Netflix Announces The “House Of Cards” Season 3 Premiere Date

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Someone once said to me “if you like Scandal, you are going to love House Of Cards.” Ohhhhh were they right. Baby I go up for Frank Underwood and his wife Claire. Much like Orange Is The New Black. House Of Cards is another one of those Netflix sensations that is a must see. The well written political drama will have you on the edge of your seat in suspense from moment it comes on.

The entire next season of “House Of Cards” will debut on Netflix on Feb. 27, 2015.

House of Cards teased us with the following tweet earlier today:


Then they followed up by tweeting:


Will you be watching?

What Made The Aaliyah Biopic So Bad? Should Wendy Williams’s Producer Card Be Revoked?

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Nessa Girl, it looks as if Wendy Williams’s stab at producing may signify the start of her fall from grace. Chile, quiet as its kept, I never had any intentions on watching the Aaliyah biography in the first place. No tea no shade, but it just felt like a bunch a mess from the onset. Well, I guess my spirit was right. The way y’all lit up that biography and Wendy Williams on my Twitter time line makes me glad that I didn’t waste 2 hours of my life watching a rushed biopic.

Here was my initial issue with the production of the Aaliyah biography: SHE AIN’T BEEN DEAD LONG ENOUGH. Who the hell was this biography’s target demographic? All of us that grew up on Aaliyah’s music already know just about everything there is to know about her.  Hell, both Aaliyah and her core fan base lived their teenage years alongside one another. Aaliyah’s music was so before its time, that when It comes on the radio now, it still sounds very relevant. With that, the younger generations knows a little something something about her too. So I have to ask Wendy Williams, “who in the hell was this biopic designed to educate?”. Continue reading

“The Best Man Wedding” Set To Come Out in 2016

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best man

The third installment to Malcom D. Lee’s “The Best Man” is set to hit theaters April 15th 2016. The movie is entitled “The Best Man Wedding,” so someone is getting married…. Is it Jordan? Quentin and Shelby? Will Lance remarry?

Taye Diggs, Nia Long, Sanaa Lathan, Terrence Howard, Melissa De Sousa, Morris Chestnut, Harold Perrineau, Regina Hall and even Monica Calhoun will be returning for the film’s third installment. Monica must be playing the ghost of Christmas past or something. When Morris Chestnut and director Malcom D. Lee were in New York during the African American Film Festival in June they said that this installment will be the funniest of them all.

In 1999 “The Best Man” made $35 million domestically while “The Best Man Holiday” made $30 million during the opening weekend in theaters and $70 million overall domestically.

Are you going to go check out “The Best Man Wedding”?

Tru Blood: Where The Hell Is Tara, And Why Can’t Sookie Keep Her Panties On?

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The wait is finally over. For those of us True Blood fans out there, last night’s premiere was the fix we needed. Well,  at least I thought it would be. In all honesty, I think last night’s season premiere was a little lackluster. Is it more, or did it end rather abruptly?

One thing I was not here for was the sudden disappearance of Tara within the first 3 minutes of the show. Understanding that the salary from this show is too good for Rutina Wesly (Tara), I know she didn’t just let them write her totally out of the show. I don’t think Tara is dead. If she is dead perse’, I am sure that she will still be a part of the show in the form of a spirit, or flashback memories, but I honestly don’t think she is dead.

I’ll tell you another thing that I am not here for, Sookie and them lil ole titties that she is so glad to pull out every opportunity she gets. Y’all talk about Olive Pope being a whore. Sookie has slept with everybody on the damn show minus Lafayette, and her brother Jason. Quiet as its kept, I don’t see what’s fascinating with that Tinker Bell puss… I’m just saying.

Let’s hope things get better with coming episodes…

NEW MUSIC: The Queen of Remakes, Mary J. Blige ‘A Night To Remember’ ~ Think Like A Man Too

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Yassss!!! Come through hair! Go AWF Fashions. Y’all don’t see Mary J. Blige. I was just thinking to myself the other day, its about time we get some new music from Mary. Ideally I would have liked for it to have been an original song. However, beggars can’t be choosers, so I’ll take what I can get.

A Night To Remember is a remake of the 1982 Shalamar hit. Y’all have seen them on Unsung. You know, Jody Watley and Howard Hewett them. June Ambrose makes a cameo in the music video as well. Check it out…

Orange Is The New Black Renewed For A Season 3. As If We Were Expecting Otherwise.

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Yay, it’s good to know that the ladies of Litchfield Prison aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Unfortunately, if you are anything like me, you are going to have to wait about another year to see the ladies of Orange Is The New Black, because you sat down and watched the entire season 2 in 3 days. #FML

The news of the renewal came in the form of an Instagram post from Laura Prepon. On Monday, May 5, Prepon posted a photo of a white board with possible Season 3 titles and the caption: “It’s official!!”