Brandy Pays HOMAGE To Whitney Houston, Actually Does Pretty Good (Watch)

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So some of y’all may not be aware, but I have not really been featuring Brandy as of lately. I just feel some kind of way. I don’t know what it is. I once loved Brandy. Hell, I practically grew up with the girl. But when I received this, I had to share.

Understanding that this may be her last shot at reviving her career, Brandy has been beating the pavement hard, promoting her new album TWO ELEVEN. I Have not listened to it yet, but friends say its pretty good. Earlier this week at New York’s Best Buy Theater during her show, Brandy paid tribute to the late great Whitney Houston.

Random Fact: Brandy named her album TWO ELEVEN to commemorate the passing of Whitney Houston.


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3 thoughts on “Brandy Pays HOMAGE To Whitney Houston, Actually Does Pretty Good (Watch)

  1. She sounds pretty good. I dont see why her career doesnt take off. She can act and sing well. I never watched her reality shows because Ray J is a big “Hell Nawh” for me. I wish her the best. I know some folks who used to love her but after she duped her fans with the fake marriage then skeeted away from her responsibilities with the car accident, folks were turned off by her.

  2. She Slayed…Her Voice Keeps Getting Better With Age & Its’ Everything. But Anyway, Funky, Please Get Into Brandy’s Two Eleven. It Sooo Good, Girl. I’m Not Even A Big Stan Of Hers But I Most Give Props When It Is Due & She Delivered. She Has Essence Of That Good Ol’, Back-In-The-Day 90′s R&B Music (That I Know You Love) While Still Staying Current On What’s Hot Now In R&B/Hip-Hop. Trust Me, I Would Never Steer You Wrong. Take A Listen & Fall In Love, You Won’t Regret It. :)

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