Bezino & Althea Officially FIRED From Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. Benzino All In His Feelings

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For those of you who were tired of Stevie & Benzino’s on again off again bromance, fret no more. Sources are claiming that Benzino and Thi Thi were fired this morning and given no explanation. I had already reported to you guys that negotiations between Benzino & Thi Thi and Love and Hip Hop Atlanta were not going too well. READ [Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Contract Negotiations FAIL – They Are NOT Trying To Pay Althea. Should They?]

Keeping it all the way 100, its kinda jacked up that Althea and others caught an ass whoopin by Joseline, yet Joseline gets to stay. But let’s face it, Joseline Hernandez is good tv, and ultimately the anchor of the show. Say what you want, feel what you want, there is no way around it. I’ve placed a couple phone calls and shot out a couple texts to get the official reason as to why these two wont be returning. Like i’ve said in the past, if I had to put money it, I’d say the power that be did not take to kindly to Benzina & Althea filing suit against the show following the reunion. There is also some sort of clause in all of their contracts that speaks to taking any legal action that will hinder production. If y’all remember correctly, this is how Jennifer Williams got fired from Basketball Wives. Remember she took a restraining order out against Evelyn, thus posing obstacles to production.

The real gag is, Benzino & Thi Thi don’t even know why they were fired, and some are saying that Benzino found out he was fired after it hit TMZ. SHADE!!!

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But wait there’s more. In a true Benzino fashion, he went on a Twiter tirade to let the world know exactly how he feels. Catch these T’s Continue reading

Melyssa Ford Busted In The Head To The White Meat With A Bottle By Co-Star Geneva Thomas

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Well, another one bites the dust. Just when I thought we had a reality television show out there with semi classy Black women who were doing positive things, Geneva Thomas had to haul off and bust Melyssa Ford in the head with a vodka bottle. That’s right! according to reports, Melyssa Ford had to be taken to the hospital where she received 3 staples to close the wound in her head. Additionally she cut her foot on some broken glass. The assault happened Tuesday night (10/21/14) on a boat while the cameras were rolling for season 2 of Blood Sweat & Heels.

Geneva was arrested, as she should have been. I’ve got a feeling she’ll probably be fired and sued. Y’all better learn from Da Brat and the stint she did in prison. You cannot just go around busting people in the head with bottles. Especially if they still have liquor in them! Hell, do y’all know what a bottle of Ciroc goes for these days?

I wonder what set Geneva off? That girl probably got tired of y’all saying she looks like Wesley Snipes and snapped!





Teresa Giudice Begs Judge To Go To Half Way House Instead of Prison. Prosecution Says Hell No Ma’am!

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I’m going to be real with y’all. I don’t half follow The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Primarily because I don’t understand rich Italian people and their problems. However, when I do catch it every now and again, I love to watch Teresa and Caroline. Caroline Manzo is my favorite. If you are anything like me, you are half way aware that Teresa and here thieving ass husband Jo are going to jail. After all that good living due to bank and wire fraud, Teresa now has the nerve to ask the judge can she do her stint in a half way house instead of prison. Chile this woman is trying to avoid prison come hell of high water. She first perjured herself on the stand in an attempt to avoid prison time, now she wants to pretty much serve out her sentence at a summer camp for grown people.

Teresa is trying to evoke The Second Chance Act. In a letter she sent to the judge, she expresses that according to the act, she has the right to serve 12 out of 15 months in half way house. Ohhh baby, but the prosecution is not having it with Teresa and her ploy to lessen the severity of her punishment. The prosecution wrote a letter to the judge vehemently objecting … claiming the judge made it clear she needed prison punishment, and nothing less.

Do you think Teresa should be allowed to serve out her time in a halfway house?

Benzino May Not Be Returning To Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. Will He Be Missed?

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Let me start out by saying, with Love & Hip Hop, you never know whats real and whats fake. The show has taken such a contrived turn, that I don’t even try to keep up anymore. However, one thing that is real is the drama between Stevie J. & Benzino, and the dissipation of their friendship. It really saddens me that Stevie & Benzino have remained unable to salvage their friendship. For the life of me, I really don’t even get why they are mad with one another. Honestly, they probably don’t know why they are mad with one another. Quite frankly, the sh!t has gone on for far too long enough.

According to Benzino, Stevie J & Joseline may be potentially using their popularity as leverage to persuade the folks in charge not to bring Benzino back.:


No tea no shade, I could see Stevie J & Joseline pulling a stunt like this. It wouldn’t be the first time something like this has happened in reality television. However, if Mona Scott-Young did decide to not bring Benzino and Althea back, I’m sure it would have more to do with the lawsuit he filed after the reunion, and less to do with a casting recommendation from the likes of Stevie J & Joseline. I mean seriously, who the hell in their right mind would take orders from Stevie J or Joseline?

This isn’t all Benzino had to say. Check out the rest below. Continue reading

Married To Medicine’s Mariah Huq Pregnant With Twins. Just In Time For A Story Line…

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Yes Gawd Hunty, maybe some new life will breath new life into Married to Medicine. According to Mariah’s Twitter feed, her and Dr. Huq are expecting twins.


I’m not sure what the photo was Mariah posted on Instagram, but it has since been deleted. I’m actually kind of excited about the news. For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out what these Medicine Wives were going to have to talk about this season. We are over Mariah & Quad and that stale drama, we are tired of Toya & Eugene being borderline homeless, and we don’t have time for Dr. Heavenly and that brown gel she uses in her hair. I wonder if Mariah has selected Dr. Jackie or Dr. Simone as her Ob/Gyn? Could make for really good television. Mariah could get all her prenatal affairs in order and gossip at the same time. That’s how you kill two birds with one stone. Sounds like a production plus to me.

Congrats to Mariah & Aydin Huq on the expectancy of their twins!!!

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Contract Negotiations FAIL – They Are NOT Trying To Pay Althea. Should They?

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Chile… It looks like Althea may have spilled all her business, and gotten attacked by Joseline all for NOTHING. I just got off the phone with my good girl friend from production, and she just let me know that the powers that be have no intentions on paying Althea, and Benzino & Althea are not happy about it. Now I love Althea & Benzino, but real talk, why should they pay her? Hell, you performed like a circus clown for free for an entire year, now you want to demand wages? Additionally, its not as if Althea was sought out by the people responsible for bringing Love & Hip Hop Atlanta to light. In all realness, Althea is a couple people removed from an actual cast member, so I’m not really understand how much compensation her and Benzino are really expecting.

Where a lot of these reality tv personalities go wrong is that they do not maximize the leverage they have with the platform they have been given. If Althea & Benzino were strategically marketing her music, his magazine, or other business ventures through the Love & Hip Hop platform, they wouldn’t be pressed about a payroll check. They better take notes from Kandi Burruss. Kandi has used RHOA to advertise all of her other business ventures, and this strategy has proven to be very lucrative.

All in all, check or no check, I’m pretty sure Althea and Benzino and their ‘Ghetto Love’ will be returning.