Married To Medicine’s Quad & Lisa-Nicole Get Into Glass Throwing Altercation. But Why???

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Do you want to know one thing that bother’s me about these Medicine Wives? The drama that they partake in is so drawn out and stale. I was shocked to find out that the altercation that took place yesterday (nov 5)[ Married To Medicine EMERGENCY: Quad At Urgent Care Center After Having Something Thrown In Her Face During On Set Fight ] between Quad & Lisa-Nicole all stems from some mess that happened BEFORE the taping of the season 2 reunion.

Lisa-Nicole was a season 2 newbie. In preparation for the season 2 reunion and not knowing what to expect, Lisa ran a few background checks on some of her cast-mates. Lisa-Nicole herself has cited these as her motives. All of this is information was passed on to the other ladies by one of Lisa-Nicole’s former assistants. In all honesty, finding out someone ran a background check on me really wouldn’t upset me. Hell, ain’t nothing there but a few traffic tickets and some bad credit. I went to jail once for driving with a suspended license, but there’s really nothing I have to conceal. Well, Quad isn’t buying Lisa-Nicole’s motives and I’m guessing that she feels Lisa’s intentions  were far more treacherous. Either that, or Quad seriously has something to hide.  With that, Quad has been feeling some kind of way about Lisa since the taping of the season 2 reunion. That’s a long ass time to be perturbed if you asked me. Continue reading

Married To Medicine EMERGENCY: Quad At Urgent Care Center After Having Something Thrown In Her Face During On Set Fight

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This is hot off the presses and developing NOW we speak. Quad Webb0Lunceford is presently at a Downtown Atlanta urgent care facility being checked out after an altercation took place while filming. Quad was heard saying by those in the waiting room that someone threw something in her face. I’m being told that Quad & Co called ahead to brief the staff that they were en route, and she was swiftly taken to the back. Patients in the waiting room are currently pissed as hell because wait times have been in excess of 45 minutes, yet Qaud was seen immediately.

It is unclear at this time who the altercation involved. Considering that Quad is presently at the urgent care center, it is reasonable to assume that non of the doctors were around. I’ve started making phone calls and shot out a few texts. As the information starts to pour in, I will keep you guys updated.

Love & Mugshots: Young Burg is Wanted by the NYPD for Attacking His “Girlfriend”

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Written by Tatyana Jenene @TatyanaJenene

Hmm. Yesterday (November 4th) the Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood reunion filmed in New York City and of course it was a shit show, but it’s what happened after the cameras wrapped that’s making headlines today.

Mr. Hitmaka or Mr. I Got My Chain Snatched –whatever you prefer, was arrested this morning for “obstruction of breathing” after violently attacking his girlfriend. The only girlfriend we have known Burg to have as of right now is his Love & Hip Hop cast member Masika. According to the NYPD Burg and “the girlfriend” got into an argument at the Gershwin Hotel it was then when Burg allegedly grabbed her by the neck, threw her down to the ground and then dragged her by the hair and hit her in the face.

When the cops arrived the girlfriend had bruises on her body and complained that she was in pain. The neck grab was enough for the NYPD to haul Burg’s ass into jail for obstruction of breathing.

Now, in my most humbled opinion, I never thought that Burg and Masika were a real couple. I believed that this was a plot to piss Tucan Sam, Hazel E. off and for them to get more time on that dreadful show, and since it isn’t customary to release domestic violence victims’ names, we all can only speculate.

Anyhow, Masika is set to host a “Hollywood Invades Brooklyn” meet and greet later on today in Brooklyn at House of Art Gallery, if it was her, we’ll know by tonight.

Also, Burg apparently owes 86k in back child’s support for his 10-year-old autistic son that lives in Chicago, Illinois.  All that writing for Tamar, Nicki, Rihanna and whoever he claims he’s doing, I know he has the money to catch up on that child support. SMH.

Benzino & Althea Want You To Know That Althea Filed Charges Against Joseline BEFORE They Were Fired

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So every now and again, The Doll get’s things wrong. I’m not too proud to apologize, retract information, or publish the correct information once being informed of my mistake. Yesterday in a post called Joseline Hernandez Wanted By NY Cops. Benzino & Althea File Charges AFTER Being Fired From LHHATL, I reported that Althea filed charges with the NYPD after being attacked by Joseline at the filming of the reunion only after her and Benzino were fired. Althea and Benzino reached out to me to let me know this is not true. Althea in fact filed charges almost immediately following the altercation.

althea correct benzino correct


To be honest, this corrections sheds a bit of clarity on factors as to why Benzino and Thi Thi were fired. I more than positive that filing suit created a situation where Benzino & Thi Thi could not film with Stevie J. & Joseline. It was also confirmed to me that Stevie J. & Joseline applied a little pressure and told producers they would not film with Benzino & Thi Thi in an effort to get them fired. All of this put together spells out to me pretty good reason as to why Benzino and Thi Thi were let go…

What do you think?

Joseline Hernandez Wanted By NY Cops. Benzino & Althea File Charges AFTER Being Fired From LHHATL

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You know, in 2014, you can’t just go around putting your hands on people like you use to be able to back in the day (which is a good thing). These days, people have gotten hip, and are calling the police and filing charges on mofos for assault and battery. If you know like I know, we are going to have to go back to slashing a b!tches tires or pouring sugar in a hoe’s tank if she gets beside herself. Then once that is done, sit home for a week, and pray her apartment complex didn’t have video cameras. Ewww lawd I’m telling too much of my own business. Anyway, things are starting to get way out of hand. It is obvious that Benzino & Althea are really upset about being fired from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

Since being given their walking papers, charges have been filed against Joseline Hernandez in NYC. Additionally, Althea has filed suit against Joseline, and Joseline was served last week at her Stone Mountain home. The thing that is baffling me the most is that all this lawsuit business is what got the couple booted in the first place. Benzino is on social media, all but begging for his job back, yet he and Althea are continuing on with the lawsuit business. Honestly, who in their right mind is going to employ you and empower your pockets to sue them?  On one hand, Benzino was asking the fans to basically contact Mona and lobby for his job back:

benzino tweet

Then on the other hand, Benzino got gangster and pretty much issued and all out “F$ck You” to Mona Scott-Young:

benzino mona stevie joseline

Needless to say, Benzino & Althea can kiss Love & Hip Hop Atlanta GOOD BYE. In addition, they probably can kiss any business relationship with VH1 and Viacom as a whole good bye, at least for right now. For whatever it is worth, Mona Scott-Young is the Golden Child at the moment. One phone call can either make or break a deal. Especially when you have very little leverage. Not being shady and just keeping it all the way real, Thi Thi has no leverage, and Benzino has very little. And if you want to be perfectly honest, the little that he does have has proven to be worthless to the powers that be, hence his pink slip… LISTEN, I DON’T MAKE THE NEWS I JUST REPORT IT !

I honestly don’t know what Althea and Benzino ultimately expect to come out of all this lawsuit business. So what, Joseline ends up with a charge and does 30 days in jail and pays a small fine. Wont be the first time. The b!tch has a rap sheet as long as The Yellow Brick Road. At the end of it, she’ll still sashaying her no speak-eh-dey-engles ass across our tv screens every Monday nights, while B & Thi are home taking selfies and Tweeting. All jokes aside, I would have befriended the b!tch if keeping the job meant that much to me. I would have befriended her & Stevie and played both of their asses like a game of chess. I guess that’s just the  inner rich white woman in me. They say when one door closes, another opens. Maybe now Benzino can focus on Hip-Hop Weekly and really get it popping the way The Source use to back in the day…

it will be interesting to see how all of this plays out. Benzino & Thi Thi, y’all call me. Let’s go grab drinks.  I’m curious to know what all is going through y’all minds…


RHOA’s Kandi & Todd Discuss The Idea Of Having Threesomes In Their Newly Formed Marriage (video)

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Nessa Girl, I’m about as freaky as they come, but I can’t promise you that I would be down to have a 3-some if I was married. I’m not going to say I never will, because you never really know what you will do until put into a situation. However, I’d like to think that a 3-some while married is not something that I am interested in.  Now we all know that Kandi is not new to the freaky deaky. Musical dicks, lipsticks for the clit, and vaginal balls are all Kandi’s forte. Who would have thought the the 3-some might be too?

Recently Kandi in conjunction with Todd has relaunched her nighttime adult talk show Kandi Koated Nights. On this particular episode, guest hosts Dr. Rachael from The Doctors asked Kandi & Todd about their willingness to participate in a 3-some. Their response just might shock you. Catch this:

Chile… All I’m going to say to Kandi is “go consult ya girl Tiny before you travel down this road…”

Peter Thomas Reveals Drawing Of New BarOne ATL Location. Ahh it’s Reopening After All… Look at GAWD!

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Barone closed peter thomas

Listen, BarOne Atlanta has been one hell of  a roller coaster ride from the moment it was first introduced to us on The Real Housewives of Atlanta years ago. As a faithful customer of the restaurant, I can say I honestly enjoyed every bump, dip, and turn. Anyone who knows The Doll knows that I am a huge fan screen-shot-2014-09-20-at-5-39-37-pmof Chef Natasha Wong’s oxtail soup, sold exclusively at BarOne. Just check any of my social media accounts, and you will find some sort of rant about this world famous soup.  When Peter announced that BarOne Atlanta would be closing briefly, needless to say, I was gravely disappointing. No tea no shade, but in my heart of hearts, I was a little skeptical about about whether or not BarOne Atlanta would reopen. I guess I should rest assured that there is no need to fret, Peter has unveiled a rendering of what the oxtail soup headquarters will look like.

Catch these T’s Continue reading

K. Michelle: My Life Episode 1. [Full Video] Are The People Here For It?

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Alright, I just got through watching the 1st episode of K. Michelle’s new show, and I must say that The Doll is here for it. I wasn’t too sure what to expect, but i was pleasantly surprised. The show is pretty much comprised of K. Michelle and her three friends Paris, Jonathon, and Nema. Let the record officially reflect that I’m not too sure If I am here for Paris. I personally just think she is too big to be as loud as she is. You can’t have a big body, a big mouth, and a big ass personality. Look all that shit can’t fit in the room. Paris does have her funny moments. Maybe she’ll  grow on me. I will say that snatching K.Michelle out of the cluster f&ck of an ensemble cast will give us an opportunity to get a better glimpse of who she is at her core, and not just a one dimensional view of her not so favorable moments.

Anyway, check out Episode 1 of ‘K. Michelle: My Life’ and let me know what you think?


Is this show a hit? Will you be watching?