Producer Carlos King (ATL Housewives, Love & Hip Hop) Pens Letter Defending Black Female Reality Stars.

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carlos king


Some of you guys may have heard of Carlos King, Producer Extraordinaire. For those of you who have not, let me tell you about this b!tch. The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, and now Hollywood Divas are all masterpieces of this  television visionary. When it comes to addressing the stigmas, stereotypes, and standards for black women in reality television, who better to address it than the Queen that made these chicks stars in the first place. I mean honestly, I know y’all don’t expect Joseline Hernandez to be the spokesperson for the movement, and Nene Leakes says “bridemaids”. B!tch i just fell out typing the word “bridemaids” PAUSE I need to catch my breath.

Whether it’s a table-flipping catfight or stinging allegations of a marital affair between castmates, the bar keeps getting raised for reality television year after year. But particularly in the Black community, a chorus of critics have accused shows like Real Housewives of Atlanta and Love & Hip Hop of propagating painful racial stereotypes, especially regarding Black women, in order to drive ratings. In the following open letter written exclusively for, Carlos King, executive producer of Real Housewives of Atlanta and Hollywood Divas, answers his critics.

producer-rhoa-nene-leakes-christmas-party-2012-the-jasmine-brandI often get asked the question, “Do you have any guilt for perpetuating negative stereotypes of Black women on reality television?” And my answer is always a simple: No. I then always ask myself if my white counterparts get asked the same question, and I highly doubt they do, so why the double standard?

I am beyond blessed to have worked on two of the top reality shows in the history of the world; I executive produced Love & Hip Hop and I am currently the executive producer of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Please take a look at my reality as a Black gay executive producer in Hollywood, and in doing so I hope that you’ll come to understand the difference between being transparent and being stereotypical. Too often individual behavior is implied as a direct reflection for an entire race of people and justified as a stereotype. This is an unfair double standard that I must address. ~ Carlos King

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Cirque du Soleil Wasn’t Pleased With Nene Leakes. Signed Her For 10 Days. Dropped Her After 3.

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NeNe Leakes Premieres In ZUMANITY, The Sensual Side Of Cirque du Soleil

Nene Leakes is quick to yell out that she is on Broadway, but she damn sure can’t yell out she is at Cirque du Soleil. This is a bit of old tea, seeing as though Leakes’s stint in Vegas was months ago. However, I was shocked to find out that the folks over at Cirque du Soleil were not featuring Nene Leakes. Looks like they made a bad investment. We’re hearing that Leakes was just unable to deliver the type of performance and exude the sex appeal that the role required. Originally signed to do a 10 day run, the powers that be at Cirque decided to cut Nene’s time short. Poor reviews and a less than stellar performance are the reasons being cited.  Oh well, you win some and you lose some. Hopefully the Cinderella on Broadway people don’t boot her ass to the curb either. She’ll probably have better luck playing the evil stepmother. Something about that role feels a little more natural.

Mama Joyce’s Boyfriend Benny Fixes Kandi’s House After Tearing Up All Her Bathrooms

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If you watched last week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, then you were probably as tickled as I was when Kandi walked into her old home to discover that the Taliban had been practicing there. Kandi originally gifted the home to Mama Joyce. In an effort to make it her own, Mama Joyce enlisted the help of her boyfriend Benny to make some home improvements. Chile, the people say Benny had done pulled up all of Kandi’s tubs, sinks, and toilets, and that some man that favored Jimmy “JJ” Walker was seen selling sinks on the side of Langford Pkwy.

Y’all know I’m nosey as hell. I ran into Kandi last night, and I was all up in her business about these house renovations. I told her the people want to know can they use the bathroom at her old house or nah? To my surprised, Kandi informed me that all the king’s horsemen and all the king’s men were able to put her house back together again.

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Todd Tucker Returns To Work After The Sudden Passing Of His Mom Miss Sharon. Welcome Back

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I just wanted to let you guys know that your prayers for the Tucker family really worked. I was shocked to find out last night that today is Todd’s official first day back at work. No tea no shade, I was expecting him to take a month off. I’ve got a few things that I’m working on in conjunction with Todd. I was on a call last night with another member of one of the projects when they said to me “ok, well I just wanted to get your input, we’ll be presenting these to Todd tomorrow.” Chile you would have thought I seen a damn ghost. I was particularly shocked because I dropped the ball on a large portion of my responsibility because I  wasn’t expecting to see Todd for another 2-3 weeks. Quiet as it kept, my eyes are burning now because I had to stay up overnight and get my sh!t together. Non the less, I’m here, I’m ready, and so is Todd. YAY!!!!!!

Welcome back Todd

Marlo Hampton Spotted Tootsie Rollin’ All Over Miami In Stolen Fashions. Art Basel 2014

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Marlo Hampton art basel 1

Yes Gawd Hunty! I know all the Florida boosters were happy as hell that there number one client was in town this past weekend. I’m sure there are a whole bunch of rich old ladies with some major discrepancies on their credit card statements after Marlo’s team cleared out Bal Harbor. Baby they said Marlo had on ALL THE FASHIONS this past weekend as she tootsie rolled around at Art Basel 2014. I know somebody’s baby is about to have a real nice Christmas after Marlo got through buying these stunted fashions out the trunk of a car at a gas station somewhere in Liberty City. Quiet as its kept, I ain’t mad with Marlo. I wish I could find me a quality booster to sell me hot merchandise for half off the ticket price. The only connect I got right now is a gift card man, and half the time, all he has is Wal- Mart gift cards.

Marlo, I know you in Florida probably riding around with a garbage bag full of clothes with the tags on them. I remember my old Florida grab bag days. Grab bag is when you just buy a garbage bag full of clothes from the booster that you have no intentions on wearing. The plan is to take the stuff back to the mall with no receipt, get a store credit, and buy what you really want. Marlo, let me get half of that garbage bag. Bitch I want Chanel for Christmas too.

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Mama Joyce Tore Up Kandi’s House Then Asked For Another One. Would You Have Bought It?

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You know, Mama Joyce, “you ain’t as saved as you say you is!!!” Nessa Girl, I’ve been trying my hardest not to go in and let have on Mama Joyce. I will be the first person to say I have turned all kinds of blind eyes to Mama Joyce and her shenanigans. For obvious reasons, I will never let Mama Joyce have it too bad, not to mention, she really is a very sweet lady. I have been in the company of Mama Joyce plenty of times, and she is just a pleasant to be around as she wants to be. Kandi Burruss Old HouseHowever, pleasant and sweet would have gone completely out the window when I pulled up to my house and couldn’t use the damn bathroom.

Last night I was watching the Real Housewives of Atlanta thinking to myself, “Mama Joyce done tore up Kandi’s marriage, now she done tore up Kandi’s house.” What in the hell kind of renovations was Benny round there doing? No tea no shade, don’t nothing about Benny’s ass say “Mr. Fix it.” Benny looks like all types of old, educated, corporate tease. We all know Mama Joyce has a sh!t load of money sitting in an account somewhere. What she should have done from the start was hire a contractor to handle the renovations. She damn sure should have hired a contractor to put Kandi’s house back together before she moved into the new one. Old Mother Hubbard left Kandi’s house looking like Humpty Dumpty, BROKEN. Continue reading