Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson Tattoo’s Evelyn Lozada’s Face On His Leg

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The media circus surounding Ochocinco & Evelyn continues. Catch these T’s. This fool done went out and tattooed Eveleyn’s face on his damn calf. Like seriously, what the hell is really gone on here. Her a** is on the Oprah Winfrey Network crying her eyes out to Iyanla Vanzant, and how he done went and get him self permanently inked with her face. I can’t take these two anymore. The only thing between these two that is truly until death do them part is this tattoo. GET INTO IT.


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6 thoughts on “Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson Tattoo’s Evelyn Lozada’s Face On His Leg

  1. Umm…Didn’t Chad recently make a comment that if he weren’t playing pro football, her would probably doing porn? Bring it, Daddy! Everything happens for a reason.

    Having said that, I DO have a problem with the fact that everybody is calling him a fool even though everybody seems to be giving Rihanna (who milked $ our sympathy after the beatdown) a pass while she is obviously sniffing around for some more Breezy pipe.

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