Diamond Films For Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 2, Then DROPPED! Here’s Why

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Listen, now that Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is on the brink of returning, y’all might as well count me out when it comes to reporting on anything else. I absolutely go up for this show. That being said, let me begin with my duties of being messy and spilling the T. Since the inception of this show, Diamond’s (formerly of Crime Mob) name has stayed in the rumor mill. For those of you who don’t know, Diamond was an original cast member of the show. She actually filmed during the first 1/4 or so of season one film. One day she was in the bathroom and the spirit told her to walk of and not return. That’s her story. The real gag is, she didn’t want non of Mama Dee and possibly Erica. Word on the curb is that Diamond was kind of ambushed and did not know just who all would be participating with the show and what her interaction with them might be. If you recall, at the beginning of season one, you hear a whole lot of her name from the mouths of Mama Dee, Erica, and Scrappy.

Now catch these T’s, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta was originally going to be built around Diamond, Scrappy, Erica & Momma Dee. When Diamond made her abrupt exit, it set the stage for a new group of folks to take center stage. Welcome Stevie J, Joseline, and Mimi. Thanks Diamond! In retrospect, I think we prefer the love triangle that we ended up with versus the one that was originally going to be thrust upon us.

But don’t count Miss Diamond out just yet. Unprecedented success of season 1, Diamond in a new relationship with the super rich Souldja Boy, Diamond begins filming yet again for Love & Hip Hop season 2. What happened next just might shock you. Bitch, Catch these T’s


If you are anything like me, talks of Diamond & Souldja Boy joining the cast of LHHATL had me going hunty. I honestly was not expecting to see that much of Souldja Boy considering that he has a pretty large brand and doesn’t need the show. Diamond on the other hand, this seemed like the perfect platform for her to make a another lowsey attempt at trying to rap. Just like season 1 of LHHATL, Diamond began filming. She did quite a bit of filming out in LA and then was flown in to Atlanta to be integrated with the cast and begin filming here. The real gag is, once she got here, no one would agree to film with her. If any of you know anything about the making of reality tv, if your castmates band together and refuse to film with you, that is the equivalentto you being voted off the island.

BedrockMixtape1By nature, filming with K.Michelle, Joseline, Mimi, Stevie J, or Karlie was out of the question for Diamond. There is no natural relationship there and there was just no way to force one upon the viewers. That leaves Scrappy, Erica, Mamma Dee, and RASHEEDA. I’m not surprised at the first three not wanting to film with her. Hell, the show is a huge success and they had already been green-lit for season two. They did not need her, but Rasheeda? I’m gagging that Rasheeda refused to film with her. Chile I’m real late, but Rasheeda and Diamond fell out? I was so shocked. I thought they were good friends considering that Diamond, Rasheeda, Lola Monroe,  Kandi Burruss, and Toya Wright did that gawd awful Bedrock Remake. Chile the the tides have turned. I’ll get the T’s on the falling out and report them later.

In the grand scheme of things, Diamond has tried this thing twice, and it has not worked out for her. Perhaps gawd is trying to tell you something Miss Diamond. LISTEN. He’s trying to tell you that reality television is not one of your 32 flavors. Diamond’s got an ubber rich boyfriend. If she knows like I know, she better turn him into her ubber rich husband and live life happily ever after. Correct me when I’m wrong and acknowledge me when I’m right! This is Funky Dineva Ross signing off! BYE


What are your thoughts on this?

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31 thoughts on “Diamond Films For Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 2, Then DROPPED! Here’s Why

  1. THANK YOU EVERYONE !!! NOW I UNDERSTAND!!! My question was if Diamond is with Soulja Boy, then WHY IS HE BEING SEEN WITH SOME BIG BOOTY GIRLS IN HOTELS IN COMPROMISING POSITIONS??? SO, if Soulja DUMPED Diamond, whe she gonna LEECH ON NOW??? BTW, FUNKY DINEVA, I JUST LOVE YOU!!! You remind me of a BEST FRIEND I have lost touch with YEARS AGO!!!

  2. I wouldn’t film with her ass either. You can’t try to jump back on the gravy train once you see is full steam ahead. No gawd. And Rasheeda show ain’t gonna jeopardize her spot as the C-list femcee. She’d have to be a fool cause she is already barely hanging on. In other news, Joseline is KILLING me with that straw.

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  5. Damn I was hoping she was gonna be on this season that wouldve been extra drama just saying

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  7. None if this is true! I’ve got the real tea bitch! Get into it soror:

    I know one of the producers, Stefan! Soror, I know you know who I’m talking about! Well, he told me that Soulja Boy and Diamond dropped in fear of Soulja Boy’s gay past getting out! Bitch, don’t shoot the messenger! Go check them facts, boo!

  8. Dineva…Soulja Boy is not Uber Rich..He has not been paying his damn rent. Did he send in this tea. LOL. And him and Diamond are not together. He was posting naked pics with him and the white Trollop Jenna Shea.

  9. Someone asked me “Who is Diamond?” I responded “Scrappy’s former lady, Soulja Boy current lady”. I couldnt name one song of her’s so I am not calling her a rapper. Her claim to fame is who she is messing with. She might as well pop out a baby so she can join the “my baby father is so and so” crew running around ATL like they fucking royality. As many colleges we have in this state you think people would concentrate more on filling out financial aid papers for college instead of making twerk video or trying to land a baller.

  10. And there went my enthusiasm for season two. Why can’t we at least have 3 or 4 females actually from Atlanta cause Erica ain’t doing it for me.

  11. they just dont want diamonds lifestyle to outshine them cause forreal souljaboy has more,money than scrappy,plus scrappy needs those scraps and stevie j too cause he saving up to get a car since he probably caught on child support ctfu

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