Married To Medicine Season 2 Reunion Sneak Peak. Simone & Toya FIGHT, Mariah Lying, And Quad Crying

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Chile I have not half payed attention to this season of Married to Medicine, but I am really impressed with their reunion set. For whatever reason, Married To Medicine just fails to hold my attention. I think the other part of my disinterest is my associations with many of the ladies and my association with the mess that is going on between Quad & Mariah. I just refused to relive all the drama again every damn Sunday for 15 weeks. It’s a a lot to constantly have to relive some sh!t that has happened over a year ago. My brain isn’t set up to handle that.

Nonetheless, the season 2 reunion is almost upon us, and it looks like it is going to be a juicy one. Take a look at the 2 sneak peeks I’ve attached. Continue reading

Khloe Kardashian Has 30th Birthday Party In The Bronx, French Montana Buys Her A New Truck.

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Written by guest writer Tatyana Jenene @TatyanaJenene

Khole Kardashian celebrated her 30th (side eye) birthday this week at the Don Coqui restaurant in City Island on Thursday.  Surrounded by her mother, sisters and friends (including Diddy, Puffy, whatever he’s calling himself these day.) The clan partied well into the night and when they stepped outside to leave, Khloe was greeted by a new jeep courtesy of boyfriend French Montana.  Continue reading

Funky Dineva & Deb Antney Come Together To Hold No RIP Campaign Discussion On The Radio

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no rip

I shared with y’all sometime ago that Deb and I got into a spirited discussion about this NO R.I.P. campaign (#LHHATL “No Reckless Internet Posting” Campaign Looks Like Bullsh!t With Mimi Faust As A Psuedo Spokesperson.). At that time, we both agreed that I would be in the best interest of “The People” if we took our conversation to a larger platform. Well the day has come. Tomorrow, 6-27-2014, The Doll will be a guess on Deb’s internet radio station Be100 where she and I will discuss all things NO R.I.P. This should be interesting. Whenever Deb is the place, you are sure to be entertained.

I’m looking forward to the discussion. Moreover I’m looking forward to clearing up any misconceptions about the campaign as well bringing forth awareness about what Deb is trying to accomplish. With that, this is Deb we are talking about. I will have my pistol in my purse.

Tune in 4p-8pEST Watch LIVE on OR download Live365 app and search “be100radio” to listen on mobile devices! Hotline: 6784794100

I’ll be on from 5pm-7pm – Be sure to include your questions for Deb in the comments section.

Exec Producer T.I. Presents: ‘Sisterhood of Hip Hop’, AKA Pick A Struggle, AKA 5 Hoes Without A Deal

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Chile I can tell you right now, that these 4 ladies and 1 gentleman would have been better off joining the Bad Girls Club. All tea ALL SHADE, I don’t even know who 3 of these people are. I’m sick and tired of EVERYONE think a reality tv show is their way out the hood, and these raggedy ass networks are not helping by green-lighting all this bs.

The cast is comprised of Brianna Perry, Nyemiah Supreme, Diamond, Bia and Siya. The only two that I’m familiar with are Brianna Perry and Diamond. Nonetheless, let me go ahead and say that this show lacks a wow factor. The only group of struggling women with no record deal that “The People” are remotely interested in is R&B Divas. To the Divas’s credit, they were somebody once upon a time. All jokes aside, It is extremely hard for “The People” to want to buy into the lives of rappers whom they’ve never known IN THE FIRST PLACE. Chile I guess..

Sisters of Hip Hop premieres on August 12 on Oxygen.

Tamar Braxton Almost Falls Dead To Da Stage During Las Vegas Show

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Chile, the one moment when Tamar Braxton needed to be getting her life, and more over giving life, the child almost fell dead to da stage. Poor Tamar. I was not even there, and I can most likely tell you that it was due to exhaustion and or dehydration. Tamar is on her Love & War tour, and from what I hear, Mama has been putting on quite a show. Let’s not pretend like Tamar isn’t a woman of a “certain age.” If my grandma was alive, she would say “she needs to sit her ass down somewhere and rest.”

Feeling some type of way, Tamar issued the following statement via Instagram to her fans:

            “I really felt like last night was #lightsout for me! I felt sooo bad I was shaking. I honestly couldn’t remember a lyric ( which is nothing new) a dance step (every night) but…I never lost my MYSELF where my body took over my mind and left me helpless. I wanted to stay but I couldn’t. I wanted to drink water and catch my breath but I couldn’t.”

“I was powerless and heartbroken.”

“I tried to get up and go back 3 times but I couldn’t move, talk, sing & worse, breathe. Not until I heard how after all that time past that you ALL was waiting for me no one left!”

“I GOT my life last night cause u gave it to me! I walked back on stage feeling defeated, frustrated, scared, VOICELESS and STILL u ALL excepted &still loved the REAL Tamar.”

“THAT is how my voice came back I had a TON of energy and you even sang every song until I could do it by myself!! I KNOW you love me for ME! I’ll never forget how u changed my life last night & you all have left me feeling that I will NEVER be the same! Thank you for saving me!”

Chile I guess. Her ass didn’t feel too heartbroken, she kept them peoples damn money. She could have gave them Las Vegas folks a voucher for the buffet or a free $20 play card. #IJS

Kenya, Cynthia, Marlo Spotted TOGETHER At Movie Premiere. Wonder What Nene’s Thinking?

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kenya cynthia marlo Untitled 2

Listen, this picture just SCREAMS messy. It very well could be that all three ladies just so happened to be at the same place at the same time, and decided to take a picture, but i don’t know Nessa Girl. All three ladies were attended the The Think Like A Man Too movie premiere in New York. I do know Cynthia & Marlo personally. I’m going to go out on a limb and say they all just happened to be there. I seriously don’t think that all three of them rode there together perse’. However, this picture does look a lil suspect. I’m pretty sure in coming moments we can expect Nene Leakes to post some sort of subliminal Tweet.

I’ll say this, Marlo Hampton knew exactly what she was doing when she posted this picture. I’ll leave it at at that.

What do y’all think?