August Alsina Isn’t here for your late questions about Trey Songz.

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august alsina

Written by guest writer Tatyana Jenene @TatyanaJenene

August Alsina Isn’t here for your late questions about Trey Songz.

K. Michelle v. Tamar Braxton, Raheem DeVaughn v. Lyfe Jennings, R. Kelly v. Sisqo, R. Kelly v. Trey Songz and now we have R&B newcomer August Alsina v. R&B yodeler Trey Songz. Yes yall, the two R&B singers do not like each other, August has been vocal about it throughout his press run during the last month or so, but when he went to 106 & Park, he wasn’t with the bullshit Trey Songz questions and poor Keisha Chanté – cohost of 106 & Park, caught the tongue lashing of her life on the air! Catch all the buzz after the break…
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Keyshia Cole And Iggy Azalea Remake Biggies ‘Mo Money Money Mo Problems’. (listen)

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Alright y’all, I ain’t gone even much lie, I don’t half know who the hell Iggy Azelia is, yet along what she sings. HOWEVER, from what I have just heard, I am featuring her flow! Yes GAWD Hunty! Soon to be divorced Frankie’s Child and Crocodile Dundee’s daughter are going hard in the paint with this remake of the Bad Boy Classic. Chile I was in the 8th grade when this song came out. I remember how we use to blast this song out loud on the Macintosh computers in computer class. Ohhh how the time flies. Ok, I’m back from my trip down memory lane. Pull out your red bubble vest and get ready to get your life Continue reading

BE Magazine Found Mya’s Old Dusty A$$ And Put Her On Their Magazine Cover…

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Chile somebody done dug through the rejected R&B Divas applicants box and found Mya’s contact information. Maya is serving the girls Miss Swan realness on the Spring Fling issue of BE Magazine.

There is nothing steamier than the attitude that the spring weather brings. As the weather breaks and heats up, BE Entertained Magazine gets sexier and offers an inside scoop to your favorite celebrities deepest secrets, experiences, and everything in BEtween. BE Magazine kicks off 2014 with a sizzle, as the sultry songstress Mya covers the 2014 Spring Fling Issue. ~ BE Magazine

While at her cover shoot, Mya’s dance moves were put to the test when she was challenged to do the Nae-Nae. Catch these T’s Continue reading

Chris Brown Out Of Rehab. Ex-manager Clears His a$$ via Twitter.

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 Written by: Brian Rayfield

It’s been a while since we’ve seen or heard from Chris Brown and his late stunts and antics. As some of us know, Mama was getting her life together, completing a 90-day stint in rehab for his anger management issues and only gawd knows what else. I’ll let yall filter that on your own. No tea, no shade, Get Yo Life in Order Chris!! Leave the stunts and shows for Justin Bieber chile.

In all honesty, I just hope we’re not speaking to soon with all these encouraging and uplifting words. Earlier this week, Chris took to Twitter to take his ex-manager, Tina Davis, to task for allegedly leaking music from his upcoming studio album “X”.

Chris Tweeted:

chris tweet

Of course the Tweet was later deleted and replaced with:

-        Snakes in the grass….Just stay positive.

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R&B Group TOTAL Not Adding Up. Only 2 Of Them Are Touring. Talks Diddy, A Comeback & More…

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In my opinion, R&B divas has started a movement that has many great artist from the 90′s trying to make a comeback. I won’t say that R&B is in a state of emergency, because things can’t stay the same forever. However, I will say R&B is in a strange place right now. We all remember Kima, Keisha, and Pam. They were the trio that made up the Bad Boy girl group Total. Totals smooth vocals mixed with their street style made them a staple in 90′s hip hop & r&b. In a true Diddy fashion, the group just fell apart, disappeared, and the fans have the slightest idea as to why.

On Valentines Day, Kima & Pam performed together for the first time in years at a special R&B lovers concert in London. While there, the two dropped by several radio stations and gave their two cents on the current state of R&B, social media, prospects of a comeback, and the other standard issues that dinosaur artists speak on. Catch these T’s. Ohh but wait. Notice Keisha wasn’t there. No Gawd Hunty. See Miss Keisha was smart enough to marry well. Her female intuition must have told her that there would be no money after Total. Keisha went off and married actor Omar Epps, had a couple babies, and is sitting pretty. No tea no shade, but when I first read that only Pam & Kima were in concert, I immediately thought to myself “damn skippy, the two that NEED the money.” Chile Cheese. Anyway, catch these T’s Continue reading