NEW MUSIC: Proof That R&B Music Isn’t Dead – Tamar Braxton ‘Let Me Know’ Ft. Future

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Now y’all know I have a love hate relationship with this 1970′s sissy in a blonde wig. However, The Doll never minds paying HOMAGE when HOMAGE is due. Bae Bae let me tall y’all something, Tamar Braxton did the damn thang with her newest single ‘Let Me Know’. No tea no shade, I could have done without Future. He’s about as annoying to me as T-Pain, but Future on this track is going to ensure that it gets bumped in the clubs.

What I’m not understanding is that someone African-American female artist are abandoning R&B for Pop and other 5 cent bubble gum, citing that “its not selling” so on and so forth. Yet, Tamar Braxton has found away stay true to her R&B roots, make music that sounds radio worthy,  and b!tch The People like it. Some of these other female R&B singers need to step up their song selection game, including ALL THE R&B DIVAS. I think these days and times, so many people get hung up on writing their own music in an effort to capture all the publishing. Forget that, some of these hoes need to look on the back of Tamar & Beyonce’s cd and call some of these writers that they are hi-jacking music from. Y’all Beyonce & Tamar them be adding a ooh and an ahhh here and there and be tallmbout they wrote the song. Girl bye! It’s ok though. They don’t have to write em, just as long as they can sang em!

Get into Tamar’s latest hit:


LIl Kim So Pathetic. Irrelevant Ass Adds Her Own Bars To Flawless Remix With Beyonce & Nikki Minaj

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Ok look, I’m just about tired of Lil Kim’s ass. Like for real. At this point, every move she makes is out of desperation. When the only stunt you’ve got left in your bag of tricks is to add a few wack ass bars to the end of a remix that was already made hot by two of the industry’s forerunners, your day is done. Girl then to add insult to injury, Kim was saying a whole bunch of  nothing. Dissing Nikki Minaj has gotten so old and makes Lil Kim look so petty. My Gawd, how hard is it for Lil Kim to put out some new music? If you are as bad as you say you are, if you are the Queen, if you are the best, PUT OUT AN ALBUM!!! From the time Lil Kim was released from prison 900 years ago, she has yet to produce anything worth anything. What is the hold up mama? I guess she couldn’t find anymore of Biggies scrapbooks or journals.

If you need any proof that everything that was Lil Kim The Great was essentially Biggies arm up her ass, get into this…

Here are snippets of Lil Kim’s bum bitch rhymes:

“UGH! Am I trippin’ or did this hoe just say my name?/Queen of rap, f*ck outta here/ Queen’s back, f*ck outta here/Time to get this rap bitch up outta here”

She added,

“Look at this sh*t/still got my dick on her lips/I aim to stunt on a b*tch/Damn it’s a shame/I gave you the rope/b*tch I want you to hang”

Right now compare Big Momma Thang to this elementary Easter poem Kim wrote.  Child Bye!

Check out the Flawless remix with Lil Kim and let me know what you think of it. Continue reading

NEW MUSIC: Estelle ‘Conqueror’ An Anthem To Standing Tall – Come Through UK Fish

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We are starting to see a resurgence in “anthem” styled songs. Today, Estelle released a single entitled “Conqueror”, an anthem dedicated to standing tall and overcoming.

“I’d rather stand tall than live on my knees / Cause I am conqueror and I won’t accept defeat,” sings Estelle

On starting over: “I had to figure out who I was again. I had ask to myself questions like, ‘What kinds of things do I like?’ This album is about the time in between breaking up with someone and becoming happy again. That time that you’re just existing. No one goes straight to happiness after a breakup.”

On being honest with yourself: “You have to really check yourself, like if you think that you’re ready to see that person and you’re not. You have to have courage to look back and be honest about your own drama. You have to work at it every day and it’s really hard. Understand that this is who I am now, this is who I was then. It’s none of his business what you’re doing now or who you are now. You have to stop thinking of things in that way.”

On what if? “You can’t worry about what could have been, like what would have happened if you’d stuck around longer. You can’t doubt yourself. You can’t go on what you were supposed to do, or what you could have done differently. That’s self-destructive. Maybe he has pushed you to be the best person you can be instead of that idea that you gave up too soon.”

On the little triumphs: “At first, grocery shopping is sad because you’re used to think of (your ex) when you’re shopping. Then you realize how much cheaper the bill is now. Those little joys that are the breakthroughs.” ~USA Today

Check out the single and let me know what you think. Continue reading

Bad Bodied Old Lady Rapper Khia Films Music Video For ‘You Deserve It’ With Metro PCS Phone

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Khia quick to show somebody them big ole titties, but I bet that b!tch wont turn around. HA ! Chile the Queen of prepaid phones is back with a music video for her Billboard top 100 #1 smash hit “You Deserve It”

Now I don’t know what inspired this Little House on the Prairie themed music video but uhhmmmmm. Oh yeah I do know, this bish ain’t have no budget, so she had to film the video in Auntie Teresa’s backyard. Chile Miss Khia, if what you are giving is what I deserve, then I must not be sh!t.

Do expect Khia to take to her social media and say all kinds of Ignorant career blocking sh!t after I post this. My only caution to Khia is “good, bad, or indifferent I’M THE ONLY BLOGGER TALKING ABOUT YOUR ASS”, and you half don’t deserve THAT!

Anyway, y’all get into Khia video and let me know which model of Metro PCS phone you think she filmed it with. Continue reading

NEW MUSIC: Jagged Edge ‘ Hope’. ~ An Ole Nasty Piece of R&B. Yasssss Twins!

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Jagged Edge know they’re ugly. Lol Ok but for real, Nessa girl them boys can SANG. YASSS twins. Chile get into the latest release from Jagged Edge called Hope. Now I’ll be the first person to say, ALL JAGGED EDGE SONGS SOUND ALIKE. However, they sound good. This track is no different. It could have easily been a song on any of their previous CD’s, but hey, they’ve found a formula that works for them. I’m excited. It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything from these guys. I’m sure you will like this one.

Get you a piece. Continue reading

NEW MUSIC: Old Lady Rapper Khia Leaves Rap For R&B – ‘You Deserve’ (listen)

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No car having ass Khia got a new song out y’all. With all the f&ckery going on in R&B right now and folks thinking the standard of R&B is Beyonce, Khia figured she’d put her left foot in the game and remind y’all what southern R&B sounds like. Quiet as its kept, Khia really is super talented, the bish just ignorant as hell. Though I must say it is Khia’s ignorant ways and zero f&cks to give attitude that we love. Now I don’t know who messes up more words in the English dictionary, Khia or Joseline Henernandez, but Khia does occasionally give the children some good music.

I’ve never led y’all astray when it comes to the tunes. Y’all are going to like this one. Check it out and let me know what y’all thank. FLORIDA STAND UP! Continue reading