Daughter of Bishop T.D. Jakes, Rocks Christian World AGAIN, Files for Divorce

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Chile so many of y’all want to to run to the church and use your pastor and his wife as an example of how a relationship should be. These days it seems as if the church is probably the worst place to seek any sort of relationship advice or examples. Between Eddie long, the pastor in Atlanta giving the women HIV, and now TD Jake’s daughter, you’ll be better off finding examples of a good marriage on The Real Housewives Of _______.

So TD Jakes’s daughter, Sarah Henson announced that she will be divorcing her husband of four years on her website. Quite naturally, as all good church folks due, she had to let it be known that her decision was backed by scripture. How convienient. I mean the bible is like 10 million pages long. I’m sure if I search hard enough, I can find a scripture supporting me not getting an oil change every ten-thousand miles. Chile Cheese. Catch These T’s.

Bishop T.D. Jakes may have to deal with a bit of church criticism since his daughter just announced her divorce from Robert Henson after four years of marriage.

Also a leader in the ministry, Sarah Henson posted the announcement on her website, asking for prayer. She cited “multiple infractions” as reason for the break up.

This isn’t the first time the Women’s ministry leader has rocked the Christian world.

While she and Robert have a child, she also has another from a previous relationship. She was 14 when she gave birth for the first time. ~ Black America Web

Chile Cheese Sarah! OK! I’m sure the handy dandy church will come right on along and find some comforting convienient scripture to help clean up the public relations mess this has create at the church. Rightfully so, this situation does humanize certain member of our Black Royalty. Choosing to look at our glass half full, I guess many women in the congregation will be able to relate to her story, and through her testimony, she can go on to help others. Ohh and sell books, tapes, dvd’s, obtain speaking engagements, and everything else that Juanita Bynum wrote down in the “Fallen Saints, How to Reascend to Glory Handbook”. Y’all know I’m just giving her a hard time because I have a thing with “Church Folks” and the powerhouse institution better known as “The Black Church”

Henson also conveniently wrote:

“After professional counseling and prayerful consideration, I have decided to end my four-year marriage,” she wrote. “There are biblical grounds supporting this decision and I have attempted every other recourse but after multiple infractions over the course of the union, and for my personal safety and that of my children I have come to this painful decision.”

Well alright then Sister Henson. Gawd is Good…

After all of that was said Sister Henson went on to ask for prayer and privacy. Her ass didn’t want no damn privacy when they had that huge lavish wedding with the church’s money. Ohh but now you want privacy?? lol I guess chile…

The Royal Family

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39 thoughts on “Daughter of Bishop T.D. Jakes, Rocks Christian World AGAIN, Files for Divorce

  1. Sarah did not marry her sons father, and there is still no mention of who the dad is. As a mother I wish Sarah well.
    But sure hope that all young girls will persue their education and nothing.else.

  2. Hey ladies let me say who are we to judge? Bishop Jakes is not responsible for his children’s actions. After you’ve raised children to a certain age they do what they want to do anyway. I don’t care how much you give them or do for them. All you can do is your best with God’s help when raising them. So none of this should reflect on Bishop Jakes, an most of those Football Player’s are abusive, look at their job. Their job is violent, physical, hard and stressful with a lot of pressure. They don’t know if they’re going to make it from one game to another with out getting hurt, even if they do have a contract. Sarah was probably trusting God that her married would sustain all of the extra stuff, but sometimes there’s just a little too much to bear especially ABUSE. Most ball players think they can go out an do whatever they want to even though they are married. Sarah should made sure he was saved and filled with the Holy Spirit of the Living God. Everything was right in front of her face, but sometime people like to cover their eyes and pretend they don’t see what’s actually there hoping it will change. God provides the gift of discernment, before doing anything you had better fast, pray be patient and wait on God, and stop jumping in the bed so fast. Make these males show who they really are. A job, a title, money and things mean nothing without character. Watch a man with his children and his mother and that will tell you how he will treat you. May we all reach a higher level of understanding in the spirit

  3. Lol. she got the divorce because he got another woman pregnant.so this idiot needs to leave her alone.he is so wrong to judge the rest of the church just because of the decisions Eddie Long etc…
    Everybodies relationships and struggles with God is different

  4. The Church today is no longer fit for purpose, and just in case you don’t know, is about to be completely destroyed!

    For in the early Church, if you lied you died!

    “But Peter said, Ananias, why has Satan filled your heart to lie…You have not lied to men but to God.”

    “Then Ananias, hearing these words, fell down and breathed his last. So great fear came upon all those who heard these things.” [Acts 5:3-5]

    Becoming a Christian in the early Church was serious business. People really had to count the cost!

    If you got drunk during the Lord’s Supper you got sick and also died.

    “…he who eats and drinks in an unworthy manner eats and drinks judgement to himself…for this reason…many sleep [die].” [1Cor.11:29,30]

    Sinning day in day out and assuming that just because you believe Jesus Christ died on the cross, you’ll go to heaven, IS NOT THE GOSPEL OF THE EARLY CHURCH!

    So how did we get here?

    Pastors, in order to boost their Church numbers, stopped preaching repentance and the practice of righteous living.

    As Pastors started teaching that our deeds have nothing to do with our relationship with the Lord, the Holy Spirit began to slowly withdraw from mainstream Christianity.

    Demonic doctrines have since increased tremendously over the past 1,900+ Years

    Now we have fornicators, adulterers and homosexuals in the pulpit and no one bats and eye!

    The Apostate Church is made up of all those who believe in God, read the Word, listen to sermons, attend the Lord’s Supper; but who also regard as permissible acts of adultery, homosexuality, stealing, lies, revenge and hatred.

    While claiming to believe in God, they give no thought to sinning against Him!

    I believe that this Year, 2014, the Lord is going to phase in His Millennium Church over a period of 1,260 Days, starting from Wednesday the 16th of April.


    By October 2017 all those who believe, and therefore are living according to the false gospel I’ve described, will be no more!

    I’m expecting billions to perish over the next 45 Months!!!

    World War III is about to begin!

    For those who really love the Lord and are keeping His commandments to indicate this, He is coming for them in the catching away of the saints.

  5. This judging is how Jesus was placed on the cross. People didn’t like him.

    He is the only perfect person to ever walk the face of the earth so I guess that means we are all sinners!!! Except those of us who are believers and Christians KNOW that God died for our sins and no one is perfect. The goal is to be better and do better as you grow in your faith. You don’t get saved and suddenly your perfect.

    People need to sit down and think hmmmm I bet I have tons of sins too so who am I to throw stones. None of you and especially the author of this stupid story is perfect. The bible is full of examples of men of God who were blessed with riches and great wealth while others suffered. READ THE BIBLE ALL OF IT from cover to cover.

    I too am in a ministers family and just because someone lives in a big house does not mean that they aren’t giving tons of money to the poor I know Bishop does. I know Bishop paid for his house from the money from his book sales not the church. But that doesn’t really matter.

    I pray that all of you that are so judging toward others that God will have mercy on you when you die! Because the judging your doing is nothing compared to what HE will do to you. Get saved.

  6. Only the fence straddlers would see a problem with this. Why is he being held accountable or condemned for something that someone else made a choice to do. We are truly in our last days when ppl that are nonbelievers try and sway believers in there direction. Stop trying to recruit ppl to go to hell with u and just go on your own. As long as I have breath in me I will be a believer so don’t even waist your time or cramp your fingers typing trying to convience me otherwise

  7. No one should be punished for the sins of another. Even though you give good teachings, morals and structured life to your children you cannot stop them from doing what they want. You can be a police officer and your child wants to rebel against you and decide to be the opposite and become a bank robber. The church is about Christ not the pastor/preacher as long as he or she leads by example they are living for Christ. His children will have to stand before God on their own merit not on his.

  8. I am a mother and my two son’s grow up in church now a lot of thing’s that they did that was wrong .
    My son’s can not say that they donot know any better but that didn’t have any thing too do with the way they have been taught.

  9. And one last thing while im in this post. I see alot of people are saying dont throw stones just because these are “church folks” Understandably, everyone falls, no one is perfect. But you have all the tools in your life to be successful, financially and spiritually and you choose to delve into a relation ship with a man that has 3 children and only supports one financially and has a history of abuse. Better judgement didnt succeed when she chose to marry him but you would think her parents would have played a better role in this as far as the caliber of men she dates and/ or gets pregnant by. And yes she DID know her dad was going to have a mega church, hell the Potters house was a mega church when I first started going there in the second grade and met Sarah. I wish people would stop separating TD Jakes household with his ministry because they are one and the same. Would you let Eddie long Pastor you, knowing what he does in his household? Hell naw, not you or your husband or children. Thats what I dont like about this Church mentality. Church is a vessel that God has given you as a resource. And Preachers are held to a standard of practicing what you preach. How are preaching abstinence and in the same breathe your 14 year old daughters having a baby? How are you teaching that homosexuality is wrong when your son is a homosexual? Why do you preach love thy neighbor when you have and your children have multimillion dollar mansions and salaries for doing nothing in the church. And you have little to no involvement with the neighborhood your church is located at. Hell its been the same bums on the corner of the church for 15 years. When is Pastor Jake’s going to reach out and give an outlet to these men and women for assistance or housing or even rehabilitation. Or do something for the troubled youth if you have no heart for a bum. Shit makes no since to see a city in such poverty with no outlets for these children and this man is posted up on Oprah while his kids are in Dallas running amuck!

    • Honey you read straight from the book of Psalm….I don’t see how people continue to be so foolish when it comes to these mega churches and pastors.

    • Well said!! You betta know that God will not be mocked. Think you getting away with something? What did Jesus do in the den of theives? TURN OVER EVERYTHING!

    • You sound like a fool. I’m sorry. Your comments are by far the most judgmental I have read. The fact the you know his family, on some level makes it even worse. Because Bishop’s daughter got pregnant at 14 and has a homosexual son has nothing to do with how he is raising them. Folks like you, unfortunately, would be on your way to hell quicker than a sinner because you ought to know better and you act as if you don’t. People make mistakes all the time. I bet when you part your lips to ask God to forgive you for those nasty little sins that NO one else knows about, you expect Him to do so, don’t you? But nobody else can, huh? How would you like it if someone started airing your dirty laundry and things you have done or making judgments against the lack of parental skills your parents have because of your stupid mistakes?? You need to allow the words of your mouth and the meditations of your heart to be acceptable in His sight. Just do what she asked and pray for her….or shut the hell up!!!!!!

  10. Nobody knows for sure what happened to make them come to this decision. An opinion is one thing but to speak ignorantly is another and it looks foolish. Everyone has made mistakes, some make them daily. It’s not our jobs to pass judgment on her because she “in the church”. I’m sure she didn’t know her dad would be a “mega pastor”. Teen pregnancy is nothing new….What you eat don’t make her POOP so why throw stones.

  11. She was just in Essence speaking on the strength of her marriage. Oh Well people dont get married to stay married now adays they get married to have a lavish wedding. She should be happy someone wanted to marry her after having a kid at 14. I knew preachers kids were freaks but didnt know they was “raw dog” freaky.

    • Read about? Ok well, I used to attend TD Jakes Church out in Fort Worth Texas. I also attended TCU college in Fort worth Texas With his daughter. Now I had nothing but love for the Jakes until many inappropriate incidents that I personally saw occur. Since you get all your news and revelations from blogsites, answer this question as far as it being true or not. If you were to attend The Potters House, which is the name of the family church, paid offerings and tithes according to your salary and had a reduction of income the next years tihes in offering due to the loss of income, would you then be able to conduct any formal events at the Potters house. Example, weddings, personal baptisms…etc? No you wouldnt because there is a log of tithes and one of my and Sarahs mutual friends that also went to TCU was denied from having her wedding ceremony at the Potters house due to tithes. Mind you we had went to this church as children and grew with this church. She never missed her tithes, she paid according to her income. Hell even as college students we paid! And that fluctuation is what caused her to be denied. The community did not grow with the potters house, at all. Im ashamed of this family and truly what money has done to them. Hell what you read about Sarahs older stepdaughters he dont claim in East Texas. They as a couple claimed his son but gave NO support or acknowledgement to his daughters. Sarah knew he was an abusive dog before they got together and knew his track record. We all did. She wanted to be a NFL Ballers wife, hell we all did but at some point you wake the fuck up and smell the roses. I wish nothing but a lesson learned for her. And dis aint even da TEA, Sorry so long.

      • Dallas Diva if you and Sarah were so called ” good friends” and grew up together how in the hell do you justify you running onto a blog website to not only down talk Sarah and Robert’s business, but you ran your ass on here to down talk the HOUSE OF THE LORD. If Bishop or ANYBODY else is making a mockery of God in his HOUSE don’t you think he has the power and ability to stop it. People like you are what is wrong with people today. Shame on your ass for getting on here discussing what Robert did with his kids and let me tell your ass they did indeeed have his step daughters on multiple occasions I am a real friend of Sarah’s and this foolish ass shit you running around here posting is enough for you to ask God for forgiveness. You don’t hold the ability to judge anybody. Bishop Jakes can’t control his GROWN ASS KIDS life. No matter what he preaches in the pulpit. I’m sure your parents taught you not to have sex before marriage but I’m pretty damn sure you’ve spread your legs. So are your parents non righteous because of that?? No your ass was just fast. People like you are so pathetic it’s sad. Is your life so boring that you felt the need to come on a damn blog and try to air somebody’s business? You need to walk your behind into somebody’s church and throw yourself on the altar. Now since you are a Dallas Diva go find the Cowboys Stadium and have SEVERAL SEATS

        • And you need to be right behind her with all of your vulgar language and have the NERVE to tell somebody go to to GOD for forgiveness. Shame on you.

          • I’m not here representing myself as some self righteous Christian Tina Chris so no I don’t need to be at any altar for my foul language. I know exactly what I said. Yes the NERVE of me to say that you shouldn’t talk down on the House of the Lord. That’s not for you, me or anybody else to do. I’ll pray for myself you pray for Dallas Diva. Thank you ma’am God bless

          • Thank you, these two really make me concerned of the ppl lady sarah is allowing to be friends with the Bible says we will know them by their fruit its a way to adress disagreement with another without the vulgarity

      • Well said!! You betta know that God will not be mocked. Think you getting away with something? What did Jesus do in the den of theives? TURN OVER EVERYTHING!

  12. People get divorced on a daily. My issue is you want to keep it “private’ yet you post it on a website. I didn’t know she had a child at 14.

  13. She had a baby at 14, was dumb as a doornail and went to TCU. The only reasonshe caught this baller was because her famous daddy. Her Downlow brother stayed on k104 fm sitting in the booth like he was a celebrity here in Dallas until he was caught showing his peen to an undercover male officer in a public park with no shame. Nobodies claiming these church clowns. They have made a fool out of all us churchgoers here in Dallas, Tx.

    • Isaiah 54;17…….and every tongue that rise against thee( the jakes family) in JUDGEMENT THOU SHALT CONDEMN.

      Father God, in the name of Jesus plz forgive dallasdiva for she knows not what she does

  14. Quiet as it’s kept, church folks have flaws too no matter how big the sanctuary is. The only scriptural grounds for divorce is adultery (Matthew 19:9)or if he leaves her. Now if he was abusing her, she has grounds to separate but no scriptural grounds for divorcing. Also Funky Dineva I love you but unless they were living in Bishop Jakes household this doesn’t or shouldn’t affect his ministry at all. As long as T.D. Jakes has control over his immediate household, not that of his daughter, which when she got married her husband became the head of their household, his daughters actions has no bearing on his ministry. Now lets see how his parishioners reacts to the divorce. This would determine whether they are there for the word of God or the celebrity of T.D. Jakes and his family.

  15. Sounds like he was cheating- I remember seeing pics of their wedding, dude was cring @ the alter when she came down the asle. Sucks for them- but Dineva Bitch u being mean. And use spell check. its DO not Due.

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