5 Reasons Ice Cube Should Make A Sequel To Player’s Club

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Admit it. You know I’m not the only one who would love to see a sequel to the 1997 classic, The Player’s Club. Here’s a few reasons why Ice Cube should revisit the world of one of his most iconic films.

1. The film is an undeniable cult classic in the Black community. Outside of Coming to America, I cannot think of another film that is quoted more often in daily life than Player’s Club. The film was filled with infinite wisdom and one-liners. Who can forget lines like:

“Make the money, don’t let it make you!”
“They couldn’t pay me enough to smell mother-f##kers feet all day!”
“Some of us got to use what we got to get what we want.”
“All the ladies out the mother-fucking dressing room, please!”
“You call that dancing?”
“You lucky it’s not Black History Month!”

2. The film showcased some of the most talented Black actors in Hollywood and it would be great to see them back on screen together. Can you imagine seeing Jaime Foxx, Lisa Raye, Monica Calhoun, and Terrence Howard back on screen together? Jaime and Terrence have gone on to become Hollywood heavyweights and Lisa Raye stars on VH1. Monica Calhoun was recently in the sequel to The Best Man Holiday. I can only imagine the kind of chemistry that could be captured if they were on set together again. Continue reading

NEW MOVIE: Think Like A Man Too (Trailer)

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Sooooo, I have not even seen the First Think Like A Man so I can’t say much. Though I am not a fan of cheap black cinema featuring recycled talent, I will say that I am glad that we are currently in another era were  a lot of black films are being produced. I looked at the trailer and it appears to be pretty on par with all the other Kevin Heart / Gabrielle Union movies. As with everything, there is a market for this. Enjoy!

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SHADE: ‘The Butler’ Gets Snubbed. No Oscar Nominations In A Single Category. Damn Gina!

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Oprah Winfrey and Forrest Whitaker in The Butler

Singing ” I got the Midus touch, everything I touch turns to gold…” Oprah Winfrey nor Forrest Whitaker will be able to sing this Midnight Star classic anytime this Year. Hours ago the 2014 Oscar nominations were revealed, and “Lee Daniel’s The Butler” was not called in a single category. I know that Lee Daniel’s is cursing the name of “12 years a slave.” Y’all know that there is only room for 1 good black movie every year. Quiet as its kept, I’m not mad the ‘The Butler’ didn’t get any nods, I’m mad that ‘Best Man Holiday’ didn’t get any! You know I’m joking right!

I have yet to see ‘The Butler,’ so I cant speak on how good or bad it was. I have seen 12 Years A Slave (NEVER wants to see it again), and can speak on how excellent that film was. Come through Lupita Nyong’o, how ever the hell you pronounce it. I am seriously routing for her!

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90′s Movie Mrs. Doubtfire Remade Into A Horror Movie (2014) – Watch Thrilling Video Trailer

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Wow, this has got to be one of the coolest things I have ever seen in a very long time. We all remember the 90′s Comedy Mrs. Doubtfire. Well to illustrate the point that television and movies are actually made in the editing room, some one edited Mrs. Doubtfire to be a horror movie. No tea no shade, while watching the the thrilling trailer, one is now on the edge of their seat overwhelmed with suspense and on the verge of screaming. I want you guys to really remember that television and movies are truly made in the editing room, the next time you get into an argument with someone who is speaking so absolutely on reality television and thinks they know what the hell they are talking about.

Check out the trailer.

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D. Woods To Appear Alongside Oscar Winner Mo’nique In “BlakBird”. How You Like Those Apples?

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So while Danity Kane has reunited and is tootsie rollin around town with no record deal, D. Woods has landed a movie roll along side Monique in the motion picture “Blackbird”. The indie flick also stars Isaiah Washington, and is scheduled to premiere February 16 at the Pan-African Film Festival at Rave Cinemas in Los Angeles.

“Yes! Doin this hollywood thang!” D. tweeted as news about her role spread. “Blackbird” will explore the story of a young choir singer in rural Mississippi who struggles to come to terms with his sexuality, Deadline reported, and Mo’Nique will play the boy’s crestfallen and disapproving mother. It’s not clear yet what type of character D. will be taking on, but it sounds like the material will be aspirational. “‘Blackbird’ is a film about the choices people are forced to make as they struggle to figure out how to be themselves,” Executive Producer Sidney Hicks said. ~MTV News


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Quvenzhane Wallis Gets Top Billing In Movie Over Cameron Diaz & Jaime Fox. You better Work!

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Now I refuse to even try to pronounce this lil girl’s name. That’s alright though, we can just call her Miss Rich because that’s what this pint sized actress is according to her contract for the upcoming motion picture Annie. Her co-stars include Camera Diaz & Jamie Foxx, and according to her contract, her long a$$ name is not to appear any lower than 2nd position. Meaning the title of the movie, then her name. You better work out lil girl who’s name I can’t pronounce. That’s just the half of it. Wait until you see the $$$ other contract stipulations. Catch these T’s Continue reading