Raven Symone Doesn’t Want To Be Called African-American, But AMERICA Will Still Call And Treat Her Black!

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Nessa Girl, I just got through watching this sit down interview that Raven Symone just did with Oprah, and girl I must say that I am a little concerned for little Olivia (Raven’s character on the Cosby show). Raven Symone, someone who is probably so far removed from “the Black experience” in American due to her early starts in Hollywood ignorantly expressed to Oprah

“I don’t know where my roots go to. I don’t know how back they go. I don’t know how far back, and I don’t know what country in Africa I’m from. I do know that my roots are in Louisiana. I’m an American, and that’s a colorless person because we’re all people. I have lots of things running through my veins.”

Oprah who was damn near startled out of her chair tried to give this miseducated sister a chance to clean up the mess that she had just made, but in a true unaware fashion, Raven dug the hole even deeper

“I’m an American. I have darker skin. I have a nice, interesting grade of hair.”

Here’s the thing. I totally get Raven and I see where she was trying to go with this whole thing. However, this was a misguided attempt to try to be a part of a greater whole, that quite frankly Raven and those that look like her are not the gatekeepers of. Unfortunately, the term “American” generically translates to “White people”, “Caucasian people”, “Becky & Heather”. Have you ever hear a white person refer to themselves as a “White – American” or a “Caucasian-American”? No, and you never will. However, everyone of any other race must hyphenate and attach a prefix to “American” (i.e. “African-American”, “Asian-American”, “Latino- American”). What Raven needs to understand is that in an effort to denounce being labelled, she’s herself is still blindly categorizing and labeling herself.  The issue, and one that I think Raven is totally unaware of, is that she is trying to be a part of a larger label that never intended to encompass her Black ass.

I caution Sister Raven to be a little careful with trying to disassociate with the one label of people, who are going to be the only label of people she’ll have to turn to, if some major sh!t hits the fan. No tea no shade, with the cocktail of cultures/races that she claims run through her veins, Raven most closely resembles the descendant of someone who was on a plantation during American Slavery. With that, “America” has and will continue to treat her as such. Unfortunately, Raven wants to be called “American”, but “America” is calling her “Black” or “African-American”. It perplexes me why people want to be a part of something that does not want them. Perhaps Raven’s early introduction to globs of money and high-powered Hollywood circles have her looking at the world out of rose tinted glasses. I’m here to hand her ass some some $20 clear lenses readers from Wal-Mart. Here Raven girl, look through these…

Something tells me Oprah has probably had a few conversations with Raven offline about this, then again, Oprah just discovered she was Black when her network started failing and she teamed up with Tyler Perry to save it. BLOOP!


Mike Brown, 18, Gunned Down By Officer. Community Outraged As Racial Tensions Mount. Is Rioting Sending The RIGHT Message?

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Anyone who knows me knows where I was last night… Down to da bar. When I got home and climbed in bed, drunk of the good liquor, I started playing around on Instagram and noticed that people had started posting pictures of a demolished gas station. Then I started seeing the word “riot” repeatedly. With it being 3am and me not really having the capacity to do anything at that time, i thought to myself, “oh hell, I’ll check it out in the morning.” It saddens me to report that when I woke up this morning,  I found out that there had indeed been a riot in Ferguson Missouri in protest of the death of 18 year old Michael Brown. According to reports, the unarmed teen was gunned down by a police officer, after being stopped, and some sort of confrontation ensued. We’ve heard this story time and time again… The family has retained Trayvon Martin’s attorney, Benjamin Crump Esq. The officer has been put on paid administrative leave while the investigation is taking place.

Those are pretty much the material facts that are available at this time. On to the more analytical side of things, I know that people are upset. Hell, I am outraged, but is rioting and tearing up your own neighborhood the way to go about things? I think not. From the images that have been shown on CNN, one can deduce that the area we are discussing isn’t the most ritzy. With that, its reasonable to assume that the people of said area can benefit from as much business and resources possible. I’ve seen repeated images of the gas station being tore down to the ground. Seriously, we all know QT has the cheap gas. Why tear up the QT? Now people have to go to high ass Chevron. I’m just saying. In the midst of our anger, we’ve got to make an attempt to think rationally. In protest of an innocent life being taken, we run the risk of more innocent lives being taken. Bae-Bae, SWAT teams are trained to shoot, OKAY. I don’t know about you, but I’m not about to go to jail or get shot because I’m inside the gas station stealing bags of chips and scratch off tickets. Yea yea, many of these business have insurance, and can be rebuilt, but that is totally besides the point. Some argue that the folks of Missouri need to tear all that shit up and send America a message. Trust and believe me, a big part of me wants to agree, but i just cant.

Food for thought: Black men shoot and kill other Black men in the streets everyday, and we hardly make a peep. A White man shoots and kills a Black man and now we are ready to march from Montgomery to Selma. Hmmmm seems a little ass backwards to me. It would seem to me that we would be more outraged and hurt two times over with the death of a black man coming from the hands of a black man. We don’t value our lives, but expects them to? Yeah ok that makes perfect sense to me. Y’all don’t hear me though…

Is Baby Carrier Marketing An Innocent Coincidence, Or intentional Perpetuation of Negative Stereotype?

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Facebook has gotten itself riled up all in a tizzy over the above packaging for a baby carrier. If either one of the above 2 products would have been within my field of vision separately, I would not have looked at either of them twice. HOWEVER, placed side by side, one can’t help but raise an eyebrow.

I’m the farthest thing away from a conspiracy theorist. I honestly just don’t feel that people have the time or are smart enough to launch these major conspiracies and be able to predict the outcome. With that, I was very careful not to jump on the “Angry Black People” train arbitrarily . Over there years, I have been trained to suppress my desire to react, and to think critically before doing so. Upon first glance, things look a little suspect, but after further investigation maybe not so much…

My thought process was as follows:

  1. Hmmmm these two things look alike and are both baby carries
  2. Wait a minute, one of them is a regular carrier, and the other is an organic one
  3. These two products are not the same
  4. Is there a regular carrier with a black couple on it?
  5. Is there an organic carrier with just a single white woman on it?
  6. If there is an organic carrier with just a single white woman on it, then this is not racism
  7. If there is a regular carrier with a black couple on it, this is not racism
  8. If there are any other derivatives of the carrier that feature single woman of various races, then it most likely isn’t racism and people are just reaching.
  9. If there are any other derivatives of the carrier that feature couples, and non of them are black, then this is probably intentional racism

These are all the questions I asked myself before I decided to render my 2 cents on social media. The backlash from the photo prompted the manufacturer of the baby carrier to issues a statement. Check it out below. Continue reading

LAWD Ruby Dee Done Died. Maya Angelou Needed Company. RIP Ruby

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ruby dee dead

Lawd, y’all know the old folks say death comes in 3′s, I hope my neighbor’s husband ain’t next.

Ruby Dee — one of the legendary actresses in Hollywood and on Broadway — died Wednesday night … TMZ has learned.

Ruby was at home in New Rochelle, NY … surrounded by family when she passed away … according to sources connected to the family. A rep confirmed the death.

Ruby was a pioneer for African-American women in Hollywood … and is perhaps best known for her starring role in the 1960s film “A Raisin in the Sun” — and her roles in the Spike Lee movies “Do the Right Thing” and “Jungle Fever.” Her most recent big budget Hollywood film was “American Gangster” … she played Denzel Washington‘s mother. TMZ

Chile here we go again. I donE planned more funes in the last 12 months than a lil bit. We got sodas left over from Maya fune, so we good right there. I know I ride out and people with food stamp cards, but after all these funes I done had to plan, shiddddd who selling stamps?

“Somebody get Phaedra and Willie Watkins on the line.”

“I guess I’ll brang a few racks of ribs.”

What are you branging to Ruby Dee Fune?

Shonda Rhimes Gives The REALEST Commencement Speech Ever, “Be A Do-er Not A Dreamer”

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Move over Oprah and got to hell Pastor. Shonda is my Doctor, she writes out all my scriptions, she gives me all of my medicine, in my room. Come on somebody!

It think you guys have been following me long enough to know that I am about as anti-regime as they come. Pretty little boxes, and cute little houses with picket fences don’t work for me. Do they honestly work for anyone? It goes without saying who Shonda Rhimes is. Well, Miss Shonda in the Honda gave a commencement speech at Dartmouth (her Alma Matter) that blew my sock off and actually reaffirmed some things for me as I personally struggle with being afraid of my own success. Ok, that is about as much of my personal business that I am going to tell y’all. I tell other people’s business, NOT MINE. Nonetheless, her speech was dynamite. Shonda broke down truly what the essence of life post college graduation looks like and what the future can look like if you opt to be a Do-er not a Dreamer.

Are you a Do-er or a Dreamer? Check out Shonda’s speech then let me know. Continue reading

Why Dominican’s Are In Denial About Being Black. But Them Hoes Will Take Black Money For Doing Black Hair

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I cant sit up here I say that I knew Dominican people were of African decent. I guess I never put much thought into it. Never had any reason too. However, 90% of Dominicans are of African decent. Yet as a people, they shy away from identifying as Black. Instead, those that live in the Dominican Republic identify as “Indio”, and those here in the US most commonly identify as “Dominican”. These are both ways of negating their African decent, but why?

Check out the video for a more in-depth understanding of how Dominicans have come to be in denial about being black. Continue reading

Maya Angelou Is Not a Saint

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Written by: Steven-Emmanuel Martinez

Don’t be fooled by these obituaries, flat articles, and impassive tweets that illustrate Maya Angelou as a goddess, a saint, saint-like, or some idol. Maya Angelou is not a saint. Immodest as she was, though, I believe she would scoff at the notion of being called a warrior or a goddess. Any illustration of her as a perfect woman destroys her legacy and everything she stood for.

Most people — those who are too lazy to read her memoirs, too dejected to listen to her poetry, and too bored to watch her speeches — have only been introduced to the “saintly” Maya Angelou. Instead of realizing her complexity, I fear that the things that made her great are being lost through softened eulogies. In order to really understand who Maya Angelou was, you would have to understand the tenets of her imperfections and the nuances of her limitations and how that, in turn, influenced her convictions. Let me be clear: you will never know the depth of Maya Angelou without reading her memoirs, poetry, and listening to her. You will never know what she was about, what she encouraged or stimulated by reading faux tributes from people who never studied her. Her life was a class, a history course even.

In the midst of our fragmented, fractured, and, at times, broken African diaspora, this former sex worker-madam-pimp was a national- level intervention. She inspired African Americans to think beyond the limits of the metaphysical or cultural binary. And she challenged a generation of men and women to look at their race not as a disability or as a deficiency, but as a gift from God. Our race, as she articulated in her writing, is a tribute from our ancestors, a treasure that’s so good that people would enslave us for it.

Obsessed with Maya Angelou, I’ve often quoted her in speeches and academic presentations, watched and listened to her interviews and lectures obsessively on YouTube, and shared the sweetness of her words and stories with friends and family. Even with the blighted personal history she faced as an African American woman, she helped introduce African Americans to the goodness and treasures of America.

Continue reading

Rapper Kendrick Lamar Buys Modest House Instead of a Big Ole Nasty Mansion

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Man o man, y’all don’t know how much it excites me to be able to write about this. FINALLY, someone GET’S IT!  The simple stress-free life is where it is at. Ensuring you have a place to stay for all of your days is what I’m all about. In a time where EVERYONE on Instagram is rich and acting like they are living like the Kardashians, Kendrick Lamar is sending a loud message to our youth that it ain’t about all of that.

CLEARLY this brother can afford to live just about anywhere he would like to. However, Kendrick Lamar opted to live in a modest 4 bedroom house in Eastvale, CA. for $523,500. Quiet as its kept, he is still living better than most, but its the principle of the matter. Less is more. More does not always equate to better. I try to preach to people all the time that their is a certain level of peace that comes along with knowing you don’t have to work to meet some outrageous monthly overhead. Kudos to Kendrick Lamar. I just hope other young celebrities begin to take note.