter how much Eucerin and Nivea you buy. Does that make you a bad mom that your children are always ashy? How would you feel if all your FB friends, Instragram and Twitter followers went in on your child? Sometimes put yourself in others’ shoes.

  28. ITS THE TRUTH! She needs to comb the baby’s hair! If mama walks around fabulous then so should the child, or at least look like there was some type of grooming going on! I mean, she is a baby so it wont take much to get her hair together! Just comb through it, add some ribbons,bows,barettes, headband, something! And she will be alright. I mean, come on now! And people are saying that its cruel to talk about a child? They’re not talking about Blu, they’re talking about what her mama not doing! Which is combing her hair!

  29. nothing to do with texture and everything to do with grooming..If a child´s hair is matted up and looks like they´ve been playing in Elmer´s Glue all the damn time that´s not okay!!! Black,Caucasian,Asian,etc hair needs to be combed or neatly groomed

  30. If Kevin hart, Mike Epps or Kat Williams said the same thing everyone would love it. It was a joke and a funny one at that. That baby was growing shit-locks and it looked horrible. How many coins she has in the bank doesn´t mean she any less right or shouldn´t speak her mind.

  31. the issue isnt whether syleena was lying or telling the truth.we ALLLLL can obviously see that blu ivy´s hair needs a lil attention…but to each his/her own when it comes to their childs hair..i´d rather see blu hair nappy at 2 then a parent trying to quick weave and or perm a childs hair

  32. so yall saying nobody should talk about someone’s baby? Right! But who in thier right mind, brings their child out of the house looking crazy? especially if youre a celebrity. Clearly paps are going to be taking photos- the least she could do it put the babyon a damn hat! She seems to never forget hers smdh

  33. I dont see how they commented negetively. She said the truth. Blue gives us OBD!!! its not a jab at Blue, its the truth. Beyonce should comb that childs head- PERIOD

  34. well syleena not the only one that talks about blu´s hair, it´s a lot of people and i heard on the news that someone created a petition to do blu ivy´s hair, so too just single syleena out of crowd because of her opinion is wrong, she dind´t have too say old dirty bastard though.

  35. Funky heffas, how the hell can they call themselves mothers and fix their mouths to speak ill of somebody else child.

  36. Idgaf about Blue, Bey, Seleena or none of them. With that being said, I really can’t see how any mother would comment negatively on another woman’s child. All those women have children and I’m very sure they would have a problem with someone saying something negative about their offspring.

    Wanda Smith’s messy ass was looking to create some drama and they fell right into it. They should’ve said that petition is utter bullshit and kept it moving to the next topic.

    Why should anyone care enough about Bey and her baby to be commenting on her hair? Just make sure you and yours are tight and right and enjoy the people around you and not these celebrities who can give two shits about you because they don’t know you!

  37. It has nothing to do with beyonces star status. Noone wants their child talked about.
    If someone talked about one of your black ass kids youd be upset too. Such hypocites

  38. Complete and utter madness!!!! I can’t believe a mother would talk about some elses child like that!!! SAD!!! People need to mind their own business, really..

  39. It’s a damn baby who cares how her hair look some of these grown ass adults walk around with they shit fucked looking worst then Blue Ivy at least she can get her shit combed some of these adults don’t have shit to comb

    • Hell yeah. That is a damn baby. Hell if u was out getting money touring and shit I wouldn’t give a damn what nobody had to say about me or my child. They sitting on their asses waiting for a damn tv show to air BITCH PLEASE. Thise wack ass reality shows their on aint hitting on shit. And Tamar OMG. She liked to or did she have a nervous break down when people were talking about her husband’s weight. So how she thinks they feel about their baby. Hatibgllll

  40. The baby hair is nappy, Beyonce need to sit her down and comb that hair. I don’t care if it’s done in a style or not. JUST COMB HER DAMN HER! There wasn’t no shade, just truth.

    • CLEARLY the twists were being removed and that baby was sleeping on the side that still had them. Wtf she look like washing and greasing half that child’s head? Should she have left a comb dangling from the ends of her hair to prove something to grown ass Black women? Maybe put a scarf on her head and put her in some pajama bottoms footies and Jordan’s to let you all know it’s real??

  41. Tamar and keke really didnt say anything bad but the syleena was dead ass wrong like who compares a baby to odb.

  42. You do not have to have relaxed hair or weave for it to look cute. The little girl hair looks like she´s been waddling on carpet or sleeping on a pissy ass mattress. Regardless of what texture of hair you have, oil it down damn! People want real, Sylenna, Tamar, Kiki, & many more is giving it!

  43. Why do people care so much about a child´s hair? People are so focused on speaking about her hair but I bet everyone who is posting negative stuff has someone in they life that is not taking care of their child but won´t say boo to them.

  44. Lmao… ” lil ignorant children from Detroit cussing you out over a woman they don´t even have enough money to go see perform. ”

    …… ” mad cause Blue can get Oprah on the phone.”

    …… ” blu first birthday, got more attention then your whole career.”


  45. Perhaps it´s a cultural thing or call me old school. My mother made sure that our hair was maintained every day. And she was a single mother so what would be their excuse? I don´t have an issue with natural hair. Natural hair must be cared for.

  46. My hair is natural so I get the struggle. A headband would make a world of difference. Like a friend of mine said if this was a regular baby everyone would be saying they need to comb it. I just don´t like to see parents casket sharp when the kids not.

    • Where in that photo did either Jay-Z or Beyonce look casket sharp? Look like they just came off a long ass flight and Beyonce has a hood on, so we do not know what her hair looked like. You all are reaching. And, there are a lot of women that will not comb their hair and throw a wig on like it is a damn hat. Comb that hair and then talk.

  47. I am so tired of this subject! I think some people have forgot what it is like to deal with black natural hair. I know you have experienced combing your child´s hair all nice. But by the next day after playing and sleeping it´s a mess again. Toddler love to mess up their hair. Some people need to stop acting like their child´s hair is perfectly coifed every minute of every day. If you at the house you ain´t trippin. But Beyonce don´t get to chill at the house she is always on the go so…Like someone mentioned above Ms Tina knows about hair. That´s why some of these chicks wondering why they babies ain´t got no edges and they hair won´t grow. Because you doing too much to it. Just let it be.

  48. Bey and Jay are always looking good, why not show the same effort in Blue´s hair. People are wrong for making those horrible comments about the child. They should focus the comments on the parents. It is embarrassing to be so rich and show up to public events with that baby looking like that. Shame on the parents, especially Beyonce, focus on your daughter, she is just as important as your career. Get your glam squad to do the child hair.

  49. Talking about Blu isn´t right but hot damn, motherfuckers are madder than Bey and Blu isn´t even their 20th cousin down the line!

    I don´t understand it. People defend this woman and child as if she gives a literal fuck about them. It´s hilarious! Defending Beyonce and Blu as if they´d bat an eye for these stans. Please stop it.

  50. if you gonna talk about a child make it “kitchen table talk” as wendy williams says on her show..but when you critique a child in a public format PLEASE be ready to get ROASTED!

  51. Beyonce aint GOD and neither is her child, EVERYBODY has commented about a child at one point or another so just because this one has famous parents, dnt mean shit. Damn can people have a opinion without being a hater. If Beyonce gave a fuck about what everybody thinks, she wouldnt have her baby walking around like that in the first place. Let blue had been a kid in the hood walking down the street, ya´ll would suck your teeth and roll your eyes talking about “somebody need to do that child´s head”.

    • You better say that, Miss Chante! #truth
      These mofos kill me with this Beyoncé ish. She does need to comb that child’s hair. Period!

      • Yesss! I agree, if this was a regular person walking around looking fabulous, and it looked like they just woke the baby up and left the house, people would have something to say. Since its beyonce and her child, then people are wrong for talking about a baby. They need to comb the baby’s hair! It doesnt take much, goodness! And people are not talking about the child, they’re talking about what her mama not doing! Which is not combing her hair! IT’S THE TRUTH! It is what it is!

    • Amen! These people act is if Beyonce pays their bills…stop the madness! It’s not okay to have your childs hair looking a mess. Black hair takes upkeep to be healthy and you can clearly tell that’s not the case.

  52. lol funny as hell =)) people kill me they can talk about how an average person looks or child looks but when it come to beyonce folks wanna fly off the handle… that gurl aint God… people went in on angelina jolie about sahara´s hair.. whats the difference….

  53. and this aint about the bee hive protecting beyonce or her child..i could give 6 fucks about the bee hive im not a stan of beyonce its just a fuckin MESS grown ass adults are worrying about the up keep of another womans child hair..while syleena is worried about blu´s hair ask her did she brush her child´s tooth last night! chick bye!

  54. What i dont get is these people defend these artist like they have brunch n sip tea on sundays them bitches dgaf about u buy their albums n products n keep paying for their homes and cars while y´all taking the bus most of it is for media attention hell she probably has a new album coming out n now a platform to promote it… i lol at people. Bashing a baby n e baby is not the way to promote urself tho n especially not comparing her to a dead man smh tisk tisk.

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