Sarah Stokes Husband Files For Divorce While She Is Down To Da Jail. Where She Gone Stay When She Get Out

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Ladies this right here is why you cannot go around beaten on your man and stabbing him up and stuff. HE WILL LEAVE YOUR ASS. Lawd have mercy Jesus. What is Sarah gone do? Diddy ain’t never paid her, she doesn’t work, and she’s got 50-11 kids from this convenient store worker. No let me stop playing, I don’t know where this man works, but wherever it is, they must offer free legal aid. While Sarah is down to the jail cell, Tony was down to da courthouse. Tony said “hell no ma’am, you better have you a place to go when you get released from jail.” I don’t know why I have the feeling that Tony is going to try and get custody of this woman’s kids too. Y’all know these men are low down these days, taking these womens chirren and stuff. Chile, Sarah better take a note out of the Tameka Raymond and Dwayne Wade, and maintain. With this domestic violence stuff being all up in the news, and Sarah seemingly appearing to be the guilty one, it might not be too hard for Tony to prove that she is unfit…

Quiet as its kept, these hoes should have been got a divorce. The two have been married for 18 years. Tony is claiming “the objects of matrimony have been destroyed.” I wonder if they got a fine from the HOA for fighting down to da yard?

It’s The Happiest Day of Jackie Christie’s Life: Draya and Orlando Are Done

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Written by Tatyana Jenene @TatyanaJenene

I’m sure Jackie and Chantel miserable asses are probably somewhere getting a good cackle off of this because Draya Michele and Orlando Scandrick are officially done. The Basketball Wives: LA star took to her Instagram account to announce the split:

“I’d rather focus on my family and career than a relationship at the time. I did my best to make things work. I’m not the one who failed.

People are going to be who they are whether u make a complete change in front of the world or not. I did my part and have no regrets.”

Orlando posted a tweetgram that said “this could be us” on an all-black background with the caption “Exactly, nothing.” He later deleted it. Continue reading

Sarah Stokes From Making Da Band Arrested For Fighting Husband Down To Da Yard

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For the life of me, I don’t know why two adults would chose to stay in a dysfunctional relationship. I definitely don’t understand why two broke adults would stay in a dysfunctional relationship. We all remember the first season of Diddy’s Making Da Band. Hell, Sarah and this man been fussing since then. I could have told you way back when that he was beating her ass. I guess like Latifah, Sarah’s had it up to here.

The cops got called to Stokes home at 3:45 am and found Sarah and husband Tony fighting down to da yard. They say Sarah was drunk bootz, filled with the good liquor. Chile I should have told her to stay away from any man named Tony. Those Tony’s will get you caught up. Now that I think about it, what the hell were they doing up at 3:45am on a Wednesday?

Sarah was charged with domestic violence. As a result of this, she now has to serve 93 days in jail because this incident triggered a probation violation. Mind you the bitch is on probation for stabbing her husband back in 2009. Chile at the point in which you are stabbing the man and rolling around in the front yard with the man disturbing the neighbors, why not just get a divorce? Sounds too much like right I guess…

Brian McKee Wants You To Know… He and Momma Dee Are NOT dating!

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Written by Tatyana Jenene @TatyanaJenene

Somebody please go to Rite Aid and make sure Momma Dee’s prescriptions have been properly filled, because she might be hallucinating and living in the land of make believe. Momma Dee posted a photo of her and Andrea Kelly’s newest ex-husband, Brian McKee on her twitter account and referred to him as her “King.” It looked as if “the palace” was complete with Scrappy, “The Bambi”, Momma Dee and Brian, ever since the photo surfaced she has been telling anyone that will listen that the two are an item. Momma Dee even defended McKee to people who are skeptical of him because of his quickie marriage to Hollywood Exes star Andrea Kelly.

Well, just like 93% of the cast members of Love and Hip Hop, she might be in a relationship with that man… but that man isn’t in a relationship with her. From the beginning, McKee has been adamant that he and Momma Dee are just friends, nothing more and nothing less. Every time he has mentioned her on social media he has called her “my friend.”

Apparently, the last week has been too much for him to take, or one of his side girlfriends might have financially cut him off again, because late Tuesday night he took to his Instagram account to clear up the rumors, once and for all.

He posted:

                  To FAMILY , FRIENDS, FOLLOWERS, FANS and FOES…to EVERYBODY. I am making this “OFFICAL STATEMENT” to set the record the record straight!!!!!! I AM NOT and again I repeat, I AM NOT, IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH MOMMA DEE. We are not involved romantically or otherwise, we have NEVER date. Our acquaintance is STRICKLY PLATONIC (FRIENDS ONLY)!!!!!!! I have ONLY the utmost respect for Momma Dee and we will continue to be remain FRIENDS ONLY, no hidden agendas or motives PERIOD!!!!

I guess this means we won’t get a Momma Dee and Brian McKee duet on either one of their upcoming albums? Oh, darn… Speaking of music, Momma Dee says that her single will be out in a few weeks on the night of the reunion, so make sure you save your $1.29 for iTunes.

Brian McKee should be in the final stages of finalizing his divorce with Andrea Kelly. The two married back in March and Kelly filed for divorce in May, before their wedding episode even aired on VH1. McKee cheated on Kelly and the “other” woman contacted Andrea Kelly via Instagram and Twitter to let her know about Brian ways.

In good news, a position in the palace is still open, maybe For the Love of Momma Dee can be the next Love and Hip Hop spin off.

Khloe’s Chinese Slippers Phase is Over: Reportedly She Breaks up with French Montana

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Written by Tatyana Jenene @TatyanaJenene

It’s safe to say Kris Jenner is somewhere thanking God that this is over. After doing interviews with Angie Martinez at Power 105.1, hanging out at Rucker Park for a summer league game and a birthday party at City Island it seems as if the couple of seven months are calling it quits. It seems as if French’s wild lifestyle is the reason for Khloe to jump ship.

The long nights on White Plains Road and partying at La Marina is just becoming too much for the reality star, simply put French Montana parties too hard for her. With everything going on in her life, including her spilt from her estranged husband Lamar Odom, Kris Jenner thinks it is best that her daughter stays single for now.

No biggie, Khloe always said she was just “having fun” with French. Plus neither one of them are divorce, so the chances of the two of them getting serious were slim. French Montana abandoned his wife Deen Kharbouch and their child years ago once his single Pop That became popular thanks to help from Drake, Rick Ross and Lil Wayne. The Bad Boy Records rapper then dated rapper Trina for a short while and left her for Khloe…

Expect to see French Montana on the upcoming season of Kourtney and Khloe Take The Hamptons, set to air this September.

Joseline Hernadez Spotted Down To Da Bar Dressed Like A Mexican Tootsie Roll

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joseline tootsie roll

This is your brain on drugs. If her rapping in the booth didn’t have me thinking she was a Voodoo Priestess, this outfit damn sure does. Lawd have mercy Jesus, somebody help this woman. Joseline? Really girl? Where are you going? I’ll tell you, down to The joseline hernadezVelvet Room. It was Bronner Brothers hair show weekend here in Atlanta, and there were parties galore. Joseline slid her ass through to one of the after parties looking like she was waiting to be unwrapped. I know I always say I’m bout to go tootsie roll down to da bar, but got dammit have y’all every heard me say I’m about to invoke the spirit of a tootsie roll? Joseline said she was going to one up me baby. “You wanna watch a bitch come down a slide? Joseline Hernandez is going to show you have a bitch comes down a slide” Y’assss come through Raspucia Lattimore.


Anyway chile, have at it Joseline. Your hair and makeup is cute though. I swear Joseline looks best with shorter hair. I’ll be sure to update this post with more pics of Joseline dressed like a pinata as i get them.