What Would Jesus Do? Did Phaedra Abandon Apollo? What Would You Do?

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Everything in this life has a cost. I’ve found that the freest of the free tends to be the most costly.  We live in a world that teaches us to aspire towards a one-dimensional ideal of success. A big house, a foreign car, designer clothes, expensive jewelry, and lavish vacations is what its all about. More so than not, celebrities have all of these things, and we think they are living the good life. Looking beyond the glitz & glam, one has to ask, “but are they really?” Privacy, protection from embarrassment, safety, the ability to go pick up a roll of tissue from Target, are all things that one forgoes when they make the transition to being a celebrity. On the surface these things may seem trivial. Hell, many of you, especially those of you who are struggling to make ends meet may be thinking, “that’s not that bad of a trade off.” I challenge you to think again. Privacy is like insurance; you never need it, until you need. Just ask Phaedra Parks. I’m sure she can tell you all about it.

Apollo Nida Pleads Guilty, Going To Prison. Will You Be Putting Any Money On His Books?

Season 7 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta just started, and I am over it and exhausted with the bullsh!t already. The careless blend of real life issues and desperate attempts to stay relevant enough to earn a living has just run its course on my DVR. To be honest, I don’t find the dissolution of Phaedra’s marriage  apollo-nidaor family entertaining, Quite frankly the sh!t is rather sad and depressing. Then, the moment you stop watching Phaedra’s sad ass storyline, we have to watch Kenya and her madness. No tea no shade, they need to recast the whole damn show, or take the sh!t off the air in its entirety. Perhaps I’m so over all of this because I know many of the ladies personally, and get’s to live some of this foolishness along side them. I don’t know…

Since I’m talking about it, and the world is talking about it, I might as well TALK ABOUT IT. What would Jesus do? That is the question I wanted to ask Phaedra as Apollo moved through his sentencing process seemingly alone. From the outside looking in, Phaedra being his wife and all, things looked a little bad on her behalf. From the inside looking out, I can totally see where Phaedra is coming from. Going back to that privacy thing that I was talking about earlier, why does what I think even matter? Why the hell is it that I along with millions of other even have an opinion on someone else’s marriage & family? Why is it that Phaedra has to be subjected to our thoughts and opinions? I can guarantee you that Phaedra would be willing to trade in a couple handbags, a few pairs of shoes, and some of those bedrooms for some privacy. Continue reading

Drunk Mama Elsa Real Housewives Of Miami Goes OFF On Drag Queen

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It ain’t no secret that I love Mama Elsa. Right now she has got to be one of my favorite reality tv mothers. She drinks, she speaks her mind, and she is fashionable. What’s not to like? For those that don’t follow RHOM, Marysol Patton, Mama Elsa’s daughter is involved in a small beef with a local celebrity drag queen over being allowed to walk the red carpet at an event. Apparently the drag queen is telling people that PR Maven Marysol Patton someone how prevented her from walking the red carpet.

Elsa, resting outside at a party and drunk, spotted the woman and took know time letting her know how she felt. Check out how the battle of The Dragons played out…

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[VIDEO/PHOTOS] Why is Elsa Patton, Real Housewives Of Miami So Damn UGLY?

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Again, I figured I start to prep you guys in advance for some of the shows I plan to follow closely as the fall season of television shows starts to unravel.   Being that I am from Miami, The Doll has decided to follow closely season 2 of The Real Housewives of Miami. Yea i know, season 1 was whack, but I got a feeling the folks over at Bravo have gotten their act together and season 2 will be much better.

In doing my own research on some of the cast, I’ve come across Elsa Patton. She is a B character, a mother of one of housewife Marysol Patton. Now bay-bay, no matter how you slice or dice it. This is one ugly woman. Good Gawd!! Lil Kim, Vivica Fox, Bruce Jenner,  Joan Rivers, this is EXACTLY what happens when botched plastic surgery goes too far. The real gag is, before she decided to touch her face, she was BEAUTIFUL AS HELL. Our obsession with youth and our outer appearance are really driving people to crazy measures. I can almost gurantee you that she looks at old pictures of herself and wishes she never touched her face. Continue reading