Stevie J & Joseline Move Out Of Atlanta Mansion. So Broke They Moved Their Own Stuff In A Uhaul.

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Chile what self respecting reality TV star moves their own belongings in a Uhaul truck? I’ll tell you who, that damn Stevie J. Everyone knows that Stevie J & Joseline were renting a home from famed booking agent Johnnie Cabbell. What people might not have known is the whole while Stevie & Joseline have been in Johnnie’s place, he has had some challenges collecting the rent. The Atlanta streets stayed buzzing about how various employees of Johnnie’s have gone over to the home to collect the rent, and they were always greeted with some sort of excuse by Stevie J & Joseline. When Johnnie’s employees were not being served with excuses, they were outright being avoided like Jehovah Witnesses.

In fairness to Stevie J & Joseline, the circumstances surrounding their move are unknown. For all we know their lease could be up. I’m not saying they got evicted,  nor am I saying they could no longer afford to live there. What I am saying is they moved their own shit in Uhaul truck which is rather peculiar for someone of their stature. Why in the hell didn’t they hire movers? My guess is, they didn’t have that much stuff to move. All the furniture and what not must have belonged to Johnnie as well.

Check out video below:

In what we think is a response to all of the eviction rumors, Stevie J posted this:


photo 1-2

Too bad you can’t live inside of Grammy’s, or stick them under the teller window at GA Power.

Are We Here For Momma Dee, Her Singing Career, Or Her Runaway Teeth?

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Nessa girl, you know I’ve been on Tour with Miss Kandi Burruss, so I’m a little delayed when it comes to reporting the up to the minute news. However, I think being a little delayed gives me an advantage in the sense that I can know look at situations in their entirety, and not just bits and pieces. For starters, let’s talk about how the whole left side of my body is still dead from when Momma Dee sang “I Deserve” on the season finally of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. No, seriously. I fell dead to da couch, and subsequently to da hard wood floors.

Immediately following the season finally, I received an invite to a live musical performance by Momma Dee. I thought to myself , “this can’t be real life.” In all honesty, I wanted to attend, but had prior obligations. I’ve interviewed Momma Dee in the past, and she sang a couple bars of Anita Baker’s “I Apologize Then”. Chile, I damn near died then. Now Debra has taken this thing mainstream. The gag is, I don’t think her teeth wanted to go along with her for the ride. Either that, or all that dancing Mama Dee did during her Franky Beverly & Maze set shook them bad boys loose. Regardless of the fact, those teeth were not seeing it for Momma Dee and I guess they gave her what the felt she deserved…

For what it is worth, I think Momma Dee could be halfway decent with a little training. All in all, the entire concept and performance was cute simply because it’s Momma Dee. Who doesn’t love Momma Dee? Y’all be sure to stay tuned. Expect to see Momma Dee performing at The Golden Corral nearest you.

Check out Momma Dee’s full length performance, and let me know if you see it for her. Continue reading

Who Failed Joseline Hernandez? Does She Really Need An Intermission (Mama Dee Voice)?

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Nessa girl!!! That Love & hip hop reunion the other night was something else. I was down to da bar after a long day of play rehearsal when I happened to glance at the television screen and caught a glimpse of World War III. Needless to say, I was down to the bar long enough for the re-run to come on, and got a chance to watch the show in its entirety with volume. Where many were entertained, I was saddened. It bothered me how entire hour was dedicated to the cast having a round table discussion about Joseline. Here it is, half the people on the stage don’t even get along with one another in REAL LIFE, the other half that does get a long doesn’t really talk to one another in REAL LIFE, yet they have all banded together to talk all things Joseline. No tea no shade, Kirk and Rasheeda bothered me the most. Like why the f&ck are y’all even talking? Anyway, moving on. Who failed Joseline?

Something else that rubbed me kinda sideways was the fact LHHATL and a large part of the franchise as a whole was built off the back of Joseline Hernandez. Let’s just call it what it is. Yet, Joseline was offered no level of protection. K. Michelle was given protection. Within the first 5 minutes of the season 1 reunion, K, Michelle dove on Karlie Redd, BUT Y’ALL DIDN’T SEE THAT. Granted the mess that went on was far to great to totally omit, but why was the cast given the platform to completely slaughter this woman’s character and it be aired on tv? Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not taking up for Joseline or excusing the disaster of a life that she helped create, but damn y’all. Joseline was completely thrown under the bus for an hour long. It honestly left me feeling like the “powers that be” have decided that they no longer need her, and now they are getting ready to toss her out with yesterday’s trash. I’m just feeling some kind of way because the entertainment industry can really be a mutha f&cka. It will build you up, use and abuse you, tear you down, then throw you away without hesitation. Ladies and gentlemen, you are now watching the downfall of Joseline Hernandez? So who failed Joseline Hernandez? Continue reading

Althea Is Taking Joseline to Court for Turning the Love and Hip Hop Reunion into WWE Summer Slam

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Written by Tatyana Jenene @TatyanaJenene

Even though we have to wait until Monday to see how it unfolded, the most talked about reunion fight in VH1 history now has a lawsuit attached. As first reported by TMZ when they taped the Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta reunion a few weeks ago it suddenly turned into Joseline v. The World, as she initially started the fight with Althea, then ended up in separate battles with Mimi, Tammy and Ms. Deb Ms. Deb obviously defending her daughter-in-law.) Eventually, 911 was called and VH1 stopped filming for the day and rumors have been circulating that the whole cast has demanded that Mona fires Joseline.

The lawsuit was filed in Dekalb County on Tuesday and it alleges that Joseline and Stevie J “Instigated numerous public conflicts” against Benzino and began making threats of violence against Althea, including on social media. The night before the reunion Stevie J. posted a nude picture of Althea, in what looked like to be Althea in the mist of preforming oral sex. Althea jumped on twitter that same night and claimed that the pic was of her and Benzino. I’m still trying to figure out if that was the case, how did Stevie J. get it in the first place?

Althea also claims that Joseline was high on stage (well…duh) leading up to the fight on stage. Althea says that they were tons of witness who saw Joseline smoking crack/cocaine out of a pipe backstage at the reunion before filming.

Althea is suing Joseline for assault and battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress. The amount that she is suing for has not been disclosed. Althea IS NOT suing VH1 or Monami Entertainment, even though Benzino has publicly said her feels as if the fight was a setup, since he doesn’t understand how security could not tame Joseline.

Crackheads are strong… I’m just saying. *cues Momma Dee’s I Deserve


So Damn Petty. Tamar Braxton Tries To Convince K. Michelle’s Management Not To Work With K. Michelle

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Chile Tamar Braxton knows she is just as petty as she wants to be. Just recently, Tamar tweeted “Who’s signed to Atomfactory”. [Read K. Michelle Reads Tamar Braxton’s Edges, Or Lack Thereof…]This was a slight dig at K. Michelle because Atomfactory Is where K.Michelle is signed for management.  The Gag is, Atomfactory is owned by once of Vince’s business partners named Troy. Troy is a executive producer on Braxton Family Values and The Tamar & Vince show. It gets better… Troy also helped manage Lady Gaga in conjunction with Vince. With that, I’m surprised Tamar even tweeted what she did, because the implication is that Atomfactory is some little no named, rinky dink,  bubble gum management team.  If Troy is part of the family perse’, why would Tamar even go there? These old hoes ain’t loyal.

tamar tweet

Well, Tamar wanted to use the family card to her advantage when she gave K. Michelle’s management a phone call and tried to convince them not to work with her.  Word on the curb is that Tamar went all in and was doing her best to get Atomfactory / Troy to change their mind about handling K. Michelle. How petty right? Oh baby, but there is more.

Tamar allegedly fired on of her band members because they posted K. Michelle as their Woman Crush Wednesday #WCW on social media. How petty? Just as long as buddy plays the hell out of his instrument while on the clock, Tamar needs not be worried about anything else. Who he crushes on in his private life, on his private time should not spill over into his work relationship with Tamar.  Told y’all she was real petty like. Ohhh baby, but there is more. Continue reading

K. Michelle Reads Tamar Braxton’s Edges, Or Lack Thereof…

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tamar k michelle

Instead of worrying about who is signed where, Tamar needs to be worried about all those outstanding balances she and Vince owe all over L.A., and her sisters telling all her business to the whole Atlanta. As talented as Tamar Braxton is, she’s beginning to sound real Lil Kim like. What I mean by that is, whenever you hear Tamar’s name, it is in conjunction with K. Michelle. The whole Kim Nicki thing needs no explanation. Oh well, Tamar has the melted milkshake face thing in common with Lil Kim too. I guess those two are more alike than I thought. Nonetheless, Tamar was being petty, and the Queen of the Read, Miss K. Michelle got her ass right together.

Tamar must have been bored and thought it was a good idea to try and shade K. Michelle by tweeting “Anyone signed to Atomfactory?…” Atomfactory is were K. Michelle is now signed. The gag is though, Tamar’s former tour mate, John Legend is/was signed to Atomfactory. So clearly they are reputable. All jokes aside. I ain’t never heard of Atomfactory, but the point remains…

As much as I shade the sh!t out of Tamar, I really love her music, and I just want her to stick to that. K. Michelle really is a gay man named Laquan Monroe Balenciaga, and there is no winning when it comes to tongue wrestling with a gay man. In my Michael Jackson from The Wiz voice “you can’t win”. No tea no shade, Tamar’s edges look like the lace part on lace front wigs. Maybe Tamar can be a spokes person for Bosley Hair Institute????

Oh well…

Photo credit goes to – I was being lazy chile and they had the pictures layed out so nicely. Thanks Baller Alert. I love you guys…