DILDOR Song of the Day– MILIRA~ Three is a Crowd

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Chile Miss Milira piece right here is something serious. If you got enough brown liquor in your system and has been in a situation where you have ever been cheated on or lied to, you might mess around and start crying. Every drag queen, pageant queen, butch queen, fat queen, and every queen in between has belted the chorus of this song in a mirror holding a brush at some point in their life. GET YOU SOME!


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Yes GAWD! This song right here is EVERYTHANG!  The girls sampled Chaka Kahn’s “Do You Love What You Feel,” and the song is FIRE. I’ve been playing this song on full blast for the last 24 hours and could not wait to share it with y’all. My “stuff” is gone be all tender and tore up if I don’t stop. I feel like I got a backyard birthday party going on in my pants. “Somebody go get me a beer out that cooler over there”. LOL. Anyway, GET YOU A PIECE! Let me know what you think. As an added Bonus, I also included the Chaka Kahn classic, for us old school heads who need to get a DOUBLE PIECE!



The “DILDOR” Song of the Day – Walter Hawkins ~ Going Up In Yonder

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Getting fired delivered from a well paying corporate job that I hated. Being given a voice that people want to hear. Having the best fans on earth. Pursuing my passions. Finally feeling like I am living a “purpose driven life”. Kandi Buruss hearing my cry and sending me a FREE DILDOR. Nothing but GAWD! Only right that I pay homage.  Walter Hawkins ~ Going Up In Yonder. I hope this moves you the way it moved me :-)

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The “DILDOR” Song of the Day – General Johnson ~ Let’s Fool Around

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So as you guys know, the doll has recently become uber fascinated with these Happiness and Joy DILDORS that Kandi is selling. Chile so much so, that I decided to start “The Dildor Song of the Day”. As sung in My Hair is Layed Like Resurrection, here is General Johnson’s “Let’s Fool Around.” All the Miami girls know this cut. Many of you may reckognize the melody from Dirt Bag Ft. Monica “I Ain’t Trying to Hear It.” Well here is the Original. GET YOU SOME.

On another note, you would think Kandi would send me one of these DILDORS, as much as I’ve been talking about em. Hell, I don’t need it. I GOT A MAN. I just think it would be funny as hell to open up all the videos singing into this bad boy. Do y’all think Kandi plays old Xscape songs in her DILDOR?  She probably does, but turns it down on low when big girl part comes on. lol SHADE!!!

Here’s the link to the store. Support the sister! http://bedroomkandistore.ohmibod.com . I swear this DILDOR brings new meaning to LAST NIGHT A DJ SAVED MY LIFE!