Chateau Sheree Goes Into FORECLOSURE. Nene Leakes Was Right, Truly Was “NEVER LAND”

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So I take an entire week off from blogging just to return to this mess. No tea no shade, I am really feeling some kind of way right now. My spirit is still slain, wore out, and f&cked out from running up and down the courthouses steps behind Sheree Whitfield and Chateau Sheree. All tea all shade, I am ready to walk outside and slap the sh&t out of somebody over the fact that Sheree tried to basically have me put in jail for reporting on the progress of Chateau Sheree. Sheree was all up and through the court telling the judge how she feared for the safety of her children blah blah blah. Mind you, at no point during Chateau Sheree’s non-existence has it ever been habitable. We went through months of court, and thousands of dollars in legal bills,  just for Sheree to allow the home to go into foreclosure this close to completion?? Naw now Sheree, I know that’s not what we are doing! Somebody get NeNe Leakes very rich a$$ on the line and tell her we need her to step in and save Chateau Sheree. Better yet, Marlo Hampton did offer to extend Sheree a loan during their infamous fight in Africa. Yeah call Marlo, we have not heard about any of her Chanel bags and shoes getting reposed or going into foreclosure.  Catch These T’s


A real estate agent source has revealed that Chateau Sheree is available for immediate short sale for $340k. Additionally, they divulged that there are two loans on the property and that the home will most likely be sold for something in the low to mid 3oo’s. One is only left to imagine that the house is going to be marketing once again as a “tear down” considering how long the existing structure has been exposed to the elements. Considering how much it has been raining in Atlanta, I know there has got to be mold all up and through there.

tumblr_mmb7ukX60H1qetvi1o1_500For some strange reason, I am not buying all of this. Sheree is a crafty b&tch. She’s already hidden assets from the IRS, parked Porche’s in storage units,  shifted ownership of Chateau Sheree into every member of her family’s name and finally into some fake LLC called Blue Management. She is not letting this house go this easy. What would people say? We all know Sheree is soley driven by image and not logic. This house and its completion has been the lifeline of Sheree’s relevance for years. Besides what would Iyanla say after Sheree looked a voodoo priestess in the face and vehemently insisted that this home was for her near college age kids? If Sheree truly is letting go of Chateau Sheree, then perhaps Iyanla did “fix her life.”  Either Iyanla did or all the lending institutions who won’t F&ck with her did.

tumblr_mlbbsmNEVp1qfzpa4o1_500While I’m at it, speaking of lending institutions, I was in the bank some months back  and the bank manager stopped me and spilled all kinds of T’s. Recognizing me, she pulled me aside and first went on about how she closely followed all the court drama. Then she went on to say, quiet as its kept, when all the high ranking banking officials in the region meet at their industry conferences and events, that oftentimes they discuss projects and people who have come across their desk. Long story short, she says the higher ups of all the regional lending institutions have colluded, and refuse to take on any sort of liability as it relates to Sheree Whitfield and those closely associated with her. Plainly put, ain’t nobody round these parts lending that heffa no money for anything because she can’t stay out of the media for getting things reposed, foreclosed, and getting all sorts of liens placed on her property for failure to pay. Sucks to be her. Perhaps before she called Iyanla Vanzant to fix her life, she should have called Suzzie Orman to fix her finances. I’m just saying. Correct me when I’m wrong and acknowledge me when I’m right!

All and all, I could go on and on about this forever, but for what? Truthfully, all of this started out pretty funny, but now it is actually kind of sad. I actually pitty Sheree Whitfield. Ladies take note. Sheree and all she is going through is the prime example of what happens when you try to trap a man with a baby and make no strides at independence while having his money as a catalyst. It’s a damn shame that Sheree had more vision for that damn house than she did for herself! Imagine if she would have invested a fraction of the money, time, and energy that she put into that house into herself.  Imagine where she would be now… DEEP…


My Personal Message To Sheree Whitfield And Delusional Women With No Independent Earning Potential Just Like Her


Are you surprised or do you think this is another one of Sheree’s schemes?

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147 thoughts on “Chateau Sheree Goes Into FORECLOSURE. Nene Leakes Was Right, Truly Was “NEVER LAND”

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  2. BUT still, no matter what, you don’t laught at no ones misfortune…. Ne Ne needs to stop laughing and making fun of people just because she’s on some episodes high right now…. She doesn’t know how long her gig will last…. The rule of thumb is, if you don’t have anything good to say about someone then don’t say anything at all…. Ne Ne laughs at EVERYONE…. What’s so funny?!? The same thing that makes her laugh will make her cry…. Just be careful…..

  3. Shree and Tamika Raymond have dark clouds over their heads. The more press they get, the more foolish they look. LMBAO, Both these Air-Heads waste courts time and their own money filing bogus claims and both are rather narcissistic in their approach to life and all it as to offer. Tamika fucked up her reputation by mixing business with pleasure and Sheree never had no business. Can you say two Losers, loud enough!!!!

  4. I had to lol @ the stick house titled “Chateu Sheree.” @Dineva you are so funny to me. You always make me laugh with your word play your write up was very well written. Did you major is creative writing? My how the mighty have fallen. I feel a bit sad for her, while Nene is living it up!!

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  6. I”m mad at the lady at the bank talking about customers with other customers. I know Sheree is going through this in the public eye. Doesn’t make it any less wrong to gossip, about one client, with another to provide “the Scoop”.

  7. Lets all be honest here, what do u expect from a woman who hasn’t even accomplished a high school diploma, come into all this money thru a man and try to keep up appearances of other SUCCESSFUL women. sheree is a nasty person inside and out. So many things can be said about her, but insecure income the and DENIAL just about sums it up! What kinda wan would do this to her children and drag them into her mess!! Remember how she did all that Frontin in Seasom 1, budget, I don’t shop on a budget…ummm hmmm, then tried to destroy Bobs name, and drive a brand new Porshe and more concerned with what label she’s wearing to Court vs the welfare of her children??? She’s a SAD INDUVIDUAL!! Her kids were sleeping on an air mattress with holes in his shoes for Gods sake and continued to be as fly and blame Bob! Unreal!! Just flat out trifling!!!! And she tried to get Tierra’s boyfriend to propose so she can have a story line in turn destroying their lives! I’m glad he stood up to her! I could go on for days, but we all including the media need to just pretend like she does not exist and stop giving her so much attention. Sheree is just SAD!!

  8. NeNe called that….when she named it NEVERLAND. I always said Sheree aint shyt especially when they showed her son sleeping on that air mattress in that lil tiny apt…Sheree aint shyt and can’t get outta her own stupid ass way.. I hope that dumb dummy learns a lesson from this!

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  10. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd again…she is STOOPID too! and you are wrong ALL DAY LONG for the popscicle stick version of chateau sheree! uhn, uhn, uhn!

  11. Sheree has got to be the dumbest broad evah! i went to h.s. with Bob, he was a year younger than me…if he would have ever looked one of his tangle eyed eyes my way, that would have been a wrap! we would still be together and i would have had businesses, investments and hooked my family up…smh…why do all the dumb ones luck up? and no i wasnt then, nor am i now ugly…but Sheree is inside and out!

    • Best blog I have read on this subject. Maybe she can borrow a period from Kim, as it was she who took Kim to the function where she met Kroy, her husband, and is doing very well.

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  13. HUn I tweeted you and was like “have you heard?” but you preached and tol the truth on YouTube. Sheree what happens behind closed doors and oin the ark comes to the light! Everyone was right! Stop all that fronting! Get you a cute rental in Dekalb county for bedroom house with a basement and pay 800.00 a month you can afford that. Get you a job and call it a day. I feel for Sheree but her mouth got her and that attitide right where she should be!

  14. chile funk Dineva im lost for words hunty !!! you laid down the ( no shade no T”S) loved this yes gawds!!!! all I could do was lmfao chile truth be told thanks for the story. that sheree I knew she was a hot mess but she puts new meaning to hot mess with a fire you cant put out lawd !!!! sheree chile get it together go to school or something get a trade in something hell go work at mcdonalds or something see all that money you owe on that house could be going toward your kids college education or a trust fund wow what a waist. lova ya funky Dineva this was a good read (smotches)

  15. Sheree is as bout as empty as that forclosed house. She has forever been a liar and deceitful person and this is just her reaping what she’s sown. So quick to bad mouth others as if she’s got it all together and even if she did have it all together you keep your mouth off of people. She is delusional and sad. but that popsicle stick house, LMAO!!!!!

  16. Chile cheese lol..I knew that house was a sham from the beginning.smh she never had that type of money,I don´t know why she was lying like she really did… THE MF STRUGGLE

  17. This is a damn shame, and that’s putting it f–king mildly. This delusional, narcissistic, ridiculous, financially clueless ass middle aged woman can NOT be this damn foolish. Maybe so. I’m NOT sympathetic WHATSOEVER. She has had time and opportunities to pull herself out of this craziness she’s subjected herself, her family or WHOEVER the f–k is friends with her.
    At one point this heifer had access to more than enough money to see her through, but she KEPT on frontin’ she KEPT on actin like she could afford birkin bags and whathaveyou and she could not.. I don’t pity this woman in the least, and I don’t knock the hustle of trying to be a baller’s wife…but she did this shit all wrong and if there’s a word less than pitiful, then she would be THAT. She deserves a smack in the head, she deserves to be called out on her bullshit, she DESERVES to be shunned by the bank community and hell even ‘InstaLoan’ what she DOES NOT deserve is my sympathy nor does she deserve anyone elses. This heifer is racking up more lawyer fees(by the way who IS representing her broke ass? Don’t lawyers have to get paid too?) and still pretending to live like she actually has some status. Bitch stop it.

  18. You gave some real advice, some her moma or grandma should be telling her. Fame & Money has ruined her thought process and will lead her to further corruption if not put in check. She need to do some for herself so she can have some self pride and self made income. Sad for the kids involved.

  19. Yes, misfortune is nothing to laugh about. HOWEVER…Sheree went out of her way to perpetrate lies and as a sad attempt to sustain her delusion-filled “lifestyle”. Now she´s being taught a lesson as we ALL are when we put ourselves on pedestals, so no special treatment for her.

  20. dam funky D. the last part of your statement is true and dam it wad deep some women don’t think like that. shit some people don’t.. PREACH!

  21. @Ashaki why not? After she tried to slander The Dolls good name and have her running back and forth to court over made up foolishness. BTW Dineva is a celebrity blogger and Sheree is a half ass celebrity so she is just reporting the news.

  22. At this point I feel her survival instincts should have kicked into over ride. She needs to just go on and find her another athlete and fuck her way to the top. Because her reputation is walking around with a life alert button. She needs to take that active imagination and think of three mahogany chairs to seat her mind, body and soul…

  23. This woman is delusional as hell. Now she called herself tryin to put Nene business out there right along with wiggy Kim Z. a couple of seasons ago hmmm. But what´s so crazy about this situation Tacky Tonya and her husband (Married to Medicine)offered to buy this unfinished product of a house from Sheree and she declined that offer smfh…(in my Nene Leakes voice) you´ll never win when you play dirty!!!

  24. this is what happens when you try to keep up with the Joneses sheree was a real nasty person to people on housewives and now everything has just finally caught up to her. she didn´t do that house for her kids like iylana said she did that for her. cause any size decent house would have been fine for the kids.

  25. Although Sheree isn´t a nice person, I never laugh or celebrate at one´s misfortune… she has young kids… BUT hopefully this will teach her to humble herself and start being nice….

  26. You preaching up in here Dineva. I too agree that Sheree needs some kind of intervention because her priorities are all the way off. She spent her entire time on rhoa throwing party after party ad blowing money to look like she’s elite instead of putting that food to pavement. She culd have been released a fitness video and collected her some coins.

    You know she somewhere mad as shit that she’s not on the show anymore. Maybe Kim Zolciak could give her a nanny job and let her live in the basement since Sweety got emancipated from the plantation.

    I’m not worried about her young children because Bob may be many things but he will not let those kids go without.

  27. Dineva, where is that hand you talk about extending to lift someone up? Its about time for the hand to show up.

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