Stevie J Tweets Nude Picture Of Althea Performing Her “Wifely Duties” On Benzino

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I thought the saying was bros before hoes. Well, Benzino & Stevie have proven that just like chivalry, that mantra is dead. I’m not really sure what has been going on with these two lately, but it seems that teir respective love interests have somehow brought about a rift between the two brother. In the wake of videos surfacing that show Joseline high out of her mind, Stevie J has posted a a picture of Althea naked in a bathtub performing oral sex on Benzino. In an adult fashion, Althea owns the photo with no shame. Hell, at the end of the day, it is her Fiance’. The question I have is “how the hell, and why the hell does Stevie J have possession of nude photos of Benzino & Althea?” All of them are way too “communal” for me…

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Rap Legend Joseline Hernandez Booed While Performing In Dallas Club. Fix It Jesus

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Joseline Hernandez Booed At Club Medusa Dallas

While Stevie J is all up in my Direct Messages telling me to stay in my lane, he needs to be redirecting his comments to the broad he f&cking. Coming off the heels of Joseline being recorded conjuring up spirits in the booth while high as giraffe pussy, video footage of Joseline Hernandez trying to convince the people of Dallas, Texas that she has some sort of tangible musical talent has surfaced. Needless to say, the people were not featuring Joseline AT ALL. Whatever the hell it was she was trying to sell, the people were not buying. Watching this poor child get booed while tootsie rollin across the stage was painful. I felt so embarrassed for her. I guess Stevie J felt embarrassed for her too, because midway through Joseline’s performance, he had to grab the microphone in an effort to get the people to stop booing. What’s sad is that Joseline really thought she was turning it! Chile BYE.

Obviously in her feelings, Miss Joseline had this to say to the people of Dallas

joseline hernandez

NEWSFLASH! The people weren’t hating on you Joseline, they just wanted their money’s worth, that’s all. Check out the video of Miss Joseline giving it all she’s got, and “The People” giving it right back to her ass. Continue reading

More Video Footage Of Joseline Hernandez High In The Booth Appears + Stevie J & Joseline Respond

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steveie joselin

Listen, I will never in my life try and act as if I am “Holier Than Thou”, and hasn’t gotten high off of something that the police wouldn’t approve of, but whatever the f&ck this bish is on, I don’t want no parts of it. Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse, Armageddon happens. More video footage has arisen of Joseline Hernandez conducting a voodoo seance in the booth while high off of bath salts (if you let me tell it). To top things off, it is obvious at this point that the poor misguided girl is being set up to be clowned by the people who she thinks are her friends. Newsflash Joseline, while you were in the booth, they were laughing at you, not with you. Hence why videos of you trying to communicate with the dead are now going viral on the net.

So what does Joseline have to say about all of this?

joseline tweet

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Girl BYE! We all know that message was pointed towards The Doll. Catch this! Joseline Hernandez, please let’s not act like you stay on the blogs because you are supper talented and everyone in the world wants to be you. Put the pipe down and listen careful to what I am about to say. You stay on the blogs because you are the comedic relief on one the the highest rated reality television shows in America. Plainly put, YOU ARE THE JOKE OF THE DAY. Your body is banging though and your teeth are pretty, if its any consolation prize.

Stevie J had a lil something something to say too. Check out what Stevie had to say, and the extended video of Joseline evoking the spirits of the walking dead… Continue reading

Joseline Hernadez High In The Booth, Disses Other Artists. WTF??? (Videos)

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Sooooo, someone just tipped me off to check out up & coming  rapper ferrari ferrell‘s Twitter page for some exclusive new music from Joseline Hernandez. Ha! As if I we were waiting for it. Bae-bae, you would think Miss Joseline is the reigning Queen of rap. Mama had the balls to diss Katy Perry, Lil Kim, Rihana, Nicki Minaj, Beyonce and more. If there was any doubt in my mind that Joseline was on drugs, all doubt has been absolved. Joseline? Really girl? You got the nerve to diss females who actually have talent, and you still wear Bongo jean shorts? Chile Bye… No tea no shade, Joseline raps like a deaf person. Stevie needs to scratch those dance lessons and get this woman some sign language courses.

Aside from Joseline’s aspirations to be an artist being a total joke and a complete waste of time, the tea is, Joseline is visibly high off of something. To top things off, several guys are seen coming in and out the booth. Uhmmmm, mama who are these men? Take a look at these videos and then let’s continue this discussion…

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Funky Dineva & Deb Antney Come Together To Hold No RIP Campaign Discussion On The Radio

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no rip

I shared with y’all sometime ago that Deb and I got into a spirited discussion about this NO R.I.P. campaign (#LHHATL “No Reckless Internet Posting” Campaign Looks Like Bullsh!t With Mimi Faust As A Psuedo Spokesperson.). At that time, we both agreed that I would be in the best interest of “The People” if we took our conversation to a larger platform. Well the day has come. Tomorrow, 6-27-2014, The Doll will be a guess on Deb’s internet radio station Be100 where she and I will discuss all things NO R.I.P. This should be interesting. Whenever Deb is the place, you are sure to be entertained.

I’m looking forward to the discussion. Moreover I’m looking forward to clearing up any misconceptions about the campaign as well bringing forth awareness about what Deb is trying to accomplish. With that, this is Deb we are talking about. I will have my pistol in my purse.

Tune in 4p-8pEST Watch LIVE on OR download Live365 app and search “be100radio” to listen on mobile devices! Hotline: 6784794100

I’ll be on from 5pm-7pm – Be sure to include your questions for Deb in the comments section.

VOTE NOW: #LHHATL Battle of the BEEFCAKE. Who’s Got the Better Beefcake, Benzino or Young Joc (pics)

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battle of beef

Nessa Girl, I just love when things i’ve reported on in the past come to light on television. It just gives The Doll added credibility. Nonetheless, if you watched last night’s episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, while on a trip to New Orleans with Rasheeda and Kalina, Karlie showed the ladies a pic of what Young Joc is working with down below. The ladies went crazy on the bus. So just what did Karlie show them? Don’t worry bae-bae, cause I’ve got that for you. Additionally, Karlie went on to say that Benzino had a small manhood in comparison to Young Joc’s. Is this really true? Don’t worry bae-bae cause I’ve got that for you too!

Leading up to this, there was a scandal involving Karlie Redd photoshopping naked pictures of both men to support her agenda. You can read up on all that here: The Race Is Not Given To The Swift. Karlie Redd Photoshop’s Benzino & Joc Penis Pic Comparisons

On the the main event!

The moment you’ve guys have all been waiting for. The Battle Of The Beefcake

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