“Bros Before Hos” – A Pilot Presentation For A New TV Show. Would You Watch This? (video)

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In an era of all this tired ass reality tv, it is good to see that scripted tv is starting to make a small comeback, slowly but surely. Allow me to put on my accountant hat for just a moment. For those of you who would like to see the total eradication of reality tv, don’t hold your breath. Reality tv is dirt cheap to produce in relation to scripted television and the return on investment is HUGE. Let’s face it, scripted shows like Scandal are a gift from the TV Gods and not the norm. I said all that to say… I don’t know, I lost my train of thought.

BROS BEFORE HOS is a television pilot presentation about what it’s like to fall in love in this crazy world we live in now. The series is a semi-autobiographical comedy about three brothers, two straight, one gay, each dealing with modern-day issues in Los Angeles while trying to find love, but screwing shit up along the way.


Because we liked it and thought it was funny. At its heart, this is a family show about three brothers who will never let anyone – guy or girl – come in between their bond. No, we’re not calling women “hos,” but we thought this would be a catchy title to grab people’s attention. Now, if a network wants to make our little show, and feels we should change the title, then we’d be down to having that conversation.


Well, a pilot presentation is a “sizzle reel” of sorts that’s intended to show the world and the powers that be what this show would look like if it were on an actual television network. It’s like a “mini TV episode.”

Check it out. Let me know what you think.

Bros Before Hos – Pilot Presentation from Anthony Hemingway on Vimeo.


More on this show https://brosbeforehostv.squarespace.com/

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50 thoughts on ““Bros Before Hos” – A Pilot Presentation For A New TV Show. Would You Watch This? (video)

  1. I really wast enthused or interested I kept trying the gay one nd the fat brother were not interesting I drew more to the divorced nd dating guy he seems interesting enough to carry the show alone nd act.

  2. I’m not concerned about the title…it would never stand. I’m more worried about the acting. Overall I think the concept would work as I found myself wanting to laugh and be engaged, but that was purely based on the script. Replace Aiden and I feel you’ve got something here.

  3. Definitely not a family show, but the pilot has potential. The title doesn’t really fit, it just seems to be for shock value. Folks always think you have to include a little bit of rachet to get black people to tune in I guess. (sigh)They should change the actor who is playing the athlete brother. He’s not very good.

  4. I don´t like the title AT ALL! You wouldn´t have three white men in a show with the word Ho´s in the damn title! Soooooo…. why does the writer of the show thinks that it´s ok for three black men to act in a show that has the word Ho´s in the title??? That´s the issue I have. Now, I did watch the pilot, it´s decent. If they change the title, than I would watch the show. They need to change the title first.

    • Exactly. And have the nerve to call it a family show…yeah, because that’s some good ole’ wholesome positive reinforcement of relationship building. Ignorance at it’s finest.

  5. Jacked up title… We (blacks) need to know better, so we can do better. Hollywood 101 for blacks… #HollywoodShuffle
    Look for… & demand better roles for our children to aspire too. Basically every woman seen on that show will be classified as Hos. I appreciate you keeping it hood Hollywood, but I´ll pass.

  6. Haven’t watched the video yet, but the title is a huge turn-off. I’m opting out of media where men refer to women as bitches, hoes, thots, etc. As a Black woman, I’m tired of paying for my own degradation.

    • Who’s degrading you? Are you a hoe, thot, or bitch? Don’t take ownership in words that clearly don’t describe you and don’t lump yourself with ALL women of your race. I don’t see any other race of women doing so.

    • Hell I think if people looked those dry ass shows SINGLE LADIES with LISARAYE they will look at this drying as show.

  7. the plot is refreshing- the characters (seem) whole and non-stereotypical. but that title…..that title is off-putting and brings to mind another kind of show. the kind featuring a dozen lil scrappys sharing a two bedroom walk up in some unnamed hood with a plethora of unshapely women all trying to make it to thotville before the liquor store closes…….
    i’d watch though…..

  8. The fact that the suits are the only one that can make you have that conversation is …..well…..sad. However, I would be inclined to watch the pilot with the hope that your talent will show and your common sense about things like TV titles will kick eventually.

  9. Good show, Great pilot. Not something I would watch but I could see it doing well on BET or VH1, kinda the guud view of Single Ladies. I know the gays will def support. Just change the name to Bros.

  10. The fact that you simple heauxs will gladly sit here and type paragraphs about the ratchetness you’ve witnessed on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta that week or whatever drama happening on Married to Medicine, but wouldn’t watch a show like this dedicated to brotherhood in spite of differences says a lot about what you value and why the shows on television are microwaved garbage today.

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