Rickey Smiley Sprays Sheryl Underwood For Putting Queens of Comedy On Blast. Says She’s Just As Shady (listen)

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Gawd what does she look like this? Nothing can taste that good...

Gawd what does she look like this? Nothing can taste that good…

Chile you’ve got to be careful before you get your ass on television trying to put other people on blast during your so called moments of truth. Before you reveal any information that my adversely affect someone’s reputation, you might want to make sure you have no skeletons in your closet either. In light of Sheryl Underwood revealing on her talk show that she overheard Sommore, Laura Hayes, and Adele Givens talking negatively about her [Sheryl Underwood Shares How She Overheard Sommore, Adele Givens, And Laura Hayes Talk About Her Like A Dog.], Rickey Smiley has revealed some not so flattering things about Sheryl’s character that pretty much lumps her in the same boat as the women she put on blast.

Just as Sheryl gave her recollection of past events, Rickey Smiley shared his recollection of some past events with Sheryl and reasons they have fallen out in the past. Rickey shares how Sheryl would show up at shows and try to rearrange the show order, play promoters and other comics against one another, and undercut other comedians. Check out what Rickey had to say.

All things considered, this could be part of the reason they didn’t want to f&ck with her a$$. I got a feeling we’ll be hearing something from Sommore pretty soon.


Keyshia Cole Arrested After Attacking A Chick She Found In Birdman’s (boyfriend) Condo At 5am

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Chile is Keyshia Cole’s divorce even finalized yet? I guess Birdman needed a little more than Keyshia Cole’s bad shape could offer. No Gawd Keyshia Cole! Why do chicks do this? What Keyshia should have did was jumped on Birdman and tore up everything in that damn condo. Keyshia, who was watching your damn baby while you was tootsie rolling in the streets at 5am. And while we’re here, when the hell did Keyshia Cole and Birdman start dating? I swear for Keyshia to have come so far, from time to time, she makes some very poor choices. It must be the Frankie DNA that got her acting crazy lord,

According to TMZ:

Keyshia Cole spent a not-so-pleasant Friday morning in jail … after allegedly assaulting a woman who apparently spent the night with Keyshia’s rumored BF.

Keyshia showed up at the swanky Carlyle condo complex in West L.A. at around 5 AM. We’re told she went there to see Birdman – the CEO of Cash Money — who she’s reportedly dating.

Our sources say … for some reason security let her go up to Birdman’s penthouse and when she got in she saw another woman and went nuts.

We’re told Keyshia attacked her … leaving scratches all over her face.

Cops were called … and Keyshia was arrested for battery and an outstanding reckless driving warrant.

She was just released on $46,000 bail.

We called Keyshia’s rep … so far no comment.

Yea Keyshia girl, you might need to get your ass back here to Atlanta and get to filming this new reality tv show with your family…

You done went to jail over the bish and probably lost your man. I hope you popped her good!!!

A Mother’s Love Staff Personal Belongings Held Hostage By Trucking Company For Unpaid Balance. Promoter Silent

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where is our

Now y’all know me, I am a noble representative for The People.  When something just ain’t right, I’ve got to speak on it. Here it is, the A Mother’s Love 30 city tour has been cancelled after just one week of performing, and no one has said anything to anyone about how they are supposed to get their personal belongings, musical instruments, and other equipment off the back of the truck that is parked somewhere in the middle of West Bubble F&ck, Ohio. Quiet as its kept, word on the street is that the promoter (Theatrical Works) “allegedly” has a MAJOR outstanding balance with the trucking company that was contracted to facilitate the move of the tour from city to city. Mr. Owner of the trucking company said “HELL NO MA’AM! Y’all wont get sh!t off this truck until I get my damn money.” I know that’s right Mr. White Man.

All though this adversely affects me and those close to me, I completely understand the trucking company’s stance. Holding the contents of the trucks hostage is the only leverage the trucking company has right now to get paid. Additionally, if the trucking company is unable to recoup what they are owed, they then at least have something they can sell to try to recoup some of their money.  No tea no shade, I knew better. Ain’t sh!t of mine on the back of that truck. Nessa Girl I was lugging around 4 damn suitcases full of wigs, clothes, makeup, computers, etc. Lord knows I wanted to allow half of that ish to travel along with the set, but something told me “you hold on to everything you paid for, and let everything they paid for travel along with the set.” Good thing I listened to myself. I’d be bout ready to blow some ish up if my damn Kim Kimble wigs were stuck on the back of some 18-wheeler.

What’s even more jacked up is early on, there was a strong bone of contention between the band and the promoter. That band was expecting the promoter to provide the musical instruments, the promoter wanted them to use their own. In the end, the band ended up using their personal instruments and equipment. Guess where all that sh!t is now? ON THE BACK OF THE DAMN TRUCK. Got dammit!!! You’ve got to be more careful. Continue reading

Sheryl Underwood Shares How She Overheard Sommore, Adele Givens, And Laura Hayes Talk About Her Like A Dog.

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Chile there is nothing like a good ole twist in history. I’m sure you guys remember The Queens of Comedy tour. For those that don’t. It was a female comedy show that featured Mo’nique, Sommore, Adele Givens, and Laura Hayes. After Mo’nique went on to do The Parkers and so forth, plans to do a second tour were in the making, and there was a spot open for another female comedian. Sherryl Underwood, all these years later tells us how she jumped on a conference call a few minutes early in anticipation of discussing the particulars. Sheryl says the other women were unaware that she was on the conference call, and they were talking about her like a dog. She reveals that this is why she opted out of participating in the second Queens of Comedy tour, which I don’t think ever happened. Catch these T’s

Chile I want to know what these heffas got to say. Let me call Sommore…

UPDATE: Rickey Smiley Sprays Sheryl Underwood For Putting Queens of Comedy On Blast. Says She’s Just As Shady (listen)

Gawd what does she look like this? Nothing can taste that good...

Gawd what does she look like this? Nothing can taste that good…

Kandi Burruss’s A Mother’s Love Tour Cancelled After Just 1 Week. Cash Poor Promoter To Blame

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a mothers love

Nessa girl, it saddens me to have to even tell you the bullsh!t I’m about to tell you. After all the ranting and the raving, A Mother’s Love WILL NOT be coming to a city nearest you after all. Simply put, it appears that the promoter who the play was licensed to may have bitten off a little more than they could chew. Quiet as its kept, I knew something in the milk wasn’t clean when the check I was written for my first week’s salary bounced. Writing this post is a little weird for me, because I am so use to telling other people’s tea, and not my own. However, here we go…

For those of you wondering “how is it that the play stop moving due to lack of resources, and Kandi is rich”, here’s how. Kandi & Todd created and produced the original play. After the play’s initial run in Atlanta, Kandi & Todd were apprehensive about travelling the play around the US on their dime, because these were unchartered territories for them. One magical day, A promoter approached Kandi & Todd about wanting to invest in and promote the play on a 30 city tour. The reasonable assumption to any rational adult is that if someone approaches you about putting a 30 city tour together, that they have the resources and the skill set to do so. Well we all know what they say about assumptions…

Fast forwarding to casting. The cast was eventually given phone calls, a few cast changes were made, salaries were negotiated, and we were on our way to travelling across the US spreading the joys of A Mother’s Love. Mama I’m going to be a big star!! NOT! Here is where things get a little murky. A gamble was made by a promoter who used people’s lives as chips. Being given a contract that pretty much says you will be on the road from September – December and paid XYZ salary weekly was all the go ahead people needed to quit their day jobs, reject other offers, and basically rearrange their lives. Last night, when news broke that the tour was cancelled, there were many tears shed. People’s lives changed in a matter of seconds. Expecting to be paid this Monday, and in exchange being told that the tour is no more, coupled with the fact that you quit your job (your only source of income), emotions were running high. There were some people in the room who honestly had no other money than what was in their pocket, and was really depending on this Monday payout. Continue reading