Benzino May Not Be Returning To Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. Will He Be Missed?

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Let me start out by saying, with Love & Hip Hop, you never know whats real and whats fake. The show has taken such a contrived turn, that I don’t even try to keep up anymore. However, one thing that is real is the drama between Stevie J. & Benzino, and the dissipation of their friendship. It really saddens me that Stevie & Benzino have remained unable to salvage their friendship. For the life of me, I really don’t even get why they are mad with one another. Honestly, they probably don’t know why they are mad with one another. Quite frankly, the sh!t has gone on for far too long enough.

According to Benzino, Stevie J & Joseline may be potentially using their popularity as leverage to persuade the folks in charge not to bring Benzino back.:


No tea no shade, I could see Stevie J & Joseline pulling a stunt like this. It wouldn’t be the first time something like this has happened in reality television. However, if Mona Scott-Young did decide to not bring Benzino and Althea back, I’m sure it would have more to do with the lawsuit he filed after the reunion, and less to do with a casting recommendation from the likes of Stevie J & Joseline. I mean seriously, who the hell in their right mind would take orders from Stevie J or Joseline?

This isn’t all Benzino had to say. Check out the rest below. Continue reading

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Contract Negotiations FAIL – They Are NOT Trying To Pay Althea. Should They?

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Chile… It looks like Althea may have spilled all her business, and gotten attacked by Joseline all for NOTHING. I just got off the phone with my good girl friend from production, and she just let me know that the powers that be have no intentions on paying Althea, and Benzino & Althea are not happy about it. Now I love Althea & Benzino, but real talk, why should they pay her? Hell, you performed like a circus clown for free for an entire year, now you want to demand wages? Additionally, its not as if Althea was sought out by the people responsible for bringing Love & Hip Hop Atlanta to light. In all realness, Althea is a couple people removed from an actual cast member, so I’m not really understand how much compensation her and Benzino are really expecting.

Where a lot of these reality tv personalities go wrong is that they do not maximize the leverage they have with the platform they have been given. If Althea & Benzino were strategically marketing her music, his magazine, or other business ventures through the Love & Hip Hop platform, they wouldn’t be pressed about a payroll check. They better take notes from Kandi Burruss. Kandi has used RHOA to advertise all of her other business ventures, and this strategy has proven to be very lucrative.

All in all, check or no check, I’m pretty sure Althea and Benzino and their ‘Ghetto Love’ will be returning.


Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Cast UPSET Over Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Cast Being Paid More For LOWER Ratings

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Nessa Girl. I swear one day I’m a Media Personality/Blogger/ Comedian, and the next day I’m a damn Grief Counselor. My tea cup has been filled to the rim with disgruntled Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cast members who are feeling slighted because their pay checks are not measuring up to those of their Hollywood counterparts. To add insult to injury, the Atlanta cast members are feeling like they have put in far more time to help build the franchise as well as garnered far greater ratings. So why is it that the Hollywood peeps are getting paid more?

Let me start of by saying, I cannot not verify anyone’s wages. Clearly Mona is not going to divulge them to me, and I have not seen anyone’s 1099. However, it is not far fetched to believe that certain members of the Hollywood cast are raking in far more coins than some of the people in Atlanta. It goes without saying that Soulja Boy is probably earning the largest salary of any Love & Hip Hop cast member across all the franchises. tumblr_nbyqpkFPAL1qln00mo1_400 If I had to guess, Ray J would probably be number 2, and Omarion is most likely number 3. In all fairness, all 3 of these guys had pretty solid careers PRIOR to the show, and are still relatively in demand on the open market. No tea no shade, but the cast members from the Atlanta cast who were celebrities prior to show were hasbeens. A hasbeen has to take what they can get, a relevant celebrity has the leverage to demand what they want.

In building the Hollywood franchise, there was a need for some heavy hitters. I mean, it is Hollywood right? So why are so many of the Atlanta cast members in their feelings? It is my opinion that the Atlanta folks are feeling slighted because they are making sex tapes, having abortions, throwing bottles, getting jumped, being made to look like whores, and losing friendships for ratings, while the Hollywood folks are going to dinner, building play pens, and having launch parties for far greater wages. Yeah I think I would feel some kind of way too. Oh well, a little bit of something is better than a whole lot of nothing right? I guess one could try to negotiate for a pay increase. Though you do run the slight risk that the powers that be may get offended and tell you to take a hike. The way I see it is, prior to the show, you were a hasbeen with no check. Now, you are a hasbeen with a check. Be grateful for what you have, and stop counting other people’s coins. I’m sure all the Atlanta folks that are complaining were disproportionately paid higher than their counterparts at some point in their careers. It’s the circle of life…

Stevie J & Joseline Move Out Of Atlanta Mansion. So Broke They Moved Their Own Stuff In A Uhaul.

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Chile what self respecting reality TV star moves their own belongings in a Uhaul truck? I’ll tell you who, that damn Stevie J. Everyone knows that Stevie J & Joseline were renting a home from famed booking agent Johnnie Cabbell. What people might not have known is the whole while Stevie & Joseline have been in Johnnie’s place, he has had some challenges collecting the rent. The Atlanta streets stayed buzzing about how various employees of Johnnie’s have gone over to the home to collect the rent, and they were always greeted with some sort of excuse by Stevie J & Joseline. When Johnnie’s employees were not being served with excuses, they were outright being avoided like Jehovah Witnesses.

In fairness to Stevie J & Joseline, the circumstances surrounding their move are unknown. For all we know their lease could be up. I’m not saying they got evicted,  nor am I saying they could no longer afford to live there. What I am saying is they moved their own shit in Uhaul truck which is rather peculiar for someone of their stature. Why in the hell didn’t they hire movers? My guess is, they didn’t have that much stuff to move. All the furniture and what not must have belonged to Johnnie as well.

Check out video below:

In what we think is a response to all of the eviction rumors, Stevie J posted this:


photo 1-2

Too bad you can’t live inside of Grammy’s, or stick them under the teller window at GA Power.

Are We Here For Momma Dee, Her Singing Career, Or Her Runaway Teeth?

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Nessa girl, you know I’ve been on Tour with Miss Kandi Burruss, so I’m a little delayed when it comes to reporting the up to the minute news. However, I think being a little delayed gives me an advantage in the sense that I can know look at situations in their entirety, and not just bits and pieces. For starters, let’s talk about how the whole left side of my body is still dead from when Momma Dee sang “I Deserve” on the season finally of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. No, seriously. I fell dead to da couch, and subsequently to da hard wood floors.

Immediately following the season finally, I received an invite to a live musical performance by Momma Dee. I thought to myself , “this can’t be real life.” In all honesty, I wanted to attend, but had prior obligations. I’ve interviewed Momma Dee in the past, and she sang a couple bars of Anita Baker’s “I Apologize Then”. Chile, I damn near died then. Now Debra has taken this thing mainstream. The gag is, I don’t think her teeth wanted to go along with her for the ride. Either that, or all that dancing Mama Dee did during her Franky Beverly & Maze set shook them bad boys loose. Regardless of the fact, those teeth were not seeing it for Momma Dee and I guess they gave her what the felt she deserved…

For what it is worth, I think Momma Dee could be halfway decent with a little training. All in all, the entire concept and performance was cute simply because it’s Momma Dee. Who doesn’t love Momma Dee? Y’all be sure to stay tuned. Expect to see Momma Dee performing at The Golden Corral nearest you.

Check out Momma Dee’s full length performance, and let me know if you see it for her. Continue reading

Who Failed Joseline Hernandez? Does She Really Need An Intermission (Mama Dee Voice)?

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Nessa girl!!! That Love & hip hop reunion the other night was something else. I was down to da bar after a long day of play rehearsal when I happened to glance at the television screen and caught a glimpse of World War III. Needless to say, I was down to the bar long enough for the re-run to come on, and got a chance to watch the show in its entirety with volume. Where many were entertained, I was saddened. It bothered me how entire hour was dedicated to the cast having a round table discussion about Joseline. Here it is, half the people on the stage don’t even get along with one another in REAL LIFE, the other half that does get a long doesn’t really talk to one another in REAL LIFE, yet they have all banded together to talk all things Joseline. No tea no shade, Kirk and Rasheeda bothered me the most. Like why the f&ck are y’all even talking? Anyway, moving on. Who failed Joseline?

Something else that rubbed me kinda sideways was the fact LHHATL and a large part of the franchise as a whole was built off the back of Joseline Hernandez. Let’s just call it what it is. Yet, Joseline was offered no level of protection. K. Michelle was given protection. Within the first 5 minutes of the season 1 reunion, K, Michelle dove on Karlie Redd, BUT Y’ALL DIDN’T SEE THAT. Granted the mess that went on was far to great to totally omit, but why was the cast given the platform to completely slaughter this woman’s character and it be aired on tv? Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not taking up for Joseline or excusing the disaster of a life that she helped create, but damn y’all. Joseline was completely thrown under the bus for an hour long. It honestly left me feeling like the “powers that be” have decided that they no longer need her, and now they are getting ready to toss her out with yesterday’s trash. I’m just feeling some kind of way because the entertainment industry can really be a mutha f&cka. It will build you up, use and abuse you, tear you down, then throw you away without hesitation. Ladies and gentlemen, you are now watching the downfall of Joseline Hernandez? So who failed Joseline Hernandez? Continue reading