Promoters NOT BUYING The R&B Divas Tour As Kelly Price Announced It- “People Just Don’t Want It”

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At the conclusion of the R&B Divas LA reunion when Kelly Price made the big tour announcement, I fell dead to the bed. Is it me, or was the whole announcement shady bootz? Kelly announced that she along with Faith Evans,  Chante Moore, Dawn Robinson, and Brownstone would be going on tour. tumblr_mr3l93SYwp1s4u0oxo1_400The announcement caught everyone off guard. I like to refer to this lineup as the friends, family and favoritism tour. Much like the Sesame Street game, one of these things is not like the other. Based on their reactions, no one was more caught off guard than Lil Mo. Am I the only one who felt like Chante should have perhaps filled Mo in, even if no paperwork had been signed yet? Then it threw me how Kelly paid a sickening piece of homage to Michel’le, citing that before there was Faith or Mary J Blige, Michel’le was singing over hip hop beats. However, when the tour line up was announced, Michel’le s name was nowhere in the mix. Really Girl? But Dawn Robinson made the short list? Ohh ok.  We all see what this is.  There is so much mess here that I don’t even know where to begin breaking it all down. Continue reading

Dr. Zelda Pittman Rumored To Be Joining The Cast Of Married To Medicine

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For those of y’all who have been missing The Real Housewives Of Atlanta 2.0 Married To Medicine, I got a lil bit of tea for ya. Word on the curb is pretty girl friend of Nene Leakes & Cynthia Bailey, Dr. Zelda Pittman is joining the cast of Married To Medicine. Dr. Zelda is a dentist who graduated from the University of Tennesssee College of Dentistry. There is more than what meets the eye. Pittman is more than a dentist, she is a Atlanta socialite for what thats worth  (and a few other things if what they say about her and her divorce is true).

I actually got to meet her a few weeks back at Bar One. She was a part of Nene’s entourage when Nene walked in. I couldn’t read her one way or another. She seemed aight to me. Considering that she is a well respected dentist, and taking in to account the messiness and rumors that precede her name, she posses all the right stuff for reality tv. So just what is Zelda’s mess? Catch these T’s Continue reading

R&B Divas LA Reunion Pt 1 (full video) + Funky Dineva’s Review

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Chile, last night’s R&B Diva’s LA reunion was everything and then some. Not so much because the ladies brought the funk, but because Wendy Williams brought the pain. Yes gawd hunty! I am convinced that from this point on, all reunion shows need real host (people who are hosts for a living), to host the shows moving forward. I feel as if a neutral 3rd party that is not tied to the network or production in any manner is the only person who can objectively ask the questions and solicit the tea that the viewers really want to know. TAKE NOTE!

Dawn Robinson was a no show. Good riddance bish! We didn’t miss you. Quiet as its kept, Claudette Ortiz could have stayed her ass home too!


Catch all the reunion t’s and my hilarious review of the drama. Continue reading

Sneak Peak: R&B Divas LA Reunion, Chante & Kelly Revisit Their Beef. Michell’le & Claudette Tell Their Stories

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No tea no shade, but I am really beginning to feel like R&B Divas Atlanta got the short end of the stick. Look at how nice the set of the R&B Divas LA reunion looks in comparison to that dusty ass set the ATL Divas had. Let us not fail to recognize how the LA Divas where blessed with the opportunity to have a real real host (Wendy Williams) that is entertaining and knows how to pull out the T versus lame a$$ wack a$$ Joe Clair. I’m still mad about that Joe Clair foolishness. Who the hell thought that was a good idea? Whoever the hell it was should be fired and ran out of town.

Bits and pieces from the reunion are starting make their way around the net as promotion for the reunion begins. Check out Michel’le explain her fake marriage, Claudette Ortiz being homeless, and Chante Moore giving Jelly Rice the business.   Continue reading

Nicci Gilbert Defends Kelly Price Against Harsh Criticism. Go Figure!

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Chile ain’t this about a bish! Of all people to comment on the harsh criticism that Kelly Price is receiving, I would have thought that Nicci Gilbert would have been the last one to open her big mouth. No tea no shade, but if I was Nicci Gilbert, I would have been glad that someone else was in the hot seat. Following Nicci’s lead, Kelly Price and company are running with the whole “biased editing” excuse as to why Kelly is looking like such a b!tch on R&B Divas LA. I’m here to tell you, that excuse didn’t work for Nicci, and it damn sure ain’t working for Kelly. Much to Nicci & Kelly’s dismay, their respective cast-mastes  have co-signed the fact that these women have exemplified poor character and bad attitudes, not to mention the viewers at home can discern the truth.

Having no allies, I guess Nicci Gilbert felt it prudent to align with Kelly Price. Now that I think about it, I guess Nicci is qualified to speak on the matter seeing as though she has suffered a similar blow to her reputation as a result of reality tv. Check out what all Nicci had to say. Continue reading

Is Kelly Price Dragging Dawn Robinson’s Career To Hell? Will Dawn’s Blind Loyalty Cost Her Everything?

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So I’ve just got through watching episode 6 of R&B Divas LA, and I am really feeling some kind of way about Dawn Robinson. I can’t really pinpoint what I’m feeling right now. Up until episode 6, I was really rocking with Dawn, but after watching how she abruptly quit the monologue show following behind Kelly, my feelings have changed. For those who may be in the dark, during episode 6, Kelly Price meets with Chante Moore and Lil Mo and announces that she is quitting the monologue show. She cites that she is extremely busy, booked, and spread too thin (pun intended).

Personally, I think it was an arrogant power play on Kelly’s behalf because she could not get her way and her ego was bruised. I feel Kelly’s quitting the monologue show was a spiteful effort to sabotage the overall project.  I really think that In Kelly’s mind she thought she was the main attraction and that if she were not apart of the show, no one would really buy tickets. It’s unfortunate that In Kelly’s bag of props alongside her timberlands, Vaseline, and straight edge that she didn’t have a crystal ball to see that once R&B Divas LA aired, she would lose droves of fans and moreover the respect of the masses. All in all, right, wrong, or indifferent I can understand why Kelly quit. I may not agree, but can certainly understand. That leaves the question why did Dawn Robinson quit? Continue reading