Lovers in The Parking Lot: Solange Knowles is Now Solange Ferguson

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Written by Tatyana Jenene @TatyanaJenene

(That’s some regal, Black Love in that picture, isn’t it?) The days of T.O.N.Y. are now over for the baby Knowles! (T.O.N.Y. stands for: The Other Night whY, for those who aren’t familiar with her music)

Congrats are in order for Solange and her longtime love Alan Ferguson, the two tied the knot on Sunday in New Orleans, Louisiana, where the couple has resided, along with Solange’s 10-year-old son, Juelz (from a previous marriage) since 2013. The 28-year-old singer received a birthday gift of a lifetime when 51-year-old Alan asked for her hand in marriage on her birthday this past June, while vacationing in the Caribbean. The lovebirds dated for five years and she even credits him for giving her a sense of balance in her personal life.

The theme was all shades of white, not only were the bride and groom looking great in their ivory jumpsuit and white tux, but every guest was dressed in some shade of white (best dressed goes to Ms. Tina Knowles, she was snatched and highly favored. AMEN!) Solange and Alan arrived to their wedding in the Bywater district riding white painted bicycles with white roses in the basket of the bike that Solange rode on. Solange’s jumpsuit was made by Stephane Rolland and Alan’s white suit was by Lanvin. Of course the family was there to support Solo and Alan on their big day -her mother, Ms. Tina Knowles and her beau, actor Richard Lawson, the entire Carter clan was in attendance and naturally, Solange’s  son Daniel Smith Jr., affectionately known as Juelz, was there on his mom’s big day. (No Matthew wasn’t there, y’all know he wasn’t allowed at these type of functions, especially since his new found baby mother used to be Solange’s “friend” Bye trifling, stay home with your wife!) Notable absent was Kelly Rowland, who was a bridesmaid at Solange first wedding -but as you know, she just gave birth to her baby boy Titan, so no one expected her to be there while getting adjusted to motherhood. Also missing Michelle Williams, auntie is probably booked to capacity with the success of her new show on Oxygen “Fix My Choir” (I swear on Black “hair like wool” Jesus, this is not shade.) Continue reading

Chris Brown Queens Out! Calls Tamar Braxton & Adrienne Bailon ‘Muppet Face’ And… ‘TROUT MOUTH ASS BITCH’

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Tamar, Adriene, Chris Brown

Nessa Girl, I was down to da bar, and couldn’t even enjoy my drank good, because Chris Brown wants to get his ass on the Instagram and flex his ability to read like a drag queen. Let me tell you something, Chris Brown has taken notes from all those background dancers, makeup artists, and hairstylist that surround him daily. When I tell you mama went in and let have! Chile, she gave The Real hosts Tamar Braxton and Adrienne Bailon DA BIZNESS!

The story goes: Earlier today (Nov. 3rd) on The Real, Tamar and Adriene were discussing relationships and in particular Chris and Karrueche’s volatile 5 year rendezvous. Adriene citing Karrueche stays with Brown because its beneficial to her career and her friends social status. Tamar coming behind Bailon and basically saying Chris isn’t a bad guy, he’s just young. Well, young Chris didn’t take kind to any of this. Her is what Chris had to say:

“BRING THAT ASS HERE BOY” ADRIENNE BAILON…. You ole trout mouth ass bitch. U tried it. Won’t u the same bitch that was fucking wit married men? U also was keeping up with the Kardashians! U can’t talk about relationship goals when u don’t even have life goals. Ain’t you a cheetah girl? Last time u was important niggas was riding spinners and wearing 6x talk Ts. You the same bitch having threesomes like the rest of these hoes. U tried it too Tamara Braxton. U take the role of the ugly sister. It’s always the people wit no career that talk all the shit. Dat plastic surgery fucked yo face up. Bitch look like she always saying “huh”? Muppet face ass! #basicbitchproblems #thotiannas I don’t even need a photo for Tamar, that bitch is beat in every photo! #icanmakeabrokebitchrichbutidontfuckwitbrokebitches

Chile…. Check out the video of what caused all of this, and Tamar’s response below. Continue reading

Rick Ross Ain’t Fat No More. Sheds 100 Pounds. Currently Shopping For Skinny Jeans

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rick ross

Y’all don’t see Rick Ross!!! Yes Gawd Hunty!!! His Illuminati application must have gone through, and he is going through his Jennifer Hudson process. Rick said it is too got damn hot in Miami to be tootsie rollin’ around with all them extra pounds. Ross took to his instragram account and posted 2 pictures showing off his estimated 100 pound weight loss.

“I still eat the way I want to eat…I just go to the gym. I do this shit called CrossFit. I call it ‘RossFit.’”

I think I smell an endorsement deal coming on. One thing is for certain, the brother is looking good. Zara, H&M, and Express better watch out. Y’all know the first thing big people do when they lose weight is go to to all the skinny people stores and buy up all the sh!t they could never wear before. I’ve got a feeling in a year or so, we’ll be seeing Ross on the cover of Men’s Fitness magazine with a six pack wearing swimming trunks. I’m happy for him. I just hope he doesn’t pull an Oprah and keeps it off.

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 4.18.15 PM

What do y’all think about Rick’s transformation?

Erykah Badu Sings On Corner For Money – “Please Help A B!tch Out”. Earns $3.90 (video)

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Listen, Erykah Badu does not have the sense Gawd gave a billy goat. I don’t know what possessed this heffa to stroll her ass to the middle of Time Square, chose a corner, and start singing for money, BUT SHE DID. Not tea no shade, the ish was funny as hell. Erykah broke out into an impromptu song, and the mess she was saying was so funny. Majority of the people that were passing her buy looked at her like she was crazy. A few actually stopped and gave her a donation. I know Erykah said work wasn’t honest but it pays the bills, but damn girl. Check out her creative New York street experiment, and prepare to laugh.

A note from Erykah:

“In no way is this video a reflection of my feelings about homeless or unfortunate families nor individuals who have no other means of survival in our world,” she said in the video, which was taken at 8:00 p.m. on Oct. 10. “Instead, this short film was shot w/ my iPhone and edited in iMovie for entertainment purposes only and serves as a personal ‘hustle’ experiment for me.”


NEW MUSIC: Proof That R&B Music Isn’t Dead – Tamar Braxton ‘Let Me Know’ Ft. Future

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Now y’all know I have a love hate relationship with this 1970′s sissy in a blonde wig. However, The Doll never minds paying HOMAGE when HOMAGE is due. Bae Bae let me tall y’all something, Tamar Braxton did the damn thang with her newest single ‘Let Me Know’. No tea no shade, I could have done without Future. He’s about as annoying to me as T-Pain, but Future on this track is going to ensure that it gets bumped in the clubs.

What I’m not understanding is that someone African-American female artist are abandoning R&B for Pop and other 5 cent bubble gum, citing that “its not selling” so on and so forth. Yet, Tamar Braxton has found away stay true to her R&B roots, make music that sounds radio worthy,  and b!tch The People like it. Some of these other female R&B singers need to step up their song selection game, including ALL THE R&B DIVAS. I think these days and times, so many people get hung up on writing their own music in an effort to capture all the publishing. Forget that, some of these hoes need to look on the back of Tamar & Beyonce’s cd and call some of these writers that they are hi-jacking music from. Y’all Beyonce & Tamar them be adding a ooh and an ahhh here and there and be tallmbout they wrote the song. Girl bye! It’s ok though. They don’t have to write em, just as long as they can sang em!

Get into Tamar’s latest hit:


T.I.’s Fake Sister Precious Overheard Telling People T.I. & Tiny Are Not Together And How T.I. Has New Baby

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Chile let me tell you something, you have got to be real careful where you at when you get to bumpin your damn gums and telling other peoples business. You just might be in the company of a bish that knows Miss Funky Dineva Ross. In this case, Precious’s ass was! Chile, T.I. cousin, who y’all think is his sister, who I thought was his Mama, was just running her damn mouth unknowingly confirmed what we already knew, and what I had reported on long ago. [READ T.I. Has Newborn Baby and NOT From Tiny. Couple Gets Physical At Grammy’s + Conspiracy To Cover It Up]  Much to my surprise, I thought T.I. and Tiny were working things out and moving towards T.I. moving back into the house. Chile, according to Precious and the folks that overheard her talking, T.I. & Tiny are a wrap!

Real talk, I think that T.I. & Tiny are fully aware that “the whole Atlanta” (Marlo Hampton Voice) knows they are not together. It is my belief that T.I. & Tiny  have chosen to conceal the status of their relationship in an effort to preserve the integrity of T.I. The Family Hustle (T.I.’s family themed reality show). I’m guessing that T.I. and the family signed a multi-year deal, and doesn’t want anything to get in the way of them fulfilling the deal and moreover interfering with the money. I ain’t mad with them. Why mess up the money because the relationship is messed up? Ain’t no need in taking two losses. For those of y’all that watch T.I. and The Family Hustle, have you noticed that we have not scene T.I. & Tiny appear together in a single scene? Trust me, that ain’t no coincidence.

I’m over the whole are they together are they not together mess. What I want to know is who is the chick that is walking around with T.I.’s newest baby on her hip. I’m sure she’s probably being paid to lay low. However, I’m also sure she has some messy friends that knows she’s T.I.’s Baby Mama. So listen, any of her messy friends, y’all send me an email with her name and a picture ( Better yet, let me find Precious and just ask her. LOL

Amber Rose Didn’t Cheat With Nick Cannon, but She Says Wiz Khalifa Was Laying It Low & Spreading It Wide

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Written by Tatyana Jenene @TatyanaJenene

Ever since news broke out Monday that Amber Rose filed for divorce from her husband of one year Wiz Khalifa people have been speculating what broke up one of Hip-Hop’s favorite couple. Automatically people assumed that Amber was cheating on Wiz with her new manager Nick Cannon, especially since it came out last week that Nick helped Amber get a new TV and book deal. (Get money bitch!) Well, she ain’t sleeping with Nick Cannon. –Sorry folks, that’s not the story here.

Just a few weeks after their one year anniversary and the infamous twerk video for Wiz’s number one album “Blacc Hollywood”, Amber Rose took to her twitter to debunk the rumors that she is bumping uglies with Nick Cannon but confirmed that Wiz is cheating.

“Please stop with the fake stories. I would never ever, ever cheat on my husband in a million years I think u guys know this…..”  She said.

“Unfortunately my now ex-husband can’t say the same….”

“I’m devastated and crushed but my main focus is Sebastian. Thank you all [for] the support in this difficult time.” (Screenshots below)

amber rose2

The word on the curb is that Amber has suspected Wiz of cheating since earlier this year when Wiz went on tour. Normally, Amber is attached to Wiz’s hip while he’s on tour, he’s has been known for bringing Amber on stage and “serenading” her with song. Even after she gave birth to their son Sebastian, the three of them were together while he was on tour. When she tried to come with him this July, he said hol’ up, hol’ up, hol’ up – you stay home! He wanted her to stay home and take care of their son while goes on tour and he needs to be left alone to make the money.

I don’t know where Amber got the proof from that Wiz cheated, but the fact that she had a zero tolerance for infidelity is no surprise since when she was with Kanye, he cheated on her with Kim Kardashian (assumed by few, confirmed by many.)

Wiz hasn’t said anything publicly, he’s twitter is full of “we gonna stay positive” messages… I’m hearing that the spilt is messy behind the scenes, legally it seems to be ok. Amber is willing to stick to their prenup, she also wants full custody of their son Sebastian and is willing to give Wiz visitation.

So that’s all… for now.


A Fist to the Face Won’t Stop Danity Kane from Getting To the Money

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Written by Tatyana Jenene @TatyanaJenene

All 150 Danity Kane fans weep no more, the girls are still trying to make fetch happen with this new album, even after Dawn Richard allegedly punched Aubrey O’Day in the back of the head this past August. A police report and a few overdramatized “open letter”/press release later, somebody must have noticed their Wells Fargo account is a smidget lower than it has been over the last year.

Aubrey O’Day and Shannon Bex posted a video on Aubrey’s Instagram account announcing that the album is coming after all. The “group’s” last album will be called “DK3” and will be released on October 28th, with presales starting this Friday at midnight. In total the album will have 10 tracks including the buzz summer single “Lemonade” featuring Tyga. A new song called “Rhythm of Love” was posted to their soundcloud page last night and so far Dawn Richard hasn’t publicly came out to support or condemn the album being release. Check out the Instagram announcement and the new song below:


Are you buying “DK3”?