Dentist Plucks Rotten Teeth From Man’s Mouth To Find Maggots Living In His Gums (video)

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Parents, if you ever want to teach your children the importance of brushing their teeth, you may want to shoe them this video. One man’s dental hygiene was so bad, that when the dentist extracted his teeth, they found live maggots living in his gums. Just how does this happen? Chile i don’t know and quite frankly does not care.

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Warning this video is extremely gruesome. It is not for that faint at heart. On second thought, let me not host this video on my site before my advertisers get mad with me.

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43 thoughts on “Dentist Plucks Rotten Teeth From Man’s Mouth To Find Maggots Living In His Gums (video)

  1. I’m running to the bathroom to pre-rinse, powerbrush, powerfloss, tongue-scrape, and post-rinse/gargle my mouth, teeth, tongue and gums RIGHT NOW! AND shower because NOW my skin is crawling!

  2. Im usually the first to click on gruesome videos because I like to gross myself out… why? I dont know. LOL.. But ever since I saw this video yesterday I cant get this image out of my mind. DO NOT WATCH IT! You will regret it!

      • omg me either.. i can’t stop thinkin about the science behind this.. even tho i probably won’t eat again til thanksgiving.. lol this is just beyond terrible hygiene.

  3. Ewww, maggots live and exist on dead matter … so this dude’s mouth must have been RANK. I didn’t watch either, don’t want to spoil my appetite for lunch!!!

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