Bus Driver Beats Passenger In Head With Keys After Refusing To Pay And Getting Spit On (watch)

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Chile, y’all are going to get enough of getting on these peoples public transportation and and talking to these bus drivers any ole kind of way. There once use to be a day when you could get on the bus and cuss the hell out of the bus driver, or go to McDonalds and go the hell off on the cashier, but those days are long gone. Now cashiers at McDonalds are coming from behind the counter and whoopin ass and bus drivers are throwing the metro in park and punching passengers. Yes Gawd service personnel, let em know, y’all are not her to be toyed with!

I’m not sure what city this is where the incident took place. However, the story goes, a passenger got on the bus, didn’t pay her fair, words were exchanged, the bus driver got spat on, and the passenger ended up with a hand full of keys going upside her head repeatedly. Catch these T’s


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45 thoughts on “Bus Driver Beats Passenger In Head With Keys After Refusing To Pay And Getting Spit On (watch)

  1. Well the footage was funny as hell!!!!!!!! After I read what DINEVE posted, as I was trying to get through reading it I was laughing my tears out!!!!! I feel that the women was a intellectually challenged individual, and the Bus driver should be trained on people with behaviors, and her ass would have been dealt wit. People like that WILl spit /kick/bite/throw ect. Can’t let get the best of you …. I know I would want to avoid any contact w/ the public if I was a driver. FRIST SIGN OF BEHAVIOR; ( SOMEONE POSTED) How many times can you say You gonna pay for this bitch……………… You could tell also, cause she can’t fight. the bus driver did put her down, but a little too late. DAMN, I could no see the spit part though????

  2. OK EVERYONE, I DID NOT SEE HER SPIT, I FEEL that the women is intellectually challenge, as soon as she gave me trouble I would have handle her ass w/ getting her right off the bus ESCORT/BEHIND/With face protection/ and stick/ she would have got off…. People like that will spit/kick scratch/bite throw/ BETTER know what can come to you dealing w/ people on these jobs.

  3. No really Dineva!!!!!!!!! you know you is tripping!! Where do you find this stuff!! I am sure that women is a intellectually challenge individual, that Bus Driver know she should have put her down at first instead hitting her in the head, they should be trained to handle people like her, she seen slow and can´t fight!!!! It was shamefully funny though??????

  4. this was so funny she kept saying you gona pay for this bitch to the bus driver but it backed fires and she ate her own words and she paid for them words LAWD now I have nightmares about busses lmfao

  5. Spitting on someone will get you wopped, but what´s up with these bystanders sitting by watching this and not trying to stop it? Shame on them. No fault for the bus driver because she was clearly provoked, spit on and then hit with the pocket book. Those men sitting around and laughing about it though, for shame!

  6. well soon as I heard the word molly wop i knew that HAD to be somewhere in the midwest. people put so much emphasis on spitting…but i’ve seen worse done that spitting on someone…sorry i’ll take a glob of saliva over being black and blue, long as it doesnt land in my eye or mouth…in this case miss lady looked like bag lady and i for damn sure wouldnt want her spit getting on me.

  7. I think the bus driver did what anyone of us would have…im sure she will think twice the next time she decide to spit on someone…lmao…she got 20 knots on her face & head to remind her

  8. I would happily practice my MMA and Martial arts training on her…it would be my gift to the world.

    @bricatu Sevensix: She doesn´´t make anyone look bad but herself and her family-spitting is what animals do. I think people need to STOP taking collective responsibility for the actions of a few morons in the world.

  9. Thats what happenes when people get on our buses acting like clowns. Yes thats my co-worker and of course she still has her job.

  10. Get mad if you want, but I’m going to say it anyway. Before I even looked at the video; I just knew it had to be a black woman making us look bad. Yes, some of you are talking about how the men on the bus did nothing about it. Well to be honest, I really don’t blame them. You never know what people have up their sleeves and blaming them for not doing anything is just a way to lift some of the blame off of her. It’s called the “good Samaritan act”; it’s actually in the law books. This law protects people from being held accountable for things like this. If they felt in any way uncomfortable to intervene, then they are protected.

  11. People need to shut up. That lady got what she deserved and if you look closely, the bus driver was trying to let go of the woman when she was on her knees, but the woman wouldn’t let her arm go. And they didn’t need to call 911. Nobody needed to be arrested. That lady got her ass beat, and got put off the bus. End of story.

  12. The younger generation is desensitized (sp?). They would rather record this nonsense than call 911 and its so sad. Yes getting a beating because you spit on someone is the correct reaction but recording the incident and laughing while it occurs is just simple minded and stupid. The 2 men recording it need their asses beat publicly and videotaped while its happening lets see how funny they find that….mmmm mmmm mmmm no hope for our future…

  13. That´s a HOT ASS MESS!!! All those so called “MEN” on that bus sitting their laughing & video taping the incident instead of helping the bus driver out and getting that chick off the bus.

  14. I get the fight, I get it. You can come at someone like this and not get something back. BUT!!!!

    No one did anything to stop this after the woman was on her knees (called for help, broke it up, stayed between them). Sadly, the spectators we see were all men. Cheering it on like they were watching gladiators or something. SMH

    • I know that’s right…talk your little ish and keep it moving….She initiated it. Hope the Bus Driver is able to keep her job….that was just an expected reaction from the driver.

  15. I agree with the others, the fact that no one is trying to break it up and everyone is trying to get hits on world star and youtube is ridiculous…this generation of black men are becoming USELESS . As for the fight the driver know her ass was wrong, you dont know if that crazy lady has a weapon or anything. … call transit police and exit the bus and wait for them to arrive.

  16. First I get the story and yes these workers are not playing. But I think this video points out something that really bothers me today. These are two women going at it and a bus full of “men”, and I use that term loosely. Whatever happened to the men who broke up fights and deescalate situations? On a lot of these videos showing fights in our communities these days, always have a gang of dudes who know dayum well they can break this mess up, pull these women apart, and ensure that everyone goes there own way. Instead these fools are the first ones to start recording! That lets me know as a women, if I was standing on the street and a bunch of chicks jumped me and I needed help, don’t look to those big strong dudes to the side cause they are too busy laughing and filming. I’m sorry to go on a rant but these were two old a$$ ladies and them “men” could have at least tried to interject…

    • I feel the same way at first it was this no snitching shit now its lets stand aside instigate record chant and laugh i had an incident happen to me on a bus at the age of 25 another man decided to tell me no faggots could ride his bus he was a passenger and then decided to get in my face and act as if he was going to hit me several times while a bus full of niggas recorded and chanted and told him to mind you i had not opened my mouth had not been on the bus 2 minutes and dress like every other male my age except my clothes fit. I thinks its sad how many fight videos and etc is online today people will stand aside and watch you beat to death and record it and chant and root

  17. This is so disrespectful to the Public Workers of America who are just attempting to do their jobs. Granted she should’ve called Transit Police and let them handle the situation, but for the men who recorded the encounter and to glorify WSHH shows a disconnect in today’s youth and men alike..

    I will admit i like a good keekee like the rest but to see someone my mothers age or better have to defend herself at work is absurd.

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