Fine A$$ Lance Gross Stars In New NBC Show ‘Crisis’. I Bet Tyler Perry Is Hotter Than Fish Grease

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lance gross

Chile y’all know I love me some Lance Gross. Mostly for reasons that would probably have the FTC shut my site down if I wrote them out, so I’ll refrain. Eww Chile I’m getting hot and bothered just writing this post. Miss Tyler Perry knew exactly what she was doing when she was casting Lance in all those Easter Plays she called television shows. Nonetheless, Lance has built up his acting resume, used his previous experience as a stepping stone, and now is playing in the big leagues. Daddy Lance is anchoring a new show on NBC called Crisis and I AM HERE FOR IT!

Gillian Anderson, Dermot Mulroney, Michael Beach and Lance Gross star in CRISIS, an emotionally charged new drama series about having to choose between your family and your country. When a group of D.C. high-school students is kidnapped during a field trip, the entire nation is thrown into chaos. That’s because the teens’ parents are some of the country’s biggest power players – top business execs, international diplomats, political luminaries… even the President and first lady. Forced into the unfamiliar territory of being powerless, these high-level mothers and fathers are now at the mercy of one vengeful mastermind who is demanding they do unthinkable things – like jeopardize national security – to ensure their kids’ safety. It will take Washington’s best and brightest to navigate this dangerous game of cat and mouse, and avert a crisis that not only threatens some of our most prominent families… but each and every one of us.

Sounds exciting huh? Quiet as its kept, the show could be as dull as Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood and I’d still tune in to see Lance Gross shirtless. Want more? Check out the trailer Continue reading

Women’s History Month: Celebrating The Black Woman

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It is always the right time to celebrate Black women. Make no mistake about that. March, however, is Women’s History Month and, thus, a time to celebrate the Black woman in a specific and concentrated way. I look forward to this month of celebration because I know, for a fact, that my intellectual and activist growth would not have been possible without the contributions of Black women. I am because of the resilience and vitality of the Black woman.

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How can you not love Alvin Ailey dancer Alicia Graf-Mack?



Some sisterly wisdom from Toni Morrison.


WHAT HAPPENED: The Evolution of Clair Huxtable into Being Mary Jane

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claire maryjane

In an era of side chicks and #’2, the media seems to bee preoccupied with these Scandal / Being Mary Jane type story lines. I personally think art is imitating life, and what we are now seeing on our television screen now is a reflection of whats been going on for years. However, there are a select group that feel differently and take major exception with “the white man screwing the sister” or ” the successful sister screwing the married man.” I get it, I’m just not losing any sleep over it. I came across this pretty cool article that is sure to spark conversation. Check it out:

Perhaps a more suitable title for this blog would be, “The Deterioration of Clair Huxtable into Being Mary Jane,” but for the sake of attracting readership I chose to go with the word, ‘evolution.’  I wanted to purposely offend all of your memories of the smooth, professional, beautiful wife, mother of five, New York City lawyer, television persona, Clair Huxtable and make you think twice about your affections for the the charming, beautiful, professional adulterer, Mary Jane.

In a time when black America needs no help in projecting harmful and negative stereotypes within its communities, television writers and more specifically black television writers are cashing in exponentially on black female television heroines such as Olivia Pope and Mary Jane while they avoid less controversial role portrayals like Clair Huxtable as if she were a plague, but I understand. Clair is played out.

No one can be that beautiful, that happy, and that professional all of the time. Moreover, by today’s television standards, Clair is boring.  She loved Cliff and Cliff only. When her children needed her advice, she seemed happy to give it to them and her job always seemed to be a distant third behind Sandra, Denise, Theo, Vanessa, Rudy, and Cliff respectively.

Understandably, in a time when more women are working and raising children in their single state, I am sure it can be hard to relate to Clair Huxtable, but is it really that easy to relate to Mary Jane? Continue reading

Martin Luther King’s Sons Sue Their Sister Bernice King Over Father’s Bible And Nobel Prize

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You know what? The Damn King family KILLS ME. Y’all had the nerve to get all up and arms about creative college kids using Dr. king’s face on party flyers, when the real disgrace to his legacy is his children. Though I did feel the party flyers were tacky, I find it more appalling that Dr. King’s life work was all about unity and coming together as one, yet his children can’t put on a unity front to further propel their fathers legacy. All family’s have issues and squabbles. However, when you are from a family of prominence, and revered highly for your lineage’s contribution to the Civil Rights Movement, you are not afforded the luxury of fighting with your siblings publicly. It’s unfair, but it is what it is.

bernice king and Eddie LongY’all already know, I take all kinds of exception with Bernice King’s vile bull-daggin ass. I can’t stand the heffa. The pressure of being a “King” keeps her in the closet and worst yet has fostered an incredulous amount of self hate within her. I was done with her ass when she was leading a march along side Eddie Long’s TCB Activator smelling ass against civil liberties for gays. The nerve of both them! It’s been speculated for years that Dexter King was gay and had to move to California to escape the veil of his family name in order to breath a little bit. Quiet as its kept, I BELIEVE EVERY SINGLE WORD. Corretta wasn’t no saint either. The stories of her and her alleged affairs with the boys of Moorehouse College run rampant amongst the Old Gaurde of Atlanta. With all of that, I pardon them because they are human. However, they need to humanly GET IT TOGETHER. And while their at it, they need to fix that raggedy ass King center that Atlanta boost as one of its major tourist attractions, and you can smell pee outside from the parking lot.

Anyway, Dexter and Martin Luther King III are suing Bernice Ben King over the possession of their father’s Bible and Nobel price. Apparently they have been wanting to sell it on the open market for sometime. In opposition of their plan, Bernice Ben King has tucked those items away under lock in key in a safe that is in her possession. Opposed to fighting this battle internally with her brothers, Bernice Ben King decided to Shame her brother so to speak by taking to the media. Check out what she had to say… Continue reading

BLACK HISTORY: Black Women who were Lynched in America

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Black History month for me has become a time where I step away from the cliche’ watching of roots or the preverbial reciting of “I Have a Dream” to take time to seriously understand what really happened. Being 30 years old, I escaped much of “the struggle” based on age alone, the other part, my parents worked hard to shield me from. Like many others in my age bracket, we are so far removed from the time when were Black people were not afforded basic civil liberties, that its almost as if it never happened. Images like the one above make it all real. It drives it all home for me. Granted I was not there or even born when this photo was snapped, however this image is so powerful that it alone has better helped me understand the plight of Black people in this country.

American women lynched in America.  Four of them were known to have been pregnant. You can see the full list at the post Recorded Cases of Black Female Lynching Victims 1886-1957: More on Black Women Who Were Lynched.)

Printed as a community service by Dr. Daniel Meaders, Professor of History at William Patterson University, and author of several books and articles, including Dead or Alive, Fugitive Slaves and White Indentured Servants Before 1800 (Garland Press, 1993)

*** If you think what you are about to read is important, please leave us a comment below and share your thoughts. We want to know what led you to search for this information. It has been getting a lot of attention lately and we value your input.

Jennie Steers
On July 25, 1903 a mob lynched Jennie Steers on the Beard Plantation in Louisiana for supposedly giving a white teenager, 16 year-old Elizabeth Dolan, a glass of poisoned lemonade. Before they killed her, the mob tried to force her to confess but she refused and was hanged. (100 Years at Lynching. Ralph Ginzburg)

laura_nelson_high_resLaura Nelson
Laura Nelson was lynched on May 23, 1911 In Okemah, Okluskee, Oklahoma. Her fifteen year old son was also lynched at the same time but I could not find a photo of her son. The photograph of Nelson was drawn from a postcard. Authorities accused her of killing a deputy sheriff who supposedly stumbled on some stolen goods in her house. Why they lynched her child is a mystery. The mob raped and dragged Nelson six miles to the Canadian River and hanged her from a bridge.(NAACP: One Hundred Years of Lynching in the US 1889-1918 )

Ann Barksdale or Ann Bostwick
The lynchers maintained that Ann Barksdale or Ann Bostwlck killed her female employer in Pinehurst, Georgia on June 24, 1912. Nobody knows if or why Barksdale or Bostick killed her employer because there was no trial and no one thought to take a statement from this Black woman who authorities claimed had ”violent fits of insanity” and should have been placed in a hospital. Nobody was arrested and the crowd was In a festive mood. Placed in a car with a rope around her neck, and the other end tied to a tree limb, the lynchers drove at high speed and she was strangled to death. For good measure the mob shot her eyes out and shot enough bullets Into her body that she was “cut in two.”

Marie Scott
March 31, 1914, a white mob of at least a dozen males, yanked seventeen year-old Marie Scott from jail, threw a rope over her head as she screamed and hanged her from a telephone pole in Wagoner County, Oklahoma. What happened? Two drunken white men barged Into her house as she was dressing. They locked themselves in her room and criminally “assaulted” her. Her brother apparently heard her screams for help, kicked down the door, killed one assailant and fled. Some accounts state that the assailant was stabbed. Frustrated by their inability to lynch Marie Scott’s brother the mob lynched Marie Scott. (Crisis 1914 and 100 Years of Lynching) Continue reading

94% Of Academy Voters Are Caucasian. With That, Why Are Black People So Pressed About Winning Oscars

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“If another Black person never won an award at a White award show, I would be fine with that. Angela Bassett has never won an Oscar and she is our greatest! White Award shows are the cherry on top of the Black cinema sundae–a nice addition, perhaps, but hardly necessary. White culture, and all that it entails, just doesn’t mean as much to me as it does some other Black people. I’m very indifferent when it comes to White culture. Most of the movies and shows I love are not recognized by White award shows, and I don’t need them to be. It’s enough that Black art speaks to me. White recognition is far down on the list of necessities. There is a difference between it being nice that something happened and needing something to happen. This is how I view White award shows. Some Black people say, ‘Our films are worth Oscars!’ I think our films are worth more than Oscars. Our appreciation, our joy, our reverence is what matters. Celebrate yourself! I’m not interested in having White culture celebrate Black culture. That is my job. Now if I fail at that, I have only myself to blame. According to the LA Times, ‘Oscar voters are nearly 94% Caucasian.’ Is this really what we are desperate to have recognize Black art?” ~ Anti Intellect

Makes you say huh? Thoughts?