NEW MUSIC: JoJo Remakes Anita Baker’s ‘Caught Up In The Rapture’ Come Through White Fish (listen)

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Come through White Fish! Yes GAWD HUNTY! I was having a hard time finding the motivation to blog today until I stumbled across. First and foremost, there are very few Anita Baker remakes floating around out there. The fact that JoJo was daring enough to take one on says alot. Mama did the damn thang! Check it out… Continue reading

NEW MUSIC: K. Michelle’s New Mix Tape THE TRUTH ‘Still No F&cks Given’ (listen)

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Come through ghetto fish! Yes GAWD Bish!! I am here for all of this right here. I think the one thing that I like about K. Michelle the most is that she is unapologetically her. Sure at times it gets her in trouble, but who cares… What’s life without a lil trouble. K’s new mix-tape features the grit and and realness that we’ve come to expect from her as well as that true to R&B sound she’s sworn to deliver. Mama is doing her thing. Undeniably this bish can SANG!!!

Y’all know I am a ballad fanatic. The ballads on this bad boy are sickening. K’s got a song on here called ‘She Can Have You.’ I can swear she channeled Aretha Franklin and her sister Carolyn on that track!!! Work out K! What’s understood needs no understanding, and K. Michelle has the right stuff. Say what you want to say about her, but her energy is a breath of fresh air to our current musical climate and I thank her for it! If K. Michelle continues to ride this lane, SHE WILL ALWAYS HAVE A SPOT OVER AT FUNKY DINEVA DOT COM! Check out the mix tape and let The Doll know what you think. Continue reading

New Music: Robin Thicke feat. Tamar Braxton – For The Rest of My Life (Remix)

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Yes Gawd Hunty! Come through Tamar. Say what y’all want to say about Tamar Braxton, but that heffa can sang her behind off. Y’all know I have a love hate relationship with Tamar. Nonetheless, I’m thankful for her contribution to true R&B. Tamar and a few other ladies in the game right now are on a mission to bring R&B back and I’m here for it.

Robin Thicke released his tender ballad “For The Rest of My Life” last spring as the second single off his album Blurred Lines, and it slowly became a No. 1 hit on the Urban AC airplay charts. Quiet as its kept, my head must have been stuck under a rock somewhere because this is my first time ever hearing it thanks to the buzz the Tamar feature has garnered, Check it out. Continue reading

NEW MUSIC: Drake “Trophies”. A New Sound For Him. SOUNDS GOOD!

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The Beyonce of rap has dropped a single. As much as i get tired of turning on my radio and hearing music out of the YMCB camp, I must say I’m feeling this track. Drake is kind of yelling aggressively on this track and its kind of hot. It is a much different sound from what we’ve grown accustomed to from Drake, but I’m here for it!  Check it out


Ledisi Gets Super Sexy For New Album Artwork + New Video ‘I Blame You’

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All T all shade, when I first saw this album cover I instantly sucked my teeth. Not because Ledisi doesn’t look good, but because I felt like she had been bitten by the Beyonce commercial bug. Typically when we think of neo soul artist we don’t think of sex. We may think incense, finger snaps, and green tea, but we typically don’t hink sex. Well, Ledisi is here to change all that and I think i just might be here for it. Ledisi said if Beyonce can do it, then she can too. I know that’s right! Get it girl, and when its got, get some more!

“The Truth”, Ledisi’s latest album will be released in the United States on March 11 via Universal Music Group / Verve Music Group.

The photo was taken by Derek Blanks, who also directed the set’s lead single “I Blame You” (co-written by Claude Kelly and Chuck Harmony). Get into Ledisi’s latest video… Continue reading