Real Housewives of Atlanta, Peter Thomas Back In Women’s Business. Shades Porsha Williams

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porsha cythia argue

If y’all tuned in to the Real Housewives of Atlanta last night, then you bore witness to the pettiest argument in history. For the life of me, I couldn’t wrap my head around what the hell was really troubling Cynthia & Porsha. Whatever it was that both of them were trying to convey just didn’t seem that serious. In all actuality, the argument that we witnessed last night happened months ago, and Cynthia and Porsha have since reconciled, according to Instagram. Non of that seems to matter, and it damn sure didn’t seem to stop Peter from adding his two cents.

peter thomasOhhhhhhhhh bitch!!!! Peter pulled it. No tea no shade, Peter didn’t have to cut that girl down to the white meat. Y’all know I’m always down for a good read, but this seemed a tad bit excessive. Real talk, I’m feeling like Peter is walking around with Porsha’s old peach in his back pocket. Hell nah!

You know, I just don’t understand how these people are able to remain friends over the years with the constant Twitter jabs and the constant rehashing of negative events in their lives. Truthfully, if I was under the impression that I was cool with Peter & Cynthia,  a tweet like this would truly have me questioning our friendship, and moreover if I wanted to continue on with it. I guess you get use to the sh!t. Hat’s off to everyone in the reality television arena. I’ll be the first person to tell you that I couldn’t do it.

Did you see anything wrong with Peter’s tweet?

He Might Be Cleared With DCF In Florida, but Dwight Howard Isn’t in Clear with Child Abuse Allegations Yet

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Written by Tatyana Jenene @TatyanaJenene

Royce Reed (of Basketball Wives fame) and NBA Player Dwight Howard have been fighting over their 7-year-old son Braylon Howard for what seems like years. The two meet and dated while Howard played for the Orlando Magic and Reed was a dancer for the team, after Reed decided to leave four years into their relationship, things got ugly. When Reed decided to do “Basketball Wives”, Howard hit her with a gag order which blocked her from discussing Dwight and their son on the show. June 2013, Royce congratulated Dwight on the birth of his new son while admitting that Dwight had not seen their son since that February. Fast forward to August 2013, Royce allegedly claimed that she hadn’t heard from Braylon since sending him to California to see Howard, a little while after pursuing an emergency court hearing Howard’s parents contacted Reed to let her know her son’s whereabouts and that he was fine.
Still keeping up? Alright, here we go… Dwight Howard was under investigation by the Florida Department of Child and Families after Royce went to Children Services in Orlando, FL and filed a complaint that Dwight whipped their son with a belt, which left bruises and abrasions on his leg -this was back in August of this year. When Howard was interviewed by authorities, he admitted to whooping his son and didn’t see a problem with it because that was the way he was disciplined growing up. A doctor that looked at Braylon’s injuries determined that the injuries were “consistent with Braylon being struck with the buckle end of the belt… With excessive force, resulting in soft tissue injuries such as bruising and abrasions.” – According to TMZ. The doctor suggested that Dwight attend parenting classes to learn a different way to discipline their children. Child Services closed after determining that the bruises in the photos, were not substantial enough for them to pursue any further.

Married to Medicine’s Mariah Huq Miscarries Twins. #Fix ItJesus

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With great sadness I report to you guys that Mariah from Married to Medicine has suffered a miscarriage.  On October 20th, I reported that she was pregnant with twins [Married To Medicine’s Mariah Huq Pregnant With Twins. Just In Time For A Story Line…], and it is with great sadness that I must report on November 11th,  this is no more.

In a statement of confirmation, her husban Aydin Huq had this to say:

 Thank you for all of your well wishes on our pregnancy. It is with heavy hearts that we must announce that we have miscarried. This is by far one of the hardest things that either of us have had to go through, and we are truly saddened by this double loss. We ask that you keep our entire family lifted in prayer, and Mariah a speedy recovery. Aydin HuQ.


From Fired To Friends. Benzino & Althea Party It Up With Tamar & Vince in L.A.

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I guess Benzino & Althea got sick and tired of all the drama in Atlanta, so they hightailed it to L.A. for a little rest and relaxation. I was playing around on tamar and altheaInstagram when I stumbled across a picture of Althea & Tamar. No tea no shade, the picture looked a little weird to me, because the two ladies seem like an unlikely pairing. Real talk, I was thinking to myself, “what the hell is Tamar doing with Althea?” We all are aware that Benzino & Vince know each other. Vince even appeared on an episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. Remember when Benzino was trying to help Karlie get get that daydream she calls a career off the ground? Exactly…

Upon further Instagram stalking, it appears that Tamar & Vince and Althea & Benzino went out to dinner and hung out for the night. No harm no foul right? Maybe not. Excessive picture taking and Instagram posting tends to be a habit of those of the female persuasion. I found it a little odd that majority of the pics and the videos from the night were posted by Benzino. Ok F&ck the bullsh!t. Let me stop talking in riddles. All this Instgram flexing feels like ghetto marketing. It feels like a ploy to be regarded in higher status. In my eyes, It felt like Benzino was saying “hey world, look, we hang out with Tamar & Vince.” Maybe I’m reaching, maybe I’m doing the most, but it just didn’t feel natural. In all honestly it felt kinda of creepy and calculated.

Anyway, check out the rest of the pictures from Benzino & Thi Thi’s romp with Tamar & Vince. Continue reading

K. Michelle ‘My Life’ Episode 2. Why Does K. Michelle Have All Those Damn People Living With Her? [Full Video]

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Nessa Girl, these reality TV shows do a very good job on confusing the hell out of me these days. It is very hard for me that K. Michelle’s friend Tracie flew from Memphis to New York to return K’s dog, with zero intentions of flying back home. Especially considering the fact that K had been avoiding her calls and texts. Sh!t like this only happens in the land of reality tv.

On episode 2 of K. Michelle’s ‘My Life’, K goes from being an R&B Singer to a boarding house operator. Nema, a bish K hardly knows needs a place to live, and K’s other friend Tracie, a proven thief also needs to a place to lay her head. If you think this a recipe for disaster, trust me it is.

If you missed Episode 2 of k. Michell’s ‘My Life’, get into it down below

Women Who Don’t Have Primary Care of Their Kids. Should LHHH ‘s Moniece Be Questioning Fizz’s Girlfriends?

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When you’re not even suitable to raise your own child, it is hard for me to take your recommendations on who is suitable to raise your child. Let that thought set the tone for this post.

Often time you guys may ask me why I don’t review certain shows. The answer is, because sometimes I just want to watch tv without it being work. I don’t closely follow Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, I don’t know any of the cast personally, and I don’t think I know any of the producers either. With that, it truly fileaffords me the luxury to watch the show the same as some 50-year old White woman in Montana, objectively and for entertainment purposes only.  All that being said, Moniece really gets under my skin. I really think the root of Moniece’s issues is that she wants Fizz’s Black & Mild smoking ass back.

I try my hardest to stray away from subscribing to traditional gender roles. If anything, I’m more of a feminist. However, it is really hard for me to refrain from feeling like it reflects really badly on a woman when she isn’t in primary care of her young child. I’m sorry, I feel like if it is humanly possible, a four-year-old child needs to be in the care of his mother. Yes dads can do just as an efficient job if they have to, as Fizz has illustrated, but damn. After watching this Monday’s (nov 10th) episode of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, it borderline enraged me that Moniece has so much to say about who Fizz is dating as it relates to the welfare of her child, yet, this chick, as grown as she is, has deemed her own self incapable of taking care of her child at the moment. Seriously, Moniece has big nerves. I personally wouldn’t open myself up to the scrutiny of my ability to parent, by calling into question someone else’s.  If my roses smelled like boo boo, chile, I would never offer anyone whiff, OKAY! Continue reading

What Would Jesus Do? Did Phaedra Abandon Apollo? What Would You Do?

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Everything in this life has a cost. I’ve found that the freest of the free tends to be the most costly.  We live in a world that teaches us to aspire towards a one-dimensional ideal of success. A big house, a foreign car, designer clothes, expensive jewelry, and lavish vacations is what its all about. More so than not, celebrities have all of these things, and we think they are living the good life. Looking beyond the glitz & glam, one has to ask, “but are they really?” Privacy, protection from embarrassment, safety, the ability to go pick up a roll of tissue from Target, are all things that one forgoes when they make the transition to being a celebrity. On the surface these things may seem trivial. Hell, many of you, especially those of you who are struggling to make ends meet may be thinking, “that’s not that bad of a trade off.” I challenge you to think again. Privacy is like insurance; you never need it, until you need. Just ask Phaedra Parks. I’m sure she can tell you all about it.

Apollo Nida Pleads Guilty, Going To Prison. Will You Be Putting Any Money On His Books?

Season 7 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta just started, and I am over it and exhausted with the bullsh!t already. The careless blend of real life issues and desperate attempts to stay relevant enough to earn a living has just run its course on my DVR. To be honest, I don’t find the dissolution of Phaedra’s marriage  apollo-nidaor family entertaining, Quite frankly the sh!t is rather sad and depressing. Then, the moment you stop watching Phaedra’s sad ass storyline, we have to watch Kenya and her madness. No tea no shade, they need to recast the whole damn show, or take the sh!t off the air in its entirety. Perhaps I’m so over all of this because I know many of the ladies personally, and get’s to live some of this foolishness along side them. I don’t know…

Since I’m talking about it, and the world is talking about it, I might as well TALK ABOUT IT. What would Jesus do? That is the question I wanted to ask Phaedra as Apollo moved through his sentencing process seemingly alone. From the outside looking in, Phaedra being his wife and all, things looked a little bad on her behalf. From the inside looking out, I can totally see where Phaedra is coming from. Going back to that privacy thing that I was talking about earlier, why does what I think even matter? Why the hell is it that I along with millions of other even have an opinion on someone else’s marriage & family? Why is it that Phaedra has to be subjected to our thoughts and opinions? I can guarantee you that Phaedra would be willing to trade in a couple handbags, a few pairs of shoes, and some of those bedrooms for some privacy. Continue reading

Tiny Says The Delta’s & AKA’s Don’t Need To Be Mad With Her, Throwing Up Hand Signs Just A Joke

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Lawd I think Tiny done f&cked up. Instead of just issuing an arbitrary apology, or saying nothing, Tiny decides to get a little defensive. When Blogger Sandra Rose Tweeted out her story about Tiny throwing sorority hand signs, Tiny responded in a way that isn’t too flattering to many Black Greeks

tiny tweet

Tiny’s response further demonstrates her ignorance on college life and Greek affairs. Had she been semi educated about the goings ons of Black Greek life, she would have known that by no means was this acceptable, and her response would have had more of an apologetic tone. Being Greek myself, I don’t really take offense to this. Hell, at the end of the day, throwing up a hand sign isn’t hurting anyone. However, I do recognize that there are other Greeks who feel a tad bit more strongly about the matter, and I respect that. Again going back to Tiny’s ignorance, we have all at some point thrown up the signs of various organizations, however, I’m sure most of us weren’t dumb enough to photograph it. Perhaps Tiny’s next venture should be ‘Tiny & Shekinah Go To College’. Ha…