Scams & Bounce Checks: Don’t Trust Your Money around Moniece

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Written by Tatyana Jenene @TatyanaJenene

Mona needs to start up a show with all these Love and Hip Hop scam artist so they can teach the children how to get money, get ahead and luck up in life. Former Golden State Warriors player Joe Smith learned the hard way, never trust a pretty face with a slim waist or whatever it is that people are attracted to when it comes to that crazy ass girl, “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” star Moniece. According to the police report filed in Manhattan Beach, CA, Moniece wrote nine checks between October 2011 and March 2012 to someone named “Timothy Clayton Carr” totaling $109,000. Smith claims that he does not know Timothy Carr and he didn’t write the checks.
Once the police caught up to Carr, he told the police that he cashed the checks as a favor to his friend Moniece, because she didn’t have a bank account. Carr also told the police that he was unaware that there was anything wrong until the last check was cancelled. Carr also said that when he asked for repayment for the cancelled check Moniece agreed to pay him back -but when it came time to meet, he was a no show. (Guess it’s safe to say that that friendship is over.) Once the police got a hold to crazy ass Moniece she said that Joe Smith was totally aware of these checks and only cancelled them because they broke up.

If she stole $109,000 from that man, why can’t she fully get her hot, plastic dildos line she’s trying to sell you-all up and running?

Smith has been trying to press charges on Moniece for the last 2.5 years according to TMZ.

K. Michelle ‘My Life’ Episode 2. Why Does K. Michelle Have All Those Damn People Living With Her? [Full Video]

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Nessa Girl, these reality TV shows do a very good job on confusing the hell out of me these days. It is very hard for me that K. Michelle’s friend Tracie flew from Memphis to New York to return K’s dog, with zero intentions of flying back home. Especially considering the fact that K had been avoiding her calls and texts. Sh!t like this only happens in the land of reality tv.

On episode 2 of K. Michelle’s ‘My Life’, K goes from being an R&B Singer to a boarding house operator. Nema, a bish K hardly knows needs a place to live, and K’s other friend Tracie, a proven thief also needs to a place to lay her head. If you think this a recipe for disaster, trust me it is.

If you missed Episode 2 of k. Michell’s ‘My Life’, get into it down below

Women Who Don’t Have Primary Care of Their Kids. Should LHHH ‘s Moniece Be Questioning Fizz’s Girlfriends?

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When you’re not even suitable to raise your own child, it is hard for me to take your recommendations on who is suitable to raise your child. Let that thought set the tone for this post.

Often time you guys may ask me why I don’t review certain shows. The answer is, because sometimes I just want to watch tv without it being work. I don’t closely follow Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, I don’t know any of the cast personally, and I don’t think I know any of the producers either. With that, it truly fileaffords me the luxury to watch the show the same as some 50-year old White woman in Montana, objectively and for entertainment purposes only.  All that being said, Moniece really gets under my skin. I really think the root of Moniece’s issues is that she wants Fizz’s Black & Mild smoking ass back.

I try my hardest to stray away from subscribing to traditional gender roles. If anything, I’m more of a feminist. However, it is really hard for me to refrain from feeling like it reflects really badly on a woman when she isn’t in primary care of her young child. I’m sorry, I feel like if it is humanly possible, a four-year-old child needs to be in the care of his mother. Yes dads can do just as an efficient job if they have to, as Fizz has illustrated, but damn. After watching this Monday’s (nov 10th) episode of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, it borderline enraged me that Moniece has so much to say about who Fizz is dating as it relates to the welfare of her child, yet, this chick, as grown as she is, has deemed her own self incapable of taking care of her child at the moment. Seriously, Moniece has big nerves. I personally wouldn’t open myself up to the scrutiny of my ability to parent, by calling into question someone else’s.  If my roses smelled like boo boo, chile, I would never offer anyone whiff, OKAY! Continue reading

Love & Mugshots: Young Burg is Wanted by the NYPD for Attacking His “Girlfriend”

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Written by Tatyana Jenene @TatyanaJenene

Hmm. Yesterday (November 4th) the Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood reunion filmed in New York City and of course it was a shit show, but it’s what happened after the cameras wrapped that’s making headlines today.

Mr. Hitmaka or Mr. I Got My Chain Snatched –whatever you prefer, was arrested this morning for “obstruction of breathing” after violently attacking his girlfriend. The only girlfriend we have known Burg to have as of right now is his Love & Hip Hop cast member Masika. According to the NYPD Burg and “the girlfriend” got into an argument at the Gershwin Hotel it was then when Burg allegedly grabbed her by the neck, threw her down to the ground and then dragged her by the hair and hit her in the face.

When the cops arrived the girlfriend had bruises on her body and complained that she was in pain. The neck grab was enough for the NYPD to haul Burg’s ass into jail for obstruction of breathing.

Now, in my most humbled opinion, I never thought that Burg and Masika were a real couple. I believed that this was a plot to piss Tucan Sam, Hazel E. off and for them to get more time on that dreadful show, and since it isn’t customary to release domestic violence victims’ names, we all can only speculate.

Anyhow, Masika is set to host a “Hollywood Invades Brooklyn” meet and greet later on today in Brooklyn at House of Art Gallery, if it was her, we’ll know by tonight.

Also, Burg apparently owes 86k in back child’s support for his 10-year-old autistic son that lives in Chicago, Illinois.  All that writing for Tamar, Nicki, Rihanna and whoever he claims he’s doing, I know he has the money to catch up on that child support. SMH.

K. Michelle: My Life Episode 1. [Full Video] Are The People Here For It?

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Alright, I just got through watching the 1st episode of K. Michelle’s new show, and I must say that The Doll is here for it. I wasn’t too sure what to expect, but i was pleasantly surprised. The show is pretty much comprised of K. Michelle and her three friends Paris, Jonathon, and Nema. Let the record officially reflect that I’m not too sure If I am here for Paris. I personally just think she is too big to be as loud as she is. You can’t have a big body, a big mouth, and a big ass personality. Look all that shit can’t fit in the room. Paris does have her funny moments. Maybe she’ll  grow on me. I will say that snatching K.Michelle out of the cluster f&ck of an ensemble cast will give us an opportunity to get a better glimpse of who she is at her core, and not just a one dimensional view of her not so favorable moments.

Anyway, check out Episode 1 of ‘K. Michelle: My Life’ and let me know what you think?


Is this show a hit? Will you be watching?

Erica Mena (#LHHNY) Now A Resident Of Atlanta. Moves In With Bow Wow. The Engagement Is Real

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Nessa girl, Erica Mena has moved all her sh!t in in just the nick of time. Bow Wow is about to start collecting those CSI Cyber checks and Mena will be there to redecorate. Quiet as its kept, when I found out that these two were engaged to me married, I sucked my teeth and rolled my eyes so hard that I had a headache afterwards. I honestly thought that this a manufactured love affair for an upcoming season of Love & Hip Hop or something. It just all seemed a little weird that no one really knew these two were dating that seriously, then they up engaged.

We were filming Kandi Koated Knights last night where Erica Mena was our special guest. Until now, she and I had never met. I must say that she was pretty open and a ball of fun. Mena let it be known that Bow Wow proposed to her within 90 days of them dating. Let the record reflect that these two have known each other for years, and has sort have been each others emotional support system for quite some time. All of this is per Mena

So will this marriage see the light of day? Probably not. That’s no shade to neither one of them, but we all know how these things tend to go in the entertainment industry. I wish them both the best, and hope’s things pan out perfectly, but I’m not holding my breathe waiting on no Bridal Registry.

Welcome to Atlanta Erica