Convicted Felon’s Mug Shot Drives Ladies WILD – Had To Make Him An Honorary YES GAWD

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Ewwwwwww how much is your bond daddy! Nessa girl, I’m standing in front of an oscillating fan right now trying to kool off hunty! This thang right here is fine. He is so fine, that I am about to dump my neighbor’s husband.

Meet Jeremy Meeks. He’s a 30-year-old convicted felon who was arrested Wednesday on felony weapons charges during a sweep in the Weston Ranch area of Stockton, according to Stockton police. ~ News 10 ABC

I don’t care what these people say. They are lying on my man. He did no such thing. He was home with me. Yes hunty!! This man is so damn fine I will lie under oath for him, OKAY!

He’s also arguably the most popular convict ever to grace the Stockton Police Department Facebook page.

Meeks’ mug shot generated more than 2,400 comments between Wednesday night and Thursday morning, many from women claiming to admire his good looks.

“Hottttttt,” Melissa Stiles wrote.

“Omg come to mama,” Nicole Seba Lorena Elena commented

“Holy hell i would arrest him too..hottest bad boy I’ve seen,” Ellie Abbey wrote.

“He can kidnap me anyday… Hold me against my will lol,” Jessica Gutierrez commented.

“Why is he breaking the law when he should be making millions modeling! Wowzas,” Tanya H. Thomas noted.

One user has set up a Facebook fan page for Meeks, who is being held in the San Joaquin County Jail on $900,000 bail. Of course, not everyone is amused by his admirers.

“$900,000 in bail and 6 felonies. You ladies are desperate,” Amber Gomes wrote. ~ News 10 ABC

Real talk, how much do you have on his bail?

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412 thoughts on “Convicted Felon’s Mug Shot Drives Ladies WILD – Had To Make Him An Honorary YES GAWD

  1. I hope he can get out soon and change his life around. He needs to do get an agency and do a Givenchy campaign, Riccardo likes mixed guys and he would be a perfect look for the brand.

  2. He´s photogenic but I´m not impressed! This loser has already spent 9 yrs. in jail for I think auto theft. Ain´t no way I would spend my coin trying to help him get out of jail. He got himself there he will have to get himself out. He clearly has a look that will earn him a nice grip of money but he would rather be loser. They say that his wife is furious about the attention he´s been getting over his looks but any woman worth her salt don´t want that. She can have that one. Now the THOTS and the men who love boy pussy is what she might want to worry about. But all in all he´s a waste.

  3. why light woman are never played out. the man is very good looking and he don’t need to be darker to look better. this cooler shit is played now, dark men are not that good looking like a dark woman ,but dark woman are cooled ugly and light woman beautiful,dark men fine and light men ugly. all this is bull shit.this man looks like a model said he’s in jail. light dark don’t matter

  4. This dude is average. It’s really a shamed that black people still going crazy over light skin and light eyes. He’s married to white woman, so ya’ll can calm down. You’re not his type. And to add insult to injury he’s a half-assed criminal (can’t be whole-assed if you keep getting caught).

    • Thank u! Then these chicks are bitter when black guys only want mixed chicks with wavy hair, smh… He would look Alot better chocolate anyway… Colors struck heffas.

  5. These dark skinned dudes are hating.. Don´t be mad – light skinned men will always be in style in my book.

  6. This just feeds into the stereotype that black women (and a whole lot of black gay men too for that matter) love no good men and shun nice guys … Sad.

    • Just because some of us think he looks good does not mean, that in real life, we would be willing to overlook his criminal past and present. Too bad he wasted his talents thieving and not stripping and/or modeling

  7. I think he is handsome….. but since he is getting so much attention via social media, maybe he can turn his life all the way around and model for real….. this may be a blessing in disguise for him, who knows?

  8. Really? Name calling? All because some women are JOKING? Why do we have to be thirsty bitches or have low self esteem because we are cracking jokes? THE MAN LOOKS LIKE A DAMN GOD. Yes he is an idiot who landed himself in jail but he’s sexy. No one is actually talking about having an actual relationship with him lol

    • I completely agree Choyce…There is NO harm in looking. Ppl are acting like you really gonna pay the bail & go get him out. No harm in joking about it or LOOKING! Him & Terry are FIONE! LOL

    • Say it again, Choyce! These high-horse ass people coming in and calling us “thirsty” or “stupid” for saying that this man looks good. Hell, he does!! Does it excuse his actions, nope, but all we are doing is having a little fun discussing this man’s good looks. Some people need to get the tampon out their asses and laugh a bit. DAMN!

  9. See! This is why I never feel sorry for Bitches, not women, who drool over idiots like this. So he has grey eyes and light skin it cancels out that this is his flipping MUGSHOT!?! His mugshot which is usually followed by incarceration? Yuck. These reactions are so disturbing. I can tell which ones of you would end up on Nancy Grace´s show.

  10. It´s a shame. He could have taken all that beauty and did something worth while with his life. My guess is his problem is that everyone told him how cute he was all his life and he is narcissistic. And if you think he is a catch based on his looks and not his history and how he treats you, something is wrong with you…ladies.

  11. Nessa bitch answer the phone bitch answer the phone…now nessa bitch im going to be a friend bitch…bitch you bet not call down to the jail see that´s the problem bitch…you like the rough shit bitch…now momma taught me not to judge bitch and I ain´t judging but what we ain´t gone do is get his ass out..nessa I know you been out on vacation for awhile and your judgement is a little impaired due to the drinks and shit we had down to the bar but don´t let them eyes fool you..I ain´t hating but he does nothing for me bitch MY HAIR IS LAID LIKE TROUBLE ON ONE SIDE AND DOING TIME ON THE OTHER BITCH..LOVE YA I´M CALLING TONY HELL HE OUT HERE WORKING AND SHIT AND YOU TRYNNA GET A FUNNY EYED FELON OUT WITH HIS MONEY..NO BITCH I CAN´T ROLL WITH THIS ONE HELL TONY AND FONTAINE ARE FRIENDS BITCH..

  12. He fine & all but I didn´t get a tat so they could find my body & identify me later. I watch ID network. He TROUBLE!! But I´m gone save this picture in my phone tho. #IDaddict

  13. Let me go pawn my Kandi Koated 6-inch fuchsia jelly vibe rat nah. I got $17.23 on your bail Jeremy. Hold on boo-boo, I’m coming.

  14. Look closely in his eyes and on the right side of his face u see a tear drop! Hello does this not tell u anything! Don´t be fooled if it looks like a duck and walks like a duck it´s a duck! Stay away!

  15. Yeaaa… Gaze into those eyes real good cuz that´s the last thing ur finna see hahaha! He has them Soul Snatchers…

  16. Dam he can have my whole check and 401k …… jus sayn whew what woman dont want a lil thug passion in her life. #bethebeatsitupinbed have yo ass like yvette up cleaning and cooking dem tacos #jodymyjody

  17. To ya some thirsty bitches. Ya really need to grow the fuck up. If you’re horny go fuck a pickle since it has no felonies.

  18. Ladies most murders, and rapers are nice looking! Just because he´s nice looking doesn´t mean he´s a nice person!

  19. Pretty positive the bitter ones are usually those stuck with this kind of loser-haha. I´ve seen this darn mug about 5 times from different sites on my feed, so I do believe there is some thirsty chick out there writing this fool right now. You can always tell the ones who are used to messing with losers…they will defend anything.

  20. Tasha McKnight, Kimberly Tindal, Nadira Ahmad McKnight, Brendia Dowdell, Kia Simplythebest Fleming, Tymekia Tindal

    (In my Luther voice…..if only for one niiiiiiiggggghhhtttt)

  21. damn ladies get off your high horse and take a joke. no one is truely featuring this damn convict. can´t we just see a very attractive man have a few laughs and gawks and keep it moving. No need to throw shade or call names. I´m quite sure a few of you have dated a not so eligible bachelor. Bitter and boring must be the new shades pf black.

    • Why are they acting like we’re trying to bring him home to meet the parents?!?! It’s just friendly banter. Damn. It’s not our fault he’s fine.

  22. Rather have a good man than one with good looks AND a felony attached to him. My husband and I will be married 11 years this coming Saturday. He is the love of my life and the father of my child need I say more?!

  23. The same women that mess with dudes like this knowing his history are the same ones that complain they´re alone cuz their man in jail and all men are no good. Look in the mirror and fix what YOU are doing IJS

  24. The desperation in all of you is dangerous to the world because looks are everything to you even if he was a murderer a child molester and more it wouldn´t stop the sadness that you women are portyin it wouldn´t matter you still would let him in your home just because he looks good yall are sad that nigga couldn´t even say hi to me and I know I rock

    • Huh?! Calm allllllll the way down, k? Now go back and try again, this time take your time and sound out the word before you type it. Ok? #ByeFelicia

  25. Sorry azz thirty females lol… How about you´ll go down to Southern, Gambling, UofH an try. I use that word loosely to have a conversation with a future engineer, Dr., or Lawyer… Lol

  26. Bitches hollering about how fine he is (and yes he´s real cute) but this fool got a $900,000 bond…obviously he´s a loser…but some idiot will still swoon over his ass GTFOH #prioritiesallfuckedup

    • I know that’s correct! Simple weapons? His ass would have to have been popped for nothing short of cereal murder to keep me from letting it slide! This boy is fine as all hell, I can’t!’!!!

  27. This nigga look scary as hell… Wouldn´t want him around my kids… Just cause he´s light skin with blue eyes means he gets a pass for being a physco?? Hell no!!! That nigga look crazy & like a murderer… I don´t care how handsome he´s is… You can see the looney in him!

  28. Yes he is fine as hell. Tyra banks needs to come rescue this brother. This handsome man could use a life changing discovery. Get a second chance and prove he is worth the looks and the “yes gawd”. He is model material!!!

  29. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH! I don’t even like light-skinned dudes like that, but he can get it!

    He didn’t have one of those ole California ladies taking care of his fine ass?? Can a bitch get a donation so I can head down I-5 (I’m in Oregon) and get this man free????????

  30. Ya’ll wildin. Indeed he is fine… But this is the same reason why these females be running around here with 2-4 kids from Rashaad from the block cause he was a “yes gawd” and “fine,” but didn’t have anything else going on in any other departments. This man was arrested on felony charges but “bump that! he got some pretty eyes.” SMH. Do Better!

    • We are simply admiring his handsomeness. Nobody said they wanted him as the father to their kids nor have him living up in their spots. Go play on I-95 and stfu.

    • I’d be throwing these hot out the oven cookies at this fine ass mofo regardless of what the hell you might think! I’ma look into to being his cellmate while you talking. Doing HARD time just got a bit more tolerable.

  31. Dude is gorgeous!!!!! Hands down!!!! Give the man his due. If dude was in the street, not a felon, gettin paid and he gave you a second look, you would have a one night only!!! Felon or not!!! He would be yo own little secret. Stop frontin!!!!!!!!

  32. Lightskin is so 70´s, I´m light, he light, and that is just bright for my own good. No ma´am, y´all can have this convict. Plus, I´m too old to lust after jail boys, did that with my ex, not about to continue that bad behavior.

  33. Soo Women Have Low Self-esteem And Are Desperate Cause They Say The Man Fine ? Ain´t Nobody Puttin On They Slippers And House Coat To Go Bail Him Out. Sheesh Hunty Lighten UP ! ! Its A JOKE For All You Extra “Sophisticated” People.

    • No!!!!, fuck low self esteem these hoes are way passed that, try no self esteem. Now you know somebody is going to cluck off their EBT card and take that child support cheque and use that to bail his ass out.

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