Shaquille O’Neal, Wacka Flocka Flame and Trey Burke Named In Defamation Lawsuit

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Written by guest writer Tatyana Jenene @TatyanaJenene

Back in April 23-year-old Jahmel Binion did what any other Instragram user does on a daily bases, he posted a selfie. Little did her know that selfie would go viral on Shaquille O’Neal and Wacka Flocka Flames’ accounts and spark up such a controversy.

When O’Neal and Wacka reposted the picture on their personal Instagram accounts, Binion felt as if the two stars, alongside Utah Jazz player Trey Burke comments were very mean spirited towards Binion who has suffered from hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia since he was a baby. The disease causes limited hair growth, missing teeth, and facial deformities and affects 7000 people worldwide.

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Terrence Howard Says He’s Too Broke to Pay Spousal Support to Newest Ex-Wife

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Written by guest writer Tatyana Jenene @TatyanaJenene

Back in May we reported that Terrence Howard’s ex-wife Michelle Howard filed court documents asking the judge to make Terrence pay the $325k he owes in back spousal support. Back then Howard’s attorneys asked the judge to relive them due to “a total and complete breakdown in communication.” Now Terrence is claiming that he is broke and that his ex-wife blackmailed him to get a ridiculous amount in spousal support.

Terrence Howard filed new court documents asking the judge to throw out his divorce settlement because they were only married for a year and he was blackmailed into signing the settlement. Terrence also claims that he could never pay her the $5,800 a month in spousal support because he only brings home $5,878 a month AFTER he pays spousal and child support to his first ex-wife Lori McCommas. He claims that his film checks go directly to McCommas and she writes him a check monthly.

As messy as this divorce has been for Michelle and Terrence, the two are in for a long fight.

Some Impostor Tried to Do Boobie Gibson A Favor By Filing For Divorce From Keyshia Cole

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Written by guest writer Tatyana Jenene @TatyanaJenene

After months of subtweeting, cheating accusations and threating to slap a b*tch like Rick James it seems as if the wheels started to roll on the official spilt of Keyshia Cole and Daniel “Boobie” Gibson. Reports claimed that Gibson finally filed for divorce about two weeks ago in L.A. County Superior Court, but there’s only one thing- Gibson said it wasn’t him who filed but an impostor.

TMZ claimed last month that Keyshia Cole has the divorce paperwork done, she’s just waiting to file. What is she waiting for? No clue. While TMZ was waiting for Keyshia to pull the trigger, someone pretending to be Gibson went down and filed. The paperwork seemed pretty legit, but the odd thing that stuck out was that the NBA player was listed as his own lawyer… and the address listed as Gibson’s was the address to an El Pollo Loco restaurant.

Gibson said that he is a Christian man and has no intentions on filing for divorce from Keyshia and if she wants it, she would have to file herself. TMZ says that’s exactly what she plans to do… opps. Gibson also says he has intentions on pressing charges against the impostor. The two have been separated for months and according to Keyshia they are good co-parents to their son DJ.

Keyshia is currently out on tour and you can get her tickets from Groupon for $20.  No that wasn’t a joke, Google: Keyshia Cole and Groupon.

Singer Sean Kingston Gets 3rd Car Repo’d. To Busy Buying Food I Guess…

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Chile, I guess fake reggae music isn’t selling the way it use to. So much so, that Sean Kingston is losing luxury vehicles left and right. Chile every time he goes down to da bar, we he comes out, his car is on the back of a flatbed.

Kingston’s white Lamborghini was parked near the intersection of Hollywood and Vine … until it was lifted up on a flatbed and towed away. The singer is never seen in the video.

Sources connected with the singer tell TMZ … the Lambo was a lease and Sean hadn’t made payments for 6 months.

This has happened to Kingston not once, but twice in the last few months. On March 26, Kingston had his Bentley repo’d outside a swanky Hollywood hotel … while he was inside. A huge fight broke out when his boys tried to stop it … but the car was towed away nonetheless.

The week before that, his Mercedes Benz G-Class SUV met the same fate after he fell three months behind on the payments.

We reached out to Kingston … so far no word back. ~TMZ

Check out the video.

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Lauryn Hill Is Back To Her Late Ways And Went on A Rant About Disrespect When A Fan Called Her Out

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Written by guest writer Tatyana Jenene @TatyanaJenene

Lauryn Hill is back to her old ways, she has been infamous for being late to her concerts. Sometimes she can be anywhere from one to four hours late for her shows, so what made last week’s show at the House of Blues in Chicago any different? A fan publicly called her out on it and she got pissed. Reports say that Hill was set to come on at 10:30 and didn’t hit the stage until 11:20 (that’s actually good compared to her history of being late, just saying.) The fan apparently called her out and flipped her off and that’s when she asked that he be removed and refunded his money.

Lauryn said during her rant: “I don’t play that. I don’t need to win you over and you don’t need to win me over. You can go and take all your money back. I do this because I love it, not because I owe you anything. I do this because I love it and you can get on your blogs, tweet, whatever you want to. I don’t give a rat’s ass”

Girl, you don’t do it because you love it, you do it because you still owe Uncle Sam a million dollars and you don’t want to go back to jail, but I ain’t the one to gossip so…. Ya’ll know the rest.

Apparently there was a long line of people waiting to get their money back and called Hill’s performance sloppy and rushed. Check out the video of the rant below. Continue reading

A Child With No Destiny: Former Destiny’s Child Stand-In Farrah Franklin Arrested Over the Weekend

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Written by guest writer Tatyana Jenene @TatyanaJenene

Chile, what the hell went on this last weekend? Omarion got arrested last Friday in Los Angeles for failure to appear for a traffic stop, then former Destiny’s Child stand-in Farrah Franklin was arrested for disorderly conduct in Horry County, South Carolina just before 5 a.m. Sunday morning. According to the police report Tampa Bay Buccaneers football player Da’Quan Bowers flew Franklin to Myrtle Beach for the weekend of fun in the sun and partying. On Saturday the two alongside with Houston Texans player Ricky Sapp went out for a night on the town. Bowers said that everyone was drinking and having a good time, but once they went back to Sapp’s South Carolina home it was very clear that Franklin was beyond wasted.

Bowers called the cops after Franklin was spazzing out and slamming doors around the house. Once she caught wind that the police was being called on her she fled. Bowers and Sapp told police that they thought Franklin was doing drugs. Bowers said he was suspicious of this because Franklin would frequently disappear to the bathroom for a long period of time.

The cops searched for Franklin and found her laying down drunk boots in a neighbor’s lawn.  According to the police she could barely stand on her feet and told them since she had nowhere to go, she was going to sleep in the woods. Oh girl… Continue reading