Sean Kingston’s Mama Is out Here Catfishing Food Pics to Sell Her Dry A$$ Rice & Peas

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Written by Tatyana Jenene @TatyanaJenene

This is a new low for the internet, I know ya’ll steal other people’s pictures and claim that it is you for some dick a date, but stealing food pics to promote your business? That’s just ridiculous. While Sean Kingston is parking his cars at his grandma’s house so they won’t be snatched by the repo man, his momma is out here stealing pics from popular food bloggers to promote her Jamaican food truck. The real gag is the food pictures that she stole aren’t even pictures of Jamaican or West Indian food.

Janice Turner runs the Mamma Kingston Kitchen food truck around the Los Angeles area. According to her Instagram account she specialize in Jamaican home cooking with the traditional dishes such as oxtails, rice and peas and porridge, so imagine how surprised Angela Davis, chef, 2013 Food Shorty Awards winner and owner of was when it was brought to her attention by one of her twitter followers that her food photos were being used on Mama Kingston’s food truck’s Instagram account to promote the business! Continue reading

The Beyhive Pulls it…AGAIN: Online petition to have Chris Brown’s Girlfriend Deported Surfaces

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Written By: Brian Rayfield

Now you know what!? The Beyhive has really pulled it with this one yall. Yesterday, we reported that BET and Karreuche Tran issued apologies for the comments made towards Blue Ivy on 106 and Park, and baybeh, not even 24 hours later, the show is on a “planned” hiatus, and there’s an online petition (Yes, a legit Whitehouse document) to have her deported  or “sent into exile.”

Don’t believe me, trust me, I had to sit up for this one too. Check it out below.



Via Deport Karruche Tran:


Deport Karrueche Tran if deportation is not available send her into exile.

Karrueche Tran violated the number one code of the BeyHive Law.

“Thou should never come for Blue Ivy!”

In a tasteless attempt on a national syndicated television show Ms. Tran made a diss towards America’s Princess of the Carter thrown.

And we the BeyAgency demand her deportation effective immediately.”

When I tell you I could barely make it through the entire thing without crying from laughter. Some of yall really have nothing better to do with your time. This girl just can’t win.

[I’d like to point out that Karrueche was born in Los Angeles. I’m not gonna lie though, this ish is hella funny.]



K. Michelle Reads Tamar Braxton’s Edges, Or Lack Thereof…

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tamar k michelle

Instead of worrying about who is signed where, Tamar needs to be worried about all those outstanding balances she and Vince owe all over L.A., and her sisters telling all her business to the whole Atlanta. As talented as Tamar Braxton is, she’s beginning to sound real Lil Kim like. What I mean by that is, whenever you hear Tamar’s name, it is in conjunction with K. Michelle. The whole Kim Nicki thing needs no explanation. Oh well, Tamar has the melted milkshake face thing in common with Lil Kim too. I guess those two are more alike than I thought. Nonetheless, Tamar was being petty, and the Queen of the Read, Miss K. Michelle got her ass right together.

Tamar must have been bored and thought it was a good idea to try and shade K. Michelle by tweeting “Anyone signed to Atomfactory?…” Atomfactory is were K. Michelle is now signed. The gag is though, Tamar’s former tour mate, John Legend is/was signed to Atomfactory. So clearly they are reputable. All jokes aside. I ain’t never heard of Atomfactory, but the point remains…

As much as I shade the sh!t out of Tamar, I really love her music, and I just want her to stick to that. K. Michelle really is a gay man named Laquan Monroe Balenciaga, and there is no winning when it comes to tongue wrestling with a gay man. In my Michael Jackson from The Wiz voice “you can’t win”. No tea no shade, Tamar’s edges look like the lace part on lace front wigs. Maybe Tamar can be a spokes person for Bosley Hair Institute????

Oh well…

Photo credit goes to – I was being lazy chile and they had the pictures layed out so nicely. Thanks Baller Alert. I love you guys…


Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon Getting A Divorce. Oh Lord Return Of The Mini Dress

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It’s a damn shame when you are more concerned with the fact that Mariah Carey is now going to return to wearing $20 stretch dresses than you are with the fact that a family unit is about to dissolve. Lord I wish these two could just work it out for the sake of Mariah’s fashions. Quiet as its kept, I never half took this marriage serious in the first place. The thought of her old ass with his goofy ass was kind of nasty to me. What the hell Mariah Carey should have done was followed Janet Jackson’s lead and went and get her a Billionaire that don’t speak-eh de Engles, and not follow behind Whitney Houston and went and got her a Ray-J. Well at least Nick is coined.

Reports are saying that these two have been living in separate residences since May. Nick Cannon sees the kids, but that is about the extent of their contact. The streets are saying that the straw that broke the camels back is when Nich appeared on Big Boy’s radio show and played the game “Name 5 Celebs You’ve Slept With”. How juvenile right? Like a dumb ass, Nick took the bate and upset his happy home. Nick named 5 celebs, but the one that allegedly drove Mariah through the roof was Kim Kardashian. They’re saying Mariah wore Nicks ass out for weeks due to her humiliation, and that their relationship never recovered. I’m not sure if I’m buying all of that. There had to ave already been a small fire lit, and this incident added fuel to the fire. I refuse to believe a slip of the tongue on a radio show would cause that much upheaval in a happy relationship, that one would file for divorce.

Anyway chile. If any body wants a penis looking man, then Nick Cannon is back on the market. For all the fellas that like those Momma Dee types, you know, old ladies that wear clothing fit for 21 year old’s, then Mariah Carey is your girl. Get you some!

Sarah Stokes Husband Files For Divorce While She Is Down To Da Jail. Where She Gone Stay When She Get Out

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Ladies this right here is why you cannot go around beaten on your man and stabbing him up and stuff. HE WILL LEAVE YOUR ASS. Lawd have mercy Jesus. What is Sarah gone do? Diddy ain’t never paid her, she doesn’t work, and she’s got 50-11 kids from this convenient store worker. No let me stop playing, I don’t know where this man works, but wherever it is, they must offer free legal aid. While Sarah is down to the jail cell, Tony was down to da courthouse. Tony said “hell no ma’am, you better have you a place to go when you get released from jail.” I don’t know why I have the feeling that Tony is going to try and get custody of this woman’s kids too. Y’all know these men are low down these days, taking these womens chirren and stuff. Chile, Sarah better take a note out of the Tameka Raymond and Dwayne Wade, and maintain. With this domestic violence stuff being all up in the news, and Sarah seemingly appearing to be the guilty one, it might not be too hard for Tony to prove that she is unfit…

Quiet as its kept, these hoes should have been got a divorce. The two have been married for 18 years. Tony is claiming “the objects of matrimony have been destroyed.” I wonder if they got a fine from the HOA for fighting down to da yard?

The NBA’s Benjamin Button, Greg Oden Arrested for Punching His Ex-Girlfriend in the Face

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greg oden

Written by Tatyana Jenene @TatyanaJenene

Former Miami Heat player Greg Oden was released from jail after being arrested for battery charges after allegedly punching his ex-girlfriend in the face on August 7th. The police arrived to the home of Oden’s mother in Lawrence, Indiana at 3:30 AM where the victim was seen by the police with swelling to the nose and lacerations to the forehead and nose area of the victim’s face. The police report says the victim was uncooperative and told officers she had fallen, but was unable to say when and where that occurred. The best friend of the victim told police that 26-year-old Greg Oden punched the victim in the face.

Oden told police, “Things got out of control and I started to go after the victim. My relative and witness tried to hold me back, but as I swung my arms to move them out of the way, then punched the victim in the face. I was wrong and I know what has to happen.” One of Oden’s family members told police “every time the two visit and go out, there is an argument to follow.”

The 7-foot Oden was jailed and booked on misdemeanor battery he was later released on $10,000 bond.