Love & Hip Hop’s Nya Lee, Records Butt Shot & Lippo Procedure In Exchange For Free Surgery (video)

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I know that’s right Nya Lee! If Mona Scott-Young isn’t gone cut you a check large enough to get your surgery privately done, you better leverage her brand to have some bartering chips with the plastic surgeon. Though many may find Nya Lee’s body to be banging, it is store bought just like Kenya Moore’s. I swear some of you females allow these broads to cause you to have low self esteem because you don’t look like them, and hell, they don’t even look like them. Non the less, this broke aspiring rapper allowed her plastic surgeon to strip her naked and record pieces of procedure so he could use it for advertisement. In exchange, I’m sure Nya received the surgery on the house. Let’s just hope he gets the return on his investment that he is looking for. The video was shot into 3 separate clips. I took the liberty of condensing them all into one for you guy’s viewing please. Check out the video. Continue reading

K. Michelle’s In The Studio Working On NEW MIX TAPE – Remixes Songs We Know & Love. (video)

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k michelle

Turn down for what? K. Michelle is busy in the studio working on a mixtape and is just about ready to be released. She released a few snippets of what she has been working on via social media, and the tracks sound hot. I got a feeling Miss Girl will a mainstay on your radio this spring & summer. We all love The August Alsina song ‘I love this’. Well K has put her spin on it and it sounds dope. Check it out. Continue reading

Is Love And Hip Hop Gearing Up With A Flop Of A Cast In LA?

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Written By: Brian Rayfield

So months ago, it broke that Miss Mona Scott Young was shopping around a Love and Hip Hop: LA spinoff over at VH1 headquarters.  At the time, we weren’t too sure whom producers wanted to fill the shoes of Hosaline and Stevie J, or the made-for-TV drama that is Peter Gunz and Amina Buddafly.

Hell, if you ask me, I’m really not trying to feature any girls looking for a recording contract and lacking the obvious…talent.

However, producers have reportedly confirmed a few names that have us all but excited for the foolery that is sure to come.

Catch these T’s Continue reading

Love & Hip Hop’s Chrissy Lampkin Arrested For Fighting Down To Da Club. So Lady Like…

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Chrissy, If you wonder why Jim Jones won’t marry your ass, perhaps its because you keep fighting like a dude and popping off of chicks like your a gang member. Geesh knock it off pa-lease. You are over 40 and too pretty for all of this.

This morning at around 2:30, the police read Chrissy her Mirandas and transported her ass down to da slammer for aggravated assault and disorderly conduct. Loosely translated, Miss Girl was probably drunk a lil tipsy and knocked the sh!t out of some chick much smaller than her because the day was Sunday.

Edgewater PD reports that the victim was beat up bad enough to need hospitalization. Reportedly the victim was bloodied and the doctors had to stitch an area above her eye.

For those of you that may thing this is a publicity stunt for the show, think again. No cameras where anywhere in sight. Its been told Chrissy got pissed that the alleged victim sat on the sofa she was sitting on and accidentally bumped into someone. Sounds like good enough reason to beat a bish down to me!

Chrissy was released a few hours later after Jim Jones bailed her out. Ha




Peter Gunz Goes Rogue. Confirms That Stories For Love & Hip Hop Are Fabricated For TV

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As if we were not beginning to feel as if some of the story lines on Love & Hip Hop were fabricated for television, Peter Gunz has confirmed our suspicions. I toiled back in forth with how in the hell it could be possible that Peter Gunz would cheat on his girlfriend to the extent in which the show suggests with camera’s rolling. I even made mention of this in my video review. Well, I guess I was right. Check out what Peter Gunz has to say about his storyline on Love & Hip Hop. Continue reading

Nancy (Jim Jones Mama) Reveals That Chrissy CANT Have Kids. Womb Is Raggedier Than A Greyhound Bus

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We live in a time and place where reality television is everyone’s way out the hood. No matter if your story line is true or false, everyone is looking to the cameras and networks for their next meal. That being said, the children will tell you anything for ratings. Well, Chrissy Lampkin has been fronting for longest like she wants to get married to Jim Jones and have have kids and live happily ever after. Anyone find it odd that Jim’s son had not been anywhere to be found up until now? Well I got the tea as to the real reason why Chrissy & Jim had to call in the support of Jim’s young son to pull off their modern family image on this season’s ‘Jim Jones & Chrissy’. Catch these T’s Continue reading