What Made The Aaliyah Biopic So Bad? Should Wendy Williams’s Producer Card Be Revoked?

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Nessa Girl, it looks as if Wendy Williams’s stab at producing may signify the start of her fall from grace. Chile, quiet as its kept, I never had any intentions on watching the Aaliyah biography in the first place. No tea no shade, but it just felt like a bunch a mess from the onset. Well, I guess my spirit was right. The way y’all lit up that biography and Wendy Williams on my Twitter time line makes me glad that I didn’t waste 2 hours of my life watching a rushed biopic.

Here was my initial issue with the production of the Aaliyah biography: SHE AIN’T BEEN DEAD LONG ENOUGH. Who the hell was this biography’s target demographic? All of us that grew up on Aaliyah’s music already know just about everything there is to know about her.  Hell, both Aaliyah and her core fan base lived their teenage years alongside one another. Aaliyah’s music was so before its time, that when It comes on the radio now, it still sounds very relevant. With that, the younger generations knows a little something something about her too. So I have to ask Wendy Williams, “who in the hell was this biopic designed to educate?”. Continue reading

Married to Medicine’s Mariah Huq Miscarries Twins. #Fix ItJesus

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With great sadness I report to you guys that Mariah from Married to Medicine has suffered a miscarriage.  On October 20th, I reported that she was pregnant with twins [Married To Medicine’s Mariah Huq Pregnant With Twins. Just In Time For A Story Line…], and it is with great sadness that I must report on November 11th,  this is no more.

In a statement of confirmation, her husban Aydin Huq had this to say:

 Thank you for all of your well wishes on our pregnancy. It is with heavy hearts that we must announce that we have miscarried. This is by far one of the hardest things that either of us have had to go through, and we are truly saddened by this double loss. We ask that you keep our entire family lifted in prayer, and Mariah a speedy recovery. Aydin HuQ.


Tiny Says The Delta’s & AKA’s Don’t Need To Be Mad With Her, Throwing Up Hand Signs Just A Joke

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Lawd I think Tiny done f&cked up. Instead of just issuing an arbitrary apology, or saying nothing, Tiny decides to get a little defensive. When Blogger Sandra Rose Tweeted out her story about Tiny throwing sorority hand signs, Tiny responded in a way that isn’t too flattering to many Black Greeks

tiny tweet

Tiny’s response further demonstrates her ignorance on college life and Greek affairs. Had she been semi educated about the goings ons of Black Greek life, she would have known that by no means was this acceptable, and her response would have had more of an apologetic tone. Being Greek myself, I don’t really take offense to this. Hell, at the end of the day, throwing up a hand sign isn’t hurting anyone. However, I do recognize that there are other Greeks who feel a tad bit more strongly about the matter, and I respect that. Again going back to Tiny’s ignorance, we have all at some point thrown up the signs of various organizations, however, I’m sure most of us weren’t dumb enough to photograph it. Perhaps Tiny’s next venture should be ‘Tiny & Shekinah Go To College’. Ha…

Married To Medicine EMERGENCY: Quad At Urgent Care Center After Having Something Thrown In Her Face During On Set Fight

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This is hot off the presses and developing NOW we speak. Quad Webb0Lunceford is presently at a Downtown Atlanta urgent care facility being checked out after an altercation took place while filming. Quad was heard saying by those in the waiting room that someone threw something in her face. I’m being told that Quad & Co called ahead to brief the staff that they were en route, and she was swiftly taken to the back. Patients in the waiting room are currently pissed as hell because wait times have been in excess of 45 minutes, yet Qaud was seen immediately.

It is unclear at this time who the altercation involved. Considering that Quad is presently at the urgent care center, it is reasonable to assume that non of the doctors were around. I’ve started making phone calls and shot out a few texts. As the information starts to pour in, I will keep you guys updated.

Was Beyonce Drunk In Love or High Bootz? Video Shows Singer In Zombie Like Trance [video]

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Beyonce under the influence

Now y’all already know y’all mama ain’t the smartest thing in the world. Real talk, in this clip, Beyonce really does look like she is rocking out to the beat of her own drum. Video captured at the Brooklyn Nets vs Oklahoma City shows Beyonce rocking back and forth not to the beat of the music, but to the noise in her head. The 33-year old singer seems to be in a complete chemically induced trance. If I had to be honest, I would say she probably had just a little too much to drink. Others think its a little deeper than that. Social media has been blowing up with speculation that the singer was good and high.

Take a look at the video and you be the judge:



Drunk In Love or High Bootz?

Love & Mugshots: Young Burg is Wanted by the NYPD for Attacking His “Girlfriend”

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Written by Tatyana Jenene @TatyanaJenene

Hmm. Yesterday (November 4th) the Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood reunion filmed in New York City and of course it was a shit show, but it’s what happened after the cameras wrapped that’s making headlines today.

Mr. Hitmaka or Mr. I Got My Chain Snatched –whatever you prefer, was arrested this morning for “obstruction of breathing” after violently attacking his girlfriend. The only girlfriend we have known Burg to have as of right now is his Love & Hip Hop cast member Masika. According to the NYPD Burg and “the girlfriend” got into an argument at the Gershwin Hotel it was then when Burg allegedly grabbed her by the neck, threw her down to the ground and then dragged her by the hair and hit her in the face.

When the cops arrived the girlfriend had bruises on her body and complained that she was in pain. The neck grab was enough for the NYPD to haul Burg’s ass into jail for obstruction of breathing.

Now, in my most humbled opinion, I never thought that Burg and Masika were a real couple. I believed that this was a plot to piss Tucan Sam, Hazel E. off and for them to get more time on that dreadful show, and since it isn’t customary to release domestic violence victims’ names, we all can only speculate.

Anyhow, Masika is set to host a “Hollywood Invades Brooklyn” meet and greet later on today in Brooklyn at House of Art Gallery, if it was her, we’ll know by tonight.

Also, Burg apparently owes 86k in back child’s support for his 10-year-old autistic son that lives in Chicago, Illinois.  All that writing for Tamar, Nicki, Rihanna and whoever he claims he’s doing, I know he has the money to catch up on that child support. SMH.

Jimmy Kimmel’s 2014 ‘Tell Your Kids You Ate All Of Their Halloween Candy’. HILARIOUS [video]

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Chile, I ain’t going to lie to you, I live for these yearly video montages. No tea no shade, this type of sh!t only works with white children. Black children are use to their parents taking over half of their damn candy and either dumping it out in the garbage, or taking it to work. My momma use to let me get a couple pieces out the first night, then she would hide the sh!t in her room for the rest of the year. After a while, I would get so tired of her rationing the sh!t out like cigarettes in a prison commissary, that I eventually forgot all about the sh!t.

I’ve gotta tell you, the tantrums these kids through are classic. Now some of these lil b!tches just outright need their asses whipped. Take a look, and prepare to get your laugh on…

Which one was your favorite?

DAZED AND CONFUSED: Tiny Decides To Be A Delta and an AKA At The Same Damn Time

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Forgive her Lord, for she not know what she pledged. Who the hell am I kidding? This child ain’t finished nobody’s high school, yet alone read a book on anyone’s Divine Nine organization. With all this transition her eyes have been in, maybe she couldn’t see that one hand sign is a pyramid representing DST and the other was a pinky representing AKA. Perhaps she thought they were all one in the same???

Real talk, I’m not mad with Tiny, she’s just goofing around and having fun. I’m mad with the chicks in this picture, including Precious’s  ass (a member of DST) who thought it was ok for Tiny to throw up sorority signs and actually snap photos of the madness. Let me tell you something, there is no amount of celebrity that can ever amount to the blood, sweat, and tears many have given to cross them there burning sands! YOU HEAR ME!

 Greeks, what do you think about this situation? Is it harmless goofing around or reckless disrespect?