Amber Rose Didn’t Cheat With Nick Cannon, but She Says Wiz Khalifa Was Laying It Low & Spreading It Wide

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Written by Tatyana Jenene @TatyanaJenene

Ever since news broke out Monday that Amber Rose filed for divorce from her husband of one year Wiz Khalifa people have been speculating what broke up one of Hip-Hop’s favorite couple. Automatically people assumed that Amber was cheating on Wiz with her new manager Nick Cannon, especially since it came out last week that Nick helped Amber get a new TV and book deal. (Get money bitch!) Well, she ain’t sleeping with Nick Cannon. –Sorry folks, that’s not the story here.

Just a few weeks after their one year anniversary and the infamous twerk video for Wiz’s number one album “Blacc Hollywood”, Amber Rose took to her twitter to debunk the rumors that she is bumping uglies with Nick Cannon but confirmed that Wiz is cheating.

“Please stop with the fake stories. I would never ever, ever cheat on my husband in a million years I think u guys know this…..”  She said.

“Unfortunately my now ex-husband can’t say the same….”

“I’m devastated and crushed but my main focus is Sebastian. Thank you all [for] the support in this difficult time.” (Screenshots below)

amber rose2

The word on the curb is that Amber has suspected Wiz of cheating since earlier this year when Wiz went on tour. Normally, Amber is attached to Wiz’s hip while he’s on tour, he’s has been known for bringing Amber on stage and “serenading” her with song. Even after she gave birth to their son Sebastian, the three of them were together while he was on tour. When she tried to come with him this July, he said hol’ up, hol’ up, hol’ up – you stay home! He wanted her to stay home and take care of their son while goes on tour and he needs to be left alone to make the money.

I don’t know where Amber got the proof from that Wiz cheated, but the fact that she had a zero tolerance for infidelity is no surprise since when she was with Kanye, he cheated on her with Kim Kardashian (assumed by few, confirmed by many.)

Wiz hasn’t said anything publicly, he’s twitter is full of “we gonna stay positive” messages… I’m hearing that the spilt is messy behind the scenes, legally it seems to be ok. Amber is willing to stick to their prenup, she also wants full custody of their son Sebastian and is willing to give Wiz visitation.

So that’s all… for now.


A Fist to the Face Won’t Stop Danity Kane from Getting To the Money

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Written by Tatyana Jenene @TatyanaJenene

All 150 Danity Kane fans weep no more, the girls are still trying to make fetch happen with this new album, even after Dawn Richard allegedly punched Aubrey O’Day in the back of the head this past August. A police report and a few overdramatized “open letter”/press release later, somebody must have noticed their Wells Fargo account is a smidget lower than it has been over the last year.

Aubrey O’Day and Shannon Bex posted a video on Aubrey’s Instagram account announcing that the album is coming after all. The “group’s” last album will be called “DK3” and will be released on October 28th, with presales starting this Friday at midnight. In total the album will have 10 tracks including the buzz summer single “Lemonade” featuring Tyga. A new song called “Rhythm of Love” was posted to their soundcloud page last night and so far Dawn Richard hasn’t publicly came out to support or condemn the album being release. Check out the Instagram announcement and the new song below:


Are you buying “DK3”?

T.I. Throws A Private, No Cell Phone Allowed, Pajama Party? What All Do You Think Happened?

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Sean "Diddy" Combs Hosts CIROC The New Year 2014 At Private Miami Estate

Everyone knows the BET Hip Hop Awards weekend is unofficially T.I. weekend. T.I.’s birthday happens to coincide with the awards, so he throws a slew of parties every year. The most coveted party is the private invite only party that takes place immediately following the awards show. I’ve been to two of them in the past, and I must say, they are grand lavish affairs. I had a phenomenal time both years. This year, the word on the curb is that T.I. was switching things up and having a pajama party. Hmmmmmm, grown folks, liquor, rappers, pajamas, nah I’ll pass. This is a recipe for a whole bunch of mess if you ask me. Attendees were asked to leave the cell phones in the car, and all male attendees had to have at least $500 in their pockets. We already know what time it is with that.

By no means am I judging. This style of party may be fun for some, but it definitely isn’t my thing. There are all kinds of rumors swirling around town about the types of things that go on in and out of T.I. and Tiny’s bedrooms, and “parties” like this don’t make things any better. Side note, I bet it was funny as hell watching a bunch of overgrown black folks walking up the hill to a party in pj’s. Ha I would have given anything to have seen this. I don’t know, all of this just feels a little too sexually charged for my blood. What are your thoughts?

NEW MUSIC VIDEO : Meelah (R&B Divas) “Give It To You” ft Musiq Soulchild

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Meelah Williams said “No Gawd Hunty! Before you queue up the production of UNSUNG, the 702 story, get into my video.”  I know that’s right girl. Don’t count you out! The R&B Divas platform has given many of R&B past leading ladies a new shot at relaunching their music careers. Good to see that Meelah Williams has recognized the opportunity and moreover has seized it. Unlike many of the Divas who have sat on the platform for years without any new releases. The 1st season rookie has taken no time getting in the studio and pumpin out some some new tunes.

Check out Meelah’s newest video featuring Musiq Soulchild

Has Monica Been Hanging Out With Keyshia Cole Too Much? Was Something Wrong With Her Star Spangled Banner

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Chile, my phone has been lighting up all weekend. “The People” are trying to say Monica’s Star Spangles Banner did not wave. Honestly, I didn’t see anything wrong with her performance. I mean, the sh!t was long as hell, and i did feel like Aretha Franklin and The Mississippi Mass Choir was going to jump out of a piano at any moment. But all in all, I thought her performance was just fine. It’s the freaking Star Spangled Banner, aka the most boring and over-sang song on earth. The song is naturally the pitts.

For those of you who didn’t catch the Mayweather fight this past Saturday. Check out Monica going on to glory with the Star Spangled Banner and let The Doll Know what you think

In Water Is Wet News: August Alsina Goes On another Disrespectful Rant, This Time against Charlotte Party Promoters

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august alsina

Written by Tatyana Jenene @TatyanaJenene

August Alsina is just like Azalea Banks; spazzing out like Kanye with the discography of Blu Cantrell. You know about August and Trey Songz having their break up to make up, you know about him cursing out Keyshia Chante on 106 & Park, but last night he almost wrote a check his ass couldn’t cash in Charlotte, NC.

Baby Devate Swing Swing is currently on tour promoting his debut album Testimony, and just like other artist when they go on tour, he was booked and paid to make an appearance and host at a local nightclub. The story is on Sunday night not only did he show up late, but when he did show up he didn’t want to fulfill his hosting duties by saying a couple of words on the mic.  He was asked by very well-known Charlotte promoter Sport E. Odie and others just to get on the mic to say a few words to his fans and when he did he wanted to talk about how the promoters were “going against the grain” by asking him to speak since he’s “just chilling.”

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