Bobbi Kristina Frustrated About All These Damn Whitney Houston Tributes

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On this most recent episode of a show I REFUSE to watch, The Houstons: On Our Own, Bobbi Kristina expressed how she truly feels about all these Whitney Houston Tributes. In this particular episode, that i did not watch, The BET Awards were rolling around, Bobbi Kristina was asked to be apart of the the tribute, but she did not want to attend. Check out her reason why.

Bobbi Kristina was filmed in her confesional saying:

“With all these tributes and everyone, ’Oh I loved your mom, I missed her’ and this and that — You guys are the same people that criticized her when she was alive,” Bobbi Kristina said. “So, to me, all this is bullsh*t.”

You know what Bobbi Kristina, you are probably right. But check this out, if you keep going the way you are going and being guided the the devil in a bad wig Pat Houston, they are going to be criticizing your a$$ too. Only difference is, there will be no tribute to you!

Dionne Warrick, Oprah, Tyler Perry, somebody please come get this lil girl. Someone needs to adopt her, even though she is grown. I feel so sorry for her and honestly harbours serious disdain in my heart for Pat Houston. ughhh. She is exploiting the hell out of this girl. AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO SEES THIS?

Wonder where she figured out what this stuff was???   Honestly, i never even scene real live cocaine until i was 26 years old, well out of college and working in the corporate world.

The emotional process of mourning a legend and family member continues on “The Houstons: On Our Own,” Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Lifetime. – Y’all can watch this SH&T. I sure as hell wont be!!!

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6 thoughts on “Bobbi Kristina Frustrated About All These Damn Whitney Houston Tributes

  1. I will personally will lift her up in prayer praise GOD FOR TYLER PERRY AND CECE WYNANS for being there for bobbie please continue to be her menture bobbie you dont have to be like no one be who GOD HAS called you to be dont let the DEVIL steal your life or you joy PSALMS 119:165 great peace have they which love hy law (follow GODS COMMANDMENTS) and nothing shall offend them. Rip whitney GOD BLESS DEB LITES .

  2. I guess she won’t mind when there will be no tributes for her when she overdoses or dies from alcohol poisoning. I just hope that they doesn’t take out any innocent people when the next car crash happens.

  3. yes i think they all are making a pretty penny off of bobbi k and her wild antics/mourinng/coping mechcanisms… pat, cissy, pats brother,nick, and whtineys brother and they keep saying they are trying to help her but shit i dont see it! it sad when your own family is trying to make some money off of you instead of actually coming to your rescue…3months after Whitneys death really yall! really! …unlike the Ms. Funky Dineva Ross I will be watching its a train wreck i cant turn away from!

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