COMPLETE DEVASTATION: Male Basketball Team Cheerleaders In AlaBAMA

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Listen I am all for this this equality movement that we are in the middle of right now, but somethings should just be left separate not equal! Let me introduce y’all to the Prancing Elites, Mobile Alabama’s premiere  big d!ck queens in spandex dance team. Check them out!


Yes hunty! In Addition to YMCA basketball games,  The Prancing Elites do weddingsbar mitzvahs, and corporate events. For booking information check out their FB page. Be sure to like and subscribe to keep up with the latest info on the Prancing Elites and where they’ll be performing…

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130 thoughts on “COMPLETE DEVASTATION: Male Basketball Team Cheerleaders In AlaBAMA


    Uh, no. Do you know what we need in school? I’ll tell you. We need English, so you can express yourself effectively and in a way that is not an embarrassment to society. We also need Philosophy, so you can learn the basics of logic and thereby construct an argument that is not shot-through with specious reasoning and the kind of fallacies a toddler uses.

    You sound like a complete imbecile. You see that sentence you wrote? Read it. You’re not competing with the rest of a modern society. You’re thinking useless thoughts and expending useless energy enforcing your personal, juvenile religious moral view on the rest of a world moving too fast for your slow thoughts.

    Get with it.

  2. So much hate and vitriol over something so completely harmless.

    It says everything about you and how little your worlds are.

  3. I’m glad this was at an LGBT event. If this was at a regular basketball game this would be all types of wrong. I think everyone should be able to be them, but some shit just is a lil too much. Then the shit was boring as hell at that. You can still be gay and respectable, just because your gay don’t mean you have to be in public looking a mess making other Gays look bad.

  4. these are not cheerleaders these are dancers. i was on a dance team and this is exactly what we did! for those of you who think that it is too sexual , i understand where you are coming from but you have to understand that this is the SOUTH. i live in atl ga , this is what we do ! this is how we dance, this is how we self express. i know many people are used to dancers being giddy and preppy and “go team go” but no ma’am, that’s not how we do it down here. this is a piece of our culture and if you dont like it , oh well!

    i love it! I think they did a great job.

  5. I LUV IT! I didnt hear any boos from the crowd, so they must have loved it too! I wanna learn how to do that. They are obviously committed to their craft. People shouldnt be so negative. I love to see gay men celebrate themselves….and each other.

  6. Im proud of them! Ive been watching them since high school in the stands when i played in the band….still going in!

  7. I’m sorry. The dancing and outfits were inappropriate for the game. I don’t see anything wrong with them wanting to “cheer” but make sure it is tasteful. Turn down the flame and show some respect for yourself. Also, if you do want to dance and prance in that nature, do it at a LGBT bb game with age appropriate attendees.

    • For the record, it was a LGBT event. Your opinion is appreciated but not needed. We were asked to entertain, therefore we did.

  8. News flash: THAT IS NOT TWERKING. Just saying! I just didn’t like those damn ugly belly shirts. Give the litte girl in the pink jacket her shirt back. I feel they still did their thang.

  9. First I want to say the people making homophobic comments on this post should be ashamed of themselves. Secondly FD, how dare you attack someone doing this when you make a living off of gossiping in a wig and lipstick, give me a break.

  10. It takes mad gutts to do what they do the same gutts that it takes a man to wear wigs and dresses and talk shit about celebs and other wannabe celebs…I have supported u from jump and I am really shocked right now and maybe a Lil disappointed…but that’s life, WE gotta do betta !!

  11. They getting it though! My high school dancing doll teachers were both gay men. Nothing new for me

  12. i hope that they’re fighting for civil rights, the end of racism and women’s rights the way that they’re going hard to be able to be as girly as they wanna be. a lot of gays jumped on other bandwagons to position themselves politically and socially, but did not help those very groups once they gained progress.

    i find that to be very disturbing and deceitful.

  13. You guys can follow us on Facebook “PrancingElites DanceTeam”

    Also add me and my squad
    Simone Maddox
    Adrian Clemons
    Kareem Davis
    Kha’Lil Dickerson
    Timothy Smith

  14. The one with the kinky twist got nice legs…let them girls live dineva… Thats some BOLD shit. I’m not even gonna shade them

  15. I love to see Jerel and the prancing elites dance! They’ve got an energy to them that is not comparable to any other! Work hard, dance hard! I love it!

  16. Hadley Adams..Thankx so much..they are NOT a Basketball cheerleading squad..They are a Dance troupe that goes to different places and games,Jsette competition n elsewhere..they are no way only associated with basketball..They are friends of mines and they do their dam thang

  17. Theyre featured in a dvd, they travel, go to competitions, etc. I commend them for taking what they probably couldnt do in high school & making it happen as adults. Werk it!

  18. I personally find the videos entertaining not devastating. I don’t see what’s the big deal if they have fun doing it and people enjoy watching it. Dineva some people might feel like your cross dressing is offensive and feel it should be left to us women or as you put it some things should be “separate not equal” but then you wouldn’t be as fabulous as you are honey. So to the Prancing Elite,,,y’all better werk Hunty!!!

  19. um miss dineva you have a lot of nerve trying to come for this cheerleading males team when you have the AUDACITY to walk around publicly in a cheap dress, numerous sythetic wig’s all while sporting a full grown beard and ashy legs. check yourself before you dare try and check others.

  20. I’m the boy in that picture. I love the publicity, negative and positive. We, Prancing Elites, understand that there will be people who aren’t going to support what we love to do, but that isn’t going to stop us from dancing. We don’t tend to hurt the eyes of the public, we are that team who isn’t afraid to step outside of the clubs and continue doing what we love to do. DANCE! We hall have jobs, in school, and etc, but dancing is just something we do in our spare time and we wanted to share it with the rest of the community/world. No one said that we were restricted to only dancing in clubs or gay events. We have the courage to do it all. We do just “J-Sette”. We are a team of many dance forms; ballet, hip hop, lyrical, and etc. Our mission is to encourage other squads to embrace what they love to do and don’t be afraid to get out there and dance.

    • I live for yall! I was going to try and get a charter for a gay male dance team at my school. I’m more than sure we could dance circles around them girls, but fuck a hater. You are getting your life and thats all that matters! You got my support though!!!

    • I’m happy to see ya’ll expressing your creativity, and standing up for yourself! Wish u all nothing but success! Have fun!

  21. My question is…what damn bball team allows dem to cheer for them??? Hunty this is jus too much….

  22. Guess I’m gone have to move to the south and learn how to twerk cuz they just shut my mouth wide open! Lol

  23. LMMFAO, the kids just dnt know when to SIT DOWN….. I know they “J-Set” in the clubs and at football games to the band music, but now they letting them dance @ basketball games. -smh! sad to know my home town is 30 minutes away from this foolery, -but in FL!

  24. But why tho?… a complete and total devastation to the nation *walks away to wipe bleeding eyes*

  25. It ain’t for me but what ur doing is no better than what whites have said about blacks and what the black church says about gays! #KayneShrug

  26. I was waiting for this to come to a bloggers attention! They be twerking like their life depends in it!

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