What’s Beef? K. Michelle & Lil Kim At It Again. K. Michelle Closes LIl Kim With Quick One Liner

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All tea all shade, I am sick and tired of both K. Michelle’s ass and melted milkshake face ass Lil Kim when it comes to beefing with people publicly. Give it a rest already. In the latest installment of ‘who’s got the slickest mouth’, Lil Kim addressed some things that K. Michelle had to say about her on The Breakfast Club with some long ass soliloquy. K. Michelle came through with one of her quick one liners and rendered Lil Kim’s thoughts obsolete, just like her current musical career.

For those of you who don’t get the PayPal joke, when Lil Kim dropped her last highly non anticipated mix tape, her atomic bomb that she was supposed to be dropping on Nicki Minaj, she claims she sold 113,000 in 28 hours on PayPal

“Thanks to you guys!! #lilkimblackfridaymixtape sold 113,000 copies in 28 hours which made me the #1 seller on paypal ever =) !!! THANK U!” wrote Kim to her followers, saying that she crashed the money transfer site. “Sorry 4 the link issue too many hits shut the paypal system DOWN! LOL.” ~ Lil Kim

K.Michelle Strolls With Her Sorors of Delta Sigma Theta at FAMU – ooooopp

Girl bye! Wasn’t nobody believing that sh!t then, and ain’t nobody believe it now. I’m so not hating on Kim, but if she was pushing units like that, every label, distribution house, promoter, and Jehovah’s Witness would be knocking at her door.

I don’t feel like regurgitating the story surrounding this beef from start to finish. The sh!t is too exhausting. Go look it up elsewhere. See the rant from Lil Kim below that prompted K. Michelle’s cha cha cha. Continue reading

90′s R&B Group Xscape Set To Be Featured On TvOne’s UNSUNG

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Nessa Girl, this right here is music to my ears. Xscape was one of my favorite musical groups. I can remember when I was a young girl, walking up and down the halls of junior high school singing ‘Understanding‘ to the top of my lungs.

For years, ‘The People’ have wondered what the hell happened to this group, why’d they break up? We’ve heard multiple versions of the story, but never once did we get everyone’s story, at one time, in once place. Interestingly enough, I’m most interested in hearing Tiny’s recollection of the chain of events that ultimately lead to the demise of Xscape. On a high level, we know the divide and the rift is basically between Kandi and the Scott sisters. Tiny is cool with all of the ladies, so I’m interested to know what truths Tiny can reveal that have never been heard be for, or were shrouded by the other ladies emotional disdain for one another.

Could we be one step closer to an Xscape reunion? Probably not. Honestly and truthfully, as a collective, a club or promoter would only probably book Xscape for a bout 20k. After you subtract expenses and divide it 4 ways, there isn’t enough money left to make rent. Besides, Kandi and Tiny are pulling that in on individual bookings on their own. Sucks to be the other two. I don’t think that is far fetched for us to see an Xscape performance or something on an award show in the near future. A certain group member said she would never come together to do anything with the former group, and she’s been persuaded to do the Unsung documentary. Perhaps she’s coming around…

Stacy Francis, The Woman Who Fought Whitney Houston 2 Days Before She Died Joins Cast of R&B Divas L.A.

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stacy francis whitney houston

So I’ve been sitting on this tea for a little while now, because I really didn’t think anyone gave a f&ck enough about this heffa to read an entire blog post. Stacy Francis, former X-factor contestant, Preacher’s of LA’s Bishop Noel Jone’s whore, and the woman who allegedly ran Whitney Houston’s blood pressure up to death is joining the cast of R&B Divas L.A. I’ll be the first person to let it be known, I’m not pleased about this sh!t one bit. I think she is a horrible addition to the show and her addition to the show puts them on a Love & Hip Hop trajectory. Ultimately that’s what the network wants, RATINGS. I just feel that there was a more respectable way of procuring them then Stacy Francis.

The addition to Stacy Francis is slap in the face to every artist that once was on top, every artist that is currently on top, and every artist that is struggling to maintain some level or relevance. Who the hell is this bitch and what has she done for me lately?  I’m not trying to block this woman’s opportunity, nor knock her hustle, but the b!tch ain’t got one piece of memorable music known by the masses. I’m just saying, even the Puerto Rica mute Claudette Ortiz had “Caramel.”  Correct me when I’m wrong and acknowledge me when I’m right!


I’m not the only one who’s got a wild hair up my ass about the addition of Stacy Francis to the cast of R&B Divas L.A., so does the family of Whitney Houston.

The Houston family learned of this from one of the singers on the show and they’re outraged! They were already furious about this upcoming Lifetime movie and now, they feel adding Stacy Francis to this show launched about Whitney is just another slap in the face,’ a family friend tells MailOnline. ~ Daily Mail

Quiet as its kept, the current cast of R&B Divas isn’t pleased about Stacy’s addition either. So much so, there has been a MAJOR shake up. I’ll need to sit on that tea for just a little bit and let it brew just a little longer. Know that this new tea is better than Teavana in the mall, OKAY.

On top of having no success in a base model girl group in the 80′s and running up Whitney Houston’s blood pressure to the point of death; Stacy Francis was licking it low and spreading it wide for Preacher’s of L.A.’s Bishop Noel Jones. So much so, she claims she’s got a baby from the self-proclaimed man of the cloth. Look at God! I don’t understand why Stacy can’t carry her ass over to his church and sing. She could be the Queen of R&B over in his choir. I guess Bishop Jones’ head side-piece Loretta ain’t having it.

Anyway, there you have it. The pastor’s concubine and Ray J’s part-time lover has joined the cast of R&B Divas L.A.


Andre 3000′s Best Friend “The Great Cheez” Accused of Running Outkast Ticket Scams & MORE

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ANDRE 3000 Friend Cheese ticket scam

Work ain’t honest but it pays the bills… Ain’t that what Erykah Badu said? I guess Andre 3000′s friend Cheez thought Erykah was talking to him and not Andrea. Chile, it saddens me to even have to report some shady sh!t like this, but word on the curb is that during Outkast’s most recent iconic tour, a member of Andre 3000′s camp was scamming people out of their hard earned money for tickets and vip packages that did not exist. True tea, I try my hardest not to report kn mere street gossip without having some sort of hardcore evidence to substantiate the street’s claims. Well chile, this tea comes with an audio recording of Cheez instructing other members of the crew on how to screw fans out of their money. GOT DAMN!

In an audio recording obtained by Straight From The A, Cheez is caught saying this:

cheese quote

Ohhh but it gets deeper. Catch these T’s

Continue reading

Jodeci Now Candidates For UNSUNG. Lip Syncs Their Greatest Hits at 2014 Soul Train Awards

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Jodeci 2014 soultrain music awards

Chile, if you ever wondered if Jodeci was ready for their very own UNSUNG special, don’t wonder anymore. The answer is undoubtedly yes. What should have been a pretty joyous reunion felt more like you found a tape from junior high school while cleaning up, popped it in the radio, and took a trip down memory lane. I can’t believe these hoes got their asses up on the stage and played make-believe for 6 minutes. These boys Lip Synced from top to bottom. Perhaps they didn’t have time to much time to rehearse prior to the engagement. Personally I think its because they are old, out of shape, and doped up. Those are just my two cents, but nobody asked me…

Check out Jodeci play make-believe…


Rick Ross Has A New Girlfriend. Meet Ming Lee

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Ming Lee Rick Ross Girlfriend

I’ve been trying to tell you tired hoes for the longest, don’t no man want or respect no woman who doesn’t get out and get her own money! Meet Ming Lee, Rick Ross’s current leading lady. Ming is an Atlanta beauty salon owner, and she’s one of the popular girls. Put it this was, if Atlanta was high school, she’d be the captain of the cheer leading squad. It’s unclear how long these two have been going together, but they make a pretty cute couple.

Now don’t get it twisted, Ming has had some work done, but who hasn’t these days?  Moral of the story, get you a business, buy you some titties, get the fat sucked out your stomach, land you a rapper.

Ming’s salon is called Snoblife Studio (101 Centennial Olympic Park Drive SW Atlanta Ga 30313 404-698-3464). Now look, I don’t know if they be making hoes hair fall out round there or not, I’m just giving y’all the information. Don’t be rolling up in her spot talmbout Dineva sent you, then be trying to cuss me out if your hair is not to your liking.

For all you nosy hoes, I posted a few more pics of Ming. Check em out… Continue reading