Prepare Yourself…for a Fourth Round of Scandal

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Written by: Spencer Blohm

For Scandal fans, the appetite for the show’s trademark high impact drama, intrigue, and, of course, scandal, was left less than satiated last season after Kerry Washington’s pregnancy resulted in the number of episodes in season three being cut from 22 down to 18. That, along with the many months that have passed since that dramatic season three finale have left many of the Gladiators ravenous! So, now that season four is almost upon us (the 25th!) where did we leave off? Warning: this post will contain spoilers so if you haven’t caught up to the season three finale you can easily binge-watch all the episodes online or on demand through DirecTV or your cable provider. Once you’ve done that, come back here and refresh your brain again for the premiere!

We last saw Olivia on board a plane, heading to an undisclosed location that turns out to be a beach, along with Jake. Following both the revelation that Mellie was raped by Fitz’s father and their son Jerry’s death, Fitz ran back to Mellie, leaving Olivia in the dust, again. After a season of back and forth between Jake and Fitz, Olivia chose Jake (well, really Fitz didn’t choose Olivia). How this will pan out in the next season is likely to be more of the same; Olivia being pulled in both directions, with perhaps more of an edge to Jake given the fact that they’ve been away together for two months before she ultimately returns to D.C. in the season four premiere. No doubt, Olivia has been lured home by Fitz who, off the sympathy of the voters following his son’s death, won his election.

As far as the death of Jerry, and Adnan, well, they were all Eli’s doing. After a season of trying to convince Olivia (and us) that he isn’t a monster and her mom (Maya) is, turns out they’re both pretty awful people. Eli killed Jerry as revenge for Fitz “taking” his daughter as well as a way to get B613 started up again with him in charge in order to hunt down Maya on behalf of Fitz. As far as Maya goes, it looks like her days of running amok are over as we last saw her in the famous hole at B613 headquarters, where Eli is sure to thoroughly enjoy torturing her.     Continue reading

ABC’s Scandal Returns. Season 4 Cast Picture + Teaser

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Chile Scandal has been gone for so long that I damn near forgot all about it. Thursday September 25 at 9pm is the date and time we can all begin to breath again because that is when life will be given. The above photo is the latest cast photo that has been released. In a true Shonda Ryhmes fashion, this photo is all kinds of cryptic. If you notice, everyone is looking straight ahead at the camera with the exception of Davie and Mellie. What’s the tea Shonda in the Honda, what’s the tea? Who knows. Let’s not forget that Scandal left off with Olivia boarding a plane on a destination unknown. The question that season 4 begs to ask is, ” where in the world is Carmen Sandiego Olivia Pope.” Quiet as its kept, she’s probably at the same place Apollo was hiding before he turned himself in. Lol

Chile Columbus Short knows he f&cked himself out of a good job. All I know is Olivia Pope’s next new hire better be Black. Oh and another thing, I hope like hell that this unrealistic love affair between Olivia and Fitz is done!!!! I’m just over it!

Get into this teaser.


Where Are Olivia Pope’s Black Friends?

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Articled originally ran on Young Gifted &

No. Seriously. Where are her Black friends?

I realized I would like Scandal a lot more if Olivia Pope had a Black girlfriend, or two, that she hung out with from time-to-time. How is it possible that this Black woman does not have any Black girlfriends she can decompress with? Admittedly, I’m not the biggest fan of the show. I love Kerry Washington, and I love the Black Twitter community discussions when the show airs, but, other than that, I’m really not that into Scandal. I can only be interested in the “Black woman fixes White people problem” plot for so long.

The astute cultural critics on Black Twitter noted that Olivia Pope is a career woman, and that is sort of the sole focus of her life on the show. Well, outside of her affair with the White president dude. @Ranity pointed out that, “She doesn’t have ANY friends. Which may speak to the fact that she had no mother and was sent away by her dad to boarding.” I think this is an interesting perspective, and Olivia Pope’s lack of Black friends, women or otherwise, might be intentional, but I still find it a bit odd. @JorgeCotto felt, “If Olivia Pope had friends they would have told her to lose that loser white guy a long time ago!” I could definitely see one of Olivia’s Black girlfriends being like, look girl, it’s time to cut the shit. Haha. Over on Facebook, Khepri T. pointed out that Olivia’s not even liked by her parents though. It’s hard out there for Olivia Pope in the realm of relationships outside of work.  Continue reading

Shonda Rhimes Gives The REALEST Commencement Speech Ever, “Be A Do-er Not A Dreamer”

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Move over Oprah and got to hell Pastor. Shonda is my Doctor, she writes out all my scriptions, she gives me all of my medicine, in my room. Come on somebody!

It think you guys have been following me long enough to know that I am about as anti-regime as they come. Pretty little boxes, and cute little houses with picket fences don’t work for me. Do they honestly work for anyone? It goes without saying who Shonda Rhimes is. Well, Miss Shonda in the Honda gave a commencement speech at Dartmouth (her Alma Matter) that blew my sock off and actually reaffirmed some things for me as I personally struggle with being afraid of my own success. Ok, that is about as much of my personal business that I am going to tell y’all. I tell other people’s business, NOT MINE. Nonetheless, her speech was dynamite. Shonda broke down truly what the essence of life post college graduation looks like and what the future can look like if you opt to be a Do-er not a Dreamer.

Are you a Do-er or a Dreamer? Check out Shonda’s speech then let me know. Continue reading

Columbus Short FIRED From Scandal For Real Life SCANDAL ? Where’s Olivia Pope?

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Lawd Shonda Rhimes is not playing with that a$$. Miss Shonda said “what you will not do is take your white washed ass down to da bar and punch people in the face, and you damn sure ain’t go take your ass down to da house and beat up your wife and threaten to kill her Miss Columbus Short! That’s what you not gone do!” I guess Shonda said she can show you better than she can tell you, and gave Columbus Short a pink slip. That’s right, Columbus Short has been FIRED from Scandal. Chile, now that’s the real scandal.

Columbus just released this statement:  “At this time I must confirm my exit from a show I’ve called home for 3 years, with what is the most talented ensemble in television today.”

Short goes on: “Everything must come to an end and unfortunately the time has come for Harrison Wright to exit the canvas.  I wish nothing but the best for Shonda, Kerry and the rest of the cast…” ~TMZ

[Is This Déjà Vu? Columbus Short Kicked Out The House, Then Served With A Restraining Order and Divorce Papers.]

I wonder if Oliva Pope prepared this statement for Columbus? Oh well, I guess he can go back to stomping the yard. No tea no shade, his a$$ wont be missed. As much as I loved Harrison’s (Columbus Short’s character) fine ass, he added very little value to the show. Additionally he pissed me off when he rolled up in the factory looking for Adnan Salif with no weapon on him. Dumb ass! See you in the chow line.



Scandal Season 3 Finale. Many Thought It Was Rushed & Boring. You? (video)

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Written by guest writer: Spencer Blohm
As last night’s season finale of Scandal came to a close, viewers were left with just as many questions as they had going into the finale. There was no clear resolution to Olivia and Fitz’s relationship, nor with Fitz and Mellie, or even Olivia and Jake. We don’t know whether we should hate Olivia’s father or her mother, or both. And let’s not even get started on Huck and Quinn, and that twisted affair which was finally consummated last night.

For those of you who haven’t caught up with the show, you can easily do it through digital downloads, online, on demand, or through your Direct-Ticket package if you have one. Those of you who did get a chance to watch last night’s finale surely have as many questions as I do. It seems the series creator Shonda Rhimes purposefully left us in a state of limbo in order to set up for an even more explosive season four.

Last night began with the bomb at the funeral exploding, however, Jake was able to figure it out and evacuate the church. Sally took the chaos as an opportunity to shine as a hero, and her plan worked as every network switched over from Fitz’s speech to live footage of her tending to the wounded. Olivia and Cyrus admitted defeat and told Fitz to write a concession speech. While he was doing so, he told Olivia they were finally going to be together now that he could finally divorce Mellie. However, Olivia took this as the opportunity to tell him about his father raping Mellie years ago, which caused him to rush to his wife’s side. Continue reading

Is This Déjà Vu? Columbus Short Kicked Out The House, Then Served With A Restraining Order and Divorce Papers.

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columbus short

Written by guest writer Tatyana Jenene @TatyanaJenene

To hell with calling Olivia Pope, this Hollywood scandal needs a heavy duty fixer to save the day! Seven months after she originally filed for divorce and six weeks after the couple decided to” work things out”, Tanee McCall-Short has once again filed for divorce from Columbus Short, star of ABC’s hit drama Scandal.

In documents filed on April 16th, Tanee, whose real name is Tuere cited “irreconcilable differences” for the reason of the demise of their marriage. Tanee also asked for physical and legal custody of the couple’s two year old daughter Ayala, as well as a restraining order. The judge has granted the temporary restraining order against Columbus with a hearing scheduled for May 6to determine if it should be permanent.

According to the paperwork filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, the two had a violent incident on April 7th at their home. Tanee claims that Columbus came into their room drunk boots, pouring wine on her, screaming and then poured wine on her as he cornered her when she tried to get away. Also in the documents, Short allegedly ran in the kitchen and got a knife, pinned Tanee to the couch and began to choke her. Continue reading

Scandal Is Baaackkkkk. What To Expect. Plus 10 Spoilers And Sneak Peek Video

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About damn time!!! Quiet as its kept, Scandal has been gone for so damn long, I half forgot about it. My feelings of anticipation subsided weeks ago. I think I’m going to to have to watch a Scandal marathon to get me back in the mood. Nonetheless, in a true Scandal fashion, season 3.2 is sure to deliver. Is it me, or is Scandal kind of like Beyonce? Each time it returns, it finds a way to reinvent itself. Just when you think they can’t outdo themselves, they go to higher heights… Work out Shonda Rhimes! We see you.

When we last left the Gladiators in Suits, Washington’s top fixer, Olivia Pope, had just been burned by her mother (Khandi Alexander), who it turns out was the real terrorist of the family and was last seen talking to her daughter while standing in front of the White House. Meanwhile, papa Rowan Pope (Joe Morton) is out of a job after Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) — whose re-election will be a major theme in the remainder of season three — tapped Jake (Scott Foley) to head B613.

Over at OPA, the fixers are down one Gladiator after Huck (Guillermo Diaz) tortures and removes Quinn (Katie Lowes) from the family, with the newest recruit running back into Charlie’s (George Newbern) arms.

So that’s what we KNOW. What can we look forward to on the 2nd part of season 3?? It get’s DARKER and we delve DEEPER into the PSYCHE of ‘Olivia Pope’! What makes her TICK? We’ll get a better UNDERSTANDING this time around. ~The Hollywood Reporter

Ready For the sneak peek video and the 10 spoilers? Catch these T’s Continue reading