Scandal Season 3 Finale. Many Thought It Was Rushed & Boring. You? (video)

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Written by guest writer: Spencer Blohm
As last night’s season finale of Scandal came to a close, viewers were left with just as many questions as they had going into the finale. There was no clear resolution to Olivia and Fitz’s relationship, nor with Fitz and Mellie, or even Olivia and Jake. We don’t know whether we should hate Olivia’s father or her mother, or both. And let’s not even get started on Huck and Quinn, and that twisted affair which was finally consummated last night.

For those of you who haven’t caught up with the show, you can easily do it through digital downloads, online, on demand, or through your Direct-Ticket package if you have one. Those of you who did get a chance to watch last night’s finale surely have as many questions as I do. It seems the series creator Shonda Rhimes purposefully left us in a state of limbo in order to set up for an even more explosive season four.

Last night began with the bomb at the funeral exploding, however, Jake was able to figure it out and evacuate the church. Sally took the chaos as an opportunity to shine as a hero, and her plan worked as every network switched over from Fitz’s speech to live footage of her tending to the wounded. Olivia and Cyrus admitted defeat and told Fitz to write a concession speech. While he was doing so, he told Olivia they were finally going to be together now that he could finally divorce Mellie. However, Olivia took this as the opportunity to tell him about his father raping Mellie years ago, which caused him to rush to his wife’s side. Continue reading

Is This Déjà Vu? Columbus Short Kicked Out The House, Then Served With A Restraining Order and Divorce Papers.

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Written by guest writer Tatyana Jenene @TatyanaJenene

To hell with calling Olivia Pope, this Hollywood scandal needs a heavy duty fixer to save the day! Seven months after she originally filed for divorce and six weeks after the couple decided to” work things out”, Tanee McCall-Short has once again filed for divorce from Columbus Short, star of ABC’s hit drama Scandal.

In documents filed on April 16th, Tanee, whose real name is Tuere cited “irreconcilable differences” for the reason of the demise of their marriage. Tanee also asked for physical and legal custody of the couple’s two year old daughter Ayala, as well as a restraining order. The judge has granted the temporary restraining order against Columbus with a hearing scheduled for May 6to determine if it should be permanent.

According to the paperwork filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, the two had a violent incident on April 7th at their home. Tanee claims that Columbus came into their room drunk boots, pouring wine on her, screaming and then poured wine on her as he cornered her when she tried to get away. Also in the documents, Short allegedly ran in the kitchen and got a knife, pinned Tanee to the couch and began to choke her. Continue reading

Scandal Is Baaackkkkk. What To Expect. Plus 10 Spoilers And Sneak Peek Video

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About damn time!!! Quiet as its kept, Scandal has been gone for so damn long, I half forgot about it. My feelings of anticipation subsided weeks ago. I think I’m going to to have to watch a Scandal marathon to get me back in the mood. Nonetheless, in a true Scandal fashion, season 3.2 is sure to deliver. Is it me, or is Scandal kind of like Beyonce? Each time it returns, it finds a way to reinvent itself. Just when you think they can’t outdo themselves, they go to higher heights… Work out Shonda Rhimes! We see you.

When we last left the Gladiators in Suits, Washington’s top fixer, Olivia Pope, had just been burned by her mother (Khandi Alexander), who it turns out was the real terrorist of the family and was last seen talking to her daughter while standing in front of the White House. Meanwhile, papa Rowan Pope (Joe Morton) is out of a job after Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) — whose re-election will be a major theme in the remainder of season three — tapped Jake (Scott Foley) to head B613.

Over at OPA, the fixers are down one Gladiator after Huck (Guillermo Diaz) tortures and removes Quinn (Katie Lowes) from the family, with the newest recruit running back into Charlie’s (George Newbern) arms.

So that’s what we KNOW. What can we look forward to on the 2nd part of season 3?? It get’s DARKER and we delve DEEPER into the PSYCHE of ‘Olivia Pope’! What makes her TICK? We’ll get a better UNDERSTANDING this time around. ~The Hollywood Reporter

Ready For the sneak peek video and the 10 spoilers? Catch these T’s Continue reading

Writer Suggests There Will Never Be A Black Male Olivia Pope Posted. Do You Agree?

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Beware, its Monday and I woke up feeling deep. I was scour the net as I tend to do with every waking our of my life, and I cam across a pretty interesting article as it pertains to Scandal. I know this isn’t a Scandal review video, and I know I still owe y’all a few of those, but hey…. This will have to do for right now. Hell, quiet as its kept, Scandal has been gone for so damn long, that I almost forgot the sh!t existed until I ran across this article. At any rate, check out the article and let me know what you think.

You know, I do sympathize with those annoyed by how Scandal (and, more recently, Being Mary Jane) seems to dominate the conversation in Black digital spaces. I can imagine it being even more nerve-wracking for people who have no interest in either show. Thing is, the place they have in our cultural zeitgeist is less about the show itself than the fact that, while people may not know an Olivia Pope or a Mary Jane Paul (or aspire to be either), they represent a version (well, an extreme version) of an archetype very many Black people seem to relate to: the “successful woman who seems to have it all together, but doesn’t.” Ultimately, the meta-conversations about these shows allow us to talk about ourselves without talking about ourselves.

Yet, the conversation is incomplete. There is another archetype. An archetype that seems to cause much of the angst our other archetype struggles with. This one is found in the same cities, the same Twitter timelines, the same offices, the same lounges, and even (occasionally) the same beds as our Pope-ly protagonists, but they don’t receive nearly as much cinematic or conversational deconstruction. This lack of attention isn’t due to a lack of interest, though. People (and by “people” I mean “Black women”) are very interested in what is going on in the head of the “single and successful Black male” what drives/motivates him, why he makes the decisions he makes, where love and commitment fall on his personal needs hierarchy, etc. But no one actually wants to see it on screen.

I can imagine it now… Continue reading

Khandi Alexander Joins The Cast Of Scandal As Olivia Pope’s MOTHER. She’s Alive?

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Chile, Scandal is giving the children what they need. Actress Khandi Alexander joins the cast of Scandal in a recurring role as Olivia Pope’s Mother Maya Lewis. The Hollywood Reporter learned that we will be introduced to Liv’s mother this Thursday 11/07/13 as things unfold regarding operation Remington. So is Liv’s mom alive or isn’t she? Catch these T’s Continue reading

Is ‘Scandal’ A Quality Television Show Or Simply A Popular Twitter Sensation? Writer Argues Scandal is Not Quality

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Scandal -- Screengrab from exclusive clip.

It goes without saying that I am a die hard Scandal fan. However, as the show grows in popularity, the amount of criticism it receives grows as well. Scandal has come under attack by many in the African American community for the nature of the relationship between Olivia (Kerry Washington) & Fitz (Tony Goldwyn). Many black people have taken exception with the “black woman” being the “white man’s” mistress, sidepiece, and accomplice in adultery. Ughhh I think that these folks are over analyzing things, but for some people, their relationship is a nuisance. I personally think the depth of their love overshadows race. Quite frankly, I don’t think the story would be as compelling if the two characters were of the same racial background.

Art is all subjective. What one person finds good, others may find subpar. I didn’t watch the Emmey’s nor do I watch any of the shows that were in the category with Scandal. However, I have caught wind of the chatter surrounding some feeling like Scandal is a good show, but there are others out there of greater quality. Again, all of this is subjective. There truly is no yardstick to measure art. Hell I think all of those Picaso paintings are ugly as hell and stupid, yet they are worth millions. I just don’t get it it. Soraya Nadia McDonald, a writer for the Huffington Post feels some kind of way about Scandal. She passionately states her claim on how Scandal is NOT quality television, but popular television supported by Twitter. Do you agree? Catch these T’ Continue reading