NEW MUSIC: Danity Kane Ft. Tyga ‘Lemonade’

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Alright now Danity Kane minus D. Woods. I guess one clown don’t make no circus. Danity Kane told y’all they were coming back. I didn’t half believe them, nor was I checking for them. However, I must say that this new song they’ve got featuring Tyga called Lemonade is pretty cute. It will definitely bang in the club and was released just in time for the spring & summer blitz. As hard as it is for me to say this, good job ladies!  The beat is recycled. Within the first 10 seconds of the song, nostalgia will rain down on you, but the song is cute nonetheless.

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Oprah Rocks A Nasssssty Afro On The Cover Of O Magazine September Issue

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Yes Gawd Miss Oprah! This is the “blackest” we’ve seen you been in about 15 years. Rock on with ya bad self. No tea no shade, but Oprah and the graphic designer over at O Magazine pulled it bish. The know good and got damn well that Oprah is not this thin. Chile Cheese!  Don’t try and goup the children!

The wig Oprah is sporting on the September cover of the magazine weighs 3.5 pounds (the weight of a Chihuahua). Oprah’s long time hair stylist Andre Walker explains how he obtained the massive hair piece that had to be shipped in bubble wrap and a custom made box:

“It wasn’t easy! I finally decided I’d have to make one myself. Two days later I was on the set of “The Voice” talking to the stylist there, Kim Kimble [she's also Beyonce's mane woman]. When I told her about my predicament, she said she had created a wig I could borrow. Saved me a good bit of time!”

Yes Gawd!  Shout out to kim Kimble from LA Hair. She’s been hooking a sister up with wigs and has radically redefined my look! I don’t know why, but the moment I looked at this picture I felt like Kim Kimble had something to do with it. Catch these T’s Continue reading

Real Housewives Of Atlanta’s Cynthia Bailey & Peter Thomas Write A Book

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Chile, when I found out the Cynthia  & Peter were writing a book, the first thing I thought to myself was “It better not be about how to run a business.” Ha! Thankfully it wasn’t. Quiet as its kept, I’m not sure a relationship book from Cynthia & Peter is much better. Any chile, they wrote one. Catch these T’s Continue reading

Ever Wondered What WHORES in 1912 Looked Like? [pics]

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They say it ain’t trickin if you got it. For those of y’all that think ho’n is a new profession, think again. Some women have been walking the street from the beginning of time. I wonder if ho’n is hereditary. I can think of a few people I know that may have a lil street walker in their blood. Chile, one thing I will say is the ladies of the night from the early 1900′s were jazzy hunty.

In the early 1900′s. Photographer E. J. Bellocq, took pictures of prostitutes  in New Orleans infamous Storyville district. In today’s time, we would call Storyville “The Ho Stroll”. These photos were found in the 1960′s when Lee Friedlander purchased and developed a collection of Bellocq’s negatives. What’s interesting about these pictures is that they tell a story of women who had impecable fashion sense and a strong sense of comraderie. Not anything like the hoes of today. In 2013 hoes can’t get along and their bargain basement fashions leave them selling the cooch for pennies on the dollar. No Gawd! Check out more pics from the collection. Continue reading

Kelly Clarkson Sets Miss Clive Davis STRAIGHT About Falsities In His Autobiography

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Chile, Clive Davis has officially been one of the gays for 24 hours and he is already involved in some true queen mess. Clive had a few things to say about Kelly Clarkson and her her career in his book. Clarkson, not to fond of what all Clive had to say, wrote a letter to her fans addressing Clive and setting the record straight. The low-key shade of the letter is so funny. Throughout the letter Clarkson points out that Clive’s memory must not be serving him correct. Considering the fact that Clive is 80+, I’m more than sure Kelly knew what she was doing when she chose those words. Ladies & Gentlemen, THIS, is the proper way to read someone. Put your thoughts together in a nice little letter and share it with the world. Do not go up to someone’s job cussing them out, or taking to Twitter and FaceBook to air your grievances. Kudos Kelly Clarkson for having class. Check out what all Kelly had to say. Continue reading