Columbus Short Hosting Parties like an Instagram Honey Might Cause Him to Go to Jail

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Written by guest writer Tatyana Jenene @TatyanaJenene

Work ain’t honest, but it pays the bills… Columbus short decided that attending the carnival celebration Fantasy Barbados was more important than showing up in L.A. for court on Wednesday.  Pictures have surfaced of the actor living it up in Barbados and the judge isn’t her for it at all.

Apparently, the judge is livid and issued a bench warrant since he wanted to be a no show. He was expected to show up to court for the criminal case against him for domestic violence from the incident earlier this year against his estranged wife.

Short is really good at not showing up for court, neither he or his lawyer showed up to a hearing where he was ordered to pay his estranged wife $17,005 a month in spousal support and $4,542 in child’s support plus $25,000 in lawyer fees for Tanee Short.

Cold world…

In an interesting turn of events Columbus Short says he’s Not returning back to the United States and that there is “work to done” in Barbados, so he will stay and help. So he’s moving to Barbados…

I guess Columbus will hitting the dutty wine and heel toe to his heart’s desire, because the charges are misdemeanors he can’t extradited back to the United States. The moment he steps on American land it’s going to be trouble…trouble.

Amina Buddafly and Peter Gunz Welcome a Baby Girl

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Written by guest writer Tatyana Jenene @TatyanaJenene

Congrats are in order for “Love & Hip Hop: New York” stars Amina Buddafly and Peter Gunz, the two welcomed their baby girl into the world on July 29th.

The last time we saw Mr. and Mrs. Pankey was at the Love & Hip Hop reunion when Amina pulled out the pregnancy test from her bra and told the world she was pregnant with Peter’s child. Instead of Peter being happy about his wife being pregnant he apologized to his ex-girlfriend and mother of two of his children Tara, for the way he treated her.

Fun times…

Anyway, Amina took to her Facebook account to announce the arrival of the baby girl saying:

“Thank you guys for all the wishes and nice comments and messages!!! Haven’t gotten thru all yet… but I’m so, so happy, we have made a beautiful gorgeous, precious angel who I can’t take my eyes off of… just enjoying some private time for now, but you know we will share more soon ;-)

Peter hasn’t said anything about the birth of his new baby girl, rumors have been going around saying he wasn’t by his wife side during delivery. This hasn’t been confirmed or denied by either one of them. This is Amina’s first child and Peter’s eighth.




Zoe Saldana Slams The Press for “Invading” Her Privacy And Announcing Her Pregnancy

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Apparently, the public is supposed to act like Zoe Saldana’s growing belly is nothing but one too many burrito bowls from chipotle because the mom to be is pissed that reports are out about her being pregnant. Since flashing her bump last week while on promo run for her new movie Guardian of the Galaxy stories have ran that the actress is pregnant with her first child and some outlets reporting that she’s pregnant with twins. It’s the lengths that some magazines are going to find out if the actress is pregnant with twins and she took to her twitter account to express her frustration. Continue reading

One Flopped Album and A House For Sale Later, Robin Thicke Finally Realize His Marriage Is Over

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robin thicke

Written by guest writer Tatyana Jenene @TatyanaJenene

After his album written solely about his estranged wife entitled Paula flopped, selling 530 copies in the United Kingdom, 27,000 in the United States and less than 54 in Australia, Robin Thicke has now realized what we all knew months ago… his marriage to Paula Patton is over. Last Monday Thicke put their L.A. home for sale. The home was given to him by his father Allen Thicke who originally purchased the home in 1990.  Paula hasn’t lived in the home since February.

According to reports neither Patton nor Thicke have hired divorced attorneys but Robin has been telling people is his camp he will no longer beg and he is moving on. He claims he will not be the one to file and she has to do it if she wants the divorce.

The ghost of Marvin Gaye has struck again.

Sherri Shepard Wins Custody Battle, Will Keep Physical Custody of Nine-Year-Old Son

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Written by guest writer Tatyana Jenene @TatyanaJenene

Between getting kicked off The View, pending divorce and custody battles, Sherri can celebrate this victory for now. The judge in a L.A. courtroom disagreed with Shepard’s ex-husband Jeffery Tarpley that Shepard is an unfit mother. Tarpley was seeking full custody of their nine-year-old son and it was denied. Now Shepard has to gear her focus on this nasty battle with Lamar Sally, her latest ex. He is threating to sue her if she doesn’t embrace the child that will be born this month from a surrogate.

Allegedly, Shepard wants nothing to do with the baby who is set to come soon because she believes that Sally defraud her in the first place so he can collect child support. Sherri does not want custody or even to be considered a parent … because she doesn’t want to get stuck with child support payments.

Allegedly the surrogate was impregnated by Sally’s sperm, but Shepard’s egg was not used. Shepard wants a judge to rule she has no parental rights or responsibilities, if this happens this will end the support battle. She claims Lamar defrauded her, that he got her to sign on for a surrogate birth knowing full well he would divorce her and then take her to court for child support. Shepard has filed for divorce in New Jersey and Lamar has filed in California.  The reason behind this is New Jersey courts generally do NOT recognize surrogacy agreements, which means Lamar would probably be shut down.  Not so in Cali.

Zoe Saldana Is Pregnant With First Child

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zoe2 zoe

No this does not mean the Nina Simone movie Zoe is set to star in is off, sorry. Congrats are in order nonetheless, Zoe Saldana and her husband Marco Perego are having their first child, Zoe is said to be three months pregnant and will announce it officially when she is ready. The couple who wed secretly last September want to have a big family, also Saldana’s sister Mariel Saldana Webb is expecting a child this year.

Saldana has been making her rounds on the red carpet this week promoting her new movie Guardians of the Galaxy sporting a tiny bump that she tried to camouflage, also a pic posted on her personal Instagram account shows the bump proudly. Congrats to the couple.