Kandi Burruss’ s Stage Play ‘A Mother’s Love’ DVD & CD Now On Sale

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a mothers love

EXTRA EXTRA READ ALL ABOUT IT… Nessa Girl, I know you’ve seen The Doll down to The Real Housewives Of Atlanta? Yass hunty, The Doll made her theater debut in Kandi’s play ‘A Mother’s Love’. If I must say, The Doll played an ole nasty bartender in the hit stage play that is about to send Kandi on a “female Tyler Perry” trajectory.

By now, everyone knows the play is largely based off of the drama between Kandi, Todd, and Mama Joyce. Quiet as its kept, this play is based more on Kandi’s life then she is letting on in these interviews.

In addition to making my stage debut, The Doll made her musical debut too on the soundtrack. Kandi gave me the chance to be a singer and a rapper chile. I hopped in the booth and recorded a verse on the song “Legs, Hips, Body” which also features Kandi, Porsha Williams, and D. Woods.

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August Alsina Says “I Don’t Really F With Trey’. Trey Songz’s Ego Has Gotten Too Big…

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Tell me again, can we be lovers and friends… Chile what is wrong with the ladies of R&B. Miss Chris Brown has a drug problem, Lady Justin Beieber has a behavioral problem, Dutches Trey Songz has an attitude problem, and Princess August Alsina talks too damn much. Alsina aired his grievances in an interview with Rap-Up Magazine:

I don’t really fuck with Trey right now. We don’t get along right now. We ain’t on the same page. He did some other sh!t and we just don’t rock.

See what else Alsina had to say.

You Bitches Will Not Make Me Feel Bad About Myself Because I Don’t Have A Man On Valentines Day

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Let me tell you something! You bitches will not make me feel bad about myself because I don’t have a man on Valentines Day. Quiet as its kept if that poor excuse of a negro that you are going to dinner with tonight is what got you feeling better than us single folk, then your ass ain’t got a man on Valentine’s Day either! How do you like those apples? I accept and embrace my singledom, you on the other hand are allowing a man to baffle your mind and bamboozle your heart all for some Red Lobster! Girl Bye

Just what the hell is Valentines Day? It’s not like its some religious holiday, or national day of remembrance. It’s some raggedy ass faux holiday that greeting card companies created to add to their bottom line. I can’t believe some of y’all are walking around here feeling bad about yourselves because you don’t have a valentine. Bitch, you ain’t have no man the other 364 days of the year and you were breathing fine. Now you’re sitting at your desk, looking at your co-workers roses, and you’re waiting to exhale. Girl bye! You better love yourself! That’s probably the reason your ass ain’t got a man. Don’t nobody wanna lay up with no self pitying broad that’s ready to give it up for a box a chocolates and a lobster dinner.
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Gabrielle Union Say’s She’s Getting A Prenup, That She’s Never Seen Dwyane Balance A Check Book.

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Chile Cheese Mary Jane! Don’t pull it bish! Last night Gabrielle Union was a guest on the Arsenio Hall show and dished on how she plans to do things in this marriage a little different then the one before. This time around, she says the primary difference will be a prenup, at her insistence. No tea no shade, I didn’t know the heffa was married before. She divorced her first husband NFL Player Chris Howard in 2005. I thought she was screwing other people’s husband since Two Can Play That Game.

All tea all shade, what in the hell does she have to protect? She’s stared in BET Arabesque films her entire career. Isn’t it reasonable to assume that he has a hell of a lot more assets to protect than she does? Sounds to me like she better sit her ass down somewhere and try to get hitched and knocked up without a prenup.  We all know that D. Wade is most likely the one who is pushing for the prenup. That way he will have an insurance policy when he gets ready to Siohvaughn her ass. Catch these T’s

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At What Point Do You Stop Sleeping With Other People’s Boyfriend/Husband Because He’s Giving You Money?

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When I was a young girl, I had no issue sleeping with someone else’s boyfriend, or husband for that matter. Just as long as I was getting something out of the deal, and his woman did not call my phone or bring any drama to my job, his false devotion to her was all right with me. Then somewhere along the way, once I turned 30, that all changed. I gradually became neutral about the arrangement, and then grew to disagree with it all together. What perplexed me the most was how I went from doing something for the sport of it with great pleasure, to looking down on it all together?

So what brought about this change? I’ll definitely say I drew a direct correlation in my ability to do for myself, and my willingness to sell my punany on the open market. Let’s face it, no matter how you slice it and dice it, if you are sleeping with a dude in exchange for gifts and favors, it’s a form of prostitution. It’s the oldest profession in the book. Upon further reflection I realized none of the money, favors, and assistance I had been given were free, but indeed loans. I was on a no money down, deferred payment plan, with a very high interest rate, to be repaid with pieces of my soul. Let us not forget, nothing in life is free, either you are going to pay on the front end, or the back end, BUT YOU ARE GOING TO PAY. Well when I began to pay the piper, all I could think about was the tires he put on my car, or the plane ticket he bought, or the bills he helped out with, all of which were long gone and forgotten about, and so was he. Here it is I found myself borrowing from the present to pay for the past, leaving me with many sleepless nights thinking about the future.

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